15 Pictures Of Tiger Woods' Exes That Will Make Him Regret Cheating

What is it about cheating that makes it so enticing to do? Is it the rush of doing something you know you're not supposed to do because it's wrong? Is it that you are not pleased enough with your current partner that you need to experiment with somebody else? Or is it that you are someone without human emotion and just do not care about the other person's thoughts or feelings? Well, whatever the reason is; people still love to do it. Some of those cheaters have a perfectly good relationship and family at home and just decide to mess it up. Some of them have a really toxic relationship and are looking for happiness for the first time. One well-known professional athlete that saw his life go into complete shambles because of cheating was Tiger Woods.

Woods was one of the most dominant golfers from the late 1990s through the early 2000s. He seemed to be living the life, winning tournament after tournament; while having a wife like Elin Nordegren and a great family. Well, we found out in 2009 that he was having some fun behind the scenes that Elin definitely did not approve of. Tiger threw it all away for a few nights of steamy fun. The really interesting part about this whole thing is that Tiger doesn't regret the cheating, kind of questionable as far as his character goes. But we have some pictures of Tiger's exes that might make him think that being faithful was the right move to make. Let's take a look at 15 pictures of Tiger Wood's exes that will make him regret cheating.

15 Kristin Smith: The Stylist Shows Off Her Style

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The first picture comes in the form of his personal stylist, Kristin Smith. For all those years, we were wondering just how Tiger could look so stylish wearing his trademark Nike polo shirts and Nike visors and still be playing the way he was. Well, now we know who was doing it behind the scenes. Apparently, that wasn't the only thing going on behind the scenes. Smith was one of the many mistresses Woods had affairs with behind Elin Nordegren's back.

Imagine if Tiger had let this one play out permanently and he never had to worry about matching his socks with whole outfit again? Well, that possibility is out the window. It goes to show that during that time, anybody was fair game to be hooking up with Tiger, no matter how they related to him.

14 Rachel Uchitel By The Water

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On the second hole of the course today, we take a look at Rachel Uchitel; a Las Vegas VIP host that had a way with words and a way with looks as well. Apparently, her and Woods were seeing each other for a few months before they eventually split up. This was also during the time that Tiger's ex-wife Elin was expecting another child in the family. Talk about a low-blow move on the part of Tiger to include someone else in his mess. Uchitel doesn't hold back when it comes to photo shoots. In this photo, she is wearing a light, flower summer dress sitting on a rock with the flowing water in the background.

Her long, slender legs are proving to be as great of a sight as we have seen out of Tiger's mistresses. Both have obviously moved on. Tiger has been dating various types of women since his split and Uchitel is now married. This is an interesting case because she didn't seek after money or anything when they split, so it seemed like she really cared for Tiger. A girl that cares and can look like this? That is not the best path to success taken by Woods in his lifetime.

13 Jamie Jungers: Las Vegas Show Girl

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Tiger has had a history of winning big money tournaments which has led to a comfortable lifestyle of travel and playing golf without a care in the world. But he has to unwind sometimes, right? One of the next exes Tiger had said she witnessed him put the meaning of "betting big" to a whole new level. Jaime Jungers works in Las Vegas as a show girl and was with Woods for a short period of time when the two met in Vegas. There were times when Woods would bet tens of thousands of dollars in one hand. That right there is probably one year of college tuition for most families and Woods throws it around like it's water.

With Jungers though, we can see why she is a Vegas show girl. She has a nice tight body with beautiful, long blonde hair that is sure to attract a lot of different types of men that come to the shows. Woods loved it if he had a fun time with her behind closed doors when her shows were over. They both have had their struggles with rehab and moving on from each other, but Jungers is quite the sight. Maybe if fans are lucky enough, they will recognize her and enjoy the show.

12 The First Of Lindsey Vonn

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Did you really think we were going to go through this whole list without featuring Olympic Alpine Skier Lindsey Vonn? We could never forget her. In fact, get comfortable because she is going to be making a few appearances on this list. Vonn is featured above in just comfortable work-out clothes, featuring tight black short shorts and a black Under armour sports bra. Vonn and Woods dated for a little while before differences came between them and ultimately resulted in them ending things for good.

Woods has had his fun with other women while Vonn continues to focus on her career while she still has it as it appears to be ending relatively soon. Vonn is stunning with her strong legs that she relies on getting her down the slopes and her smile that can brighten up a whole house. This one is going to be tough for Tiger to get over and there is more of her to be seen by all.

11 Joslyn James Loving The Beach...We Think

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Simple question to ask all of you fans out there. If a girl was an adult actress and had her fair share of encounters of guys, would you still go after her? Okay, maybe it isn't so simple. Tiger Woods had his fair share of fun with adult actress Joslyn James. They had a history of sending dirty text messages to each other based on the times they got together during their affair. What those exact messages were can be left to imagination from us all. James makes an appearance at the beach in this picture. She definitely looks fierce, almost to a point where she may not be enjoying the beach that much. She also doesn't mind getting down and dirty in the sand, probably because she has gotten down and dirty many times before. Tiger wanted some excitement in his life, and he got it in James. Why he didn't keep her around along will always be a mystery to us all.

10 Vonn's A Family Woman Too

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This photo might just hit Tiger Woods in his feelings just a little bit. The other photos were definitely sexy, but this one can be relatable to us all. This is a picture of Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods together just relaxing. The setting is casual and they are just smiling almost like they have been together forever. This is a feeling of missing something that he once had. Vonn looks good with her hair settling down nicely onto her shoulders and her smile showing off again. Woods is right alongside in his short-sleeved white collared shirt and jeans. It looks like everything is right in the world between the two of them, right? Wrong.

Vonn looks like she is ready to settle down and be an excellent mother to all of her children that she will eventually have. Tiger messed up his beautiful family once. But things can change, maybe he would have been faithful to Lindsey. Crazier things have happened. We will never know though as Tiger is left with a memory like this one of a beautiful girl he let go.

9 Amanda Dufner Supports Our Country

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The common theme around the Fourth of July is to celebrate our freedom and independence. Some will have cookouts full of hotdogs, hamburgers, and good times with loved ones. Others will pose with an American flag or wear an American flag bikini on a hot, summer day. Amanda Dufner does a great job of displaying her body and love for her country in this photo. She was married to golfer Jason Dufner before rumors came out that Amanda was cheating on her husband with none other than Tiger Woods. Here, she rocks a white bikini while holding on to the American flag above her head.

Whether or not they actually went through with a long fling is another story. But to have a woman like Amanda who has an awesome body, loves the summertime, and knows about the game of golf from being around it so much would be perfect for a guy like Tiger. Then again, we don't know what he likes anymore considering the variety of women he has had affairs with recently.

8 Loredana Jolie Bringing The Heat

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An athlete, a show girl, a VIP host, the list goes on and on for occupations of women Tiger Woods has had fun with. How about we add Playboy model to the list? Loredana Jolie has not minded shedding most of her clothes to pose for the famous magazine. She also has some writing skills as well as she has written a book called "The Real Diary". It is an autobiography that basically describes everything about her affair with Tiger.

For all the bad she had during that time, she has a good time displaying herself in front of the camera. She looks great in a trikini while leaning up against a railing with a look in her that says, "Remember when we had some fun Tiger?" Woods definitely has his fantasies. We all have fantasies we will never reveal, but apparently Tiger doesn't care who knows about them. If one picture of Jolie wasn't bad enough, let's dig deeper and look at another one shall we?

7 Loredana Jolie Continues To Bring It

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The second photo of Loredana is definitely just as bad for Woods to see as the first one. He would probably be cringing throughout his whole body wondering how he let this one get away. She has the same look in her eye as she did in the previous photo of anger and frustration against Tiger Woods. But, she still looks hot doing it. Whatever Tiger is looking for, he could have probably found a good portion of it in Jolie. She is beautiful physically and was willing to do anything Woods wanted behind the scenes. So what was the problem with this one for Woods? Only he knows the answer to that.

It is such a shame he keeps chasing different women rather than trying to settle down again and stop running around like a man in his early 20s. Two photos of Jolie demonstrates her point of being hard to forget, but how about another photo of Jamie Jungers to remind us Woods likes his Vegas girls as well?

6 Jamie Jungers: Party Girl In The Water

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We mentioned before how much Tiger loves his girls in Las Vegas. With gambling and the Vegas Golden Knights as two of the biggest attractions to the city that sits in Nevada, there isn't much else out there. So Tiger chose to have his fun with women like Jamie Jungers. When she isn't showing herself off as a Las Vegas show girl, she is sizzling up the screen in steamy photo shoots. She also shows jaw-dropping curves. We see that Jungers isn't afraid to get wet and a little wild if the occasion calls for it. Now it is just the question of, what did she do wrong that made Tiger not consider a life beyond hook-ups? Maybe it was nothing at all and it was all on Tiger. She narrowly misses out on the top five, but she does make a convincing case.

5 Amanda Dufner Enjoying The Sun

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Another Amanda Dufner appearance, another photo of her in a bikini makes its way to our list. We all love the beach and the beach loves Amanda as she knows how to look good in front of the camera, she just can't help it. Here, we see Amanda in a blue bikini, the water behind her looking to creep under here and flat stomach ready for all to admire. The best part about this photo is Amanda is just having fun being at the beach and smiling.

Smiling is something Tiger Woods probably isn't doing right now if he is looking at this photo. He probably is wondering what he can do to make her his all over again and this time for a longer period of time. Amanda Dufner is hot, you cannot deny it. Tiger cannot deny it either, he just wishes he made a better judgment call of whether to dump her or keep her around. I wonder what decision he would make this time...tough call.

4 Laci Somers Lacing Up Her Golf Shoes

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A smart, beautiful, sophisticated woman is one that everyone should try to find and marry and never let go. If they are into sports and are willing to try them for you, that is just icing on top of the cake. Laci Somers did that for Tiger Woods and apparently that wasn't good enough for him. At this point, Tiger just seems like the type that is not pleased with one specific type of person. He needs to continue to have his variety. Well, he is probably regretting that decision now, especially after a photo like this of Somers makes its way to the surface. Here is Somers in a tight little black shirt, really tight and short jean shorts, and a golf club in her hand ready to swing at the driving range.

It isn't necessarily teeing off at the Masters or the U.S. Open, but it is still the thought that counts. Plus, Somers is incredible looking here. Her abs show and her legs are smooth, yet muscular. It makes sense as she is a fitness model. She is in shape, seems to like sports, and beautiful. But is that good enough for Tiger Woods? No, of course not.

3 Lindsey and The Workout

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Lindsey Vonn continues to make her way into the Tiger conversations. Whether she is enjoying the winter weather racking up the gold medals in her sport, or enjoying a nice, hot summer day in the pool; she is always making heads turn. Vonn definitely is in males' fantasies especially with a picture like this. The amazing thing is that Tiger was once able to call Vonn his and he couldn't/didn't want to hold on to a woman of this caliber. He is probably biting his lip after seeing this. Is this not good enough for you, Tiger? Well, if it isn't; then you probably do not want to take a look at our next photo. Yikes! What's it going to take for the Tiger to be tamed?

2 Lots of Love for Lindsey

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Last one of Lindsey, I promise. But when an athlete looks as good as she does and is a proven winner like she is, it is tough to have her on a list like this only once. Yes, she has been on twice but she deserves a third time. She definitely shows what Tiger is missing in this Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Here, she is smiling with her back to us not wearing any top and showing off a beautiful butt for all of us to see. Her smile and flowing blonde hair just complete her sexiness as a whole and shows what countless hours in the gym can do for her. She also has that look on her face that just reads, "I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave."

She is probably better off staying out of Tiger's life entirely for her own well-being. With looks like these and an easy-going, upbeat personality like hers; she will have no trouble at all finding the man of her dreams. While she does that, Tiger can loathe and reflect on what could have been a long, committed relationship had he stayed the course with Vonn.

1 Elin Nordegren: What Could Have Been

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Finally, the grand finale. After going through all the women in Tiger's life, how about we go back to where it all began? Woods was in a seemingly happy marriage with Swedish model Elin Nordegren and seemed to have what every man would want. However, it was eventually revealed that not only was Woods unfaithful to Nordegren, he had an addiction to seeking new women. Elin would obviously make many men happy, but apparently Tiger wasn't happy enough. You have to wonder if, considering how his career and life have gone since the divorce, how much Tiger regrets cheating on Elin and going on the subsequent downward spiral. While playing golf and life at home aren't intertwined, you can't ignore the decline of Woods' golf game that seemed to go hand in hand with his own personal downfall.

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