15 Pictures Of Shakira That Would Drive Gerard Pique Crazy

If one were to look up the word "international superstar" in the dictionary, the definition might simply read Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. The native of Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia has used her many talents and undeniable sex appeal to become one of the most well known musical acts on the entire planet.

While Shakira had long been a popular singer in Latin America, her hit single “Whenever, Whenever,” helped her successfully enter the English-language market and solidify her status as a pop culture icon.

Besides being an outstanding entertainer, the 5-foot-2 starlet is also considered, by many, to be one of the most attractive female celebs in all of entertainment.

With her gorgeous figure and sexy dance moves, Shakira has shown us over the years that she definitely has what it takes to get seemingly any man’s attention. One man in particular, football (soccer) star Gerard Pique, the center for FC Barcelona even went so far as to date the popular singing sensation for roughly 7 years and counting. After seeing the 15 steamy photos featured in this article, folks will certainly agree that Mr. Pique is one lucky man indeed.

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the hottest Shakira photos you will ever see. In fact, these pics are so hot, they may even drive Gerard Pique crazy.


15 Strike A Pose


When it comes to amazing photos, this picture of Shakira could certainly be considered the gold standard. The golden bikini bottoms could give one the impression that the popular singer is getting ready to go for a swim. However, with all the gold jewelry around her arms, she might easily sink to the bottom of the ocean. While the jewelry may be heavy, it also makes the singer look like pop royalty and giver her accomplishments in the industry; she could be considered just that.

Fun Fact: Despite eventually having a great deal of success in the music industry, Shakira’s debut album Magia was not a commercial success. The record sold only around 1,200 copies in Columbia, where it was released. Shakira has not re-released the album and cited her immaturity at the time the album was created as the primary reason.

14 Just Dance


In this photo we see the popular musician executing one of her signature dance moves on stage. Shakira is known for performing thrilling dance routines during her concerts, much to the delight of her adoring fans. In this instance she's sporting a revealing black top and some tight-fitting leather pants. This particular pic helps to highlight the singer’s lower half as she busts a move. When it comes to performing live on stage, few acts can compete with Shakira’s awe-inspiring stage presence.

Fun Fact: Shakira’s second album Peligro sold even fewer copies than her unsuccessful debut album. In fact, Shakira was so unhappy with how her second effort turned out, that she decided not to promote it, which may be why the album sold fewer than 1,000 copies.

13 On The Rocks


It’s fair to say that this photo of the Colombian singer really rocks. Shakira’s skimpy black dress leaves little to the imagination as the popular starlet leans against a stone wall. This image helps to showcase the pop culture icon’s modeling skills and hourglass figure. Shakira proves, once again, why she is considered one of the most photogenic celebs, on any continent, with this outstanding shot.

Fun Fact: After her first two albums Magia and Peligro essentially bombed, Shakira’s third effort Pies Descalzos would turn out to her breakthrough release. The record would go on to peak at number 3 on the US Billboard Latin Pop Album chart. The album sold over 1 million copies in Colombia and has sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

12 Flowing Dress


Shakira looks so good in this outfit that even the wildlife has begun to take notice. The singer twirls her long dress as she smiles for the camera in one of the more unique photos of the singer that one will ever see. Even an eagle soaring in the background can’t steal the lovely Latina's spotlight in this fun photo. Let’s hope gorgeous performers like Shakira never become an endangered species.

Fun Fact: Shakira’s success continued with her fourth studio album Donde Estan Los Ladrones (Where Are the Thieves). The record was both a commercial success and also well received by critics. It even garnered a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album in 1999. Her fourth album has sold well over 10 million copies thus far.

11 Back In Black


The Colombian singing sensation looks both stunning and slightly surprised in this image. Her revealing black attire and wild hairdo help give the blonde superstar that “I just rolled out of bed and still look amazing” vibe. The award-winning performer makes looking beautiful seem easy in a photo that any fan is sure to love.

Fun Fact: Shakira’s fifth album Laundry Service, the first of which that was primarily recorded in English, helped make her a mainstream star in North America and beyond. The album featured the popular singles “Whenever, Whenever” and "Underneath Your Clothes.” Laundry Service peaked at number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album would go on to sell over 13 million copies worldwide, thus making Shakira one of the most successful Latin crossover artists in music history.

10 Perfect Circle


Shakira looks like a tigress who is ready to pounce, in this interesting photo. The blonde dancing sensation shows off her toned lower body as she poses in this unique red circular structure. Shakira’s flowing blonde hair, which covers half of her face, gives this particular photo a little extra spice. This circular themed pic helps to highlight the international celeb’s well-rounded features.

Fun Fact: The song “Hips Don’t Lie” was featured on the reissue of Shakira’s seventh album Oral Fixation, Vol 2. The song, which reached the top of the charts in 55 countries, is arguably her best-known work. “Hips Don’t Lie” became the fastest selling digital download in the United States back in 2006. The song is among the best-selling singles of the 21st century thus far.

9 Black Boots


These black thigh high boots, complete with matching zippers, look nothing short of amazing on the popular Colombian pop star. In this picture we see Shakira staring seductively into the camera as she sits on the top a couch, in a simple, yet flattering, dress. This is an instance where one might not mind having a guest put their feet on the furniture. Had her singing career not worked out, it’s clear that Shakira would have made an excellent supermodel.

Fun Fact: In 2010 Shakira started her very own fragrance line called “S by Shakira,” which was also the name of the first fragrances the company released. Outside of the 19 perfumes released so far, the company also has their own line of lotions and body sprays.


8 In Hot Water


Shakira shows that she is willing to go all out for her promotional photos in this instance. The sultry singer is getting soaked while laying on the couch in her flattering gold pants. One has to hope that the expensive, modern looking couch is waterproof. In the caption, Shakira playfully states, “I promise the water wasn’t cold or I wouldn’t be laughing.” One can assume she is being honest; after all her “Hips Don’t Lie,” so it’s fair to assume that the rest of her doesn’t either. Don’t let this photo fool you, the 40-year-old chart-topper is anything but washed up.

Fun Fact: In 2015 she was featured in her very first video game, Love Rocks starring Shakira. While this was the first game to feature her in human form, she did appear as a playable bird in the game Angry Birds POP!

7 Glamour

This photo reminds fans that Shakira doesn’t need to be dancing around in a skimpy outfit in order to look amazing. In this fun, throwback Instagram post, we see the talented vocalist modeling for Glamour magazine. The black dress help to highlight the international stars impeccable fashion sense. Based on the over 455,000 likes this pic received, it’s fair to say that her fans on social media definitely approved of this post. Shakira reminds folks why she is a must follow on social media outlets.

Fun Fact: Shakira was heavily involved in Disney’s 2015 animated film, Zootopia. She was the voice of the Gazelle in the movie and also contributed her original song, “Try Everything.” The flick was a box office smash and grossed over a billion dollars worldwide.

6 Belly Button Dress


Shakira seems to have an endless supply of unique and provocative outfits, and this piece is certainly no exception. The blonde bombshell proudly displays her toned midsection in a dress that few would likely dare to wear. The one-piece outfit would require the wearer to be in peak physical condition, in order to get the full effect. As we can see here, Shakira is more than capable of turning heads in an outfit that leaves little to the imagination.

Fun Fact: Shakira has appeared as herself in four documentary films over the course of her career thus far. The first was Shakira: The Documentary Film (probably didn’t take long to come up with that title) in 2002. Her most recent doc-style move was 2011’s, A Day with Shakira.

5 Beach Fun


Being an award-winning international music star can be tiring work, so it’s good to see Shakira taking some time out to relax on the beach. The 5-foot-2 singer shows some impressive flexibility as she smiles at the camera, in this stunning pic. Moreover, the 40-year-old mother of two shows off a bikini bod that even a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model would envy. When it comes to looking great in swimwear, nobody does it quite like Shakira.

Fun Fact: Shakira has won so many awards over the years, that It’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all. That being said, some of her top honors include seven Billboard Music Awards, two Grammy Awards, and an eye-popping 33 Billboard Latino Music Awards. That’s a lot of award speeches to write.

4 Wrap Around


Shakira looks like some kind of gorgeous mummy with this stunning white wraparound outfit. This revealing little number helps to showcase the singer’s toned midsection and overall flawless figure. This is one photo that would be very easy for fans to get wrapped up in. This piece of attire is one that will certainly get the Grammy winner plenty of attention.

Fun Fact: Before marrying Gerard Pique, Shakira was involved in a relationship with Antonio de la Rua. Antonio de la Rua is best known for the being the son of (and advisor to) former Argentine president, Fernando de la Rua. While the two never wed, de la Rua and Shakira were an item for roughly a decade, from 2000 to 2010. Shakira first went public with their breakup in January of 2011.

3 With Rihanna


Wow! Seeing Shakira side-by-side with fellow pop sensation Rihanna in the same photo, is almost too good to be true. Both ladies look phenomenal in their form-fitting swimwear as they gaze up at the camera above them. The duo worked to together on the song “Can’t Remember to Forget You" and looked pretty good in the process, as we can see here. This photo is from the video for song, which unsurprisingly turned out to be a hit.

Fun Fact: Shakira served as a coach/mentor on The Voice, a popular televised singing competition. She replaced another popular Latina singer, Christina Aguilera on the fourth season of the show. Shakira didn’t participate in the fifth season, as she wanted to take time off and focus on her upcoming album. However, she would ultimately return for Season 6.

2 The Door


In this Instagram post, the singer tries to encourage her fans to get out the vote in the caption below by stating, “Shak is nominated for FIVE of @Vevo’s Hot This Year 2014 awards: Female, Certified, Latin, Sexiest, and Best Collaboration." The stunning one piece was an excellent outfit choice that surely motivated her legions of fans to go and get out the vote. Those who aren’t following Shakira on Instagram likely soon will be after seeing this stunning image.

Fun Fact: Shakira first met her boyfriend Gerard Pique when he arrived to appear in her music video for the song “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).” While the couple hasn’t officially wed, the pair has two children together and have been dating since 2011.

1 The Moves


The vivacious blonde singer shows off her curves, while shaking her rear end, in a photo even casual fans are sure to love. Based on this photo, it’s fair to say that Shakira hasn’t been skipping legs days at the gym. The singer moves her world-famous hips as she strikes a pose, for what is likely a capacity crowd. When it comes to dancing on stage, Shakira is in a league of her own.

Fun Fact: Shakira’s signature moves are taken from the ancient art form known as belly dancing, which the singer claims is a part of her Lebanese heritage. She learned to dance as a teenager in order to help her overcome being shy in her youth. The singer can even flip a coin with her belly.


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