15 Ridiculous Athlete Arrest Stories You Won't Believe

Over the past couple of weeks, one of the weirdest situations the world of NFL football has ever seen unfolded, forever effecting the career of a 25 year old wide receiver. That receiver is of course, Lucky Whitehead. His first two years in the league after being signed undrafted in 2015 have seen him returning kicks and punts and catching the odd pass here and there. He hasn't put up impressive numbers but he's also not a dud, and looks like he's a decent developmental player.

A couple of weeks ago, Lucky Whitehead's dog was kidnapped for ransom. Eventually the dog was returned to him, but he had to drop a big pile of money to get the dog back. As if having his pooch stolen wasn't enough (most guys would rather lose their woman), he was cut a few days later by the Dallas Cowboys after they discovered he was arrested for theft and failed to appear in court. Police would later confirm that the man they had arrested was not the young receiver, but just gave the name as a false identity.

As if things weren't bad enough, he got picked up off waivers by the New York Jets in late July. That was a joke of course, a job in the NFL is a job in the NFL regardless of who one is playing for. Lucky Whitehead has had an interesting summer to say the least, and while his "arrest" story is a crazy one, he wasn't even the one arrested. Often times, when athletes are arrested though, there is an interesting story to go along with it, whether they are acquitted or convicted. Here are fifteen of the most ridiculous athlete arrest stories you won't believe.

16 Honorable Mention: O.J. Simpson and the Chase


We couldn't write an article about athlete arrests without at least mentioning this one. Part of this is because O.J. has been back in the news recently for having been granted parole. It will be interesting to see if the now 70 year old will commit any new crimes or just live. We gave his chase an "honorable mention" because it's obvious when someone mentions athlete arrests.

Regardless, the events that led up to his arrest for alleged involvement with the death of his ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman were among the biggest events in 1994. He and friend Al Cowlings drove down the interstate in L.A. in a white Ford Bronco. For at least part of the drive, Simpson was in the back of the vehicle and apparently had a gun to his own head, professing his innocence. He was allowed to speak to his mother at his home at the end of the chase, and then surrendered to police in one of the most widely televised events of the year.

15 Patrick Kane - Needs His 20 Cents


In many circles, professional hockey players have the unfortunate reputation of being aggressive meatheads. For the most part, they're fairly sharp and upstanding people, but cases like Kane's reinforce the stereotype. Back in 2009, he and his cousin were apprehended by cops for an assault on a cab driver in Buffalo, New York. Apparently they had taken a cab ride and paid $15 for a $13.80 bill, and wanted his change (isn't it commonplace to tip cabbies?). When the driver, Jan Radecki, said he didn't have correct change, Kane beat the guy, punching him, breaking his glasses and apparently grabbing his neck. They were basically given a slap on the wrist and had to apologize to the guy. Nice to see justice served, right?

14 Kenyatta Jones - Relieving Himself on Nightclub Floor


This former offensive tackle won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots back in 2002. He was taken in the fourth round of the 2001 draft out of South Florida. He spent a total of three seasons in New England before spending two seasons with the Washington Redskins.

His life was quiet for a few years but in 2008 he started to play ball once again for the Tampa Bay Storm of the Arena Football League. In that same year he was in a nightclub one evening and had consumed a bit too much. He tried to urinate on the floor of the nightclub and was subsequently asked to leave. When he became belligerent, he had to be escorted out by police and shoved one of the officers, earning him an arrest and charges of battery against a law officer and resisting arrest.

13 Randall Simon - The Sausage Race


First baseman Randall Simon played for seven different MLB teams over the course of nine years. While not a complete train wreck of a player, he never contributed enough to a team to warrant a lengthy contract. One day in Milwaukee in 2003, during that team's sixth inning "sausage race," in which contestants ran around the field in sausage costumes, he smacked one of them with a bat, causing her to fall. She wasn't seriously injured, but he was arrested, questioned by cops, and subsequently fined $432.10. He also apologized to Mandy Block, who he had hit, and gave her an autographed bat. She also received a free trip for two to Curacao (Simon's home country). The league also suspended and fined Simon for this silly act.

12 Tyler Patrick Thomas - The Three Point Stance


We feel kind of bad for some of these athletes, especially the ones who were in college and had their reputation tarnished at a young age. We don't share these stories to poke fun at some of these guys however, rather the opposite, we consider some, like Tyler Patrick Thomas of Oregon State University, to be legends. He was an offensive lineman back in 2010 and was apparently incredibly intoxicated when police encountered him in a stranger's home.

He was reclined on a couch, and police told him to get on the floor. He then stood up, got into a three point stance, and rushed the cops, getting hit with a couple of stun guns and dropping like a stone. He was arrested for trespassing, criminal mischief, and obviously resisting arrest. He was dismissed from the team for this blunder. On another topic however, this is an epic kind of drunk.

11 Frank Francisco - The Chair Toss


One of those things anyone in the public eye has to do is keep their cool when the haters are around. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently let a fan have it at a baseball game after that fan heckled him, not sure whether he made any new friends that day. Similarly with athletes, while emotions may run high and fans can be absolute scumbags, engaging those fans is always a bad idea.

In the case of Frank Francisco, who was pitching for the Texas Rangers at the time, he threw a folding chair at a pair of fans and hit one of them in the face, breaking her nose. He was arrested and pleaded no contest to the assault charge. He was suspended for the rest of the year, had to deal with a civil suit, and of course, had to apologize publicly.

10 Antonio Morrison - Barked at a Police Dog


Before we get into the details of this ridiculous case of a young athlete doing something stupid, we should point out that no human should ever bark at anyone or anything. If you're trying to intimidate someone, they'd be right to laugh at you, and if you're trying to communicate with a dog, you'll likely be unsuccessful. Okay, the one exception is rapper DMX...wonder what he's up to these days.

But back to the matter at hand, Antonio Morrison, who now played for the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL, was arrested in 2013 for barking at a police dog. The official charge was "interfering with a police animal" but it was dropped. He was playing for the Florida Gators at the time and was suspended for two games by Will Muschamp. Drafted in the fourth round in 2016, Morrison made over 50 total tackles in his first year.

9 Eugene Robinson - The Night Before the Super Bowl


This is a very familiar story for many NFL fans, but for those who don't follow football, this is one of the most painfully funny arrest stories in all of sports. Robinson was one of the best safeties of the 1990's and was a key reason for the success of the Green Bay Packers throughout the 96-97 season, during which they won the Super Bowl. After the 1997-98 season he joined the Atlanta Falcons and they made it to the Super Bowl the following year. He was also the recipient of the Bart Starr Award for outstanding character on and off the field and leadership in his community. The night before the Super Bowl, he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. His play the following day was atrocious and in the wake of his arrest he agreed to give back the award.

8 Chad Johnson - Smacking His Lawyer's Behind


Over a decade ago, Chad Johnson was among the best wide receivers in the NFL, and was racking up 1,000-plus yard seasons like it was easy. He was also making a case for himself as one of the best smack-talkers in the league and ran his mouth constantly. His time in the NFL came to an end in 2011, and he briefly made a "comeback" that went very poorly with the Montreal Allouettes in of the Canadian Football League in 2014, but since then he hasn't played professionally.

His life since retiring has been very eventful, and aside from work with WWE, Major League Soccer and several TV shows, he's had some run-ins with the law. In 2012 he assaulted his wife during an argument, and later that year their marriage ended. In 2013, when in court for an alleged parole violation, he smacked his male lawyer on the behind. On the field it's an accepted method of saying "way to go" to a friend and teammate, but in court, it's a sign of disrespect and the judge determined that Johnson wasn't taking things seriously enough, sentencing him to thirty days in jail.

7 Dion Rayford - The Chalupa Incident


The Taco Bell chalupa may look nothing like an actual chalupa, but it is a delicious treat nonetheless. Is it delicious enough to cause a man to launch himself into a Taco Bell drive through window? Well, it depends who you talk to. Former Kansas defensive end Dio Rayford evidently thought so. Back in late 1999, Rayford was hungry and a little drunk. He decided he wanted two chalupas and paid for his order. When the staff at the local Taco Bell neglected to give him one of them, he became enraged, and leaped into the window, trying to crawl through. Part of the window came loose and broke off, leaving him trapped, hanging out of the drive-thru. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, having an open alcohol container, and damage to property.

6 Raheem Brock - $27 Tab


This one is so frustratingly stupid it's barely even funny. Defensive end Raheem Brock was picked up in the seventh round of the 2002 draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles cut him in July of that year and he was picked up by the Indianapolis Colts, with whom he stayed until 2009, winning a Super Bowl ring and making a very solid impact on the team, backing up Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis when needed.

He was released by the Colts in 2010, and got signed by the Seattle Seahawks, with whom he had a career year, racking up 10.5 sacks. He played the 2011 season, and but was not re-signed, and became a free agent. He hasn't played pro football since.

In 2011, he and a group of people were eating at a Philadelphia restaurant and Brock ended up getting arrested after walking out on a $27 bill. According to the server who was involved, the woman Brock was with tried to bring food from a restaurant across the street in, and ate it at the table. The group was eventually asked to leave and Brock walked out without paying. He was initially charged with theft and found guilty, but that verdict was overturned.

5 Charles Barkley - "I'm Just Going To Drive Around The Corner and..."


Aside from being one of the best forwards of his time, Charles Barkley is also widely recognized as having been one of the most outspoken and controversial figures in the NBA. He was never shy of admitting to and joking about his mistakes, which included trying to spit on a heckler, assaulting fans and breaking one's nose, and of course, a hilarious arrest back in late 2008. He was initially pulled over for driving through a stop sign, but the cop smelled booze on Barkley's breath. During a brief questioning, he told the cop he just wanted to "drive around the corner and get a b**w job", claiming that his female passenger gave the best one he had ever received.

While being processed at the police station, Barkley told one of the officers he would tattoo the man's name on his rear if he helped get the charges dropped.

4 Joe Cullen (Coach) - Naked Drive-Thru


These days, Joe Cullen is working for the Baltimore Ravens. He played college football for UMass, but never went pro. While he became a respected defensive line coach and worked for many different schools, he's always been a world-class drunk. He was fired from the University of Mississippi for passing out in a local Subway restaurant.

In 2006 he was working for the Detroit Lions and during preseason, got ticketed in late August when a Wendy's employee noticed he was loaded and completely nude at the Drive-Thru. Just a week later, he had a few and got behind the wheel once again and got caught and charged with another DUI.  He was ordered to do community service and had to attend AA meetings.

3 Ed Belfour - Impressive Attempted Bribe


Ed Belfour's career is a heck of a story for a guy who was never drafted, who went on to become a Hall of Fame caliber goalie. He won a couple of Vezina Trophies and of course won a Stanley Cup with the Dallas Stars. He was also known throughout his career for his fondness of "the sauce". There have been a couple of bizarre stories of him being disorderly in bars and a couple of alcohol related arrests, but the most entertaining is by far his year 2000 run in with cops in Dallas. He and a lady friend checked into a hotel, but he became drunk and belligerent. She called security and was taken away in a cab. Belfour was then arrested, but during his arrest he offered the cops $100,000 initially, and then upped his offer to $1 billion. According to the cops' story, Belfour was in the back seat of the squad car, passed out and vomited all over himself.

2 Ronnie Daniels - Lounging in a House He Broke Into


This entire story couldn't be much more ridiculous if you added a circus to it. Ronnie Daniels was a running back for Texas Tech, but got cut from the team for multiple policy violations. About a year later, a woman in Albuquerque, New Mexico found him naked and shaving in a bathtub after she and her kids returned home from church camp (you can't make this stuff up).

She screamed, presumably her children did the same, and Daniels fled, and would be apprehended by police some time later. It never became clear whether or not (or what amount of) drugs he took prior to this event, but we imagine it was enough to take down an elephant. He apparently tried to tell the woman that they had kids and owned the house together.

1 Najeh Davenport - The "Dump Truck" Incident


The Green Bay Packers picked up running back Najeh Davenport in the 2002 draft, out of the University of Miami. There he had run people over and helped the team to a National Championship the year before being drafted. He would ultimately become a bit of a dud at the NFL level, suffering injuries and a speed issue that made him little more than an unreliable backup.

Prior to being drafted, he had one of the funniest athlete arrests of all time. He allegedly broke into a women's dormitory at Barry University in Florida, and "went number two" in a woman's laundry hamper. The nicknames "Dookie" and "Dump Truck" followed him through his career because of this incident and while he was able to escape the burglary and criminal mischief charges (second degree burglary being a felony), he only had to do 100 hours of community service. He maintains his innocence however, arguing that the cops never actually produced his...excrement in the laundry basket as evidence.

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