15 Sports Couples That Won't Last Through 2018

Professional athletes may be great in playing sports, but let's not forget that their romantic relationships may not be so good. Just like celebrity couples, sports couples have their obstacles that they have to deal with on a regular basis. Things can get worse between two people if both of them work in jobs that require unconventional hours and frequent travel. There will be times where long distance just plain sucks.

Things can get even worse when one or both of the parties is struggling with a distressing life with financial woes, mandatory child support payments, alcoholism, drug addiction and/or mental illnesses. It's clear that not all athletes are squeaky clean folks who live straight edge lives. Nobody's perfect.

A relationship is a two way street, not just one. The couple has to realize that they have to try very hard to maintain the exact same spark that they felt within when they first met. It doesn't matter if they met on Twitter or in person at a location, they must do their best to keep good communication and trust skills each and every time. Also, they must look in the mirror and ask themselves this question: "Do I trust my partner?" Without the basic components that are supposed to make up the foundation of a relationship, the association is going to be a short-lived union instead of a long-lasting one. All we need is love, but it doesn't always come easy.

Here are 15 sports couples that won't last through 2018.

15 Tristan Thompson And Khloe Kardashian

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Let's start with the obvious. We all know about the Kardashian curse and it shouldn't come as a surprise that Khloe Kardashian's relationship with Cleveland Cavaliers power forward (and center) Tristan Thompson is probably not going to last long. Thompson reportedly left his alleged ex-girlfriend, Jordan Craig, who was pregnant with his child, to date Kardashian. Kardashian was also fresh out of a troubled marriage with former NBA forward, Lamar Odom, who suffered a near-fatal overdose at the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada.

Sure, Kardashian and Thompson live together in Cleveland, Ohio, but Kardashian is allegedly pregnant with her first child and Thompson's second. Thompson isn't involved in his baby boy's life, so would Kardashian really believe that her current man will take care of their upcoming kid, get down on one knee and live happily ever after? We'll see what happens, but it just seems unlikely right now.

14 Neymar And Bruna Marquezine

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If you're a soccer fan, you might've heard of Neymar. Neymar is a professional soccer player who plays as a forward for the Brazil national team as well as Paris Saint-Germain.

Neymar has a son named Davi Lucca with his ex-girlfriend Carolina Dantas. Neymar was quoted, saying: "I cried when I learned that I would be his father. At first, I felt fear. Then joy. It is a new responsibility and I am now enjoying it." Neymar also described the birth of his baby boy as: "2.8 kilograms of pure happiness" and added "Mother and baby are in good condition just after childbirth."

Neymar is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Bruna Marquezine, who is a model and actress from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The couple has been on and off since 2014. Neymar's previous child might have something to do with the rocky relationship too. There's only so much they can do to salvage their relationship before calling it quits for good.

13 Kendall Jenner And Blake Griffin

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Khloe Kardashian's younger sister Kendall Jenner is another example of the Kardashian curse. Jenner is currently dating NBA power forward Blake Griffin. Both Jenner and Griffin split from their exes before hanging out and slowly became a full-on couple. Well, sort of. Three months is sort of a lengthy time period for a Kardashian or Jenner to court a man.

Los Angeles Clippers fans and even some of their franchise dislike Jenner, citing the Kardashian curse as a reason why Griffin injured his left knee. Jenner may not have had an effect on Griffin's injury, but it's almost a given that she'll contribute to his decline on the court in the near future. Also, one or both of them are likely going to leave the relationship for someone else.

Any man who has dated a Kardashian or Jenner has suffered some bad luck in their lives off the court or the television screen.

12 Carmelo Anthony And La La Vasquez

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If you follow basketball very closely, you should know who Carmelo Anthony and Alani "La La" Vasquez are. Anthony is a star forward who currently plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder and Vasquez is Anthony's wife, a reality television star and a radio personality. Vasquez is best known for La La's Full Court on VH1 along with her New York Times best-selling books.

Anthony and Vasquez have a tumultuous marriage. The couple have a son, Kiyan, together, but the couple have separated with the only reason for them not divorcing yet possibly being for the sake of Kiyan.

Vasquez was once Anthony's longtime girlfriend that was speculated to be the love of his life, but not anymore. Unless they can get their acts together, Anthony will continue to try for a better NBA season and Vasquez will resume her TV and radio shows. Vasquez doesn't need help from her husband and her husband doesn't seem to need her.

11 Ronda Rousey And Travis Browne

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Is this way too premature or out of left field? Perhaps, but you really never know what can happen in marriage. Rousey is planning on going to the WWE very soon which means she's going to get some additional exposure. Working for WWE is very tough and Rousey is once again going to have a very tough schedule coming up. Rousey and Browne just tied the knot back in August during the whole Mayweather/McGregor feud, so their wedding went under the radar. We certainly don't hope for any strain on their marriage, but Rousey going to WWE may be one of their first tests. Rousey has had some unhealthy relationships in the past, so we hope this one with Browne is in fact strong.

10 LiAngelo Ball And Isabella Morris

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LiAngelo Ball wasn't a household name in the flamboyant (and successful) Ball family...until he was infamously accused of shoplifting at a Louis Vuitton store in Hangzhou, China.

Although LiAngelo's actions are very despicable, his girlfriend Isabella Morris hoped and prayed for him to come home safe. Morris appears to still be in love with LiAngelo, but we doubt that their relationship is going to last a long time due to their ages (Liangelo is 16 and Morris is 17) and the obvious fact that LiAngelo is set to play pro ball in Lithuania, thanks to the meddling of his father.

Now, we're not saying that all high school sweethearts aren't going to last long, but LiAngelo did commit what would've been a life-and-death type of crime in communist China. Morris may brush off LiAngelo's case for now, but she's a social media star and can probably find another college basketball player who can actually stay out of trouble.

9 Aaron Rodgers And Marie Margolius

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After his three-year relationship with actress and model Olivia Munn ended, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers quickly rebounded with soccer player Marie Margolius. Rodgers and Margolius were spotted dining at the East Pole in New York City in August 2017.

While not much is known about the status of Rodgers and Margolius' alleged relationship, Rodgers hasn't had much of a great NFL season this year as he broke his collarbone after being hit by Minnesota Vikings' linebacker Anthony Barr in Week 6.

Rodgers wasn't able to keep a smokin' hot lady like Munn, so it seems unlikely that he'll be able to keep Margolius around for the long run. Munn reportedly wanted to get married, especially after Rodgers' younger brother Jordan exposed the Rodgers' family feud to JoJo Fletcher on Season 12 of The Bachelorette. Rodgers has to put a ring on it or else.

8 LaMelo Ball And Ashley Alvano

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The guilt by association fallacy isn't always going to affect the lives of those related to a wrongdoer, but the Ball family is a well-known group and LaMelo Ball is no stranger to the limelight. LaMelo was playing high school basketball at Chino Hills High in Chino Hills, Calif., as a point guard and had previously committed to UCLA at the young age of 13. However LaVar pulled LaMelo out of school, with plans to homeschool him, before deciding to send him to Lithuania along with LiAngelo.

Although LaMelo has an uncertain future in the basketball world, he does have a really cute girlfriend, Ashley Alvano, a fellow Chino Hills resident. Alvano is sort of a social media, and made some headlines after the news broke of her relationship with LaMelo shortly after his 16th birthday on the family's Facebook reality show Ball in the Family.

Alvano is a cutie, but it likely won't be long before LaMelo moves on and dates a new girl. Things happen, especially when you're young and still adjusting to adulthood.

7 Johnny Manziel And Bre Tiesi

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Johnny Manziel, a free agent quarterback, is best known as a once top NFL prospect turned party boy who lost his job with the Cleveland Browns.

Manziel's rights are currently held by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League (CFL). Manziel has also discussed making a comeback in the NFL, but we don't know if that will actually happen. In the meantime, Manziel popped the question to his girlfriend of three months, Bre Tiesi, a model who has been featured on Sports Illustrated's Lovely Lady Of The Day. Tiesi has a striking resemblance to actress Megan Fox, but unlike Fox, Tiesi is dating a difficult guy who's close to her own age.

Tiesi might only be engaged to Manziel to continue her modeling career and remain relevant in the world of pop culture. As for Manziel, who knows what he's going to do next? Manziel seems to have a long way to go in terms of his personal progress.

6 Russell Wilson And Ciara

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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is married to singer-songwriter Ciara, who wasn't squeaky clean upon her marriage to Wilson, who divorced his first wife and high school sweetheart Ashton Meem in 2014. Ciara had a messy relationship with rapper Future. Not only that, Ciara and Future went at it for quite a while when it came to their child custody dispute regarding their son Future Zahir Wilburn. The former couple's case is solved now, but Wilson had to deal with all that baggage.

Wilson, on the other hand, has abstained from sex before marriage. While Wilson deserves props for being a "good" Christian, he may face some hidden struggles in his marriage to Ciara. Yeah, the couple has a daughter, Sienna Princess Wilson, but there's a chance that Wilson still doesn't like his wife's ex-fiance.

5 Wladimir Klitschko And Hayden Panettiere

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American actress Hayden Panettiere has been dating Ukranian former professional boxer Wladimir Klitschko since 2009. The couple became engaged in 2013, and Panettiere gave birth to their daughter Kaya Evdokia the following year.

Panettiere is 13 years younger than Klitschko, but that's not the only reason why this relationship won't work out with a fairytale-like ending. Panettiere reportedly experienced postpartum depression following the birth of her daughter and voluntarily checked into a treatment facility, which caused her to miss a couple episodes of the musical drama series Nashville. She then returned to treatment in 2016.

Panettiere has her fair share of flaws and the whole world knows about them, including her fiance. And those issues of hers may cause Klitschko to go crazy in a bad way. She certainly has changed the conversation on mental health, but what about herself as a person? She's not the strongest woman alive.

4 Ray Rice And Janay Palmer

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Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice dragged his fiancee (now wife) Janay Palmer out of an elevator in 2014. A grand jury eventually indicted Rice on third degree aggravated assault with a probable jail sentence of three to five years in prison and a $15,000 fine. Despite the indictment, the couple tied the knot just six months later.

Rice has two kids with Palmer now. Hopefully those kids will guide him to a better way of life, but we'll see. He once told Black Christian News: "I have two kids, who I now have to raise my son to grow up to be a man but I also have to protect my daughter from myself, a guy that could potentially be like me in my worst moments."

3 Lance Stephenson And Fery Torres

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Indiana Pacers guard and forward Lance Stephenson's baby mama Fery Torres has already entered the reality show business. Torres has also attempted to fight for higher child support payments from Stephenson. Stephenson already shelled out $6,000 a month to support Torres and their two young daughters, so it's clearly a money-grabbing scheme by Torres.

Torres seems to be a gold digger as she asked the judge for twice the amount of child support, a whopping $12,000 a month. It seems to be that the couple has never worked out and never will. They're not good for each other. They should move on to other people because there's so many fish in the sea.

However, it's likely that Stephenson doesn't care about Torres' life, but Torres is still a greedy woman who simply wants more money out of men. Stephenson is better off without Torres anyway. Torres seems to be a toxic lady.

2 Mike Tyson And Lakiha Spicer

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Former boxer Mike Tyson has been married three times, mostly recently to his current wife, Lakiha Spicer, just 11 days after his daughter's death. Tyson married his longtime girlfriend, but his girlfriend-turned-wife was a federal felon from Philadelphia.

Last year, Spicer served six months in a federal penitentiary after being convicted of fraud and conspiracy over receiving $71,000 for a no-show teaching job from the Sister Clara Muhammad School on 47th and Wyalusing. Spicer’s mother, Faridah Ali, served over a year in prison for being one of two masterminds behind a scam that misdirected $274,000 in public funds from a program to educate adults in reading and math at the Islamic school in West Philadelphia.

Tyson has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has even admitted to sleeping in homeless shelters like a bum. Tyson tied the knot with Spicer, who has had her fair share of issues. They have two children, but they're not going to last long unless if they straight up.

1 Jose Canseco And Leila Knight

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Jose Canseco is a former outfielder and designated hitter. Canseco has had an on-again, off-again relationship with his model girlfriend Leila Knight. If these two can't make it all the way, who else can?

Canseco is known as being a troublesome baseball player. He once tweeted: "Maybe I should dating Twitter chicks," and apparently thought that was a funny joke. We all know that he won't be single for long, but Knight is in the middle of all this. Like other Twitter dweebs, he won't hold down a job for an extended period of time. He added: "@ModelLeila Leila Knight my ex girlfriend of 4 1/2 years."

Canseco has a pretty decorated dating history so it wouldn't surprise us to see him quickly move on to another fling.

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