15 Steamiest Female Athletes With The Ugliest Personalities

In today’s day and age as a pro athlete, you can no longer just get away with doing your thing in your sport. You’re a public entity, and that means after giving it your all on the field, in the arena, on the court, or whatever other sporting place you apply your trade in, you’ve got plenty of other obligations, responsibilities to your sport and your fans. It also means the prying eyes of the media are never too far away, never too far from unearthing something, some juicy bit of gossip. When such things occur, certain athletes snap, let it all out, and we get to see the real sides of their personalities, the real ugly sides. Some athletes don’t need any prompting – it’s just the way they are, and they’re quite happy being themselves and letting the world see what they’re really like. They let their fans down, their sport, and themselves, and they’ll forever be labelled as that athlete who said that, who did that. That’s a tag that’s hard to shift. Quite often it’s men who are found to have ugly personalities. Loud boisterous dudes who think they’re something they’re not, really piss people off.

The stereotypical female athlete isn’t really like that. But there have been female athletes over the years that have revealed ugly sides to their personalities. Certain instances, controversial moments, have shone the light on these athletes, have revealed that they have some hang-ups and problems lurking within them, that comes out in the form of an ugly personality.

15 Maria Sharapova

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Maria Sharapova’s one of the most controversial tennis stars around. Well, she was a star, although she’s now fallen from grace. Many in the sporting world were mightily glad to see her knocked off her pedestal, all because of her own naivety; her own doing. They were glad, especially those on the women’s tennis circuit, because Maria doesn’t exactly have a load of friends on tour. It’s her hooty snooty personality that rubs plenty of people the wrong way. Ever since winning her first Grand Slam, since she’s blossomed into a beautiful, highly successful woman, her head’s grown bigger and bigger, and she’s not the friendliest of people. If it’s to do with her business activities, to do with making money, sure, she’ll show her face, chat with anyone and everyone and be all charming. But if not, forget about it – many people have actually said she can be quite obnoxious.

14 Sania Mirza

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This woman is a diva through and through. She’s a tennis player, and probably not one of the most well-known tennis players either amongst fans of the sport. That’s because she applies her trade in doubles competitions, steers away from singles events. But to those India, she’s revered and is a megastar. She’s in all the ads, on posters, TV ads, and is always on some TV show or other. That’s because she’s hot, but also because she’s got connections, is in with the A-listers. Sania’s always snapped out and about with some major film star or other, and she’s undoubtedly one of the biggest celebs in India. But it’s all gone to her head. Like I’ve said, there’s been instances where she’s acted like a real diva, and when out of her celebrity circle of friends, she’s not a barrel of laughs like she is when the cameras are pointed in her direction.

13 Danica Patrick

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a woman who’s regarded to be one of the hottest and wealthiest women in sport. But as her fame’s increased over the years, we’ve begun to see a pretty ugly side to her personality which has risen to the surface and has many times bubbled over. When the cameras are rolling, more often than not, Danica’s a darling. But if she’s not under any obligation to make an appearance, or just smile and be kind and courteous – which she should be doing anyway – she just doesn’t want to know. There’ve been numerous instances where she’s chastised fans, refused to give autographs, belittling fans, saying things like, “Does it look like I’m in the mood,” “I’m under no obligation to,” – things like that. But it’s not like it’s even just the fame that’s made her rude and obnoxious.

Apparently, she was like this even before she started racing with NASCAR. There was one radio interview in which she was so rude, the station had to cut her off. They spent the rest of show discussing what a d-bag she was; arrogant, condescending, obnoxious – that only begins to describe aspects of her personality.

12 Gabby Logan

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As a gymnast, Gabby Logan was seriously good, and was regarded to be one of the hottest athletes around. Now, she’s made the transition to sportscasting, hosting shows, and fans of hers are delighted. As she’s gotten older, she’s gotten hotter, and is today regarded to be one of the hottest sports presenters on TV. But she’s had quite a few controversial moments, moments that leads us to believe that she’s not the smartest cookie. Over the years she’s made some derogatory comments about some of the world’s most famous athletes, athletes who she’s interviewed and no-doubt will do so in the future.

She’s called tennis star Andy Murray, the “moodiest most miserable b******' “she has ever met, and has dug into Usain Bolt as well, after saying the Olympic Games didn’t need him. She’s been caught out, and it shows that she’s kind of two-faced, showing what she really thinks about those she’s interviewed.

11 Ronda Rousey

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Ronda Rousey, the fallen great MMA fighter’s career is in limbo at the moment, and there’s speculation that she’s probably going to retire any day now. But how was the once great female MMA fighter in the world toppled, how did she fall from grace? Many are saying her arrogance led to her destruction. Karma, some are calling it. Fans may look up to her, but the way she goes about things isn’t really becoming of a champion athlete.

This is coming from a man who managed her for many years, Darin Harvey: “I created a monster, she’s just not a very good person.” Wow, that’s a pretty severe bashing. But we’ve also seen Ronda show some of this side to her personality in public. Sure, some of what she does is to promote fights, but she very often goes over the top, and win or lose, she’s just generally a very moody, stroppy person.

She’s even admitted to beating her ex black and blue and is thought to have broken up a marriage; there are many instances that show she’s got an ugly side to her personality, and the UFC might actually be better off without her.

10 Sydney Leroux

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Sydney Leroux is regarded to be, certainly one of the hottest soccer players, but one of the hottest sportswomen in the world. She’s got a pretty spotless record, except for one thing. Most people might not deem it to be all that serious, but Sydney knew what she’s doing, wanted to get a reaction and boy did it do just that.

Sydney’s Canadian, and represented her country at youth level. But then she switched her allegiances and began playing for the U.S.A, where she became a star. This pissed a lot of Canadians off, and she, rather than just getting on with her business, chose to antagonize such people, exacerbate the situation. During one match in which she scored against her birth nation, she went over to the Canadian fans and began kissing and pointing the U.S. badge. Then after the taunts began being flung her way, she put a finger to her lips, telling them to shush. She loves it, loves that type of controversy, and it’s caused some pretty ugly incidences over the years.

9 Eugenie Bouchard

Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

It’s pretty remarkable the type of career that Eugenie Bouchard has had. Remarkably, she’s still only 23, but has already gained a reputation for being a sex symbol. She’s regarded to be one of the hottest women in tennis, and is one of the brightest prospects. She really does have a promising future ahead of her, that is if she gets an attitude adjustment. In addition to being hot, she’s also gained another reputation for being a bit of a bratty kid. She’s gone from being a golden girl to the super brat of tennis, and it’s something that’s affected her game and fan following.

Eugenie’s loud, brash, and isn’t afraid to speak up and voice her opinion. She’s been very vocal in her thoughts about Maria Sharapova for example, and her drug ban. That’s all well and good. But some of the other comments she’s made over the years, and her refusal to shake hands with her opponent before a Fed Cup match – it’s not boxing Genie – has revealed a really ugly side to her personality. Luckily for her, she’s young, so still has time to rectify her reputation. Plus, she’s talented and hot, so people aren’t going to stop following her any time soon.

8 Carli Lloyd

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Unlike the men’s U.S. soccer team, the women’s team is a pretty big deal. They’ve enjoyed a host of accolades over the years, and are regarded to be one of the best, if not the best, female soccer team in the world. Carli Lloyd is someone who’s a permanent fixture of that successful team. She certainly draws in the crowds – not with her skill, which is often the subject of ridicule – but because whoever’s on the pitch, Carli’s going to be one of the hottest players on the field. She’s liked by a lot of people solely for that reason. But she’s also hated by plenty, including many of her own teammates, and her family.

Firstly, labelling yourself as the best player in the world, isn’t going to win you any fans – especially when you’re pretty mediocre – it just shows a tremendous amount of arrogance. But the ugly side to her personality is that she’s incredibly selfish. Because of her selfishness, her own teammates have frozen her out, she was chucked out her home and her family have disowned her. Carli’s got one friend in the sport, and that’s Hope Solo. Speaking of which...

7 Hope Solo

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s Carli’s partner in crime on the U.S. soccer team. Goalkeepers have always been considered to be a bit mad, but Hope’s on another level altogether. Some think she does it on purpose – doesn’t want to be the stereotypical woman who looks pretty, smiles for the cameras and says and does what she’s meant to, what’s appropriate. It’s as if she goes out of her way to be rude, and revels in being the anti-hero. She’s got a really ugly side to her personality, and it comes to the surface whenever she gets a mic shoved in her face. She’s bashed her own teammates publicly, has called opposition teams “cowards” and is known for being seriously ungracious in defeat, and victory.

Her actions also speak volumes; she has a history of domestic violence, dishing some it out on her own family too. No wonder Hope’s the social pariah of the soccer world.

6 Serena Williams

Martin Richard/Presse Sports via USA TODAY NETWORK

Even champions like Serena Williams have their flaws. There’s no doubting the fact that Serena is the greatest tennis player of all time, and is probably one of the greatest ever sportswomen, period. More often than not, she conducts herself pretty well. But she’s been around a hell of a long time now, and during these many years on the tennis scene, we’ve seen the ugly side to her personality, what happens when she’s not in her usual zen-like state, someone ticks her off, or she feels things are getting out of control.

She’s smashed rackets, has abused – and I mean seriously abused – line judges and referees, to the point where she’s been docked points and has left matches mid-match because of such issues – not thinking about the fans – and has been known to be pretty rude to fans. All in all, I’d say she’s got a pretty ugly side to her personality.

5 Skylar Diggins

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Skylar Diggings is the face of women’s basketball, and what a beautiful face it is too! She’s hot, has an awesome body, and from a marketing point of view, is a company’s dream woman. But because of all of this, because she’s so highly regarded, by well, pretty much everyone, there’s an ugly side of her personality that’s shone through. Skylar’s gained a reputation for being a bit snobbish, for being a bit of a diva. She’s someone who does what she wants when she wants, shuns fans, has been known to be pretty rude to pretty much everyone, including reporters.

Skylar basically wants to play basketball, and that’s it; she’s not into all the extra stuff that comes with it, that comes with being a huge star. When she’s just not feeling it, rather than being polite and diplomatic about things, she wears her emotions on her sleeve and we’ve all gotten to see the ugly side of her.

4 Zara Phillips

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As royals go, there aren’t many who are considered hotter than Zara Phillips. She’s a British royal, and although she doesn’t have a royal title, she’s the current queen, Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter, so she’s a pretty big deal. Being brought into such a family, she was obviously going to be brought up differently to the average person on the street. We’ve certainly seen this with Zara over the years, during her royal duties, which she does now and again, but mostly during her interviews when she partakes in equestrianism. She’s done pretty well as a British equestrian, competing in all sorts of events and the Olympics.

It’s enabled us to see that she really was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and her arrogance has just shone through. It’s thought this has ticked off a number of riders, and over the years, her all-round attitude hasn’t gone down well with her own family either.

3 Michelle Wie

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Michelle Wie has been labelled as being Ms. Controversy, and over the years Ms Controversy’s put her foot in it time and time again. There’s no doubting the fact that she’s hot, that she’s got a great golf game and is one of the most recognizable golfers around. But she’s also recognized as being a whiny cry-baby. She’s never gracious when someone else wins, and always has an excuse for why she’s played poorly. That’s one thing that ticks a lot of people off about Michelle. But there’s been tons of other things she’s said or done that’s made people call her the spoiled brat of golf. Her and her entourage are self-centred, self-serving and arrogant, and it’s something that’s meant Michelle doesn’t have a lot of friends on the LPGA tour.

2 Zahra Schreiber

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If you’re got two eyes, you can’t dispute the fact that wrestler, Zahra Schreiber, is seriously hot. She’s covered her body with tattoos, has some fine assets, and is beautiful. But it’s hard to see all that, bear it any attention, when we know what her personality’s like. It all came to light in spectacular fashion, and ruined Zahra as a wrestler, and as a personality full stop. Well, it ruined her as a personality that could be liked anyway. She’s tweeted derogatory comments about black people and their kids, but that was just the start. Pictures were posted of Zahra with Nazi imagery, and that was the last straw for WWE, who terminated her immediately. We’ve also seen her nasty side come out during that whole drama with Seth Rollins. No doubt he and the wrestling world would want to forget all about her.

1 Julianna Pena

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The Venezuelan vixen has one fiery attitude, and a really foul mouth on her. Sure, her sport’s MMA, and in today’s day and age, trash talking is just part and parcel of the business. But Julianna takes things to another level, does it, does and says the things she does, because she just can’t help herself, it’s engrained within her, is part of her personality. One of the things she’s done has really laid into Ronda Rousey. She’s called her a b****, the worst girl of MMA, and – something that’s riled a lot of people up – she’s fat-shamed Ronda.

Her antics can only be described as bullying. She’s also deemed to be incredibly arrogant by others on the MMA circuit, is just a really obnoxious person and thinks she's entitled to more than everyone else.

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