15 Recent Pictures Of Lindsey Vonn That’ll Make Tiger Woods Drool

It seems like 2017 was another a new low in the career of Tiger Woods. Not only was he riddled with constant and nagging injuries, but he also recently faced the embarrassment of sustaining an arrest after he was found sleeping at the front of his wheel due to a bad reaction to medication. Things just got worse as the mug shot was made public, the image showed Tiger to be in terrible shape. If you thought that was bad, his dashcam video was even worse as he appeared to be completely out of it. The great Jack Nicklaus made the claim that this time around, it’ll be hard for Tiger to return. Ouch.

In this article, we take a look at his ex Lindsey Vonn who seems to be trending in the opposite direction. Vonn has a massive social media following and her frequent posts are making her followers salivate on the regular, we have reason to believe Woods is one of those people drooling at the sight of his ex that he dated between 2013 (following her divorce) and 2015.

We’ve selected some of the most recent jaw dropping pictures that’ll likely make both the reader and Tiger drool. So without further ado, here are 15 recent pictures of Lindsey Vonn that’ll make Tiger Woods drool. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend! Let’s begin.

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15 Green Dress In Monaco

“It was at that point Tiger realized he f***** up”. Well, not really, as you’ll see throughout the article, that sentiment began a long time ago, however, this recent picture from the Monaco Grand Prix certainly doesn’t help things. Vonn was a guest of the Red Bull team as she thanked them for taking great care of her during her appearance, however, Red Bull should have been bowing down to the beauty just for showing up.

Looking at all the recent headlines, about 80% and over deal with Vonn looking hot as hell and her cameo at this recent even stole all the headlines. Rocking this tightly fitted green dress, while going braless, poor Tiger was likely salivating somewhere far, far away looking at this pic.

14 Another Stunning Candid From Monaco

via pinterest.com

A four time World Cup overall championship skier, Vonn knows a thing or two about speed. Her resume is truly remarkable and it also includes an Olympic Gold medal. Sticking with the theme speed, Vonn showed up to Monaco for the Grand Prix and it seems like she fit in perfectly with the culture. This is yet another jaw dropping shot of Vonn as she rocked another green turtleneck dress, this one however, was a little shorter. From head to toe, Tiger wasn’t the only one salivating at such a picture that we can guarantee you. Wipe that drool of your chin!

With over a million followers on Instagram, it seems like Vonn is posting stunning pic after stunning pic on the regular. We seriously hope Tiger isn’t a ghost follower of hers cause if he is, regret might kick in pretty quickly.

13 LA Cleavage

via hd-body.com

Looking like a true celeb, we celebrated Vonn’s petite figure in the last couple of pictures and now, we take a look at another strong “asset”, her “middle area”. Yes folks, the popular skier is also blessed in the chest and this cleavage picture will have Tiger Woods reaching for his water bottle to extinguish the fire inside of him.

We poke fun at Tiger but in all seriousness, the break up was amicable on both sides. Vonn herself admitted she’ll always have a soft spot for Tiger but at the end of the day, the relationship of two high profile athletes just wasn’t meant to be. They met at a charity event following their divorces in 2012 and instantly hit it off. They started a firestorm a year later when it was announced that they were dating. Unfortunately, two years later in 2015 the couple was done with. Vonn made the claim that the press had a lot to do with the break up. Tiger knows a thing or two about the press influencing a story of his negatively....

12 Lindsey’s Pool Workout

via usatunofficial.files.wordpress.com

Nowadays, it seems like every time Vonn makes a public post, it just gets that much more attention due to her obvious stunning looks. So when she posted this workout footage, you can imagine the storm that took place online. When you work as hard as she does, the recognition is well deserved.

Lindsey put up the post via Instagram showing a variety of pool movements that help to build muscle and strengthen the core. On a side note, water workouts are actually really tough and feature added resistance which is great for the muscles. Anyways, the true hero of these movements was Vonn’s body shinning as many onlookers salivated and that might have included her ex Tiger if he saw such footage. For his sake and well being, we hope he didn’t.

11 Booty At The Pre-Game

via stalkcelebs.com

This picture has the element of both awkward and hot. It’s rather awkward that Vonn’s just posing her booty to the public as the paparazzi snaps photos of it. However, you admire her confidence which truly just adds to the hotness and sizzle of such a photo. The picture was taken during a pre-game in the LA area, Vonn lives in West Hollywood recently purchasing a beautiful home out of the Los Angeles sector. We hope Tiger stays away from that part of town for his own good!

Such steamy shots of Vonn aren’t new by any means. Back in 2010, Vonn posed with no clothing (except for body paint) for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Not to mention she finished 59th on Maxim’s Hot 100 list the same year. It seems like years later that heat has only intensified as she looks better than ever in her 30s.

10 Insta’ Booty

Peace and quiet 🙏🏻

A post shared by L I N D S E Y • V O N N (@lindseyvonn) on

A picture taken a couple of months back, Vonn uses the caption, “peace and quiet”. Although the picture does look absolutely perfect and wallpaper worthy, others are having a s*** storm in their minds looking at such a photo and that surely includes Tiger himself. From the magnificent scenery, to, well, Lindsey’s tremendous glutes, this photo has it all and it proves that Vonn herself also has it all. The comment section is littered with inappropriateness but judging by her continuous edgy posts, it hasn’t seemed to slow her down one bit.

For those of you that might be wondering, yes Vonn is still actively skiing. As of 2017, she’s currently ranked 17th in the overalls finishing 12th in the Super-G along with a strong fourth place finish in the downhill. She’s finished second and third in the overall standings in the last two years.

9 Drooling Over Vonn In Yoga Pants

via tmz.com

Nowadays, it seems like a nicely fitted pair of yoga pants is just as pleasing as a fine piece of cleavage. Women rocking the material is a huge hit and that works double if there a popular athlete.

Another strong point of Vonn is the fact that she looks like a clear ten in yoga pants. She’s taken part in several Under Armour campaigns in the past rocking the leggings and man has she ever looked top notch. Working out her lower body as much as she does, this shouldn’t come as a surprise however. Nonetheless, this is yet another picture Tiger is salivating over as this recent shot has drool written all over it. If you want to take this shot a step further, videos are available of Vonn working out in that same gear, viewer discretion is strongly advised!

8 Alongside Her New Man

She never went to prom so....

A post shared by Kenan Smith (@keno_s_) on

After breaking up with Tiger, Vonn was once again linked to a high profile relationship, this time, with Formula One mega star Lewis Hamilton. However, those claims were finally laid to rest when it was revealed that Vonn had a new love interest and one that was out of the spotlight in comparison to Tiger and Lewis. Her new boyfriend lives a low key life as the assistant coach of the Los Angeles Rams. Tabloids praised Vonn for the decision, making the claim she needed to date a lesser higher profile athlete in order to steer away from the madness that is the media.

Her new man Kenan Smith also has Instagram showcasing various pictures alongside Vonn including the photo you see above. Not surprising, he also has a couple of ski pictures.

7 Getting Worked On

Post workout recovery 🎯

A post shared by L I N D S E Y • V O N N (@lindseyvonn) on

She called the photo, “post workout recovery”, for Tiger and people like us, this picture is labelled as, “that lucky son of a *****”. Yup, that trainer is one lucky dude as he works on Vonn’s lower body, particularly her glute’ area. At that moment, that therapist was on cloud nine. Tiger was somewhere far away looking at the picture saying, “been there”, while cleaning his chin with Nike receipts.

In all seriousness though, skiing is very taxing especially when it comes to ones lower body. The intense amount of training needed to thrive in such a sport is truly grueling. Not only do you need to work on explosive movements, but cardio vascular requirements are also involved in such a sport. Not to mention upper body strength is also needed. With all this in mind, Vonn having such a body shouldn’t be too surprising.

6 Running On The Beach

A great part about Vonn’s mentality is the fact that she works hard, but also has the time and consciousness to relax. Some athletes go full throttle which usually leads to burn out and injury. For Vonn, she kills it with the training but when it’s time to relax, she heads south enjoying the beautiful waters and beaches this world has to offer.

In this shot, Vonn shows us that even on vacation she enjoys some exercise as she sprints into the water. It’s a truly motivating message but unfortunately, pockets of people are thinking something else. If you’re wondering what, just check out the comments section pertaining to this mighty fine picture. We assume Tiger commented with a ghost account simply putting a smiley emoji and writing, “great work, keep it up”.

5 Most Recent Summer Post

This is a shot of one of the most recent Vonn posts via Instagram. Rocking a fantastic summer dress, we felt the need to include such a shot that really proves that she doesn’t need swimwear or tight clothing to make us salivate. Just a simple shot in a stunning dress can also do the trick. Whether it’s her blonde hair, or those darn eyes, you can get lost in this photo...right Tiger?

Even Vonn herself admits it’s a rarity not being in workout clothing, one can imagine the amount of work that goes into maintaining such a physique both in and out of the gym. Remember folks, a good hard workout just isn’t enough, Vonn is likely munching on a healthy protein immediately following her workout. Maybe she can make Tiger a good diet plan?

4 Car, Dog & Booty

via instagram.com

For the male demographic, most of our essentials are featured in this picture; a lovely Audi, a dog and, a tremendous looking blonde who has some serious booty. Seriously though, this picture is a starter package for success folks.

Vonn once again shows her love for going fast showcasing the lovely vehicle. Lindsey claims since she can’t ski fast, she’ll settle for driving to the gym fast. An R57 can certainly live up to that speed but seriously though, drive safely, there’s a cute dog in the car!

Once again, Tiger is likely looking at this picture while listening to the lyrics “what hurts the most, is being so close”. Yup, Tiger could have had this life, but it was just not to be. Instead, the poor dude’s in a rehab facility.... Yikes.

3 Red Carpet Beauty

via dailymail.co.uk

Looking like a European Goddess, we aren’t sure which asset is the hero of this picture, her glutes or that smile, we’ll give the edge to the facial features on this one. Speaking of European flavor, Vonn is actually of Norwegian decent. As for her childhood, Vonn was skiing since the age of two if you can believe. She was pushed quite hard by her father and at the age of ten, she took her passion for the sport a step further moving to Colorado with her parents. Yup, them’ rocky mountains.

She would go on to claw her way through the rankings and by 16, she was already on the World Cup US team. Oh and by 17 in 2002, she was racing at the Olympic Winter Games. She finished sixth which is still truly surreal. That was only the beginning as she’d become a household name soon after.

2 Booty At The ESPYS

via dailymail.co.uk

This jaw dropping photo was taken last year at the ESPYS and my goodness did Vonn ever steal the show with this outfit. Although it seemed like she was fairly covered, the back of this outfit said something else. Oh Lord! All we can say about this shot is booty, booty and booty.

On a more serious note, let’s take a brief look at Vonn’s personal past. Many tend to forget but the beauty was actually previously married. She tied the knot in September of 2007 with her ’02 US Olympic teammate Thomas Vonn. He was also an alpine skier, although he did not receive the same success or notoriety as Lindsey. After four years of marriage, the couple would agree to divorce, soon after Tiger came in the picture although once again, that high profile relationship didn’t work either.

1 Post Tiger Arrest Picture

The timing of this post couldn’t have been any better, or worse, depending on how you look at it. Following Tiger’s May 29th arrest, Lindsey posted this photo on her Instagram account. Was it a coincidence? We’ll truly never know. Vonn captioned the picture mentioning how grateful she was for her life and how bright her future was, we can all agree that sentiment was not shared by Tiger as he was in custody at that point, thinking the exact opposite. We can just imagine Woods taking out his phone and opening up Instagram only to see such a post. Man would that have been truly hilarious. We can just picture Tiger writing, “DM me” under the comments section.

Wipe your chin, we hope you enjoyed these stunning recent pictures of Lindsey Vonn. Share this article with a buddy who doesn’t think Vonn is “that hot”. He’ll likely change his mind after this one.

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