15 Shameful Photos Of Maria Sharapova

There was a time where Maria Sharapova was one of the most respected and talented tennis players of all-time. But her image took a significant hit in 2016 following a suspension for doping. And while Sharapova has since bounced back, that is far from the only moment in her life that she wishes you didn't know about.

Like her less than stellar lovemaking alongside Adam Levine, some hilariously sweaty candid shots on the court where she shows off more than anticipated, and one night on the town when she definitely didn't know her limit. Sharapova's also known for her good looks, including Maxim naming her the hottest athlete in the entire world for 4 straight years. But while she may look as stunning as ever in some of our photos, the nature of them (such as the creepy paparazzi) may have her wishing you weren't going to spend your day ogling them.

These are 15 shameful photos of Maria Sharapova.

15 Caught On The Town Without Makeup

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There are several factors that you might want to consider when looking at the above photo that definitely doesn't paint Maria in the best light. Such as the fact that she is clearly caught off-guard by the photo; seemingly indicating that it was taken by a member of the paparazzi. The unexpected nature of the photo is perhaps all the more confirmed by the fact that she is seen wearing what looks like little to no makeup. While we are sure there are photos of her without makeup where she still looks gorgeous, this moment might not be one of them. That being said even if she was all dolled up, you might still knock off some style points for that hat!

14 Not Knowing Her Limit While Partying

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The life of a professional tennis player must get incredibly exhausting. You're constantly having to make sure you are eating properly and taking care of your body. But just because the success of that may be vital to your career, doesn't mean that you don't still love to unwind once in a while.

And judging from the above photo, it's clear that Maria Sharapova doesn't mind unwinding by slamming back a few alcoholic beverages! Adding some bonus points to the photo is the fact that she's accompanied by Novak Djokovic. The two have a close friendship, including Novak standing up for Sharapova after her suspension.

13 Adam Levine Reveals Their Poor Love Life

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Maria Sharapova was on top of her Tennis game when she took home the 2004 Wimbledon Singles Championship. The following year she may have also felt like quite the stud when she started a very intimate relationship with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

But for Levine the fun times didn't seem to continue behind closed doors. In a past interview, he compared her performing ability to that of a dead fish, as well as being incredibly quiet when they were getting cozy. Something that you might not expect from such a vocal tennis player! The above photo might be nice of the two of them, but the revelation from Levine may make this something she is ashamed of.

12 Showing Red While Bending Over

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There are plenty of things that tennis players need to make sure they bring to the court. One of these things is a huge bottle of water, because let's face it (as this list proves) you definitely are going to get plenty sweaty. You also might want a hand towel or a spare racket just in case you decide to pull a Monica from Friends and hulk-smash the tennis racket after a bad set.

If we're being honest, we don't have a clue what it is that Sharapova might be looking for in her bag with the above entry. But if we're being even more honest, we don't really care! We're just glad that the photographers at the match were able to realize that just because Sharapova wasn't in the middle of some action on the court doesn't mean that all the best photography options are gone.

11 Sweaty And In Action On The Court

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There is no argument that Maria Sharapova always does everything that she can to come out on top. Which means when she is in the midst of a heated battle, she probably isn't thinking about how she is looking for the cameras. But when you consider that tennis can be a very sweaty affair, you can imagine that the answer quite often is not good!

When you consider there must be thousands of photos taken of Sharapova anytime she hits the court, it was only inevitable that she'll get caught in some awkward poses like the one we have featured for you. Though Sharapova is probably more concerned with how her form looks in the photo than her appearance.

10 Showing Too Much During An Itch

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Is there anything more annoying than having an itch that you just can't get rid of? You know you aren't supposed to scratch. You're told by people you know that scratching is only going to make it worse. But that urge is sometimes something that is literally impossible to ignore.

Now just imagine if you're a famous tennis player like Maria Sharapova and you have that itchy feeling on your hip. To make matters worse, the underwear that you decided to wear for this given tennis match doesn't appear to be providing nearly adequate enough coverage. Are you going to be hating on that? We don't think so. But Sharapova certainly might, and for that, it's well deserving of a spot on our list.

9 Regretting That Skirt Choice Maria?

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When it comes to good looking women in the world of sports, there might not be a sport that is more plentiful than tennis. But one thing that might help make these women all the more appealing is the fact that they often find themselves out on the court in skirts.

Skirts that (as you see from the above photo) can sometimes end up looking more like a belt than providing any kind of adequate coverage on the downstairs front. Which may mean that for many female tennis players, the choice of what you decide to put down below may be even more important than what you choose to wear on the outside. Especially because the last thing you want to be thinking about when returning a serve is "Did I put on a thong today?".

8 Hanging On The Beach For A Photo Shoot

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Maria Sharapova deserves a lot of credit for what she has accomplished in the sports world. But there is definitely a portion of people in this world, including people reading this list, who may have never actually seen her in action on the court but still know her name.

But being one of the most beautiful women to ever take a tennis court will land you that kind of recognition. While we're sure Sharapova doesn't mind the attention, it's possible she isn't a fan of the over-sexualization that she faces at times. If she does, it may be photos like this one from Esquire that helped land her on people's radar around the world.

7 Paparazzi Doesn't Care About Her Face

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Sometimes the paparazzi can catch you with an awkward look on your face or without makeup - something that Sharapova experiences in this very list. But with the above photo, Sharapova may find herself wanting to bury her face in her pillow, especially because her face isn't even in the photo!

The paparazzi were clearly dialing up their creep factor when they snuck a photo of Sharapova getting out of her car. It's very possible that Sharapova was just out doing some errands for the day, but there's no way that was going to slow the paparazzi down when it came to snapping a photo of her.

6 Taking A Tumble

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Everyone knows that playing Tennis is an incredibly strenuous game. You're going to spend a large portion of your time running around trying to keep on your feet, but sometimes you take a tumble. Maria Sharapova might still look stunning in the above photo, but she might not exactly be running to the presses with the news that she decided to spend some time up close and personal with the court. And while Sharapova may have assets that you love taking in, the fact that the photo shows off her legs may still make it one of your favourites on our entire list. We're also sure that nobody is too happy when a photographer nabs a shot from that angle when they're in a skirt!

5 The Paparazzi Show Off Their Beach Skills

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There are many downfalls that come with being a celebrity. One of the things that must get the most frustrating however is the fact that your amount of privacy is extremely limited. The paparazzi is going to follow you everywhere, and they are definitely going to be keeping their eyes peeled if you're headed towards the beach.

Sharapova has been caught putting her figure on prominent display on numerous occasions. Perhaps enough times to know that when she steps out that people are going to take notice, but that definitely wouldn't reduce the potential annoyance factor. She looks amazing in the above photos, but she might still be ashamed of how much of her privacy is eliminated.

4 Caught Mid-Return During October Round 1 Loss

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There are some moments in Maria's career where she looks gorgeous on the court. The above photo is not one of them! But when you consider this list is full of photos that she might be ashamed or wish you hadn't seen, are you really surprised to see something like this? Especially because we're sure it made you laugh and if you really need some steamy Sharapova photos, we have you covered with other entries! Adding insult to injury is the fact that this photo was taken during Sharapova's Round 1 exit from the Kremlin Cup in October. Sharapova was beaten by the Slovakian Magdalena Rybarikova. The match took nearly two hours, so no wonder Sharapova looks sweaty!

3 Eugenie Bouchard Taking Her Shine

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There were many moments in Maria Sharapova's life where she was considered the most attractive woman in all of sports. But in 2017, you might be in agreement that she might not even be the best looking tennis player!

One person who may be giving Maria a run for her money is another blonde, but this time it's the Canadian Eugenie Bouchard. Bouchard has put her good looks on prominent display in a variety of situations, including stripping down for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition. Though while Sharapova may be jealous of Bouchard's youth, something tells us Bouchard's career accomplishments will never match up to Sharapova's.

2 Passing Gas

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When it comes to being an athlete, one of the most important things that you need to be on top of is nutrition. But sometimes you might eat some things that don't exactly settle the best in your stomach. Here's looking at you, double meat at chipotle with extra guac! The above photo was actually a screenshot taken from a video, but it was a video that allegedly caught Maria Sharapova passing some gas.

At the very least with her hand resting on her tummy and that look on her face, it definitely looks like she is experiencing some serious discomfort. Who can blame her though? We don't think we can think of anything worse to do with an upset stomach than play some tennis!

1 Revealing Her Scandal

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Maria Sharapova has had many moments in her life that she would have described as being difficult. But the most significant blow that she had to have experienced may have been when it was revealed in 2016 that she had failed a test for performance enhancing drugs. Sharapova admitted that she had tested positive for meldonium - a recently added banned substance. Along with receiving a suspension for what was initially two years, Sharapova lost out on several sponsorships including one with Nike. The above photo was taken at a press conference where Sharapova made the announcement. She might be looking nice for the photo, but we're sure that was one moment in her career that she wishes she never had to experience.

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