15 Pictures That Prove Paige Spiranac Should NEVER Follow The LPGA's New Dress Code

The Ladies Professional Golf Association has been in the news for something that many people would not expect. Our first thoughts when discussing recent LPGA events would certainly have to go towards Hye-Jin Choi. If you don’t know, just this month Choi was on the verge of making history, as this 17-year-old South Korean amateur golfer almost won the US Women’s Open. That’s pretty fantastic news, right? It should be the only thing the golf community would be talking about for at least another month. But no, the reason the LPGA made headlines recently was because the top organization in women’s golf issued new dress code guidelines for their players and that was enough for the media to explode.

Some channels and news outlets called the new guidelines a form of “body shaming,” while others said that the dress code was unnecessary. Just to give you some background, a few of the rules of this so-called new dress code for female golfers are that Racorbacks, plunging necklines, leggings, workout gear, jeans and joggers, as well as skirts, skorts or shorts that don't cover "your bottom area" are now all prohibited according to CBS News.

Meanwhile, some players have gone on the news and said that this new dress code literally does not change anything and that people will not see any difference in how golfers dress themselves for upcoming competitions. Changes or not, we would like to use the example of one of the most beautiful golfers of our time, Paige Spiranac, to show why she is one of the golfers who should never follow this or any other kind of dress code.

15 Primetime Golf


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What better way to start our list, than with a little Instagram video of Paige doing what she knows how to do best, playing golf. This is exactly what the media should be focusing on instead of filling us with this whole dress code talk. At the end of the day, what the fans want to see is the players swinging their drivers and smashing that little ball all the way to the green.

Where dress codes are concerned, our opinion is that Paige Spiranac could wear whatever she wanted to and she would still look beautiful. Still, watching this video, the doubt comes to mind, and we wonder if the overlords at the LPGA would consider that this skirt Paige is wearing to practice is covering enough of her bottom area. What do you guys think?

14 Her take on the issue

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Something that wasn’t too surprising was that Paige Spiranac was one of the athletes who spoke out against the new LPGA dress code.

In an opinion piece she wrote for Fortune, Paige talked about how restrictive this new dress code policy is and how much it could affect the game. Her exact words in describing the new dress code where these: “I fear that these new rules are stifling the growth of the women’s game.”

Maybe you can see her point, and maybe you can’t. But what we can’t deny is that Paige made some excellent arguments, especially as she drew a line on the tradition in which golf is enveloped and made a comparison to other professional sports. Because whether the old-timers want to agree with it or not, in most professional sports, uniforms evolve.

13 Leggings

In terms of women’s clothing, nothing has changed as much in this new generation as the amount of people who use yoga pants, or leggings. You can seldom go out of your house to a supermarket or a mall, or especially a gym and not see a single person wearing leggings. As a matter of fact, sometimes you might even see more people wearing these kinds of pants than jeans. Imagine going back in time and trying to tell your grandma in the 1960s that in the future, people would be wearing leggings more than they would be wearing jeans. She would say that was a blasphemy and throw you out of the house.

Now that the LPGA has banned leggings without shorts, just know that you will not be able to see Paige Spiranac compete wearing something like this.

12 The Future of Golfing Clothes

Starting this week with a smile☺️

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Since we were talking about leggings and yoga pants, let’s put them together with tops. Honestly, we never really had much hope of seeing someone wear an outfit like this to a professional golf competition. This is the kind of attire you will only see women wearing either in the gym, or on the way to the gym, or jogging in the park. But that is beside the point. The argument we wanted to make here is that the LPGA should consider that an outfit like this might even help players compete at a higher level.

There is no science behind the argument, just the common sense that sleeveless clothing would allow for better freedom of movement in the swing. And the exposed abs would help the players show the crowd how much they dedicate themselves to maintaining peak physical form.

11 There are no Haters

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One of the arguments Paige Spiranac made on her article for Fortune against the new dress code rules the LPGA put out, was that nothing the players ever wore to competitions ever prejudiced the organization.

“Up to this point, there have been no incidences of photos of LPGA players dressed in a way that has cast the tour in a negative light.”

And that is a solid point she makes. Do any of you guys remember hearing complaints about the women’s dress code in professional golf before? If you do, please leave a comment so we can check it out as well. Nevertheless, these restrictions might be unnecessary. It is not like any of their golfers ever went to play wearing something you would expect to see in the LFL.

10 Freedom

We wonder if this ball would have gone in if Paige Spiranac was following the LPGA dress code. The easy answer here is no. It would not have gone in. Because if anything else, the new dress code would not allow for the same freedom of movement that this stunning attire allows Paige to have as she is trying to get away from the sand trap.

While we do consider it to be a shame that those sick white sneakers are going to be dirty as hell when she steps onto the green, we can guarantee that none of the fans who watch golf would ever complain if Paige Spiranac wore that exact outfit to every single tournament she competed on.

And again we ask: is that skirt covering enough of her bottom?

9 The Back

Among the types of clothing the LPGA has just banned were racerbacks. Now, we know that there are several degrees of racerbacks, but one thing that we can know for certain is that what Paige Spiranac is wearing in this picture would definitely not be allowed on a LPGA course. It might not be a racerback, but it exposes enough of her back so we could compare the two.

From an athletic standpoint, this might not be the greatest outfit to go out for a golf game, as the potential for a wardrobe malfunction seems to be off the roof. Still, Paige looks so good in it, and we can imagine her pulling off a 30-foot putt without much trouble while wearing this. Back on the subject of racerbacks, we don’t see why the ones designed for sports should even be banned.

8 Evolution

Much like every other single sport, golf has developed over the past few decades into a game of athleticism. It is still very much a skills game, but the fitness aspect has finally become a vital part of the sport. Long are the days where you would go watch a professional golf competition and only see players who did not care about maintaining their figure and peak form instead of just practicing their shots. These days, golf is dominated by a majority of players who care about their athleticism just as much as they care about their finesse.

Paige Spiranac is very much one of these professional golfers. More often than not, you can see her posting pictures in her workout clothes, none of which would be allowed under the LPGA’s new dress code.

7 Plunging Necklines


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Perhaps the broadest and most vague of the bannings in the LPGA’s new dress code was their purge on plunging necklines. Can anybody say what a plunging neckline is? Because if we are to take in this decision literally, the conclusion we can get to is that, from now on, the only thing you will see women wearing at LPGA events are turtlenecks.

Paige Spiranac made sure to touch on that point as she was criticizing the LPGA for this vague banning. Paige’s argument on the subject was that a decision like this would purposely affect “fuller-figured women” more than thinner players. This is yet another solid argument that, even though some players might not agree, backs up the idea that these new measures by the LPGA could very well be considered ways of body shaming some of the players.

6 Hating on the Young

My face after sprints looks very similar to my face after I 3 putt haha

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According to Paige Spiranac, part of the issue the LPGA seems to have as it applied to this new dress code, had to do with younger golfers. The many young talents who are constantly trying to find their footing in a sport, in which we hardly see much change in terms of chances given to new talents.

The reasoning behind this is rather solid. When you consider the articles of clothing that were banned by the new dress code, those are the types of clothes younger athletes wear. The older golfers have been wearing the same thing for decades now, and what they wear seems to be what the LPGA wants their athletes to wear forever.

Meanwhile, the younger athletes who are striving to change the game and help it evolve, are the ones who will most likely be prejudiced by the new policies.

5 Just Love the Game

I love golf. I love the golf swing. I love learning everything I can about the game. I love practicing. I don't love competing and that's a fight I've been dealing with the last few years. People think that "making it" is just about ability but there's so much more to it. Especially with golf, being mentally strong is 90% of the game. Last year I was beat up mentally and was dealing with more than anyone could imagine behind closed doors. It took a toll on me and I started to hate this game I love so dearly. I played around 20 tournaments, made money in all but 2 and got a win as my first year as a pro. However I hated every second of it and was having breakdowns because of all the harassment, death threats, and other problems I wish to keep private. This year I have taken some time off from competing to focus on myself and my passions which is being an ambassador for cyberbullying, doing clinics for young girls and boys, and creating fun videos to hopefully help grow the game. Within this time I've been grinding on my swing and fitness and it's by far the best my swing as felt ever. I appreciate all the support and thank you for following my journey! I always try to be as honest as possible about what I'm going through in hopes I can help others but also show that no matter how perfect or easy someone's life might appear on social media that we are all dealing with our own personal battles. Again thank you for following and always making my day better with every positive comment☺️😘❤️

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We have seen skirts, bikinis, and all other kinds of clothes Paige Spiranac can pull off. But here in this video she efficiently shows her fans that she can be as versatile with her wardrobe as she can be on the golf course.

At the end of the day, clothing matters little when you love the game, which is exactly what Paige talks about in the message attached to this short video of her practicing her swing. People may try to tell her what to wear or whatever else they want to say, but as we will repeat over and over again, this is a woman who can wear whatever she wants and still blow everyone away. And yet, what is most impressive here is that no matter the day of the week, no matter the weather, and especially no matter what she might be wearing, Paige Spiranac just loves golfing.

4 No Shaming

Straight outta good captions

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At just 24 years old, Paige Spiranac indeed turned out to be the perfect woman to prove that at least to some extent, this new LPGA dress code is problematic. While it might not change much of what we usually see during golf tournaments, it does point to some issues that Paige herself brought up as she was commenting on the dress code.

While on the surface it might seem harmless, like many other restrictive policies, there always appears to be some sort of discrimination involved. And in this case, it seems that the ones being targeted are the women like Spiranac, those who are not ashamed of showing the world who they are, and who have set their eyes on helping the game they love evolve with the times.

3 Fitness is the name of the Game


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“If professionalism in golf equals athleticism, then athleticism should be promoted and showcased, and that means allowing the clothes that promote it.”

You hear that, LPGA? If the point of the game is evolving, and the evolution of golf is inherently tied to the idea that players have to consider athleticism and fitness a vital part of their development, going against that is going against golf.

Younger people who start off in any sport, usually have an athlete they look up to. Everyone who played a sport had that one player whose shoes you wanted to wear, whose clothing options you wanted a copy, and whose game you strived to mimic. Imagine what basketball would be like today if younger people starting out in the sport were given the idea that it was 100 percent about skill in 0 percent about athleticism? There would be no dunks in the NBA. Golf should stop worrying too much about their dress codes and start to look towards the future.

2 The Icing on The Cake

So excited for the US Open!? Who do you think is going to win?

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If you have gotten this far on this list and you are still not in love with Paige Spiranac, there is a good chance that something is wrong with you, buddy. No, we’re just kidding. Everyone has their own opinions, and everyone can make their own choices. Still, we firmly believe that if you kept up with us all the way here, you would very likely agree with us that Paige is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in golf today. And this picture might just be the icing on the cake.

This has everything we have been talking about on this list packed together in one picture that does not involve swimsuits. Here we have Paige rocking an outfit that violates two LPGA dress code rules, and we will be damned if anyone ever complained about her posting this on Instagram.

1 Swimsuit Golf

There is a good reason to why in the number two entry of this list we made a point in making a distinction between that kind of picture, to a swimsuit picture. Because, even though we might not even consider it, people could play golf in swimsuits. It has been done, and perhaps it should be done more often. Either way, we have yet to see a professional golfer wearing a swimsuit to a competition, which would be a hilarious occasion. That is, unless if the golfer wearing a swimsuit to the competition was Paige Spiranac. We know she would try to make it seem funny, but it would be more than just that. It would be awesome.

So yes, if Paige Spiranac ever wanted to take a swing at the LPGA’s dress code, we would suggest going with this attire.

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