15 Sports Female Athletes Should Play In Their Birthday Suits

Life can be pretty tiresome and chaotic, which is why we all need to find entertaining ways to distract ourselves from the daily grind, and it is because of this need to be distracted, that sports have become so popular. When you include both the professional and amateur levels, you will find that the sporting world consists of literally billions of fans, individuals who seek out the purest form of entertainment: physical competition. Many of these fans even play sports themselves, and although most of them do it just to pass the time, others turn sports into a career, either for the money, or for the recognition and accolades that come with it. No matter what their motivations are though, there will always be people in the stands cheering for one person or team to win.

With that being said though, sports fans are always looking to be entertained in new ways by the product presented to them, which is why people think about how the sport they are watching would look if all the athletes were nude. Granted, it sounds perverted, but realistically speaking, practically everyone, whether they are male or female, gay or straight, have had the thought cross their mind, even if it was for a split second. Considering that the Ancient Greeks used to participate in the Olympics fully nude, the idea is not beyond the realm of possibility, in fact from a popularity and financial standpoint, some sports would actually benefit from their athletes playing in their birthday suits, and this article will try to identify 15 of those sports.

15 Wrestling

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Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world, dating back to before the ancient Greeks, who eventually included the sport in the original incarnation of the Olympic Games, as it was seen as one of the pinnacles of physical competition. In the original Olympics, wrestlers would actually face-off against one another while completely naked, and considering all the grappling and throwing involved, it is safe to assume that there were quite a few unpleasant injuries. Today, Olympic wrestlers compete while wearing skin-tight uniforms, uniforms that would make ancient Olympians cringe, so why not go back to the old dress code? When you think about it, it makes sense, because A LOT more people will watch two individuals jostling for position on a mat if they are both wearing their birthday suits.

14 Swimming

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Every 4 years, the sporting world seemingly comes to a stop, as most eyes turn towards the Summer Olympics, which showcases the best amateur athletes that every country has to offer. Over the course of 2 weeks, there are hundreds of medals awarded to athletes who win their respective disciplines, and a good chunk of those medals are awarded to swimmers, as there are 36 different events that take place. These swim meets often offer some of the best entertainment and performances, and for good reason, as every swimmer is in amazing physical shape, and it also helps that they all wear extremely tight outfits in order to make themselves more aerodynamic in the water. The majority of Olympic swimmers are attractive individuals, so it is safe to assume that they will look even better in the water if they are wearing nothing at all; it may even make them faster.

13 Legends Football League

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Despite lower ratings and lower participation numbers, football is still the most popular sport in the United States, so it makes sense that fans want to see as much of the sport as possible, which is why Mitchell Mortaza founded the Legends Football League. Unlike other spin-off football leagues, the LFL has managed to stay afloat, and that would be because the league features full-contact football being played by very attractive women wearing tight clothing that accentuate their figures. It goes without saying that it is entertaining to watch these women compete, especially since clothes do sometimes come off, instances that deserve a spot on any highlight reel. The LFL gets healthy ratings, but imagine how many more football fans would tune in to the league if they did away with the uniforms altogether.

12 Tennis

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The majority of people who watch tennis only tune in to watch one of the year's 4 Grand Slams, mainly because those are the events that feature ALL of the world's best players at once. Unlike the men's side, women's tennis is not dominated by 4 individuals who are just better than everyone else, as a woman's appearance allows her to become incredibly popular, even if she is nowhere near the best in the world. Women's tennis has been filled with stunning women for decades, and there is no way that people would be disappointed if they saw players like Maria Sharapova, Eugenie Bouchard, Mandy Minella, and Laura Robson running up and down the court without any clothes on. Granted, playing without clothes would not eliminate the grunting, but it would help to distract from it.

11 Diving

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We return to the pool with this entry, as swimming is not the only major sport that requires its athletes to get wet as much as possible, and diving can be just as nerve-raking as a standard swim meet. Diving does require a fair bit of skill, but the most important thing that divers have to work on is timing and angles, because they need to hit the water at just the right angle at the just the right time in order to limit the amount of water that splashes once they dive into it. Just like ordinary swimmers, divers need to wear skin-tight swimsuits, which is a positive thing for a sport to have, and why there are always a surprising amount of fans at these events, but imagine how many more people would show up if the divers wore nothing at all, and then had to wash off right after getting out of the pool.

10 Rhythmic Gymnastics

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It may not seem like it, but gymnastics is a very big deal, in fact, it is one of the major events at every Summer Olympics, but what many people do not know is that there is a completely separate discipline known as rhythmic gymnastics. This discipline is also showcased at the Olympics, and it incorporates ballet, dance, actual gymnastics, and the manipulation of either a rope, hoop, ball, or ribbon. In order to become accomplished in this field, a person needs to be incredibly flexible, and such flexibility looks great accompanied by tight outfits, but it would look even better minus the outfits. In order to win, a competitor must complete a choreography that covers the entire floor, and it is pretty safe to assume that most of us would prefer to see dance moves performed in the buff.

9 Golf

The game of golf has been played since the 15th century, and although it is a modestly popular pastime, the game suffers from low viewership numbers, especially when someone named Tiger Woods is not playing in a tournament. When you consider what the actual game entails, you can see why people find it to be very boring, seeing as you basically hit a ball, walk after it, and then hit it again until it gets into a hole. The LGPA, which features only female professional golfers, has to deal with even lower viewership, as there are no major superstars on the tour, so the tour needs to find someway to spice things up. If you look-up the likes of Lexi Thompson, Belen Mozo, and Sharmila Nicollet, then you can see how golf would benefit from being played without clothing.

8 Figure Skating

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For a long time, hockey has not been given the credit that it deserves, especially since it is actually quite difficult and physically taxing to move across an ice rink with a pair of skates. Although it is an Olympic sport as well, figure skating suffers from the same problem as hockey, except A LOT more people think that figure skating is boring, even though it requires a great deal of skill, and can be incredibly dangerous. Most of the time, audiences tune in to figure skating competitions to watch the women, who twirl and flip in the air while wearing short, tight outfits. It goes without saying that if people watch because of the tight outfits, that many more eyes will tune in if the athletes are not wearing anything at all.

7 Synchronized Swimming

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If you compete in an aquatic sport, than you will be wet a lot of the time, and even if there are some who disagree, many of us can agree that attractive individuals look somewhat more attractive while wet. That is the reason why we are returning to the pool yet again, as there is another aquatic sport that would be vastly more entertaining if the athletes competed without any clothing. Synchronized swimming is a hybrid form of swimming, gymnastics, and dance, which requires a team to perform a synchronized routine, and just like with standard swimming and diving, they too wear skin-tight outfits. A team can consist of anywhere between 2 to 10 individuals, so if the sport were to go completely nude, there would always be multiple individuals performing aerobics in the water at the same time.

6 Soccer

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Football may be the most popular sport in the U.S., but it is by no means the most popular sport in the world, that is a title that belongs to soccer, which garners billions of viewers every 4 years from just a single tournament alone. Unless players get ejected, a normal soccer game will see 22 individuals on the field at the same time, running after a ball that they are trying to kick into the opposition's net. Although most games are low-scoring affairs, there is a lot of physical contact involved, especially during a free-kick or a corner kick, a fact that is true in both men's and women's soccer. The women's side is filled with beautiful women, like Hope Solo, Jonelle Foligno, Laure Boulleau, and Alex Morgan, and we can all agree that we would watch women like them playing soccer in their birthday suits.

5 Surfing

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If you live near a major beach, or visit one, you will likely see a few people surfing out in the distance, and the reason for that is because it is actually a very fun and liberating activity. In order to surf properly, a person needs to have good balance, because that is the only way that someone can ride a wave properly, and professional surfers are even capable of performing moves while riding those waves. Professional surfers barely wear any clothing whatsoever, as the men will just wear swim trunks, while most women wear bikinis, which is a very pleasant sight, but it would look even better if they wore nothing at all, and if anyone wants to argue that statement, they just have to look at someone like Alana Blanchard for their opinion to change instantaneously.

4 Track & Field

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If Baywatch taught us anything, it is that audiences enjoy watching attractive women running on land, which is why tack and field finds itself on this list, because it offers exactly that. Most of track and field does revolve around running, but it also includes events like the long jump, high jump, pole vault, javelin, and shot put, all of which require an athlete to be in incredible shape. For those who have not seen a professional track and field event, the women's field is filled with beautiful individuals, who usually compete while wearing tight spandex attire that showcases their physiques. If you want to get more people watching track, then the solution is simple, just make it mandatory that no one can wear clothes, that way the events become more appealing for everyone.

3 Equestrianism

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At one point in time, the quickest way to travel on land was to ride a horse, and although the vast majority of us now use a car or some form of public transportation to get around, there are still those who take pride in riding such a beautiful animal. It takes time to learn how to ride a horse, and it also takes time for a horse to be properly trained, which is why Equestrian sports are filled with the best riders in the entire world. Equestrianism is used to describe the skill of either riding a horse, or vaulting with one, and generally, the riders all wear the same type of outfit, which includes a blazer, and very noticeable pants. Considering that riders will be bobbing up and down a lot while on their horse, you can see why naked equestrianism would be appealing.

2 Archery

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Human beings have been using bows and arrows for thousands of years, and although they were primarily used for hunting and warfare for most of their existence, they are now mainly used for sport. As a sport, archery is pretty simple, as your only goal is to hit your target, and the closer you are to the bullseye, the better, but just because it sounds easy, does not mean that it is, because you generally need to have great vision and impeccable aim in order to be truly successful. With archery, you do not need to wear anything specific, as a standard t-shirt and pair of pants will suffice, but in truth, that makes the sport even more boring than it already is, seeing as the archers always have to stand still, but if you were to remove the clothing altogether, no one would complain about all the archers making the same pose.

1 Beach Volleyball

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Based on many of the previous entries on this list, the Summer Olympics feature a hefty bounty of sports which would be a lot better if they were played in the nude, but of all of them, beach volleyball is definitely at the top of the list. In essence, the sport is played in the exact same way as traditional indoor volleyball, except it takes place on a beach, which tends to be very hot, which is why the athletes wear very little clothing. It is because of this, that women's beach volleyball is more popular than the men's side, because they all wear bikinis, which to be fair, is a much more pleasant view. With all the jumping and diving that is involved in the sport, it only makes sense to get rid of the clothing altogether in order to make it even more appealing, especially since the sand helps to limit the amount of possible injuries.

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