15 Pictures Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Doesn’t Want You To See

ESPN said it best: “Tiger is lost, in every literal and figurative way”. Falling asleep at the wheel really isn’t anything to write home about, but when it happens to someone like Tiger, there’s reason for it to cause a firestorm via all news tabloids and social media. Since his 2009 debacle which included various affair scandals, the golfer has been in constant turmoil.

Already on the sidelines with a nagging back injury for the rest of 2017, the recent news just added to his downwards spiral. Woods was arrested near Jupiter, Florida after he was found passed out at 3 am in his car. The investigation is still ongoing and at the very least, no alcohol was found in his system. As of now, Woods deemed it a bad reaction to medication. Nonetheless, it was news he could not afford, especially looking at his history of reckless acts.

In this article, we celebrate those not so glorious antics with pictures his current girlfriend doesn’t want us to see, one of which includes her reaction to the recent arrest news. Enjoy the article and like always, pass the link on to a buddy. Here are 15 pictures Tiger Woods’ girlfriend doesn’t want you to see. Enjoy!

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15 The Mugshot

via talkmedianews.com

Of course, this article was inspired by this picture that recently went viral. Without a doubt, it was a shot that not only Tiger’s girlfriend didn’t want us to see, but as well as Tiger himself. The embarrassing mugshot was taken by police based off of a suspicion of driving under the influence. New details have emerged from the case and it’s now being deemed that the car was very damaged with bumps and a couple of flats. Police found Tiger passed out with the car on, and his seat belt still on as well. Woods initially claimed he was coming from golfing, and then asked the cops how far he was from home.

The situation is still ongoing at this point with Woods now saying he reacted negatively to his new medicine.

14 Girlfriend’s Reaction = Let's Go Shopping!

via thesun.co.uk

Kristin Smith seems to be the new love interest of Tiger nowadays as the two are reportedly dating. Something his girlfriend didn’t want us to see was her reaction to the news of Tiger getting arrested. According to the recent reports, Kristin yelled “I knew it. I knew it”, when finding out about the news. She began to sob following the reports.

What came next was rather confusing. Instead of leaving the location in Dallas, Texas, Smith decided to stay at the boutiques and let her frustrations out on the shops by spending lots and lots of money... Yup, that’s exactly what happened as Tiger’s girlfriend went on an insane binge, spending more than 4K on clothes. It’s on odd way to deal with such news and in all likelihood, she probably wishes such info wasn’t made public.

13 The Other Girlfriend?

via twitter.com

Instead of making the headlines for his golf game, Tiger continues to make news for anything but his putting skills nowadays. Before the news broke out about his arrest, The Sun was reporting on his alleged new girlfriend Laci Kay Somers.

The news was certainly intriguing especially if you see Laci, a former Playboy model and Instagram legend, as well as a personal trainer. Maybe she was helping Tiger with his guns? Nonetheless, it was certainly news that most probably didn’t sit well with his current girlfriend, and most likely even Tiger himself. It seems like the couple has bigger fish to fry nowadays moving away from this story and dealing with Woods’ recent arrest. It isn’t easy to be Tiger nowadays, no matter how you look at it.

12 Golf Game Gone Bad

via bleacherreport.net

You figure hey, at least the guy’s getting it done on the green. But that hasn’t been the case if you follow the sport. Tiger’s personal life seems to be in complete disarray and it’s affected his game big time, especially in the recent years failing to even make the cut in big tournaments.

The shot you see above is one of Tiger’s worst memories coming from the 2015 US Open, one of the prestigious PGA Tournaments. It was laughable to think five years ago that Woods would miss the cut to such a tournament but that’s exactly what happened as he simply couldn’t find his game in the qualifying round. In embarrassing fashion, he failed to make the cut and bowed out of the tournament. With recent back injuries, it seems like his game isn’t getting any better.

11 Too Much To Drink

via nydailynews.com

Before Tiger’s life began to spiral with several women opening up about their relationship with the golf star, Woods seemed perfect on the surface. However, following the news, his reputation has taken a big time hit and the photos have also indicated such a sentiment.

This hilarious shot was taken at a Gala back in May of 2013. Woods rocked the red carpet alongside his new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn. Based on the plethora of pictures from that very night, it seems like Tiger had a bit too much to drink looking completely out of it in almost every photo taken that night. When it was time to leave the NYC location at 2AM, onlookers caught Woods falling down the stairs. It was a day he and his current girlfriend want us to forget about, especially with the new controversy taking shape.

10 Night Club Affairs

via nydailynews.com

Based on the initial cheating speculation, it seemed like Tiger Woods had a thing for ladies working in the night clubs. Another name to emerge from the list of those Tiger allegedly hooked up with was Jaimee Grubbs, yet another night club worker.

Grubbs admitted that two hooked up several times, she even revealed some embarrassing text messages that Tiger’s girlfriend certainly doesn’t want us to see. The LA waitress revealed the texts and they were really bad to be quite frank and of the “sexting” type of messaging. Tiger referred to her as his “secret girlfriend”. The situation really hurt Tiger’s cause even more during that time period as it took place in 2009 during the heat of the cheating speculation. Without a doubt, his current girlfriend wants to put those things in the past but we’ll always the evidence to our disposal unfortunately.

9 Sponsorship Losses

via nydailynews.com

As if the entire cheating scandal wasn’t hard enough on his image, Woods had to deal with the loss of millions of dollars as numerous sponsors pulled out of deals with the golfing star. After this recent incident took place, Nike has declared that they won’t end their sponsorship with Tiger, so at the very least, he can sleep well knowing he didn’t lose the giant sponsorship deal.

However, that wasn’t the case back in 2009 when the scandal emerged. Woods lost numerous sponsorship deals including one with the sports drink giant Gatorade. Other companies also completely cut ties including Accenture, AT&T and General Motors. It’s believed Woods cost shareholders five to twelve billion! Yikes.

Thankfully, once again, Nike stood by his side refusing to let the golf star go. However, he’ll likely want us to forget about all the other deals he lost during that dark point in his life. It remains to be seen if he’ll lose any other sponsors after this recent incident.

8 The Story That Started It All

via i2.wp.com

We turn the clock back to 2009, specifically in the month of November, that’s when things began to fall apart for the popular golfer. The National Enquirer put in the first dagger as they ran a story pertaining to a Tiger Woods affair. The woman that was linked to the speculation was a night club manager from New York City, Rachel Uchitel. Of course, we all know that happens next. The mysterious accident that we’ll discuss in length a little later would take place and the downwards spiral would begin for Woods.

Things would only get worse as countless women would come out revealing that they had a relationship with the iconic golfer. Many believe he hasn’t been the same since and with the recent news coming out, we have reason to believe that’s in fact true.

7 All The Others

via nydailynews.com

This is a picture Tiger’s current girlfriend never wants to see, or wants us to see. Just imagine such a picture coming up at his girlfriend’s family BBQ, man would that be awkward. The picture you see above features the cast of females that stepped up to the plate and made the claim that they had a relationship with Tiger at one point which took place during his marriage.

The bleeding seemed to be continuous following the first cheating allegations. The women that stepped up to the plate came in ready as they had actual voicemails of Tiger saved along with loads and loads of text messages, usually of the graphic nature. It was the darkest point of his career and a moment he’ll never want to revisit again. He needed to stop the bleeding somehow, and that’s exactly what he did as you’ll see in the next photo.

6 The Public Apology

via cnn.com

In what was yet another forgettable moment in the life of Tiger Woods, the golfer had to step up to the plate and apologize for his actions in what was by far one of the toughest and most embarrassing moments of his life. However, you have commend him for having the courage to make such a public apology.

The photo you see above took place in February of 2010 and it’s a moment his current girlfriend wants to keep in the past. Tiger revealed he was entering a 45-day therapy program. He admitted to his wrongs and claimed he was taking an extended hiatus from golf, only to return for the Master in April. After months and months of silence pertaining to his relationship with Nordegren, the couple announced their divorce in August of 2010.

5 The Divorce

via nyt.com

After months and months of silence from Elin Nordegren, his ex-wife, the couple quietly divorced in the summer of 2010. Ever wonder why she was so quiet throughout the settlement? Well, it turns out a clause in the divorce required her to do so as she agreed to keep silence on the terms of the divorce and the details of the affair in order to not tarnish Woods’ legacy even further. The initial alleged some of money she walked away with was $750 million, although Forbes indicated that the actual amount given was $100 million, she also got custody of the children following the separation.

Nowadays, Elin continues to keep the divorce quiet, leaking little information since. She bought a $12 million dollar Florida home with the settlement money. She also graduated from Rollins College in 2014 with a degree in psychology.

4 Quote Fails

via i2.wp.com

The news of Tiger Woods being deemed a cheater was a shock at the time as he appeared to be the most clean cut athlete on this planet. He was iconic not only for his play, but his epic quotes as well. Looking back at the statements nowadays, they seem laughable more than anything else.

This quote is certainly up there for most ridiculous looking back as Tiger initiated the popular slogan, “winning takes care of everything”. It was just one of the quotes the masses poked fun at, and at the end of the day, this quote couldn’t be further from the truth as his personal life falling apart really didn’t help his cause, nor did winning. It’s a quote he probably wishes never came out and one that his current girlfriend surely doesn’t want us to see.

3 The Lindsey Vonn Relationship

via cnn.com

Ironically, hours after Tiger’s recent arrest, Vonn posted an epic photo that nearly broke Instagram claiming, “the future is bright”, while posing for an epic boat booty picture. She also posted a selfie via Twitter alongside her new boyfriend, Los Angeles Rams WR coach Kenan Smith.

The relationship between the two wasn’t all that negative despite the split and the two ended on decent terms after the three year relationship came to an end. They split in 2015 amicably and Vonn claims the relationship made her stronger despite all the negativity towards the couple. Obviously, at the end of the day, it’s another relationship Tiger’s current girlfriend wants us to forget about, but after all the dust settled, it truly wasn’t all that bad compared to his other flings.

2 Career Threatening Issues

via cnn.com

One claim made by Tiger which actually seems to be true following his arrest is the actual fact that he's taking medication to nurse a long-time back issue. Woods claimed he reacted poorly to the medication, which caused him to pass out in front of the wheel while driving.

Woods recently pulled out of the Masters Tournament because of the nagging back issues and opted for a fourth back surgery since 2014. His recovery time was issued to be six months on the shelf, meaning he was done for the 2017 calendar year. With constant pain in his back and legs, some believe the injury can become career threatening as he’s already underwent four surgeries in the last three years. It’s just another part of his life he wants us to forget about.

1 The Crash

via tmz.com

This picture has become an iconic photo in the world of pro sports and one that describes the debacle of Tiger Woods. It seemed like after this photo was taken, his life fell apart. This is a shot that likely still gives him nightmares, and one his girlfriend also probably wants to put in the past away from the public eye.

Of course, as you probably already know, the details of the crash still seemed skewed. The most popular story makes the claim that Tiger’s ex-wife completely lost it following the National Enquirer article. Some speculate Elin searched his phone and found messages from Uchitel which led to the attack from Tiger’s ex-wife, letting out her frustrations on the SUV. We’ll never know exactly what happened on that Thanksgiving night, but it was the beginning of the end for Tiger’s clean cut public reputation.

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