15 Revealing Photos These Olympians Wish They Could Take Back

It’s that time of the year again. On February 9th, the Olympic Games will be launched as the prestigious opening ceremony from South Korea is set to take place. Despite some controversies like the NHL not sending their players for the ice hockey competition, the games are still truly remarkable and heavily watched worldwide. The spectacle of it all is truly mesmerizing with the world united as one.

As we’ve seen in the past, cameras are constantly rolling with hours upon hours of Olympic coverage per day. For those covering the event, sleep is truly limited while the games are happening. Cameras constantly rolling has led to some sticky situations in the past however. Whether it’s the summer or winter games, we’ve seen numerous malfunctions - in this article we’ll cover a couple of revealing shots from years past. We’ll also take a look at high profile Olympians caught in some controversial photos away from their domain. The likes of Michael Phelps and McKayla Maroney will be examined on that side of the fence among others.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 revealing photos these Olympians wish they could take back. We begin with a recent malfunction from the last winter games in Sochi!

15 Olga Graf’s Malfunction

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The 34 year old provided us with one of the most comical moments from the last winter games in Sochi. Without realizing it, Graf unzipped her attire a little too much revealing more than she wanted to. Graf had unzipped her attire ever so slightly however most of the top portion almost popped wide open. When she realized, her reaction was absolutely priceless looking shocked and quickly covering up. It got worldwide attention and was one of the most comical moments from the last winter games.

She wasn’t only remembered for her malfunction, Graf would go on to claim a bronze medal at the 3000m event. She was recognized by President Putin, though she made headlines worldwide for her comical malfunction that was spotted by millions around the globe.

14 Jenifer Benitez Slip

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Poor Jenifer Benitez. Do a quick Google search on her name and the video that’ll always come up in association to her is the n*p slip that took place during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Just imagine how the poor girl feels being remembered for her malfunction and not her prowess from the games. A headlines truly said it best, “Jenifer Benitez – Big Splash then Flash”.

On live television certainly anything can happen as we’ve seen time and time again. The Olympics is even worse than the average live telecast with hours upon hours of coverage per day. As Benitez finished her dive and awaited her score, she had the unfortunate malfunction which saw her adjust her attire leading to the slip. Once again, it caught the attention of many - FYI to the athletes, you’re always being watched!

13 Water Polo Fiasco (Laura Lopez)

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Laura Lopez is a name you’re likely not too familiar with. She took part in the 2012 Olympic Games suiting up for the Spanish squad in Water Polo. Given the tightness of the attires and heck the physicality of the game, you’d expect a malfunction from time to time and unfortunately for Lopez she was on the wrong end of one. Like the previous entries, the top portion of her attire was the point of the malfunction though like the others, she swiftly put herself back into place but it was far too late.

To her credit, she at least walked away from the London Games with a silver medal, something that’s quite the accomplishment. It was Laura’s only Olympic medal throughout her water polo career.

12 Gijs Van Hoecke’s Wild Night

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Entering the Olympic Games at such a young age was a recipe for disaster in this instance. Gijs Van Hoecke a Belgium cyclist was on the wrong end of one of the most embarrassing incidents ever, though this particular case took part off the track. Following the Gijs Van Hoecke’s Olympic participation, he decided to hit the town and celebrate his accomplishment of being involved at the games. Let’s do the math here, he was barely in his 20s during 2012 London Games and given the nightlife overseas, you best believe temptation was at an all-time high.

Given the photo above you know what happens next. The Belgian’s night out was captured by numerous photographers - photos he likely wishes he could get back to this day. The Belgian Olympic Committee was not too pleased with the photos leaking, he was immediately sent home from the games, ouch!

11 Bolt’s All Night Bender

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Olympic athletes love to party and if the photo from the recent entry wasn’t enough evidence, this was one certainly is. Known for his wild antics off the track, Bolt was at it again in this revealing photo showing the runner enjoying an all night bender over in London. Along with being regarded as one of the fastest men on the planet, Bolt can also keep the party going for a long time, you’d think given his skills he was more of a quick drunk type of guy but oh no, Bolt can keep the party going for lots and lots of time - he’s like a marathon runner but like of drinking...

This was one of the many candid Bolt photos taken, as you’ll see a little later in the article it wasn’t the only revealing photo he wishes he could take back.

10 Alex Morgan Gets Kicked Out Of Disney Land

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Back in 2012, Morgan became an Olympic icon. She was named as a finalist for FIFA World Player of the year but most importantly Morgan propelled the US team to an Olympic Gold medal in 2012. Her revealing incident didn’t take place on the pitch, though it was a situation that most recently took place just a couple of months ago.

No we aren’t exaggerating in the title, that’s literally exactly what happened. Morgan was kicked out of Disney Land back in October for being drunk and aggressive. Of course, TMZ got access to the footage of Morgan in custody and she was caught with a highly controversial statement claiming, “I can only imagine what black people go through”. Morgan would later apologize for the incident and without a doubt, she likely wishes she can have that moment back.

9 Ryan Lochte Drunk & With A Chick

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Ryan Lochte might be considered as one of the most underrated Olympians of all-time and that’s in large part due to his past recklessness outside of his domain. In the swimming pool, Lochte is among some of the very best as 12-time Olympic medalist which is absolutely tremendous. Among his Olympic medals are three silvers, three bronze and a staggering six gold medals.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves given his past lifestyle. Lochte was like the prototypical frat dude that loved to drink and have a good time. He’s also a huge fan of the ladies even getting caught using Tinder to find dates in the past. His most noticeable regrets consist of getting caught by the paparazzi after some heavy nights of partying, the picture above is just one of the many revealing examples he wishes he could take back.

8 Hope Solo’s Photos

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Hope Solo is another tremendous Olympic athlete who tends to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Solo has undergone her fair share of controversy in the past. Who can forget the incident that saw Solo behind bars for getting physical with her nephew and half sister. She would continue with her controversial ways following the 2016 Olympic Rio Games for her snarky comments following a defeat against Sweden. Solo refereed to the Swede’s as “cowards”. The statement got her suspended from the national team for six months and she’s yet to return.

Some would argue that the very worst for Solo came in the form of a hack exposing some her personal pictures. The photos were of the “Not So PG” nature. The revealing photos are definitely something she wishes she can take back.

7 The Judo Slip (Urantsetseg Munkhbat)

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With all of the grabbing that takes place in judo, you’d think the sport was susceptible to more malfunctions; however, those suits are pretty darn sturdy. Former Mongolian Olympian Urantsetseg Munkhbat might beg to differ as she suffered from a malfunction during the 2012 Olympic Games. Making matters worse, she just failed to reach the podium getting ousted in the quarter final matchup.

Adding salt to the wound, she had the unfortunate pleasure of undergoing a brief wardrobe slip as she was taken down by her opponent - although it was hardly noticeable, of course the cameras caught everything. Her tough times would continue at the 2016 games though not in the form of another malfunction thankfully. She once again failed to earn a medal losing in the bronze medal matchup.

6 Lindsey Vonn’s Dress Malfunction

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With the Winter Olympics on the horizon US supporters can’t help but to think of Lindsey Vonn. She’s one of the greatest US athletes in recent memory along with having a hell of a backing outside of her domain due to her pleasant looks. Vonn made history back in 2010 becoming the first ever female gold medalist at the downhill event. She’ll be relied on heavily once again this year.

Rocking such skimpy attire, it isn’t too shocking that Von suffered a malfunction, although it didn’t take place while skiing - instead the incident went down at a fundraising event held by the LA Dodgers. Vonn was looking spectacular as always posing for pictures, though suddenly it became a little too windy and up went the lower portion of her dress unveiling a little too much and when we say too much, we mean exposing her undergarments. Hey, at least her ski suit didn’t snap during a downhill event.

5 Michael Phelps' Scandals

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Regarded as one of the greatest swimmers of all-time, Phelps has a staggering 28 medals at his disposal with 23 of them being gold! Under such a microscope you best believe Phelps garnered lots of media attention, though sadly that was a detriment a lot of times. In February of 2009, he was caught in a photo with drug paraphernalia which went absolutely viral. The result wasn’t pretty as Phelps lost a number of sponsors including Kellogg's, and he was even suspended from the US swimming team for three months.

This particular photo wasn’t his only regret, adult star and one of his apparent past mistresses Taylor Chandler also exposed a revealing picture of Phelps covered in just a towel. She also showcased some of the intimate text messages between the two. Which photos do you think he’d rather we unsee? Now that’s a tossup.

4 Bolt With Another Woman

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Not only does he love to party as we mentioned earlier in the article but he also loves to hookup with lots of women. Even most recently just months ago Bolt was caught leaving an Australian night club with a couple of beautiful women, it is said that the party continued at his hotel room with some late night Jacuzzi boozing, yeah that guy’s a marathon man in several different areas...

The picture above is perhaps the most revealing as Bolt is caught with this candid photo that shows him hooking up and looking completely out of it as well. The revealing photo obviously made the rounds and it has become one of the most regrettable pics from his career off the circuit.

3 Samantha Peszek’s Malfunction

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Okay, so we had some fun with revealing photos that took place away from the athletes field, but now, let’s go back to mishaps that took place live and in front of millions watching at home. For this one, we turn our attention to 2008 Summer Olympic silver medalist Samantha Peszek. Wearing such revealing gymnastics attire, you can expect things to go wrong. Now were not exactly sure what happened in this shot, but it looks like Peszek’s on the wrong end of a terrible wedgie. Heck it even looks kind of like a bathing suit Canadian tennis player ‘Genie Bouchard recently wore.

Of course, gymnastics are certainly prone to some tough wardrobe malfunctions, the attire is revealing as revealing can be. This next entry is yet another example of that.

2 Laurie Hernandez In A Revealing Position

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Hernandez was another teen that became a household name following the 2016 Olympic Games. She was a part of the historical US gymnastics team that’s regarded as one of the greatest of all-time. She left the summer games with a gold in the team event along with a silver on the balance beam. Her stock grew insanely high like her other teammates and she’s now eyeing a return to the next games in the future, after all, she still only 17 years age which is quite extraordinary.

As we stated in the previous entry gymnastics attire is quite revealing. With the cameras constantly rolling during the Olympics you certainly bet the athletes were caught in “Not So PG” positions from time to time. This was an example of that as Laurie was in a revealing position while sitting next to her teammates – we’ll leave it at that.

1 McKayla Maroney's Change

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Unfortunately, Maroney’s currently making the news for a controversial story. Not only did she claim that she was abused by US team doctors, but the story now suggests that her family was paid off years ago to keep quiet about that matter. The recent news can only help her case that’s for certain.

Putting the controversy aside, Maroney also recently made the headlines for this controversial video posted to her Instagram account. The clip was so revealing that many thought she got hacked. The video showed McKayla in noting but a skimpy top and a tiny pair of undergarments. The video went absolutely viral and Maroney would eventually be forced to shut down her account due to the backlash of the clip posted. You can blame immaturity for this regrettable video.

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