15 Steamy Cheerleaders Involved In Serious Scandals

Beneath the façade of their skimpy outfits and innocent schoolgirl demeanors, cheerleaders have gained a reputation for their mischievous ways!

When you think of cheerleaders, you probably picture the happy, jumpy, overly enthusiastic eye candy holding court on the sidelines with a permanent smile and seemingly no apparent idea about what’s going on in the game behind them. They shout some catchy cheers, bust a few dance moves during the TV commercial break and wave their pom-poms around in unison with nary a care in the world.

But beneath the façade of their skimpy outfits and innocent schoolgirl demeanors, cheerleaders have gained a notorious reputation for their mischievous ways when the sun sets and the scoreboard reads all zeroes. In fact, some of these saucy little minxes are nothing but trouble and have gotten themselves caught up in some seriously sinister situations.

Crime, treachery, infidelity – you name it. Cheerleaders are nothing if not susceptible to the inevitable tomfoolery that tends to arise when you throw a bunch of young, attractive and typically highly immature athletes together under one roof in the chaotic world of organized sports.

So get ready to clutch those pearls, because here’s a list of 15 hot cheerleaders that have been involved in serious, jaw-dropping scandals.

15 Kori Lanard: The Side Hustle


Apparently good looks and a gig cheering at the Georgia Dome on Sundays wasn’t quite keeping the bills paid for former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Kori Lanard, so she decided to turn to a life of crime in order to make ends meet.

Together with her boyfriend and younger sister, Lanard helped run a massive illegal chop shop operation, stealing cars, trucks, tractor trailers and even bulldozers in order to re-sell them or part them out to willing buyers.

14 Whitney Isleib: The Blackface Incident


Back in 2009, then Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Whitney Isleib, a 21-year-old blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty, apparently hadn’t gotten the obvious memo that putting on blackface – even for an edgy Halloween costume – can be pretty offensive. Like, c’mon, Whitney.

Allegedly going as soon-to-be-incarcerated rap artist Lil’ Wayne, Isleib went all-out with her costume: blackface, a metal grill, a flat-bill cap, face tattoos and even some blinged-out ice around her neck – it was the whole nine yards.

13 Vanessa Curry: The (Alleged) Kobe Affair


When will Kobe ever learn? First, he cheats on his wife in Colorado in 2004 and ends up being arrested on sexual assault charges, and then he goes and (allegedly) cheats again, this time with the beautiful, then 18-year-old Laker Girl Vanessa Curry in 2008, sparking a huge to-do in the online gossip rags.

12 Molly Shattuck: Just A Minor Issue


You probably first heard of Molly Shattuck back in 2005, when at 38 years young, she became the oldest NFL cheerleader ever, after trying out and making the cut through all five rounds of the Baltimore Ravens’ cheer-team recruiting process.

Blonde, thin and perky as the rest of them, Shattuck was infinitely famous before she became shamefully infamous less than a decade later.

When she was 47, Shattuck, apparently still lapping at the fountain of youth, turned an explicit texting relationship with her 15-year-old son’s classmate into an illegal physical relationship when she got him alone in a room during a beach trip one Labor Day Weekend in Delaware.

11 Taylor Corley: The Hugh Hefner Problem


Before she became a Mississippi State University Bulldog with a cheerleading scholarship, Atlanta-area teen Taylor Corley posed as a bunny for Playboy after answering a local casting call on a whim. She immediately got a call back from executives at the girly magazine and appeared nude in one of its later editions in 2010 with the pseudonym Taylor Stone. It was her first paid modeling gig.

10 Christy Oglevee: The Cooley Love Triangle


Speaking of high school, we're sure everybody remembers the rumors that would float around the hallways in our adolescent days about how the star football player was messing around with the hot cheerleader behind his girlfriend’s back. Gossip, drama; you know the drill. Those were the good old days.

Well, former Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley must have been feeling a little nostalgic for extracurriculars back in 2005, when he was reportedly running around on his wife with smokin’ hot Redskins cheerleader Christy Oglevee. With the rumors flying, he divorced his wife and soon began a secret relationship with Oglevee.

The lovebirds were soon found out, and she got the boot for fraternizing with a player, but they later married in 2008, so it all turned out OK. That is, until they divorced four years later. Typical jock-cheerleader story.

9 Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders: The Bathroom Tryst


Tell us if you’ve heard this one before. You’re at the club, it’s crowded, you’ve gotta pee like a racehorse, and there’s an incredibly long line for the bathroom because there are a couple of lesbians getting it on in there. No? Well, meet former Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders Angela Keathley and Renee Thomas.

The Panthers were in Tampa to play the Buccaneers back in November 2005, so the Panthers’ TopCats squad made a special trip to support their boys. The night before the game, Angela and Renee apparently had a few too many cranberry-vodkas at a Tampa-area bar and decided to get freaky in the restroom.

8 Caitlin Davis: The Night Of The Sharpie


Apparently NFL cheerleaders of every age are equally prone to scandals. You heard earlier about the oldest-ever NFL cheerleader getting herself into some serious criminal trouble, so now let’s cover the youngest-ever NFL cheerleader, who also caused herself – and the team she cheered for – a load of grief.

Caitlin Davis, age 18 at the time back in 2008, was dismissed from the New England Patriots’ cheer squad after pictures surfaced of her posing in a Boston College dorm room, Sharpie marker in hand, over a passed-out drunk kid who had all sorts of penises, explicit language and – worst of all – swastikas drawn all over his body.

7 The Orange Coast College Photos


On a cheerleading competition trip to Las Vegas in 2007, the Orange Coast College cheer squad decided to blow off some steam from all of that hard cheerleader work with a wild, drunken, and mostly nude party inside one of their Vegas hotel rooms.

Apparently no one told them the whole “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” adage is complete bunk, especially when there is photo evidence. And especially when said photos show your wild antics and completely naked bodies.

6 Victoria Lindsay And The Mulberry Eight


High school cattiness is just high school cattiness until the high school cattiness goes beyond way too far. That’s what happened in Polk County, Florida in 2008 in the case of Victoria Lindsay, a hapless victim of a brutal beating by six of her former Mulberry High School cheer-squad teammates.

On the day of the incident, the unsuspecting Lindsay was lured to one of her teammates’ houses, where she was invited inside, immediately cornered and beaten mercilessly for the next half hour, all with cameras rolling.

5 Breakfast At Morton Ranch High


Generally speaking, bounding someone’s wrists and feet, blindfolding them and then tossing them in a swimming pool against their will in the wee hours of the morning would be considered criminal behavior. But when Morton Ranch High School varsity cheerleaders did exactly that in Katy, Texas back in 2008, they claimed it was nothing more than innocent hazing and team bonding.

What once was a traditional cheer-squad initiation, in which the varsity girls would surprise the JV recruits in the early-morning hours by dragging them out of bed and taking them to breakfast, turned criminal when the older girls carried out their devious little stunt.

4 Jill Moore: The Hotel Room Romp


Hormones, booze, barely legal coeds and strapping young soldiers. If those things all sound like the ingredients of a cheesy, low-budget adult flick, you’d probably be right. The only thing missing in this illicit, real-life cheerleader scandal, though, was the camera.

In the town of Ware Shoals, South Carolina in 2007, Ware Shoals High cheer coach Jill Smith got herself into a heap of trouble after she was found to have been hooking up with a National Guardsman who recruited at her school. It wasn’t necessarily so bad, except for the occasion when she brought a couple members of her cheer squad along with her to a hotel to meet her beau, bought them vodka and put them in a room with another guardsman to you know, have some more fun...

3 The Fab 5


No joke, this is something straight out of “Mean Girls.” Already notorious for basically having taken over the school with their bullying, bad behavior and rampant disrespect for teachers and coaches, five Texas high school cheerleaders, later dubbed “The Fab 5,” made national headlines when they went out terrorizing a Dallas-area town on a long night of drunken debauchery.

2 Samantha Baker: Drug Bust


There’s a New England Patriots cheating joke in here somewhere, but we’ll stop short of dropping some sort of witty punchline and just give you the rundown.

Samantha Baker was a Patriots cheerleader back in 2002, and she was beauty. Sexy, hot and fit – in fact, a little too fit. As it turns out, Samantha, a cheerleader-turned-fitness-model was (probably) juicing it up along with her boyfriend, and it didn’t end well for either of them.

Her boyfriend, Vincent Papagano, was targeted by police as the mastermind of a massive drug-trafficking business that moved weed, steroids and other illicit drugs. When the cops raided his place in 2011, they seized 35 pounds of marijuana, a pile of anabolic steroids and more prescription drugs than the local corner pharmacy.

1 Courtney Simpson: Career Choice


Ahh, Arizona State University. A former college turned sexual oasis full of hot, "hungry" college-aged adults with one thing on their mind – and it isn’t grades. Over the years, ASU has more than earned its reputation as a scantily clad party school that churns out superficial dropouts who end up in raunchy men’s magazines, so it’s almost surprising how much of a scandal a former ASU cheerleader caused when she wound up doing adult camera work.

Even though she grew up a devout Mormon, being constantly bombarded with sex-charged imagery and conversations around campus tempted Courtney Simpson to break her chastity vow at age 18 during her freshman year, which apparently switched-on a long-dormant sexual deviancy deep inside her.

Despite a regrettable first experience in the adult world and her parents finding out about her wicked ways, she doubled down by quitting school and moving to Hollywood to do adult work full-time. A legal controversy arose when footage of her performing in her ASU cheerleader uniform surfaced and the school sued for trademark infringement.

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15 Steamy Cheerleaders Involved In Serious Scandals