15 Sports Daughters Who Are Driving Their Parents Crazy

No parent likes to accept that their little girl or boy is growing up. When your children become independent adults, some of the biggest fears of parents is that they will make bad decisions, either from a lifestyle point of view or in terms of their behaviour. Examples include going to wild parties and getting into trouble with the law. The same is the case with athletes and their children. Modern day professional athletes are like gods, for whom image is everything. Upholding it isn't only associated with fandom, but more notably with endorsements. Apart from putting food on the table, the contracts allow the children to live in luxury, party, afford a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

These children are basically royalty, which makes the boys princes and the girls princesses. When in the presence of the daughter of a famous athlete, you're next to someone special, at least by birth. Dating her is like becoming a member of the royal family. The problem though is that not all athletes' daughters act like royals. Some of them waste their parents' money or get into trouble and tarnish their images in the process. They might be excused for their attempts to let off some steam accumulated during trying to cope with growing up in the spotlight, but only partially. There are certain limits, which you can't cross. Unfortunately, the 15 girls and women on this list have attempted to do so too many times.

15 Gina Carano

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While she might be doing good for herself now, starring in action movies like Fast & Furious 6 or comedies like Deadpool, it's hard to remember that at some point she was poised to become the face of women's MMA. Gina Carano was - still is - undeniably beautiful, she could also fight with the best of them. The daughter of Glenn Carano, who was riding the bench behind Roger Staubach for the Cowboys and even was on a Super Bowl winning team thanks to the legendary QB, found losing to be exceptionally tough on her. She has been seen in some photos in some very compromising positions when she's been drinking. After suffering the first loss of her professional career, Carano's record stands at 7-1, which is quite sad. She made women's MMA marketable and served a proper sendoff. Winning her last professional fight would be a nice thing for her legacy.

14 Josie Canseco

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It takes a lot to put to shame Jose Canseco, the man who made his second career by revealing shameful secrets of the MLB and ruining modern baseball for some fans. During his playing days Canseco was the one of many who injected steroids, but because of his upfront approach to the process he played a part in destroying the legitimacy of Mark McGwire or Jason Giambi. For a brief moment though, his daughter outdid him in the shame department. When she was just 18 years old Josie Canseco was arrested for DUI and hitting a curb. She failed a sobriety test, was taken to the station and a $15,000 bail was set for her to get out. This wasn't a good look for her modelling career.

13 Brittny Gastineau

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Mark Gastineau is among the best pass rushers in NFL history. One thing that made him so great on the field was his anger, which turned out to be an issue in his post-career life. When it comes to his daughter, Brittny, she appeared in a reality show with her mother, Gastineau's ex-wife. She also appeared in Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive.

Her most controversial moment though came when she starred in Bruno, a Sacha Baron Cohen film about a TV presenter from Austria, who tries to become a star in the US. When preparing a pilot of his show, Bruno and Gastineau discuss whether Jamie Lynn Spears, who was pregnant at the time, should keep or abort her baby. Gastineau said that she should abort it. This caused quite a stir in the media and in order to defend herself Brittny said that she was in on the joke the whole time. Yeah, uhm, not really sure about that.

12 Brooke Ellen Bolea (Brooke Hogan)

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Despite his recent scandals, Hulk Hogan is a legend. His reputation may not be as stellar as it once was and his children are partially to blame for this. His son caused a car crash that left his best friend brain damaged. His daughter was rumoured to have a complicated relationship with her father, as at times there was too much tension between the two. Hulk also helped Brooke with her career any way he could, yet she never became the celebrity she was supposed to be. The highlight of her career remains her first solo album, which went big thanks to her work with Scott Storch, a very acclaimed music producer at the time. The lowlight is the leaked recording of her father commenting the ethnicity of her inner circle, stating that there was too many African Americans in it. Not in those words, and not cool at all.

11 Paulina Gretzky

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When your father is an absolute legend, you're bound to be a disappointment to him no matter what you achieve. The Great One loves his eldest daughter, but it's probable that he envisioned her becoming someone more than an aspiring singer and model. The two sound good on paper - or in this case, on the website - but her achievement in both departments are less than stellar. The singing career never actually took off, whereas the modelling, despite her good start, is devoted more to her social media accounts than actual magazines. She's doing fine, but don't you think she should do so much better? She's got the name and the looks... what went wrong here?

10 Nicki Meyer

Nicki Meyer is the daughter of soccer coach Urban Meyer, who is known for his work with the Florida Gators. Before he took another coaching gig, at Ohio, he was forced by his children and wife to sign a special contract. It was drafted by Nicki, the eldest, on a pink piece of paper, and in it Urban pledged that family would always come first for him. Some of the entries on this list included attending at least some of his daughters' volleyball games (Nicki and Gigi played the sport in high school and college) and keeping his phone on silent in church.It must've been pretty hard to remain an authority figure after signing a contract on a pink sheet of paper. Nicki herself was quite an athlete, as she was chosen to the ACC All-Academic Team in 2011.

9 Olivia Namath

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Joe Namath is regarded as a legend rather due to his brash attitude than exceptional play. He was a good quarterback, a one-time passing touchdowns leader, but isn't held in high regard outside of New York. "Broadway Joe" was extravagant even as his career was over and one time, while presumably under the influence of alcohol, he attempted to kiss a sideline reporter during a Jets game. The incident was transmitted live on television. This however wasn't as shameful as the acts of his daughter, Olivia, who was caught by the police driving around in a car filled with rum, beer and even illegal substances. She was 19 at the time.

8 Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario

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The former tennis star played professional tennis for 17 years and won 29 trophies, including four Grand Slams. She won over $60 million in prize money and endorsements, yet was left bankrupt by the end of her career. She accused her parents for wasting away her fortune in her tell-all memoir. The parents defended their good name and said that they never took advantage of their daughter, nor stole money from her. It is pretty hard to imagine where $60 million could have disappeared to without some help though. Putting aside which of the sides is right, it's always bad when children suspect you of making use of their talents and losing their money.

7 Hana Ali

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When your father is considered among the greatest athletes of all time and is known for his activism, getting caught stealing is just not a good look. Hana's father, Muhammad, delivered memorable fights and was able to beat bigger and stronger guys with his ability to take a punch. In 2002 his daughter delivered one that had to hurt.

She attempted to steal bedding items from a store and tried to change a price tag on a picture frame, which she considered too expensive. Granted, Ali wasn't especially big on supporting his kids, but he wasn't that bad of a father to not give them money on stuff like that. Way to keep the family name in the news Hana!

6 Bianca Gascoigne

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Paul Gascoigne's step-daughter is far from the scandalous personality that the legendary playmaker was. Gazza was an electrifying player and provided tabloids with enough stories that he was interesting 24/7, even for people not caring about football. Bianca may not be heading down the same path as he is - he's recovering from his addictions - but she's also very concerned with remaining in the spotlight. Bianca appeared in reality shows, while her relationships constantly make the covers of British newspapers. With a name like that she's supposed to garner attention. Simultaneously, it puts a big target on her back and whenever she does something wrong her step-father's name (and bad influence) will be brought up immediately.

5 Sierra Pippen

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Scottie Pippen is another athlete whose legacy can hardly be put to shame. Pippen is known as much for his stinginess (hence the nickname "No Tippin' Pippen") as for his stupid investments. This is a man who wasted $3 million on a private jet that never left the ground! He might've been regarded as one of the best defenders in league history at some point, but with time his perception changed and is now considered a sidekick to Michael Jordan more than anything else.

His beautiful daughter, Sierra, is also known, albeit not for anything to be proud of. She argued with a security guard in a Sheraton hotel in Iowa. This story made the news later because of the second incident involving Sierra, in which she entered the hotel once again and... relieved herself on the floor of the lobby. Wow.

4 Angela Rypien

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Angela Rypien is the daughter of a great quarterback. Her father, Mark, led the Washington Redskins to two Super Bowl victories and even earned once Super Bowl MVP honors. His daughter followed in his footsteps and not only became a football player, but also plays as quarterback. She was one of the first superstars in the Legends Football League. The name LFL in the past stood for Lingerie Football League when Rypien was playing there. She was actually quite competitive and quite good, proving that this game was about more than just women running around in lingerie and some pads. Still that was how she was perceived and it must've drove her father crazy that men were lusting after his daughter and not her great play.

3 Callie Rivers

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Doc Rivers' reputation as a head coach is somewhat controversial, as the man won an NBA championship but also failed to achieve anything significant at the helm of the stacked Los Angeles Clippers. More notably, his treatment of his son, Austin, whom he really wanted to not only form into a qualified NBA player, but actually put in the starting line-up. His daughter, Callie, has also caused quite a stir when she broke up with baller Paul George. She has moved on to other NBA players like Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Jordan and Seth Curry. The problem with her dating history is that her father may find it hard to build authority on a team led by a guy who dated his daughter. Think about it, doesn't DeAndre appear in trade rumours a little too often for a player of his status?

2 Sara Kosar

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Bernie Kosar's life hasn't been really good after he retired from the NFL. He has been suffering up to this day from insomnia and speech impediments due to the hits he took during his professional career. Because of the 2008-09 financial crisis Kosar was forced to announce bankruptcy. He also lost a lot of money during his divorce. This is sad, because Bernie always seemed one of the good guys. The Browns legend was forced to endure another hard blow when it was revealed that his daughter Sara embarked on a career in the "other" film industry under the nickname Lexxi Silver. Quite conveniently, as a yoga instructor in real life, she played a yoga enthusiast in her first film.

1 Kylie Jenner

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You know a member of the Kardashian clan has to take the top spot here. The youngest daughter of Kris and former Olympic gold medalist Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is just 20 years old, yet she already had her fair share of scandals. Unlike Kris' older daughter, Kendall, who is actually quite respectable and most recently became the highest-paid model in the world, Kylie chose the path similar to her older step-sisters. She started to use lip-fillers when she was just 17 and got exceptionally curvy in a short period of time, which caused rumours of silicone implants. Around that time she also started dating rapper Tyga, who was also producing porn movies. She constantly flaunts her figure on Instagram and now she's pregnant with rapper Travis Scott.

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