15 Rare MUST SEE Photos Tiger Woods Wants Deleted From The Internet

Tiger’s life is seriously like a Hollywood film at this point, he was an untouchable athlete riding the highest of highs only to hit the lowest of lows and see his entire stock crumble in front of his own and our eyes collectively. With several infidelity allegations, his reputation took a pounding and it cost him various endorsement deals. As is that wasn’t bad enough, his golf game also took a turn for the worst as he’s nowhere near the player he once was. Unlike a Hollywood movie that usually features a happy ending, this one at this point looks more like a horror film. Though, we remains optimistic that even Tiger will find the light eventually.

In this article, we take a look at all the bad from Tiger’s personal life and bunch it up into images. Without a doubt, these are pics he wished didn’t exist. From picking up chicks at the clubs to posing for a cringe worthy mugshot, these are photos he wishes were non-existent!

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 15 rare must see pictures Tiger Woods wants deleted from the internet. We begin with a night out in Vegas!

15 Vegas & Blondes

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Looking back at the disturbing history pertaining to Tiger’s secret life it’s quite evident he loves two things; one, the club life and two, the blondes. Looking back at his secret hookups, for the most part, the chicks were rocking a blonde head of hair and as per usual, he met the said ladies in the club scene. There’s perhaps no better scene than the Vegas nightlife and Tiger will probably agree as you see in the sneaky shot above he likely wants deleted from the internet.

Evidence of Tiger hooking up is really few and far between, the guy was on the down low usually setting up the “meet ups” via text messages. This instead, was a rare instance of Woods hooking up in public out and about enjoying the Vegas nightlife. We credit the paparazzi for this rare picture. Woods likely thinks otherwise...

14 Drunk With Lindsey Vonn

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Following his terrible divorce in 2010, Tiger found love again, this time, it was official love and not another hookup as it was revealed he was dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn in 2013. The two had met a while ago, but began to date following Tiger’s divorce. The relationship was said to be a healthy one as the two appeared to be happy together. Though, the couple would fizzle out and split in 2015. Vonn claims the breakup took place because of the paparazzi hurting their privacy which kind of makes a lot of sense.

In terms of bad, there really wasn’t much in this coupling, though this picture was truly one to remember as Woods looked completely out of it while with his ex out and about. The photo made the headlines and Woods likely wished that wasn’t the case.

13 More Vegas

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Okay, so we know Tiger’s actually born in Cyprus, California, but if he could go back in time, he would actually be a Vegas resident cause like, he’s done lots and lots of hooking up in the wild city. This was another rare must see shot of Tiger hooking up in yet another club, this time, the pic is worth that much more considering he’s actually hooking up with a brunette! Good for Tiger expanding his horizons...

Once again, the picture made the rounds online and it only added to his already tarnished reputation pertaining to his personal life. Many believe Woods is actually a sex addict and given the plethora of past hookups, we have reason to believe said statement is pretty accurate.

12 The Denny’s Girl

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A lot of athletes have that regrettable hookup they wish never took place, for Tiger, that works triple with this hookup you have to see to believe. A man of Tiger’s stature, this one is truly inexplicable.

So the legend goes that Tiger had been hooking up with a truck stop waitress that worked at a local Denny’s. According to the allegations, she’d sneak into Tiger’s SUV as security escorted her into the car, did the business and went back to her shift making $8 bucks an hour. As for Woods, he just went on with his day like nothing ever took place, what can we say, the man is made of steel (in more ways than one apparently...). To make matters worse, according to Mindy Lawton (the waitress) the affair lasted a year and took place in various locations....

11 Adult Star Crush

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Once the National Enquirer began the Tiger cheating allegations, the door opened wide and it let do numerous confessions that just continued to pour in. As if that wasn’t bad enough on its own, things went from bad to worse when other certain types of females were claiming they slept with Tiger. From high priced escorts to adult stars working in the industry, the entire situation took a “Not So PG” twist rather quickly.

The likes of Joslyn James and Holly Sampson both opened up about their experiences with the golfer. James the adult star took things a step further revealing text messages sent by Tiger of the “Not So PG” nature. Things took a terrible turn when James even demanded money for child support. Yup, it was all one big headache and a link Tiger wants deleted from the internet but in truth, it’s just too late for that.

10 Drinking In The Club

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Back in the day, such a picture was very innocent showing Tiger out on the club scene enjoying a drink or two. He was regarded as the most clean-cut, popular athlete in the world. He was even looked upon as a great family man, it seemed like such a photo was truly nothing.

Fast forward to now, and such a picture just reminds Tiger of his meltdown. From clubbing to boozing it up on the regular, Tiger lost his way living a double life as it seems. As we mentioned earlier in the article, the club scene was Tiger’s main “pick up” point, as he allegedly hooked up with various “clubbers” along with a laundry list of club waitresses. After all, it was a cocktail waitress that started the entire speculation altogether.

9 Party Picture With Paulina Gretzky

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The last thing Woods needed in his life at that point was more speculation pertaining to women he was hooking up with. Well, Paulina Gretzky did him absolutely no favors when she posted a pic of the two via social media. The photo went viral as one would expect and the comment section was littered with inappropriateness. Once again, it didn’t help Tiger’s cause and making matters worse, he was also spotted with a drink in his hands meaning he was likely a little glazed over and the picture truly indicated that given those darn blood shot eyes.

It wouldn’t be the first time Tiger was linked to a certain female, we’ll have more pics he doesn’t want you to see with another viral Instagram beauty a little later so stay tuned.

8 The Arrest Footage

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Things hit an all-time low for Woods in late May of 2017. This time, it wasn’t for another bedroom pal but for an embarrassing arrest. With this incident, it was rather evident that Woods hit rock bottom. As if the mugshot wasn’t bad enough (which we’ll take a look at later in the article), the footage of Tiger getting arrested was certainly on par. Woods looked completely out of it and the footage did him no favors. Making matters worse, there’s even a video of Woods in a room at the police station which just added insult to injury.

The injury was rock bottom and although prescription drugs apparently played a role, Tiger knew it was time for a rehab stint. He’s finally set to return from rehab slated to enter the 2017 Presidents Cup as an assistant captain.

7 The Crashed Escalade

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In late 2009, Tiger and his ex-wife Elin’s relationship changed forever. The National Enquirer ran a story about Woods hooking up with a New York nightclub worker and like they say, the rest is history.

Things hit the biggest turning point at sight of this visual that shows Tiger’s SUV completely destroyed. According to the rumors, it was Elin that unleashed on the car following a text message sent by Rachel Uchitel (the New York club manager). Though, Woods has never confirmed the story claiming he instead got into an accident and that his wife helped him out of the car. Tiger’s story seems to be a little shady given the fact that the airbags never went off and that the car was severely damaged.... Nonetheless, the photo is one Tiger wants to keep in the past for good. Also, we assume he switched vehicles from that point forward...

6 The Recent Break Up Story

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As if getting arrested this year wasn’t bad enough a side story emerged pertaining to Tiger’s new girlfriend at the time, Kristin Smith who oddly resembled his ex-wife a little too much but that’s a story for another time.

Pictures surfaced of Smith learning about the story and yelling “I knew it” while shopping. She went on a shopping binge to deal with the frustrations spending thousands of dollars on clothing. Turns out, the relationship didn’t last and once again, Tiger was a single man. Woods recently opened up claiming he and the 34 year old stylist were no longer together despite their past happiness with one another. I think we can all agree, Tiger’s at that point in his life where he just needs to focus on himself and that’s an understatement! Leave the chicks alone for a little while good sir.

5 The Confessions

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Such images likely haunt Tiger to this day as a laundry list of females took the media platforms discussing their private and intimate stories with the star golfer. The story gained traction worldwide, heck, the likes of Cori Rist went all the way to an Italian talk show discussing her time with the golfer.

All the women took advantage of their exposure and 30 seconds of fame whether that was a certain interview, documentary type of appearance or ever in some cases, writing a darn book on the entire experience. Tiger’s women went on a spree and Woods likely wishes such confessions did not exist as it breached something he thought was private, but once that flood gates opened, there was truly no stopping the various tales.

4 Clubs & Girls

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Another picture we would normally laugh at before late 2009, this is another shot of Tiger with some females and looking rather glazed over after a night out on the town. Addiction is a scary thing and many have reason to believe Woods has a knack for not only hooking up with women, but also enjoying the club life a little too much. We've seen that with numerous athletes in past but seriously, did you ever expect someone like Tiger to fall victim to such a vice? Likely, the answer is no.

With his current rehab stint done with, such a picture is hopefully few and far between. Getting his golf game back seems farfetched at this point, but we hope he at least puts his focus on that aspect of his life moving forward.

3 On-Going Hookup Links

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Once again, hookup links emerged following Tiger’s recent meltdown and arrest when he was found intoxicated in front of his car steering wheel. The rumor mill ran wild with allegations linking Tiger to fitness model and famed Instagram beauty Laci Somers. According to the stories, Woods was with Somers on the night of his arrest. Somers went on to deny the claims but once again, it was yet another story of Tiger being unfaithful given he was dating Smith at the time.

Take one look at Somers and you’ll understand why such assumptions are being made. She seems custom made for Tiger rocking the blonde hair, busy look and well, blessed in the chest area, something Woods isn’t opposed to given his past hookup history.

2 The Leaked Picture

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In this situation, Tiger wasn’t going to just led it slide as he threatened to sue a website that posted a hacked picture that was leaked. Lindsey Vonn’s phone was hacked into and an old photo was found of Tiger while the two dated and of course, the picture was of the “Not So PG” nature as you can imagine. The pictures launched a firestorm online, though Tiger was very strict this time around as his lawyers went hard to work.

The situation was recent and it looks like Woods’ team did quite the job as the photos are pretty much non-existent online today. It breached Tiger’s privacy and out of all the images on this list, that’s the one he likely wanted the deleted the most. Although he’s fallen from grace, boundaries are still boundaries and to be respected.

1 The Mugshot

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In terms of the worst Tiger photos, this one takes the cake. Yes, it isn’t as rare as the others, but in terms of pics he wants deleted, this one’s right up there. The photo is so much more than a mugshot, it also shows a man that is flat out broken, the picture can very well be summed up as rock bottom for the once untouchable golfer.

Asleep at the wheel at a traffic light and found by police at 3 AM, we hope that was the very moment Woods finally got his act together. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the 41 year old, we can only hope there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for Tiger in this tail.

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