15 Pictures The WTA Doesn’t Want You To See Of Eugenie Bouchard

2014 was without a doubt the breakout year for Eugenie Bouchard as she became the first ever Canadian to represent Canada in Wimbledon's finals. She fell short from winning, however, her popularity grew to new heights. She hasn’t been the same player since, but thanks to social media, she remains one of the most popular female tennis stars out there.

With over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, it's safe to say fans have taken an interest in the young starlet's personal life. Despite the fact she broke out in 2014, it's quite surreal to think that she's till only 23, quite remarkable. Her career has already seen so many twists and turns, and in this article, we highlight most of the struggles the WTA probably doesn’t want you to see. From steamy off-court pictures, to on-court temper tantrums, these are shots the world of tennis might not want us to see from such a tennis role model.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share the link with a friend. Also, let us know your favorite picture from the list via our Facebook page. Here are 15 pictures the WTA doesn’t want you to see of Eugenie Bouchard. Let us begin!

15 Insta Hottie

So my bikini had a zip...

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At the tender age of 23, Eugenie is looking as beautiful as ever and that’s been well documented through her social media avenues whether it be Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram. She’s posted countless stunning pictures on Insta’, including this shot from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. The pic gathered over 100 K likes, along with it being viewed by her one million plus followers.

Bouchard isn’t afraid to post steamy pictures and in all likelihood, we believe the WTA wishes she would tone it down being such a role model for aspiring players. It seems like she hasn’t listened one bit recently posting some steamy spa snaps to her Snapchat account. It’s rather clear, the young Canadian does what she wants when she wants!

14 The “Mafia” Kid

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Rocking them braces, this may seem like a normal picture of a young Eugenie Bouchard playing tennis, but there was a lot more to the story behind the scenes. Eugenie’s father decided to get her daughter some financial backing for her career by the “Tennis Mafia”. Her dad and two unnamed investors basically joined in on Eugenie’s career, and it would later be deemed that they’d make ten percent of her career earnings once she became a pro. Eventually in the summer of 2013, that partnerships was officially cut off as it was deemed illegal and that rightfully so, a nine year old was unable to make such a decision at the time.

Bouchard’s father tried to fight the claim making the statement that he benefited from the money for tax purposes but his claims fell to no avail ending the weird financial relationship.

13 Candid Booty In Yoga Pants

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The Montreal native is well known around the tennis community for having a fiery temper along with being an absolute beauty at such a young age. One of her best assets definitely has to be her smile, but as you see in the picture above, something else certainly sticks out a little bit more as well.... One would assume Eugenie has incorporated some squats into her training repertoire with such a backside in those yoga pants.

Like other tennis players, Eugenie is slowly turning into an advertising giant. Her best year was in 2014 and during the same year, the likes of Coca-Cola and Rogers Communications inked deals with the Miami resident. Not to mention, she signed a mega ten year partnership deal with Aviva Canada, an insurance company, which just shows how much her popularity continues to grow away from the sport. For the WTA, they sincerely hope her priorities don’t shift away from the sport the more she grows in popularity.

12 Eugenie & Grigor Links

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The world tennis isn’t big on drama away from the court, but when it comes to Eugenie, they’ve faced multiple instances of such actions occurring. This one made headlines as links were made between these two young tennis stars in Eugenie Bouchard and Grigor Dimitrov. The tabloids indicated that the two were romantically involved with one another and such allegations were that much more significant due to the fact that Grigor previously dated tennis starlet Maria Sharapova previously.

The rumors would end up subsiding and the WTA was likely happy about that, ending the off-court drama. Eugenie would end up being linked to a former NHL star while Grigor is currently dating pop star Nicole Scherzinger. For what’s it worth that relationship is also said to be on the rocks.

11 Halloween Cleavage

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It wasn’t the most thought out Halloween outfit off all-time, but without a doubt, it turned several heads with such a look. Rocking some insane amount of cleavage, Eugenie dressed up as a cat, clawing in the picture just to confirm what she was if there was any confusion.

Fans of hers adored the picture as it just furthered her sheer beauty, but we believe the WTA wasn’t on the same page as it likely pushed the boundaries with her younger fan base. One can assume that a teenage fan would want to copy Eugenie’s outfit and for parents, that wouldn’t be the most ideal situation. Seriously though, what happened to the days of scaring the hell out of people with a costume, this Eugenie outfit does the exact opposite.

10 Colored Bra

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When it comes to rules and regulations, the sport of tennis certainly ranks as one of the strictest, particularly when it comes to attire. During her 2015 Wimbledon run, Bouchard received an unlikely violation for breaking the dress code. It sounds absolutely bizarre and quite ridiculous to be honest, but she was reprimanded for wearing a black bra with her white outfit.

It wasn’t the first time a popular player got in trouble for such a bizarre reason, even the great Roger Federer was reprimanded for wearing an orange sole under his shoe. Ultimately, it was a forgettable experience for Eugenie who was not only slapped with such a rare infraction but she was also ousted in the first round of the tournament, making it her worst run ever at the event.

9 Candid Short Shorts

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When it comes to individual pro sports, the higher up you get, the more likely it is that the paparazzi will follow your every move. At such a young age Eugenie exceeded expectations enjoying a career year in 2014 which was capped off by an appearance in the finals of Wimbledon. Ever since the accomplishment, the media has been all over her every move and that includes some sneaky shots as you see in the picture above.

The candid shot probably didn’t please the WTA, particularly given the point of interest, her booty. For what it’s worth, Bouchard resembles a perfect ten in the picture, rocking the short shorts which show some serious glute gains. Candid shots aren’t always this faltering but when it comes to Eugenie, it seems like she can’t take a bad picture.

8 Temper Tantrums

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Going back to the role model aspect, the WTA probably isn’t all that high on Bouchard’s tantrums over the years, particularly because it doesn’t send the greatest message to her younger fans and the sport in general. Some media outlets have called Eugenie a “baby” for her actions when things don’t go her way. We’ve seen the dark side of Eugenie both on and off the court, whether it be making critical comments about others, or pulling a fit for a call that didn’t go her way.

Some fans however love that fiery side of the Canadian starlet. Still only 23, Bouchard isn’t afraid to speak her mind and you have to give her some credit for that. She’s ranked 59th at the moment, but her attitude has continuously made her one of the most searched female tennis players on the planet.

7 Making Headlines For Off-Court Situation

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Before her rant/promo against Maria Sharapova which was followed up by one her greatest career victories, Eugenie wasn’t making the headlines for her on-court play but instead, she went viral for a lost bet. We truly believe the WTA would have wished things would have been the other way around, but they weren’t.

Eugenie made the bold assumption that the Falcons were to win the Super Bowl. A fan challenged the tennis star on the claim saying that if the Patriots won and came back, she owed him a date. Well, the Patriots made a stunning comeback and much to everyone’s surprise, Eugenie agreed to the date. Not only did Bouchard agree, but she even flew the fan out with full accommodations. They went on a date watching the NBA’s Nets and their night was documented via social media. Great stuff.

6 The Slip Of Doom

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A situation both Eugenie and the WTA want to forget about took place off the court back in 2015. Set to play Roberta Vinci in the fourth round, Eugenie unexpectedly was forced to withdraw from the contest, it was a huge mystery as to why when the announcement was revealed.

Adding to the drama of it all, it was later announced that Eugenie suffered from an off-court concussion that was sustained in the locker room after she slipped. She would only play one more match during the entire 2015 schedule, as she apparently suffered from various headaches and dizziness. She would go on to sue the USTA for damages. At the end of the day, it was a dark cloud under Eugenie’s WTA career, and one both sides wish to forget about years later.

5 More Top Notch Selfies

Comin for ya 2017 - likin this arm definition

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Following her remarkable 2014 tennis campaign, it seems like Eugenie started to go downhill with her performances and some believe that was due to the fact of all her off-court fame, and still being so young. Such pictures prove exactly that as Bouchard looks more suited to be a model in the picture, looking absolutely stunning in the black revealing lace top. A tennis racquet is the last things on the minds of her fans looking at such a picture.

She did make a statement in the picture writing, “Comin for ya 2017”. Eugenie is off to a decent start thus far backing up her claim making it to the third round of the Australian Open, along with defeating the high powered Maria Sharapova.

4 Forgettable 2016

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Judging by her resume during the 2014 calendar year, many predicted massive things for Eugenie moving forward. However, that wasn’t to be the case as she endured a rough 2015, which was followed up by another lackluster 2016. In 2015 she fell out in the first round of both the French Open and Wimbledon. Eugenie seemed to have found her game during the 2015 US Open reaching the fourth round, but that success wouldn’t carry over to 2016.

Once again, she failed to win any major tournaments; her tough year was capped off with a harsh loss in the first round of the US Open losing to 21 year old Katerina Siniakova. For both Eugenie and the WTA, 2016 is something they want to put in the past immediately.

3 Falling Short

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Without a doubt, 2014 was the greatest year of Eugenie's WTA career. She won the WTA Most Improved Player that year, and she was performing at an excellent rate reaching the finals in one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world of tennis. Her fame reached new height during the 2014 Wimbledon tournament as she became the first ever Canadian born player to represent Canada in a prestigious Grand Slam final as a singles player. She had the backing off the entire Canadian nation but ultimately, the Cinderella story fell short losing to the experienced 2011 champion, Petra Kvitova in straight sets.

The mark remains significant to this day as it's still the closest Eugenie has ever come to winning a major title.

2 Recent Heat With Sharapova

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The WTA doesn’t like controversy, but they were faced with it when it was deemed that Maria Sharapova tested positive for a banned substance. The tennis community hasn’t reacted all the great to the news, with players like Federer, Nadal and Murray, all responding negatively to the news. Maria has defended herself in recent statements but it seems like the players aren’t buying it and Eugenie was another name to join the bandwagon.

Eugenie flat out called Maria a cheater, something the other WTA women didn't have the guts to do. Bouchard added to the controversy claiming that several players wished her good luck before her matchup against the "evil" Sharapova. To her credit, Bouchard backed up her words getting the victory in the matchup, her most notable win in quite some time.

1 Persona Love Life

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In the last couple of years, it seems like Eugenie has made the headlines more so for her personal life away from the court, than her actual play in the world of tennis. Without a doubt, the WTA wishes it would be the other way around, however, the news has helped keep her afloat.

Being such a popular figure and having a great look, the rumor mill has ran wild with her romantic love life links. This shot confirmed that she was in fact dating another Quebec native, former NHL player Jordan Caron. The former Bruins prospect was in the Blues organization, although he'd move on to spend last season in the AHL with the Chicago Wolves this past season. The WTA hopes that more tabloid news will be made of her on-court play, as opposed to her romantic love life away from the court.

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