15 Ridiculous Pics Of Drunken Soccer Players You HAVE To See

With technology constantly on the rise, enjoying a night out on the town boozing it up is nearly impossible without being snapped in some type of picture. Even for us, the average human, we’ve fallen victim to such tactics. Without a doubt, you can remember a time that you get heavily wasted and your buddies took advantage of the situation by snapping a slew of photos and videos. Now just imagine you’re a person of importance, it truly works double for athletes, especially footballers who are held in a high regard over in Europe.

In this article, we take a look at some of the most hilarious drunken pics pertaining to football players. Some are candid shots taken by the paparazzi while others were actually uploaded to Snapchat by fans - it’s a scary time for technology folks! From the great Andrea Pirlo passing out in front of a party bus to Lionel Messi getting escorted out of a club by Xavi, this hilarious article truly has it all.

Enjoy and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 ridiculous drunken pics of soccer players you HAVE to see. We begin with an Italian legend known for having a good time away from the pitch!

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15 Andrea Pirlo – Nap Time

via pf.infobae

One of the greatest playmaking Italians of all-time to step on the pitch, this player is absolute class with the ball on his foot. He spent the bulk of his career with AC Milan. Despite trying to leave the club for years, he was basically held hostage by ownership to stay. Once the team finally let him loose, he won more championships with the club’s biggest rival, the Italian juggernaut Juventus.

On the surface, Pirlo seems like a sly quiet guy, however, when it comes to his personal life that’s not the case as he loves to have a good time. It seems as though he had a little too much fun in the picture above as Pirlo is seen completely passed out in the front of the bus as his teammates continue on with their festivities in the streets of Torino. Unlike some of the others on the list, we’ll give Andrea the pass on this one!

14 Gareth Bale – Throwback Grind Game

via lockerdome.com

Yup, that’s Gareth Bale from back in the day folks. Who could have predicted that the little child grinding in the picture above would be worth the price tag of $100 million one day. That’s exactly how much Real paid for the winger and although he hasn’t torn the club apart with contributions, he was certainly worth the price tag at that point in his career.

In terms of hilarious pictures, this one ranks up there just because of how different the Wales native looked compared to nowadays. Today, he’s built like an ox and rocks a perfect head of hair with a fine looking ponytail. Back in the day, he appeared to be quite frail and his hair was inexplicable but hey, who are we to judge, at least he was still picking up chicks (although alcohol probably played a role in that)!

13 Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Vegas Baby

via irishmirror.ie

35 and still ticking away, Zlatan is a legend in the game of soccer for a variety of reasons. Not only is he talented as hell but he also has this arrogance to him which makes some love him even more. It appears as though he uses those same tactics with the ladies as you see in the picture above.

Now we can’t really tell exactly what’s happening but if we were to assume, it looks like Ibra’s picking those chicks up, which is, kind of problematic given the fact that he’s a married man. But hey, when you’re Ibra, you can do whatever you want right? The photo was taken in North America as Zlatan and his former PSG teammates partied it up in Vegas at Encore. The club is known for its pool part festivities so we can assume Zlatan had a drink or two that day.

12 Mario Balotelli – Super Mario Gone Wild

via dailymail.co.uk

Super Mario is the perfect example of how getting too much too soon can put a career in serious jeopardy. In his early 20s, clubs salivated at Mario’s play as he didn’t move around on the pitch like an ordinary 20 year old. He was built like an ox and had a canon of a shot, for that reason, he became very sought after early on.

A mix of both on and off the pitch antics cost him his career. Mario’s commitment levels were an issue and he seemed to enjoy the glamour of being a professional footballer a little too much. He constantly made the headlines for partying it up, and this picture is one of the very many showing the Italian going a little too hard. He looks more like a high profile rapper than a soccer player in the shot. Age 27, Mario’s playing with a lower profile side nowadays with the French club Nice.

11 Wayne Rooney – Hitting On A Married Woman

via epimg.net

Rooney has made the headlines a couple of times for situations taking place off the field. Who can forget the time he got knocked out cold while sparring in a friendly boxing match, man was that ever something.

He’s also made the tabloids for having one too many drinks in the past, The Sun has had a field day with the player over the years taking a slew of “Not So Flattering” pictures. This one in particular takes the cake as not only was Rooney heavily wasted, but he also almost got kicked out of the hotel for hitting on a married female who was in the lobby area. Thankfully, as evidenced by the pictures, Rooney’s teammates came in for the save or in all likelihood; he would have been sleeping outside on the night.

10 Bastian Schweinsteiger - The Brazil Jersey 

via twitter.com

He’s enjoying the backend of his career over in the MLS with the Chicago Fire, however, we’ll always remember this player for his brilliance with both club and country. Schweinsteiger was essential to the success of both Bayern Munich and his country Germany as he took control of the midfield beautifully, both offensively and defensively.

He looks like a serious dude but really, he’s not. Bastian has taken some hilarious candid pics in the past, who can forget the lady taking a picture with the Chicago Fire team while asking Bastian to take the photo (the dude that’s worth more than the entire team combined and back again). Along with that hilarious moment, this one might be better as not only does the German appear to be out of it but he’s also rocking a Brazil jersey. Neymar gives the thumbs up in approval of Schweinsteiger’s wardrobe choice for the night.

9 Cristiano Ronaldo – A Night With Paris

via diariofemenino.com

Riding the high of his new transfer to Real Madrid, Ronaldo enjoyed the festivities pertaining to his new contract in North America, ripping up the club scene. Back in the day, one Paris Hilton was a pretty big deal, she rose to fame because of reality television and one of her biggest strengths was picking up high profile athletes or celebs in the club scene. Of course, Ronaldo fell victim to the blonde.

The paparazzi had an absolute field day with the two as they seemed very comfortable together. Ronaldo looks a little too relaxed as he likely consumed lots and lots of alcohol on the night. The two were even spotted leaving together. Turns out, it was all a fling as Paris ended things making the claim that Ronaldo was too girly....? Bullet dogged Cristiano, bullet dogged. As you’ll see in the next picture, it looks like a certain someone followed in his footsteps...

8 Neymar – Another Night With Paris

via pintrest.com

Hilton loves her soccer players and as evidenced by this club picture, Neymar was another footballer on her radar. The Brazilian loves to party, you can see for yourselves as there are a slew of club pics available online. In some cases, he appears to be extremely glazed over and heck why not, the dude just set a transfer fee record joining PSG for over $200 million Euros, I guess we can assume the bottles are on him?

Credit Neymar who like Ronaldo, has some serious game off the pitch when it comes to meeting women. Some would even say his resume is not only more impressive that Ronaldo’s but any other athlete on the planet. Nonetheless, in this clash for Paris’s heart we give Cristiano the edge cause like, at least she was somewhat relevant at that point.

7 Ronaldo (Brazilian) – Intimate Moment With Friend

via youtube.com

We now switch focus to another Ronaldo who’s also considered a legend of the game for his goal scoring prowess. Even during his heavier days, the striker was netting on the regular. Today, at the age of 41, he’s making headlines but not for anything pitch related, instead, fans are excited that he’ll be included in the new FIFA 18’ game set for its release any day now.

For Ronaldo, it was ultimately the party life that shortened his career substantially. We’ve seen it with numerous Brazilians in the past, they just love to party and spend that cash but hey, who are we to judge. We take a look at one of the legend’s booze filled nights in the picture above as he shares an intimate moment with a friend. You’re lying to yourself if you can’t admit to being in a similar predicament at one point in your life (“you’re my brother bro”).

6 Frank Lampard – Caught By Snap

via img.news.zing.vn

With the rise in technology and all these damn apps, privacy is truly limited nowadays. Not only can anyone snap a pic in an instant, but nowadays, people can even hack into your personal space. We can expect this craze to only get worse, but hey, at least that’ll mean ridiculous drunken pics for life right?

Many have been affected by these circumstances including one Frank Lampard. Although the paparazzi caught him right handed in the past looking glazed over, this particular shot was taken by a candid onlooker and posted on the Snapchat application. That just goes to show, when your somewhat popular, prepared to get stalked by all means necessary. In this instance however, most of us were quite pleased the pic was taken because it’s truly hilarious, sorry Frank!

5 Mario Gotze – Partying With Rihanna

via pintrest.com

We’re not sure what was a bigger accomplishment for Gotze, scoring the World Cup game-winning goal against Argentina in the finals or partying it up with Rihanna in the post-match celebrations? Not only was his goal monumental, but he was the first ever sub to score a game-winning World Cup goal, pretty surreal as he netted the marker at the death in the 113th minute. But hey, even that’s not good enough or comparable to partying with Rihanna right?

The German is currently enjoying his football back at home, where he’s spent his entire career flopping between Dortmund and rivals Munich. He flopped a little in his time with Bayern and that caused his recent transfer back to Dortmund. He’s still got a lot left to give at the age of 25.

4 Gerard Pique – Shakira & Messi

via blogspot.com

Fans dislike the center-back for one main reason and it's not for his play on the pitch. Gerard built a tremendous legacy as a terrific defender, he’s low maintenance and he’s spent almost the entirety of his career as a member of the prestigious Barcelona team. Along with his club contributions, he’s also thrived internationally leading his nation of Spain to multiple victories. You’d think those were the reasons some hate the guy but oh no....

The hate stems from his relationship off the pitch to the beautiful Shakira, who’s arguably one of the most sought after females in the world due to her worldwide popularity. Somehow, the defender was able to locker her down back in 2010 and we’ve hated him ever since. Hell, even Messi looks jealous in the drunken picture above!

3 Lionel Messi – Girls & Bottle-Shots

via pintrest.com

We end this article they only way we know how and that’s with pictures showcasing the greatest players on earth heavily wasted. You can argue all the players on the list are great, but few are even remotely close to both Messi and Ronaldo. Some don’t appreciate how special it is to have two dominant players run rampant in the same era. When both but the cleats away for good, we’ll really stop and think just how lucky we were, but hopefully, that point doesn’t come anytime soon.

Okay enough of the deep stuff, let’s laugh (and cry in jealousy) at Messi and this hilarious pic as he takes a lovely bottle shot. Oh the bottle shot, the silent killer of your nights out with the boys. Seems like the boys weren’t there that night as Messi’s surrounded by beautiful women, not a bad gig, not a bad gig at all!

2 Cristiano Ronaldo – Throwing In The Towel

via images.ibox.bg

This picture makes most of us happy as not only does it show that Ronaldo also gets drunk, but in addition, he’s got one heck of an ugly drunk face. Using the word ugly and Ronaldo seems like a stretch but in this picture, the paparazzi picked the perfect moment to snap the hilarious drunken picture. Like Messi, Cristiano enjoys his nights out, and that’s been well documented over the years thanks to the paparazzi constantly breaching his privacy. Because of that, we know two things for sure; he loves the club life and being surrounded by beautiful women.

In this picture however, we wants to be surrounded by nobody as he has that “take me home” look, something most of us have also felt at one point (or several points).

1 Lionel Messi – Xavi’s Got You

via youtube.com

It was only fair to close off with Messi given the fact that we already featured two drunken photos of Ronaldo. It’s only fitting these two football icons once again reign even. However, Messi gets the award for arguably the most hilarious pic in the entire article given the fact that not only is he drunk, but teammate Xavi is helping him stand. Social media had a field day with this picture making the claim that not only did Xavi carry Messi on the field through the midfield, but he did the same in the club..... Zing!

Like Ronaldo, Messi has that, “it’s time to go” face as he looks completely destroyed. Rumor has it both Xavi and Iniesta tucked him into bed that night....

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