15 Pictures Of Paulina Gretzky Showing Us More Than We Can Handle

Dustin Johnson and Wayne Gretzky might have played different sports professionally, but both have a lot in common. Both are champions, both will probably go down as some of the greatest, if not the greatest, players in their respective sports, and both are related to the smoking hot Paulina Gretzky. Dustin Johnson may be used to winning but marrying Paulina Gretzky must have felt like making an ace. As for "The Great One," I'm sure he's not interested in his daughter's incredibly good looks, because that would be weird, but when Paulina married the financially successful Dustin Johnson, it must have been like making a game winning shot for him. Still, Paulina was no slouch, living off of the fame of others. Even before her relationship with Dustin Johnson, Pauline Gretzky was moderately successful all on her own.

Not that she needs to work ever again, but Paulina Gretzky is a currently a model with some pop songs recorded and released under her belt. Paulina knew immediately she wanted to get into the entertainment business, opting out of college and going straight into music and modeling. Paulina posed for the cover of Flare magazine in 2005 and Golf Digest in 2014. She appeared in the movie Grown Ups 2 and was ranked #59 in AskMen's list of most desirable women.

Suffice it to say, Paulina Gretzky was well on her way to a promising modeling/entertainment career without any association to her dad or her current husband, Dustin Johnson. That shouldn't be any surprise just looking at Paulina Gretzky.  Her photos on social media and in magazines show her to be one hot cookie. She is not shy about posing in the skimpiest of bikinis, most revealing of costumes or the tightest of dresses. Paulina is stunning, and she knows it, and apparently, has no problems making our hearts skip a beat. If you need some examples here are just 15 times Paulina Gretzky showed us more than we could handle.

16 Paulina celebrates July 4th

via instagram.com/paulinagretzky

Is Paulina making a political statement with this picture? I’m not sure if she kneels for the National Anthem or stands, but I have no problem at all with her waving the American flag while laying on her back. This pic is absolutely hot! Paulina has my full attention with this pic, and I will gladly salute and pledge my allegiance to her.

Paulina is actually celebrating the 4th of July in this pic, like many other people, by hitting the water on a beautiful 4th of July weekend. I couldn’t be any happier to see her celebrating the birth of our nation this way, flaunting another bikini for everyone to see. Celebrate away and honor ‘Merica with some more amazing pics. In fact, Paulina should celebrate every holiday with some bikini pics.


15 Paulina's Close-up

via Instagram.com/paulinagretzky

Paulina has such a beautiful body, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t get a close up of her beautiful face. So, we found a close up of her face laying down by the pool working on her tan. This picture is just hotness overload. In her sultry pose, she is showing off her luscious lips and nice "top" as well.

Paulina has clearly been blessed with a perfect body, and she's not about to let a day go by without letting anyone know about it. This pic is proof that modeling is in Paulina's wheelhouse. It's a little shocking she was only ranked 59th as the most desirable woman. I think we need a recount after this pic. If not this one, then definitely the next 13.

14 Paulina's Baywatch swimsuit

via Instagram.com/paulinagretzky

Paulina almost broke us with this photo of her posing in that classic red swimsuit, giving us a very Baywatch-y vibe. This perfectly shows off Paulina's superb summer bod in a Instagram pic that looks like it came out of a magazine. And just to shatter us even more, this picture features double trouble.

Not only does Paulina look incredible, but she decided to up the ante by posing with a hot friend wearing a similar swimsuit.  Paulina's hotness is hard enough to handle on her own, but with her AND a hot friend AND in swimsuits, this is just too much. I've never wanted to be drowning so much in my life. A dream scenario would be Paulina and her friend rescuing me in slow motion.

13 Paulina's Birthmark

Bahamas 💚

A post shared by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Holy moly, look at that birthmark! What some might see as an imperfection, I see as character, and I could stare at her character all day. Paulina's birthmark is in a perfect spot to boot, and Paulina clearly isn't embarrassed by it, nor should she be. I'd be delighted to see more of it actually.

In this pic, Paulina is looking back at the stunning Bahamian beach and it looks like she's ready for a night on the town. If there was any doubt Dustin hit the jackpot, look no further than this picture. Paulina has plenty of bikini shots, so we decided to throw in one of her in a very skimpy black dress. There's no doubt she was turning many heads that night.

12 Paulina's TaylorMade Shoot

via instagram.com/paulinagretzky

Paulina announced on her Instagram that she has shot a commercial for the TaylorMade brand. TaylorMade sponsors Dustin Johnson so one has to wonder if Dustin worked a deal to get his gorgeous wife onto the set. I can't say that's a bad move. Paulina has a marketable look, and is a popular public figure, so there's no surprise that Taylormade would jump at the opportunity to get Paulina on board with them. Who wouldn't want to capitalize on Paulina Gretzky's good looks for their commercials?

On her Instagram, Paulina posted, "Such a fun day on set with @TaylorMadeGolf !! Can't wait to see the commercial." Trust us. We couldn't wait to see the commercial either, especially with Paulina wearing that outfit.  Unfortunately, the video on the TaylorMade Youtube channel has been taken down. Paulina's small cameo may be gone, but there is nothing small about this pic above.

11 Paulina's shortest of short bikinis

via thesuperrficial.com

I'd like to thank whoever took this magical moment for us. I'd also like to thank Paulina for wearing this incredibly short bikini .

This pic pretty much guarantees no one is getting any work done today because Paulina looks sizzling.  Again, Paulina is boating and seemingly has no shortage of bikinis. Her ridiculously hot friend makes another appearance as well just to sweeten the deal.

There would be absolutely nothing better than a nice warm relaxing boat ride with Paulina Gretzky, especially in these bikinis. I wonder if she knows her butt is eating her bikini bottom. We could be nice and warn her, but she know what she was in for when she wore that bikini. This picture is just sensory overload, with Paulina giving us a nice dose of sexy.  Her hot friend is just icing on the cake.

10 Paulina's Halloween Costume

via instagram.com/paulinagretzky

Paulina's Halloween outfits are the farthest thing from horrific.While most costumes make you want to look away, this costume has the opposite effect. We just can't stop staring at Paulina's steamy costume, and this is just one of many.

Because Paulina in her swimsuits weren't hot enough, she has to wear the hottest Halloween costumes possible also, as seen in this pic. Here, in this picture of Paulina on the Halloween of 2012, she is dressed as a sexy cop, making us all want to be bad boys right about now. If there was ever a right time commit a minor crime, now would be it. I promise, if Paulina ever attempted to arrest me, I definitely would not be resisting arrest. Nor would you.

9 Paulina's skin tight dress

via thecelebrityauction.co

Luckily, Paulina Gretzky doesn't play golf because she would no doubt shatter the regulations for proper golf attire. In the pic above, Paulina is strutting down the path of the golf course over the 17th hole during the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, undoubtedly distracting every human being there with her risque dress.

It's hard enough to ignore Paulina's stunning beauty, it's even worse when she's wearing a short dress with a deep V-neck.  We all expect Paulina's swimsuits and bikinis to be revealing, but even her outer wear on the golf course leaves us drooling.  With the tournament going on, she knows the cameras are everywhere and recording everything. She's not going to dress like some dreary housewife.  She's going to look as good out in public as possible no matter where she is.

8 Playing Dress Up

i❤playing dress up

A post shared by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Paulina captioned this pic very simply by saying 'I love playing dress up'. We're not quite sure what the occasion was for her dressing up, as this picture was taken in mid-May 2012, but we don't care. Paulina was in her wilder days here, as this was around the time when her father Wayne asked her to shut down her Twitter account after she had been seemingly posting steamy picture after steamy picture. Thankfully, no.99 wasn't aware of the real trend for posting pictures, which is on the Instagram app. Paulina has since ruled Instagram and while she doesn't post pictures like these as often anymore, her account is still definitely worth a follow.


6 Paulina's Halloween Costume 2015

via Instagram.com/paulinagretzky

Not only can Paulina look amazing in her swimsuits, she can also look sexy as a fiendish vampire.  Here, we're looking at Paulina in a more recent cute little costume, equipped with a short dress, sexy makeup with blood dribbling out of her lips, and a striking black wig, giving the beautiful blonde a different dark-haired look. During Halloween 2015, Paulina and Dustin were hitting the town with friends in their costumes and leave it to Paulina to kill us by shooting her good looks at us.

Paulina fills out the vampire costume perfectly and wears the best makeup which brings her beautiful face to the forefront. Every Halloween is now a must watch for fans of Paulina to see what steamy costume she is going to wear next.

5 Paulina's Yellow Bikini

via Instagram.com/paulinagretzky

In case you needed a refresher on just how amazing Paulina Gretzky's looks, here's a picture of her laying down, catching some rays by the water and wearing a skinny, sexy yellow bikini.  There's no reason to question Dustin Johnson's decision to married Paulina after seven months of dating.  He didn't want this one to get away.  Dustin has a history of partying a little too hard and clearly, he straightened up his act to get with one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

The decision to clean up his act probably wasn't too difficult knowing what the prize for doing so was. I can't imagine that any party or lifestyle would be worth losing an opportunity to have Paulina Gretzky.

4 Paulina's 2016 Halloween Costume

via Instagram.com/paulinagretzky

Another year, another Halloween costume party and Paulina Gretzky once again doesn't disappoint. In 2016, Paulina treated us to her most scandalous costume yet. Like years prior, Paulina is ready to head to the Casamigos Halloween Party in Beverly Hills wearing an outfit that will turn some heads. This bash is filled with celebs all wearing ridiculous or hot costumes. I have no idea what this costume is supposed to be, and I don't really care.  Paulina looks fantastic wearing her short little skirt, low cut top and high black arm bands.

Her Instagram post says, "Slay All Day" and well, she certainly is killing it with that outfit. Paulina has officially made Halloween our favorite holiday of the year. Unless she can top this for Christmas!

3 Gretzky's Baby In Baby Blue

via zntent.com

Here, we're getting back to basics. This picture really accentuates Paulina's legs and shows everyone just how tall she really is, making her 5'8" lanky legs look phenomenal. Paulina is seen in this picture doing what she does best, hanging out by the pool, wearing almost nothing.  She is barely wearing a blue bikini this time and lets everyone check her out from head to toe.

This is just one of many completely candid pictures taken of Paulina and number one ranked golfer in the world, Dustin Johnson, hanging out in Hawaii enjoying the pool and taking dips in the ocean.  Clearly, they're living the tough life but hey, they earned it. They should enjoy the beach and the pool as much as they can as long as we get to see more of those long legs.

2 Paulina's Glamorous Side

via nydailynews.com

In case you thought Paulina wore nothing but bikinis, you might be surprised (or disappointed) to find out that she does have other clothes to wear. Paulina may be trying to rebrand her image by wearing something a little less revealing than what we're used to seeing.  I supposed something could be said that a very short dress is modest for Paulina, but her image may have taken a slight hit from her revealing swimsuits and low cut dresses. In this picture, she's trying to repair that image.

Here at the Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink Launch Party, Paulina is going for a more modest look but still doesn't look any less sexy.  Her skin tight dress fits flawlessly and shows off her curves in all the right places. Paulina fits right in with the glamour life and doesn't look out of place at all among all the celebrities and stars.

1 Paulina's final ridiculous swimsuit photo

via thesun.co.uk

Would you believe that Paulina Gretzky has actually given birth to two children?  If there is any residual evidence of a pregnancy, I certainly don't see any. Paulina's body looks completely perfect and doesn't appear to be carrying any extra weight anywhere.  Her pregnancies haven't negatively affected her beach body either nor has giving birth hindered her summer poolside activities to our delight. Her swimsuit pictures seem to take no breaks and for that we say, "Hallelujah!"

Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed these pics as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you.  If you were able to handle all 15 pictures in one sitting congratulations.  I'm sure there will be more pictures on her social media, and we'll do our part to keep you all posted. Until then, like, comment and share so that everyone can enjoy the wonder that is Paulina Gretzky.

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