15 Steamy Fitness Models Who Can Lift More Than You

The holiday season may leave you looking for some new inspiration to get fit. Whether you are looking for these fitness gurus to follow for workout ideas on your trip to the gym or just looking for them to just look at them, something that we can all agree on is this: these women mean business.

Not only do their physiques leave no doubt that they live what they preach, they also are extremely dedicated to posting pictures that leave you wanting more posts (for the workouts, of course) …and leave hardly anything to the imagination.

Bottom line is that these fitness models will inspire you to get moving and give you something more addicting to scroll through than those Instagram food accounts. The benefit: looking at these bada$$ women will not only inspire you that strength means beauty but will suddenly make you crave sweets much less than @letmeeatcake or @joythebaker.

Once you scroll through a few posts of these chiseled women squatting more weight than you can even think about lifting, sculpting their bodies like a bunch of greek, insanely robust goddesses, and looking like completely underrated models, there’s a chance you’ll get thoroughly inspired to sprint to the gym to emulate them, but even when not, at least you might think you have to work out twice as harder to want to try and impress them. Either way, it’s a win-win.

Let these fitness gurus inspire you to push through the holiday season or at least give you a reason to think Christmas definitely came early this year.

15 Michelle Lewin

Just had to... 😬✌🏻 #RunForrestRUN 🏃🏻#CorreForrestCORRE

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This Latina fitness goddess, successful author, and supermodel proves that short-statured girls can also rise to the occasion of being a force to be reckoned with at 5-foot-4.

Nicknamed La Cuerpa, the Venezuelan showcases her hard-working strong, yet extremely feminine body, stating that she aspires to be a “bodyshaper” rather than a bodybuilder. Not only does she give inspiration to women who start off with a normal body type that they can just get better, she also gives men something to scroll down for.

Lewin is a Bikini Pro, which means she is a successful bikini competitor. For someone who wins competitions for looking amazing in a bikini, you can’t really find anyone better to follow for your fitness motivation, or, other motivation.

Not only is Lewin breaking down barriers by being bilingual, speaking English and Spanish, former Miss Peñaloza has gotten turned down by fashion agencies because of freckles on her chest. However, we encourage you to be the judge on just how “unattractive” that is.

14 Ana Cheri

She has her own swim line and models every. Single. One. This fitness and bikini model has been ranked the hottest women on Snapchat by askmen.com and can also throw down some fitness routines that might scare you off from the weight room for a little while.

Ana isn’t just a pretty face, this bombshell maxes out her deadlift at 205 lbs, and can still look stunning during her rigorous workouts. This fitness guru truly encompasses the look that is not only inspiring but also one hundred percent drool worthy. She has graced the cover of Import Tuner, Toyo Tires, Punch Magazine, and of course Playboy, as Miss October 2015. Whether you want to, we can back up that a follow is well worth her workout program or just follow her to follow her, period.

13 Emily Skye

When it comes to being pregnant, of course, there is the glow, but not many people can keep their fitness level. Emily Skye is the exception. This Reebok Global Ambassador from Australia is not only gorgeous while working out or in exercise attire, she also loves to rock her fashionista side, posting amazing pictures displaying not only her amazing physique but also her unparalleled beauty.

Her Australian accent could be the only thing left to win us completely over. But, the swimsuit pictures could definitely get the job done. This fitness guru has not only her baby blues to grab your attention, she is just overall a quirky, gorgeous person. But not only is her baby on the way, she is, just like all the good ones seem to be — taken. She also posts regular pictures of her dessert baby and imperfect photos, showing that social media really isn't real life, which is not only inspirational but makes us like her even more.

12 Cassey Ho

via Twitter.com

This gorgeous Pilates fitness guru has over 1.4 million followers for a reason. Not only is she beautiful, her workout programs are focused on a few pinpoint exercises to influence and easily shape her followers into a stunning physique like hers.

Don’t be fooled by the “Pilates” look, Cassey is strong, fit, and can back it up with her workout program, nutritional advice, and creation of POP Pilates and PIIT28. Her gorgeous pictures, physique, and physical beauty will make you want to follow her, stat. Cassey also often posts humorous pictures and quotes that make her that much more likable, relatable and want us to make you follow her that much more.

11 Jen Selter

Weekend 🦄

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If it’s not her big baby blues, it might just be her big… Well, Jen Selter hasn't been donned the famous nickname IG Booty Queen overnight because of her eyes. Though she honestly doesn't seem to have much upper body strength, it really isn't what you are going to her page to look at anyway.

Don’t get us wrong — she is toned, but don’t expect her to give you the ultimate training plan for an award-winning training specialist. She knows how to keep fit and it is obvious from all the attention she has gotten. However, She must have the brains, however, or a good PR, because her credentials don’t back her up enough to blow up with her own fitness program and website. Feel free to snoop around, guilt-free.

10 Hannah Bronfman

Might have been the best beach day of the season ⛱

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The woman really, truly does it all. The Manhattan native is a DJ, fitness model, entrepreneur, co-founder of Beautified and founder of HBFit. She is also drop dead gorgeous.

This New Yorker fitness guru is on our top five because she seems to do it all. Not only can she juggle all of her successful endeavors and her relationship, she also looks amazing doing it all. Did we also mention she is the face of Adidas? So, if you can’t get enough of her on all her social media pages, you might spot her when you’re looking for your next pair of sneakers. She does have her modest moments, but of course, this only accentuates and brings out her true beauty, showing that she is gorgeous inside and out.

9 Nana Al Haleq

We know you probably have never heard of her, but oh my god, you should definitely click on that link as fast as you can. Not only is she the spitting image of a female fitness guru that can definitely lift more than you, she also looks amazing doing it. If you also think purple hair is never a bad idea — check her out.

This fitness model from Malaysia is racking up the followers for a good reason. Not only do her videos and pictures give you a reason to post about #MotivationMonday, they also give you a reason to keep scrolling, and staring, and then scroll some more. Her name is also Nana, and if you have seen the music video for that Trey Songz hit bearing the same name, it’s also a bit of chicken or egg scenario when it comes to who inspired who. Either way, these girls are fit and gorgeous!

8 Natalie Uhling

With gorgeous photos and definite model material, Natalie Uhling is for those thinking that blondes really do it better. From her stylish pictures to her athletic workout programs, Natalie Uhling is another female boss who can easily surpass you in a workout.

From all her beautiful model shots on her Instagram, you have hundreds of choices to choose from for your next background, whether for your own fitness motivation, or a different motivation, Natalie should be the next gorgeous fitness guru gracing your desktop, or iPad, or phone, or anything else, really. This famous American fitness instructor and our number five on our list uses her workout program integrating kickboxing, dance, and toning that can really make you sweat and kick your butt, too.

7 Lyzabeth Lopez

She is all about the Hourglass Workout. If this doesn't hint at what type of body she has, we don't know what will. We wouldn't be surprised if she had a very close relation to J-Lo. Regardless, this gorgeous trainer is an award-winning master trainer that looks amazing doing what she does best.

She is all about building curves and confidence, which means that she is fit, but still not only retains that feminine look but accentuates it in a whole new way with her individual workouts. She has amazing videos, photos, and workout programs to not only keep you motivated in the gym but also show that women can still lift more than most men without losing their feminine side. She also pushes tires and looks amazing doing it!

6 Natalie Jill

via pinterest.com

For those looking for a motherly, yet not-so-motherly woman to follow, we give you Natalie Jill. Not only is she a badass founder, owner, and CEO, she also has a rocking body to back up what she preaches. Holding as many certifications as you do receipts from McDonald’s over the past few months, this fitness guru has brains and beauty.

And others agree. Natalie has graced the covers of a multitude of magazines, showing off her ripped, abs and toned physique. Fitness magazine, Glam Today, Hers, Sporting, Woman’s World, WPM, and Energize are just a few on this fitted beauty’s resume. If your motivation isn't her workout programs, then you’re in luck: this beauty not only has a playful, humorous side but also posts about great recipes to try out, as well, did we mention she is also stunning?

5 Jeanette Jenkins

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This Bikini Boot Camp trainer led by the Hollywood Trainer fitness company’s founder is not only a bombshell, but can really throw down a mean high kick. Lifetime Television’s “My Workout: Powered by podfitness.com” host is also extremely successful — she is the trainer Pink, Queen Latifah, Terrell Owens and Kelly Rowland.

What’s she doing for the holiday? Follow her Instagram for the 10 Day Holiday Challenge for two consecutive days of workouts, healthy meals, and you named it — pictures to accompany each. If you commit to the challenge you might also find a post or two that will make you want to commit even more. Fortunately, there are not only pictures to help inspire you, Jeanette also offers over 400 videos of exclusive workouts ranging from ten different methods of training. As it usually is stated during the holiday season referring to reasons to watch Ms. Jeanette Jenkins: the more, the merrier!

4 Amanda Bisk

This former Australian Pole Vaulter will make you want to watch a lot more track and field events in the next Olympics. Not only successful in her field, this former elite athlete has transformed her specializations not only to being an athletic coach, but also a qualified yoga teacher.

That means her pages are filled with posts not just of her and her gorgeous self, but also various yoga poses in various bikinis or workout clothes. Being from Australia, she has to soak up the sun, right? Her two cute pups are tough competition for attention, but this gorgeous fitness guru should be flooding your feed. From her workout plans to yoga positions, you probably should be following Amanda in all of her fields.

3 Idalis Velazquez

Bringing her good looks to the fitness mom professional world, Idalis from IVFitness is not only a strong, fit mother, she is also a gorgeous person. Based in Fort Lauderdale, you can bet this NASM certified personal trainer and TV personality can use her track and field athletic background to kick your butt and have a butt-kicking body.

If you aren't just looking for workout photos, prepare to have that and more. She regularly posts amazing pictures at fantastic sites, like Machu Picchu, Peru. She has the look, motivation, easy-to-follow (and not so easy) workout videos, fitness programs, nutritional recipes, and inspirational pictures. She is also a mother of two beautiful kids. In all honesty, with this fitness guru, what is there not to love?

2 Massy Arias

Giving a new meaning to the words fit mom, Massy is not only gorgeous and fit, she can also throw it down in the gym. Gracing the covers of STRONG Magazine can give you a hint of the kind of person and body type that Massy is and has: STRONG.

Massy also has a gorgeous family, amazing dance moves, and is really a true leader in revolutionizing the relationship between the words strong and beautiful. Massy looks incredible in a dress, in fitness clothes, in anything really, no matter how much or how little is showing. This fitness guru has loads of endorsements behind her, for being a fitness model, a mom, and just overall, a knockout.

1 Misty Copeland

This drop-dead gorgeous ballerina will give you a new perspective on what it means or looks like to be a fitness guru. Don’t let her slim and graceful physique fool you. This woman is a Principal Dancer with the American Ballet. This can only mean one thing — she is the real deal, and can probably kick your butt.

Not only has Misty been featured in a long list of feature covers, such as Elle, this gorgeous lady can give Meghan Markle a run for her money. Her poise, grace, commitment and dedication to her art are not the only attractive aspects of her. Giving you a new perspective on strength and beauty altogether, this Under Armour model really captures beauty, grace, and strength in one person.

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