15 Real-Life Photos These Athletes Want Us To Unsee!

The reality of life is the more popular you get, the more the media will take a liking for the things you do outside of your craft. The masses love everything candid, however, these athletes likely don’t feel the same way as it's breached their privacy a couple of times. In this article, we include candid photos that some of the very best in the sports world both past and present will want us to unsee. Thanks to the world wide web however, we’ll have access to these photos till the end of time.

If you like a variety of photos, you’ve come to the right place. This article includes a wide range of photos. Pics include candid wardrobe malfunctions, photos of athletes partying, in prison (yup, we’re going to get pretty deep) and even regrettable hookup pics. Buckle up, cause it’s about to get “Not So PG” up in here!

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share this inappropriate article with a friend, there’s something for everyone in this article. From tennis to soccer to hockey to basketball, athletes from across the world will be examined. Here are 15 real-life photos these athletes want us to unsee. Let’s begin!

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15 The Serena Williams Malfunction

via blogspot.com

Before Serena was married and giving birth to a child, she was out and about, enjoying a good time here and there. Of course, the paparazzi was all over it, who can forget the Halloween party that saw Williams dressed in retro yoga attire while never leaving Lewis Hamilton’s side. The paparazzi had a field day with the story, as they did with this “Not So PG” photo Williams will want us to forget about. Now since we’re family friendly here (well kind of), we blocked off the malfunction but the media did not, publishing the up skirt shot of Williams. Without a doubt, she wants us to unsee this candid photo.

As we stated, nowadays, Williams is happily married recently tying the knot with the co-founder of Reddit along with having a child in September. One can say she’s grown up a heck of a lot since this photo and her fling with Hamilton.

14 Bolt's Wild Night In Brazil

via hypelifemagazine.com

Regarded as the fastest man in the world, it shouldn’t be too shocking that Usain Bolt loves to live life in the fast lane off the track as well. Along with his over $30 million net worth, Bolt has been spotted in several “Not So PG” predicaments in the past, who can forget those candid club pics of Bolt grinding up on multiple ladies. Yup, the Jamaican loves his women, however in this forgettable pic, some would say things went a little too far.

The pic was snapped during the Rio Olympic games in Brazil, well not like during his race, but after, in celebration. The “Not So PG” selfie was posted by the chick he hooked up with and if that wasn’t bad enough, the female’s age was allegedly 20 at the time. Yup, he’ll want us to unsee such a picture.

13 Carey Price’s Cancun Adventures

via jthockey.files.wordpress.com

Yes, hockey players love to have fun as well, even Matt D’Agostini... Okay we kid, but he’s actually in the pic. Remember that dude? His name likely rings a bell, last we checked he’s overseas continuing is journey over in the Swiss League, good for him for not giving up on his dreams!

However, the main attraction in this photo is elite NHL netminder Carey Price. Before settling down with his wife and child, Price lived a wild lifestyle, from chicks to multiple cigarettes in his mouth as you see in the photo above, Carey was a different man and perhaps immaturity played a part. His most “Not So PG” photos come from his Cancun trip, which saw Price boozing a heck of a lot, and taking some pics with the chicks that he’d like us to unsee. A family man and role model to many, unseeing these photos is best for business.... and for the Price family.

12 Hope Solo Goes To Jail

via thenypost.com

The outspoken Hope Solo is still making headlines nowadays. She stirred the pot recently claiming she was a victim of a sexual assault by FIFA boss Sepp Blatter. Blatter was irate at the comments calling them “absurd”. Solo also made waves recently claiming she won’t settle for anything less than equal pay for women in sports.

Along with taking a stand, Solo also has a plethora of photos she’ll want us to unsee. One of the very worst came from the leak, which saw Solo’s privacy get breached as hackers posted several revealing pictures of the goalkeeper. In terms of “Not So PG”, Solo’s were among the worst. That wasn’t the worst thing to happen however, Hope’s most forgettable incident took place in the summer of 2014 when she was arrested for assaulting her nephew and half-sister. This picture is one she’ll want to keep a distant memory.

11 Conor McGregor & A Random

via thesun.co.uk

We sprinkle a little Mixed Martial Arts into the article, of course, we could have done an entire piece on candid pics UFC stars want us to unsee, but wait, we have, so go check it out! We needed to add this McGregor picture in regardless as it’s one of the few pics he’ll want us to unsee. McGregor has one of the best relationships stories out there as his partner Dee Devlin has stayed with him through thick and thin. The two also recently welcomed a baby boy.

That’s the good and this is the bad. McGregor was snapped in a candid photo alongside a fellow party goer. According to the rumors, McGregor was completely out of it taking a variety of drugs along with going irate on anyone that took out there cell phones. Perhaps McGregor was caught in the act here and without a doubt, he’ll want us to forget about this picture.

10 Michael Phelps In Jail

via english.cri.cn

Oh Michael, there’s a “pick your poison” in terms of photos we could have included. From “Not So PG” hookups to partying a little too hard, Phelps has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons more than a couple of times. Who can forget in 2009 when he made the headlines for being photographed with a bong? The situation got so bad that Phelps even lost his lucrative Kellogg’s sponsorship.

This one might have been worse however as the star swimmer suffered his second DUI in 2014 and was arrested once again. Being such a high profile athlete, the charge hurt his reputation quite a bit and the pic you see above certainly didn’t help his cause. Michael was suspended for half a year following the charge. It’s one of the many moments he’ll want us to unsee.

9 The Lamar Odom Incident

via radaronline.com

Man has Odom ever fell from grace since this incident took place. The 38 year old recently celebrated his birthday and was said to be very sad, given his rocky past as of late, that isn’t too shocking.

Odom hit rock bottom two years ago in October of 2015 when he was found completely unresponsive at a “Not So PG” type of house. Things got so bad that Lamar was actually on life support and battling to stay alive due to a stroke and kidney failure thanks to drug use. He would survive the scare but his marriage would not. Ex-wife Khloe would file for divorce and Odom has been on the road to recovery ever since this forgettable moment. Without a doubt, this photo must haunt his dreams.

8 Drunk Patrick Kane

via chicagonow.com

At one point in time, Kane was getting so out of hand off the ice, the rumors swirled about the Hawks getting rid of the super-skilled winger. Yes, that might sound absurd, but that’s how bad things really were for the American dangler.

From assaulting a cab driver to a female claiming Kane allegedly took advantage of her, the American’s name has been in some touchy situations more than once. What didn’t help matters is the fact that Kane had a slew of drunken picture available online - such as the one you see in the picture above. Kane was completely out of it on this day, with other photos showing the Hawks star completely passed out leaning on a bar. He’s finally settled down and we’re pretty sure he’d like us to unsee such photos as he’s matured in the last couple of years.

7 Ronaldo & His Forgettable Ex

via people.com

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has had his fair share of forgettable relationships. Once his star power began to grow, the media was all over his personal life snapping an array of candid photos. Although his fling with Paris Hilton was pretty bad, he’ll likely want us to forget his romance with Gallardo even more so, due to her harsh comments following the break up.

Nereida wasn’t pulling back any punches when talking up Ronaldo. According to his ex, he was a coward along with being a serial cheater. Making matters worse, his ex called the player a flop in bed – unlike his ways on the field. With such comments being made public, Ronaldo likely wants to keep any pictures with his ex away from our eyes and safely in the past.

6 Ray Bourque Goes To Court

via naplesherald.com

Casual sports fans might be asking the question, "who the hell is Ray Bourque?" If you’re asking that, shame on you! He’s a hockey player and arguably one of the top five greatest defenseman of all-time. A five-time winner of the Norris and capping off his career with a Stanley Cup, Ray was one of the true greats. His reputation was flawless, up until 2016 that is.

In the summer of 2016, the 56 year old was brought to court for a DUI offense. Of course, the incident made the headlines all over Boston and the outcome saw Ray lose his licence for 225 days. Pics of Ray in court is likely something both he and the NHL would want us to unsee. Instead, we’ll remember him holding up that Stanley Cup with Colorado. Rightfully so, “photoshop experts” got creative changing the cup over Ray’s head into a bottle of beer. You gotta love hockey fans!

5 The A-Rod & Madonna Speculation

via nbcsports.com

Following his divorce, A-Rod became a big player with the ladies, in fact, we’ve done articles here on The Sportster particularly pertaining to A-Rod’s skill outside of the diamond. Let’s just say he’s done pretty well for himself hooking up with a slew of A+ women.

Things got off to a rocky start however. Following his divorce to ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis, the media linked A-Rod being unfaithful with none other than Madonna. Apparently, the two were extremely close, and it even cost A-Rod other relationships moving forward as certain females claimed Rodriguez and Madonna were a little too friendly. Once word got out, fans began to heckle A-Rod about it. This is a memory Rodriguez will want us to forget about –especially nowadays as he’s currently involved with the ageless wonder, JLo.

4 MJ Got Grind

via deadspin.com

Michael Jordan is another high profile athlete that’s been linked to extracurricular activities off the court. From partying it up in the club, having one too many beverages, gambling and some “Not So PG” hookups, MJ’s got some moments he’ll want us to forget about.

The gambling side of things is pretty bad as he’s pretty intense when it comes to placing bets, however, this grind picture might be a little worse, given his track record as one of the greatest athletes ever. To top the photo off, Jordan has a cigar in his mouth, if you’ve seen pics of Jordan gambling or with teammates off the court, you know he loves to have himself a good old fashion cigar from time to time. Cigars aside however, he’ll want us to unsee this picture.

3 Wayne Looking Glazed

via usatthebiglead.files.wordpress.com

Similar to Jordan, Wayne is a pioneer in his domain. Ironically, the two even have a party picture together, both looking pretty glazed over. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, even Kid Rock is in the picture. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

In this candid photo, Gretzky looks like he had a little too much to drink. One would assume, “hey, maybe it’s just a bad picture”, but no, on the same night, Wayne took several photos looking to be in pretty rough shape. In all likelihood, he might not even remember the photos were taken to begin with. We know that deep down, his daughter Paulina is smiling somewhere, she had to get that recklessness from somewhere and it looks like that somewhere might be her father’s genes.

2 Tiger & The Females

via lockerdomecdn.com

Seriously speaking, the amount of Tiger pics we could have put in this slot is truly baffling. Easily, we could have done a list on Tiger pics alone and in fact, we already have, check it out! Whether it’s a photo of Tiger completely out of it and getting pulled over by the cops or that terrible mugshot, he’s got a slew of forgettable pics. Even photos of Tiger’s crashed SUV or looking blasted with Lindsey Vonn are truly forgettable.

The route to all his problems seems to be women. Tiger just can’t keep it in his pants, and this picture is another reminder of that. This really isn’t all the bad, there’s even pics out there of Tiger in the club talking up some ladies. Infidelity killed his career, and he’ll want us to unsee anything related to that.

1 Rowdy Ronda Rousey

via mixedmartialarts.com

An appropriate WWE name for Rousey would be Rowdy Ronda Rousey. Not only was she a huge fan of the late Roddy Piper growing up, but she’s also quite rowdy both inside of the octagon and as you see in the picture above, outside of her MMA life.

Like many on this list, Rousey has a slew of photos she want us to unsee. From her recent struggles in the octagon to party pics as such - to even embarrassing airport photos following her first loss, there’s a lot out there she wants us to forget about. Ronda is now looking for a fresh new start away from the MMA world transferring her skills into the world of sports entertainment. Here’s to hoping she can get back on track!

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