15 Pictures Of Serena Williams Showing Us More Than We Can Handle

Serena Williams has taken over the world of tennis...15 Pictures Of Serena Williams Showing Us More Than We Can Handle.

Tennis is a sport that’s renowned for its hotties. The WTA is filled with sultry women, women who are talented in terms of their on-court abilities and their looks. There really is no other sport like it when it comes to hot women. Maria Sharapova, Sania Mirza, Ana Ivanovic, Eugenie Bouchard, Dominika Cibulková, and the latest hot new woman on the block, Garbiñe Muguruza – I could just go on and on. But for some reason, when you think of hot tennis stars, the greatest tennis player – perhaps greatest female athlete ever – Serena Williams doesn’t really come to mind. When she started out what seems like many moons ago, she wasn’t really renowned for her beauty. How things have changed. But having said that, even now, a lot of people wouldn’t include her on that list I just mentioned.

It’s hard to know why that is. Perhaps she intimidates people, because of her success, her general attitude, and her body; you’ll understand what I mean by that as you look at the pics in this article – she is too hot to handle for a lot of people. If you’re one of these people who doesn’t deem Serena to be attractive, for whatever reason, seeing these pics will certainly change your mind. Your heart will be racing, you’ll be sweating bullets when you set your eyes on these sultry pics. So, get a cold wet towel at the ready, because here are 15 pictures of Serena Williams showing us more than we can handle.

15 A Lower Half Like A Bodybuilder

Umm, ok…. can you recall back to the intro when I wrote that Serena has a physique that some might find intimidating? Well, this is the kind of pic that I was referring too. A lot of women on the WTA tour have lean, svelte physiques. Not Serena. She has a lean physique, but lean as in bodybuilder lean. Just look at that booty – it’s as if it’s trying to escape! – those glutes, and those monstrous thighs. The lower half of her body – and the top half, as you’ll see in a bit – is just massive. She must be able to squat a hell of a lot with that physique.

This pic gained a lot of attention for obvious reasons. I wonder if she knew what she was doing? She’s showing that behind off to the cameras, and she’s got a cheeky little grin on her face. She was aware about the kind of buzz such an image would create. That behind stole the show during that match, not her tennis for a change.

14 Super Flexible


This pic is another one that just illustrates Serena Williams’ awesome physical presence. In the previous entry, I mentioned she looks like a bodybuilder. This confirms that. How many other female tennis players – actually scrap that, just tennis players in general – do you know that have abs like that? Serena’s ripped to shreds, has abs that look like they’ve been carved and chiseled out of stone. But not only is she strong and muscular, she’s also extremely flexible, as is evident from this pic; that’s one awesome package she brings onto the court – no wonder her opponents quake in their boots when learning they’ve been drawn against her. This pic is from a shoot Serena did posing for New York Magazine for their September 2015 issue, and what a photoshoot it was too.

13 Papped Looking Drop-Dead Gorgeous


The paparazzi must have had a field day when they caught sight of Serena Williams dressed to impress on the beach. The tennis star was papped relaxing on the beaches of Miami, taking in some much-deserved rest and relaxation after winning the US Open in 2014. Just look at those muscles, and those curves too – she really is a physical specimen alright. People may go gaga over Kim Kardashian’s behind, but Serena’s is also up there; big and bountiful, it’s just huge, as are the rest of her assets. In case you hadn’t realized, that woman in white is another sultry star. She’s the star actress, and Serena’s pal, Eva Longoria. Just look how miniscule, petite, Eva looks next to Serena! Eva’s gorgeous in her own right, but it’s Serena who outshines her in this pic, and outshining Eva Longoria when it comes to hotness and sex appeal is no mean feat.

12 Sultry Modeling Shoot


Here’s another pic of Serena showing off those sexy pins. They steal the show in this pic, in yet another fine modeling shoot showcasing Serena Williams in all of her glory. She actually looks rather uninterested in this pic, looks a tad board. She does lead a hectic lifestyle, has done tons of these shoots over the years, so we can forgive her for striking that pose. Or, perhaps it was done for that shoot, it was part of the photoshoot, because she does look super-sexy anyway. Even when looking uninterested Serena still manages to look super-hot. It’s actually one of her more tamer modeling shoots. She’s not revealing a whole lot, apart from those pins of course, but that’s all we need; she’s given us plenty to lap up.

11 Sandy And Sizzling On The Beach


I don’t think anyone will ever tire of seeing sultry beach pics of Serena Williams. Quite a few candid shots have been taken of the tennis star over the year by the preying paparazzi, and she always looks fabulous, but this is one of her posing specifically for a shoot, and it just takes her sex appeal to a whole other level. She looks absolutely glorious on that sandy beach, sand between her toes and other places. Serena knows it too, and is flashing that seductive, foxy smile for the cameras. It’s undoubtedly one of her hottest pics. That smile’s one to get the pulse racing and palms sweating; it just showcases her glorious figure, shows off her assets, and what a super-sexy woman Serena Williams is.

10 Stunning Pregnancy Pic

Quite a few celebs, when they’re visibly pregnant, have had their pics taken in stunning maternity photoshoots. The Kardashians come to mind, but there is a heap of others too. One of the latest to flaunt her pregnancy body, was Serena Williams. In case you didn’t know, she announced her pregnancy in early 2017; she even won the Australian Open Grand Slam whilst eight weeks preggers – just shows her dominance in the sport! She’s on a hiatus from tennis, has now given birth, but back when she was seriously preggers, she spent her time posing in gorgeous shoots like this one. This is a pic of Serena, looking like she’s about to pop, posing for an amazing photoshoot for Vogue Magazine. This is undoubtedly a pic that Serena herself will cherish for the rest of her days.

9 Mirror Selfie


That famous booty of Serena Williams is on show again, this time in the form of a sultry mirror pic. People often comment on the size of that behind, but Serena must know that that’s her biggest, best, and most famous asset too. So, when she’s getting ready to go out and about, she dresses to impress, wears clothes to accentuate her most prominent asset. This sexy mirror selfie resulted in Serena Williams’ fans all over the world ogling and salivating – it created a fan frenzy on social media alright when she uploaded the sultry pic to her Instagram page. It’s ludicrous to think that people have had the audacity to criticize Serena’s toned, muscular body. She’s obviously paying no attention to the haters, took this pic, and captioned it, “Look back at it.” We certainly are Serena, as are probably the haters – we can’t stop looking at it.

8 Her Selfie Game’s Strong


Here’s a pic of Serena taking some much-needed time to lounge about and chill out. Even when she does that, she still looks fabulous. She looks amazing in this pic. It’s not just her attire, showing her patriotism to her home nation, it’s the fact that that attire is having a hard time keeping those assets in check. Those ginormous twins are out, and it’s instantly what the gaze is averted to. But if you can manage to look upwards a little bit, you’ll see that Serena Williams has gone for that geek chic look. Does it suit her? You can make your own minds up; it’s a different look alright and she’s still looking mightily hot. She knew she’s hot too, hence she grabbed her phone, took a sizzling selfie, and posted the pic on Instagram, to the delight of her fans.

7 Can’t Get Enough Of Those Beach Pics


Keep bringing on those beach pics; Serena Williams’ fans and sports fans, anyone who loves the female physique, can’t get enough of these kinds of pics. Serena looks great when she’s papped, still manages to pull off an amazing look, but when she’s actually posing for a pic of this nature, her sex appeal just goes off the scale. This is a pic of her from earlier this year, obviously pre-pregnancy, posing for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And what a pic it is too. Serena’s just exuding sassiness, sexiness, and confidence, just looks a million bucks.

Talking about the shoot, she said: “It’s okay to look strong and to be sexy and to be a woman and to be unbreakable — all of those things. I really want to have that influence for people out there that have my body type. I want them to be like, ‘I look good too.’ That’s what I’m hoping for.” You’ve certainly achieved that Serena.

6 WSJ Shoot


For those of you who don’t know much about The Wall Street Journal, you may think it’s all about business, money and finance. For the large part, it is just that. But Serena Williams is a successful businesswoman in her own right, one of the highest earning female sports stars on the planet. So, it wasn’t hard to get her to do a spread, a spread that would appeal to the magazine’s readership. But even if a lot of their readers didn’t actually read the article, it’s safe to say they still checked it out. That’s because she took part in a seriously raunchy shoot for that article. Those high-powered business people who read the publication must have taken a break from their hectic schedules to ogle at these sultry pics – brought Wall Street to a standstill!

5 Unusual Tennis Shot


Serena Williams – female tennis players in general – wear what most people would deem to be pretty sultry attire when they’re on the court. Short tennis dresses, tight-fitting tops – it’s why a lot of people tune in to watch the WTA. But, I doubt you would’ve seen a woman dressed like this on the court. Obviously, Serena got dressed up in that sexy, tight-fitting red number, for a shoot of some sort. She looks amazing in that dress, and if she was ever playing a match in such attire, you can’t help but think that she probably would’ve won too – she’s that good!

But because it was a shoot for a sponsor, or for a promotional event of some sort, we don’t have to think about such scenarios; just soak in the splendor of this pic – Serena Williams in all her glory.

4 Massive Assets


Sometimes stars, celebrity figures, can get a little peeved off when the paparazzi are in their faces when they’re trying to enjoy some rest and relaxation, some private time. But on this occasion, Serena Williams looked to be in great spirits. She’s beaming for the cameras, giving them what they want. They probably got more than they bargained for, because if it wasn’t for the stunned looks of the onlookers in the background, you’d probably have thought that this was an actual modeling session. Serena just looks that good. Look at that physique and give me the name of someone who possesses a better body. She’s muscular, but has curves, and those assets – wow, those assets! – are just massive. It’s a gorgeous pic of a truly gorgeous female sports star.

3 Another Stunning SI Shoot


Let’s start this entry by giving a quick shout out to Emmanuelle Hauguel, a professional photographer who really does splendid work. He’s done a lot of work for Sports Illustrated, has captured some top female talent in all their glory. Someone he’s photographed quite a bit, is Serena Williams. He knows what works, and Serena’s happy putting her trust in him. And why wouldn’t she if the outcome’s so spectacular? Serena was photographed on the tropical island, what looks like an island paradise, Turks and Caicos, in this pic.

While sunning herself in the sizzling heat, she’s matching her swimsuit with the beautiful aqua water behind her. What a spectacular sight of Serena in her swimwear, and what an amazing shoot.

2 Resplendent In Leather


Serena Williams doesn’t always play it safe, can be pretty daring with her outfits, and she can be too considering she possesses such a sultry physique. Women in leather – I’m no fashion aficionado, but it tends to be svelte women that are usually able to pull off that look. Bigger women don’t normally dare to venture out of the confines of their homes dressed in sultry leather outfits. But, looking at this pic, I’m not sure why that’s the case. Serena Williams is a bigger woman – bigger as in muscular, certainly not fat – and pulls off this sultry leather attire superbly. It’s a daring outfit alright, but Serena rocks it, gave the paparazzi a real a treat. That skirt hugs her curves, is tight against her ripped body, and only serves to accentuate her beauty. That’s an ace outfit in our minds.

1 Bubble Gum Pink


Talking about daring outfits, ummm what an earth can you say about this one! I’ll give it a try, once I’ve regained my power of thought.

You really wouldn’t have expected to see Serena in such a bright pink dress – bubble gum pink I think is the official term for that color. But again, I’m not sure why. Everyone knows that bright colors work terrifically well on darker skin tones, but bubble gum pink might just be too bright, too out there for a lot of people. But once people got over their shock about the color of Serena’s attire, they began to focus less on the color and more on the outfit itself, how it shows off her ample assets. It’s a seriously provocative dress, and those twins really are bulging. But what a glorious outfit, another one that shows this ace tennis star off in all of her glory.

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15 Pictures Of Serena Williams Showing Us More Than We Can Handle