14Girlfriend’s Reaction = Let's Go Shopping!

via thesun.co.uk

Kristin Smith seems to be the new love interest of Tiger nowadays as the two are reportedly dating. Something his girlfriend didn’t want us to see was her reaction to the news of Tiger getting arrested. According to the recent reports, Kristin yelled “I knew it. I knew it”, when finding

out about the news. She began to sob following the reports.

What came next was rather confusing. Instead of leaving the location in Dallas, Texas, Smith decided to stay at the boutiques and let her frustrations out on the shops by spending lots and lots of money... Yup, that’s exactly what happened as Tiger’s girlfriend went on an insane binge, spending more than 4K on clothes. It’s on odd way to deal with such news and in all likelihood, she probably wishes such info wasn’t made public.

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