15 Pictures That Prove Daniela Hantuchova Is Hot AF

Slovak tennis star Daniela Hantuchova has become one of the most recognizable names in the sport over the course of her 18-year-long career. The native of Poprad, Czechoslovakia (now called Slovakia) has had more than her fair of great moments of the court. However, her undeniable beauty has also played a significant role in her rise to prominence in the world of tennis.

Hantuchova is 5-foot-11 and has the type of lean frame that one would commonly associate with a fashion model. Her long blonde hair and dashing blue eyes have helped her gain a reputation as being one the most beautiful professional athletes in the world.

It will likely come as little surprise to find out that Daniela Hantuchova has been involved in her share of high profile modeling project. The Poprad product has posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was also featured in ESPN’s Body Issue; two of the most prestigious publications in the game today.

Moreover, the 34-year-old isn’t shy about sharing revealing posts on various social media outlets, most notably Instagram. Those out there who aren’t fans of Hantuchova yet soon will be after seeing these images.

With that in mind, here are 15 pictures of Daniela Hantuchova that prove she is one the hottest athletes in the game.

15 Bikini Shot

Daniela Hantuchova recently announced that she would be sitting out the 2017 season in order to recover from a rib injury. According to this lovely Instagram post, the Slovak stars recovery is going well. She may be injured, but she still looks smoking hot while posing in her bikini. The spa she is at, looks almost as gorgeous as Hantuchova…almost.

Fun Fact: While Hantuchova has had a respectable career as a singles competitor, she is best known for her accomplishments as a mixed doubles player. In fact, Hantuchova has even won the career Grand Slam as a mixed doubles competitor. Winning the career Grand Slam means that she has won all four major Grand Slam tournaments which include Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the US Open, and the French Open.

14 Lounging Around

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After nearly 18 years of competing in professional tennis, it’s good to see Daniela Hantuchova getting some rest. Honestly, it’s good to see the blue-eyed tennis starlet in almost any situation. This image helps to showcase Hantuchova’s impressively long legs and tall, slender frame. There is little doubt that she turned a few heads in her bikini that day that this photo was taken.

Fun Fact: Hantuchova’s best Grand Slam showing as a singles competitor came at the 2008 Australian Open, where she advanced all the way to the semifinal round. Hantuchova defeated the likes of Maria Kirilenko and Agnieszka Radwanska in route to the semifinals. However, she would end up losing to Ana Ivanovic before being able to advance to the finals and face the tournament's eventual winner, Maria Sharapova.

13 Summer Vibes

#summervibes 🏖🌴 have a great #Weekend everyone 😘🌷

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This image features Daniela Hantuchova in a stunning black one-piece bathing suit. This particular shot highlights her flowing long blond hair and healthy lower half. The tennis pro uses this Instagram post to encourage her devoted fan base to “have a great weekend.” Hantuchova also adds some playful emojis to complete the post. This suit most definitely flatters the 34-year-old's lengthy physique.

Fun Fact: Hantuchova’s family background is an interesting one. Neither of her parents were accomplished athletes. Her father (Igor) was a computer scientist by trade, while her mother (Marianna) worked as a toxicologist. That being said, her grandmother Helena was a very accomplished tennis player. Helena was even a Slovak national champion at one point. It seems likely that Hantuchova may have inherited her athleticism and love for the game from her grandmother, who introduced her to the sport.

12 REALLY Short Shorts

According to the caption, Daniela Hantuchova enjoys walking around the living room in this sort of country-inspired attire. The revealing bottoms help to showcase the 5-foot-11 blonde's toned lower half while also drawing attention to her long legs. Hantuchova is simply a natural in front of the camera and clearly has a future in modeling whenever she decides to retire from tennis.

Fun Fact: Hantuchova was a member of the famed Slovak team that won the Fed Cup back in 2002. Slovakia defeated France in the quarterfinals of the tournament. In the semifinals, Daniela Hantuchova and her teammates were also able to get past Italy. Finally, Slovakia went head-to-head with Spain, and emerged the victor by winning the overall matchup by the score of 3-1

11 Black Dress

#morning ☺️👣👤👱‍♀️💋

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The Slovak beauty looks ready for a night on the town in this tight fitting short dress. That being said the caption “#morning” implies the that Daniela Hantuchova looks this good when she wakes up, which is quite impressive, to say the least. It comes as little surprise that this beautiful photo has received over 5,600 likes on Instagram.

Fun Fact: In her four Grand Slam title wins as a mixed doubles player Hantuchova has had four different partners. During Wimbledon in 2001, she played with Czech star Leos Friedl. Win she won the Australian Open in 2002 she was with Zimbabwe’s Kevin Ullyett. She won it all in the 2005 French Open with French player Fabrice Santoro. Hantuchova also emerged the victor at the 2005 US Open with India’s Mahesh Bhupathi by her side.

10 Black And White Shot

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This blast from the past black and white photo shows Daniela Hantuchova posing after playing a bit of tennis. After seeing all these photos of Hantuchova in provocative attire, one might easily forget that she is famous for playing tennis, after all. This photo shows that the blonde athlete still looks quite beautiful while simply wearing her standard tennis attire.

Fun Fact: There was some controversy regarding the usually lean Hantuchova’s weight in 2003, with some folk in the media even going so far as to accuse her of being anorexic. However, she quickly came out and denied these allegations. Hantuchova explained that the reason for her apparent weight loss had to do with simply overtraining as opposed to any sort of disorder. Fortunately, these days, Daniela Hantuchova looks as healthy as ever.

9 The Body Issue

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This famous image of the Slovak tennis star was featured in ESPN’s Body Issue back in 2012. The image highlights Hantuchova’s flawless physique. In an interview conducted by Espn.com, she was asked about posing for the magazine. She gave the following answer: “I'm always open to new opportunities, so I figured why not? I wanted to do it with class and not show too much of anything, but as an athlete, I'm pretty confident about my body, so I guess I'm not afraid of anything.”

Fun Fact: Daniela Hantuchova’s has been ranked as high as 5th in the world as a singles competitor, back in January of 2003. Interestingly enough, her highest rank in doubles was also 5th, and that was back in August of 2002.


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The stunning mixed doubles champion looks ready to steal the show in this lovely gown. Daniela Hantuchova is striking a fierce pose for the camera during her appearance at the ESPY Awards. The dress helps to highlight the blonde bombshell curves and stunning blue eyes. The 5-foot-11 athlete looks like quite the VIP in this memorable photograph.

Fun Fact: Hantuchova’s first Grand Slam tournament win came in 2001 at Wimbledon, in mixed doubles completion. During this event, she teamed with Leos Friedl from the Czech Republic. The duo beat the American team of Donald Johnson and Kimberly Pro-Messerli in the quarterfinals. They went on to defeat David Rikl and Karina Habsudova in the semis. Finally, the pair bested Mike Bryan and Liezel Huber in the final round of the tournament.

7 Balcony

This gorgeous shot was taken back in February while Hantuchova was spending some time in the Cayman Islands. The blonde Grand Slam champ looks nothing short of amazing standing on the balcony in her flirtatious bikini. The view from the balcony is also quite beautiful from what is no doubt a luxury hotel. There are certainly a few guys out there who would love to vacation in the Caribbean with this Slovak beauty.

Fun Fact: In recent years Hantuchova has seen her career begin to decline, due in part to persistent injuries. In 2016, she fell out of the top 100 as a singles player for the first time since 2002. Moreover, she was forced to play in a qualifying round in the Australian Open in 2017 for the first time in 17 years.

6 Stylish

#jump into the #weekend 😘🤗🙋👗 have a good one everyone 👣💋💄👠

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This breathtaking Instagram post shows off Daniela Hantuchova’s impeccable fashion sense. Her hair looks to be ready for a shampoo commercial while the outfit appears to be both stylish and fashion-forward. It’s easy to see why Hantuchova is asked to be involved in modeling shoots so often. The tall blonde could easily be mistaken for a high-end fashion model in this particular shot.

Fun Fact: Daniela Hantuchova has won over $10 million in prize money throughout the course of her career. The amount puts her at 33rd all-time regarding career earning for a female tennis player. She is one of only 42 players who have gone over the $10 million mark since 1970. Hantuchova is not only beautiful; she is also quite wealthy.

5 Last Days Of Summer

Last days of #summer ☀️😎

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When Daniela Hantuchova finally decides to open her eyes, she may be shocked to find out that half of her outfit has gone missing. In all serious though, it is images like this one that has helped the tennis starlet gain such a strong following on social media outlets such as Instagram. The black outfit once again highlights her curves as she relaxes in the soothing summer heat.

Fun Fact: Daniela Hantuchova most recent mixed doubles Grand Slam victory came at the 2005 US Open, while she teamed with India’s Mahesh Bhupathi. They defeated the American duo of Corina Morariu and Mike Bryan in the semifinals. In the final round, Hantuchova and Bhupathi emerged victorious against the team of Katarina Srebotnik and Nenad Zimonjic on their way to capturing the title.

4 The Casual Look

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Daniela Hantuchova proves that she doesn’t need to be wearing a bikini or skimpy outfit in order to look amazing. This photo showcases the world-class athlete's extremely toned abdominal region. Hantuchova has definitely been doing her fair share of crunches in the gym, and it really shows in this image. This shot proves that the tennis star knows how to make casual look exceptional.

Fun Fact: Hantuchova has been featured in some tennis-related video games. She has appeared in such games as Top Tennis, Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2, and Virtua Tennis 3. The Slovak tennis star was also the 3rd most downloaded player for Top Spin 3, behind such tennis icons as Serena Williams and Ana Ivanovic, making her one of the most popular players in the virtual world as well.

3 No Shoes

The fact that she is “#missingMyShoes” probably isn’t the first thing people notice when looking at the revealing Instagram post. Daniela Hantuchova appears to be missing a lot more than her shoes in this provocative image. The blue-eyed starlet shows of her signature long legs in this risqué yet tasteful image. Hantuchova provides us with another stunning picture that reminds us why she is considered one of the hottest athletes in women’s tennis.

Fun Fact: Daniela Hantuchova has been an endorsement magnet throughout much of her career. She has inked lucrative deals with company's like Adidas, Babolat and even Nike. Moreover,she has also appeared in an advertisement for the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot phone, alongside fellow tennis babe Ana Ivanovic, back in 2006.

2 By The Pool

Via: Wonder Of The World

Daniela Hantuchova bikini pictures are one of the few things in life that never get old. Photos like this one remind us why she was asked to pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.The tie-dye beach cover is also a nice touch. The former Australian Open mixed doubles champ seems to spend quite a bit of time in front of the pool; which is no doubt one of the perks of being a wealthy world class athlete.

Fun Fact: Hantuchova has not only had success in mixed doubles competition, she also had had some highlights when teaming with female partners as well. While she has never won a Grand Slam title while teaming with another woman, she has made it to the finals on multiple occasions; including two trips in the Australian Open and one in the French Open.

1 Sea Captain

Daniela Hantuchova looks ready for a day at sea, while sporting this white captains hat. The Slovak star is stunning in her low-cut dress and stylish sunglasses as she waits for the ship to set sail. There are likely a few tennis fans who wouldn't mind being stranded at sea with this lovely lady.

Fun Fact: Hantuchova represented her home country of Slovakia at the 2012 Olympic Games, which took place in London, England. She even advanced to the third round of her bracket. She defeated China’s Li Na in the 1st round and was able to get by Alize Cornet of France in the 2nd. However, the Hantuchova would go on to lose to Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark in the 3rd round of the Section 2 bracket.

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