15 Steamy Photos Of Alex Morgan That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

While soccer is widely considered to be the "world's game" with its estimated 3.5 billion fans worldwide, the game isn't as popular in the United States. Unlike in Africa, Europe and South America, the game is widely behind the likes of baseball, basketball and football (American). The MLS (Major League Soccer) has gained traction as expansion is looming with Las Vegas being awarded a team that's set to begin play in the 2018 calendar year.

However, that's the MLS which pertains to men's soccer; women's soccer is viewed even less than its male counterpart. But, if you're one of those who hasn't given women's soccer a chance, two words may change your stance - Alex Morgan. The twenty-eight-year-old native of San Dimas, California is a Striker who currently plays for the Orlando Pride. Morgan is one of the league's most popular stars and it's not just due to having a pretty face. She's got skills on the field as well! But, this article is dedicated a little less to her soccer skills and is geared more towards the beauty she oozes! Without further ado, feast your eyes on fifteen shots of Morgan which prove that she's nothing short of a bombshell.

15 Smile For The Camera!

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On the soccer field, Alex Morgan is all business and carries a face that represents nothing but laser focus from the opening whistle to the final whistle (while looking pretty easy on the eyes). Off the soccer field, she looks a little more relaxed and gleeful as evidenced in the picture above. At an event featuring sponsors such as General Motors Company (GMC), Morgan is nothing but all smiles for the camera. Fans aren't used to seeing Morgan like this regularly and I can safely say I speak for everyone when I say it's a well welcomed treat. Morgan, isn't just one who lights it up on the soccer field; she's also an author as she published her first book, part of a four part series, The Kicks, in 2013.

14 At The ESPYS

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While all eyes may have been on Russell Westbrook on the ESPYs considering he isn't afraid to experiment with his attire (for better or for worse), the people looking at Westbrook were probably either criticizing him for an outfit they wouldn't wear in their wildest dreams or applauding him for pulling off an ensemble that the vast majority of folks couldn't pull off. Those looking at Alex Morgan wouldn't have as conflicting an opinion about Morgan or her outfit; in fact, those looking at Morgan wouldn't have an unflattering thing to say about Morgan point blank. Morgan not only looks classy but goes outside the box by covering up one leg with her outfit and exposing the other. Classy, trendy and elegant all at once!

13 Thirteen?

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It's only fitting that the thirteenth entry on this list revolves around the number thirteen. At first glance, this tattoo that Alex Morgan has decided to permanently ink on her body is rather odd. After all, what's the significance of this number? The number thirteen is actually extremely significant in the life of Morgan as it's the number on the back of her soccer jersey. Morgan's truly put something meaningful on her body for eternity as this thirteen tattoo accompanied with a vine and flower symbolizes that her soccer number is sported 24/7/365 regardless of if she's wearing her jersey or not.Not to mention, its quite unique as I've never seen an athlete ink their number on their hip. Kudos to you, Alex, kudos to you!

12 Hey! Who's Your Friend?

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What's better than laying eyes on Alex Morgan at the beach? Well, how about feasting your eyes on Alex Morgan on the beach alongside fellow soccer player (and fellow babe), Sydney LeRoux? While Morgan plays for the Orlando Pride and LeRoux plays for FC Kansas City, the California native Morgan and the British Columbia born LeRoux are actually good friends off of the field. In addition, the two have also donned the same jersey simultaneously (not quite as appealing as the beachwear in the photo above) as members of the United States Women's National Team. No disrespect to the ladies as they're quite the duo on the field, but something about the two off the field just seems a little more dynamic if you catch my drift!

11 Swoosh Life

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If it wasn't obvious already, Alex Morgan is sponsored by the company founded in Beaverton, Oregon by Phil Knight, Nike. While Morgan isn't as known as Nike top dogs such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James, she's nonetheless a member of the Nike family. Unlike Bryant, Durant, James and countless other Nike athletes, Morgan looks like she could dabble in the modeling world (no disrespect to the aforementioned names) and arguably be even more successful than she is on the soccer field. Sporting the ever popular Nike Pro Combat gear, Morgan is bridging the gap between athleticism and sexiness in clothing geared towards performance. Morgan's performing alright; Morgan's performing in the looking gorgeous department and showcasing why Nike will almost assuredly call her back for another shoot.

10 Yes, She's A Soccer Player

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Truthfully, this list could easily have been composed of fifteen bikini shots of Alex Morgan and not a single person would've complained. But, in fairness, showing Morgan in all different elements (i.e. on the soccer field and at public appearances) allowed for a wider variety of shots of Morgan. Not to mention, it would've probably looked like a collection of her numerous photoshoots with Sports Illustrated. While Morgan is looking away from the camera in this shot and her eyes are not focused on the camera, it's safe to say that plenty of eyes are fixated on the tantalizing Morgan. Shot in 2014 as part of the swimsuit issue, this is one of numerous ensembles that Morgan sported (pun intended) for this photoshoot. For what its worth, the rest of the shots are equally as appealing!

9 A Woman Who Isn't Afraid To Take Charge

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Not afraid to take charge, Alex Morgan's demeanor showcases her directing traffic on the soccer field as she's pointing in the direction of someone or something. Morgan, who wears number thirteen, looks laser focused and is showing that she's not just attractive off the soccer field, but on it as well. A native of San Dimas, California, Morgan's skill on the soccer field combined with her alluring looks are easy to see why she is a fan favorite. In 2015, Morgan made history as she became the first American woman, and one of the first three women, along with Canada's Christine Sinclair and Australia's Steph Catley to be featured on the video game cover of the most renown soccer video game, FIFA. At just twenty-eight, it's likely that Morgan will once again grace the cover of FIFA at some point or another.

8 Body Paint!

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With this picture, Alex Morgan is clearly the envy of women everywhere in regards to sporting a two-piece bikini. But, wait! That's not a bikini! It's body paint! Shooting for Sports Illustrated, Morgan is no stranger to shooting for the magazine as she has done so on multiple occasions throughout the years (most recently having shot alongside WNBA talent and former Notre Dame Fighting Irish superstar Skylar Diggins and professional surfer Anastasia Ashley). She also posed for the magazine in 2014 in their Swimsuit Issue (surprise, surprise). This particular shot comes from a photoshoot in 2012 in New York City. Memo to SI, it's been five years since Morgan sported body paint; better put, it's been five years too long since Morgan sported body paint!

7 Quadzilla!

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For the majority of the male population the quadriceps aren't the first thing that we focus on when looking at a woman. On the contrary, it's one of the last things we look at. After all, have you ever heard a dude say, "man, check out that girl's quads!". Not to mention, just a gander at Alex Morgan's quads makes us all extremely self-conscious (both male and female) at first glance. Make no mistake, Morgan's quads have propelled her to great heights in her career as a soccer player and it's unsurprising to see that her quads are beyond shredded. But, seriously, shredded to this degree? Morgan looks like she's got the quads of one trying to compete in the Miss/Mister Universe pageant!

6 Sun's Out, Buns Out!

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Were you expecting something else? Alex Morgan is clearly tailor-made for a bikini and the beach and undoubtedly has a future in the modeling world (if she chooses to go down that road) once her soccer career concludes. In addition to the Gold Medal she picked up in the 2012 Olympic Games, Morgan was a part of the winning team in the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup and in 2008 she was a part of the winning team in the FIFA Under Twenty Women's World Cup. In 2012, the United States Soccer Federation bestowed the honor of U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year. Morgan's accomplished both on the individual side as well as on the team side (and obviously in regards to throwing on a bikini).

5 America The Beautiful

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Written by Katharine Lee Bates, one of the most iconic songs symbolizing American patriotism is none other than "America the Beautiful". The song is much older than Morgan as it was published in 1910 and it clearly has nothing to do with her. However, this photo symbolizes "American beauty". Raising the flag and showing pride in her country after claiming victory, Morgan is all smiles. To piggyback off the slogan on her t-shirt, "greatness has been found" as the U.S. has claimed victory. The shirt was worn by Morgan and her teammates as they claimed the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup. Morgan was unable to notch any goals on the scoreboard but her teammates held down the fort as they won by the count of 5-2.

4 Repping For the UC Berkeley Golden Bears!

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A graduate of the University of California Berkeley, Alex Morgan stays true to her roots and sports a navy blue tank-top with the words California Berkeley on them paying homage to her alma mater. Morgan's not the only sports stud to play for the Golden Bears; on the contrary, NBA All-Stars Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Kevin Johnson and Jason Kidd are former hardwood stars for the Cal Berkeley program. The likes of Tony Gonzalez, (arguably the greatest Tight End in NFL history), DeSean Jackson and Marshawn Lynch have honed their craft on the school's gridiron and the 2000 MLB NL MVP, Jeff Kent, is also a former alumnus of the school. All in all, Alex Morgan is in good company with stars from all different kinds of sports.

3 It's A Celebration!

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Celebrations of exuberance when a player puts one past the opposing goalie are commonplace in soccer, but there's something about a celebration of exuberance when Alex Morgan puts one past the goalie as opposed to most other players. Morgan set a NWSL career-high in goals scored for the Orlando Pride in 2017 as she fell just shy of hitting double digits as she netted nine goals. Morgan's previous high before the 2017 campaign was in 2014 when she was a member of the Portland Thorns and she notched six goals. Four years into her career in the NWSL, Morgan looks to only be improving and it isn't a stretch to say that 2018 will be the year where she hits double digits in regards to goals scored.

2 Olympic Gold!

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Taking place in London, England, the 2012 Summer Olympics pitted the United States Women's National Team facing off against Japan. The Americans were out for revenge as Japan had gotten the better of them the previous year as they prevailed in penalty kicks. Having played twice in 2012, the two teams alternated wins. But, those games were nowhere near as pivotal as this; this was the final; this was for the ultimate bragging rights; this was for an Olympic Gold Medal! The U.S. prevailed by the score of 2-1 and while Morgan didn't shoot one past the opposing goalie, she's got Olympic Gold which symbolizes eternal glory. Unfortunately for Morgan and her U.S. teammates they weren't able to repeat in 2016 and didn't collect a medal whatsoever.

1 American Pride!

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Rest assure ladies and gentlemen, the tears flowing from Morgan's eyes aren't tears of sorrow, but rather, tears of joy. After all, this shot comes shortly after Morgan and her U.S.A. teammates defeated Japan by the score of 2-1 en route to claiming an Olympic Gold Medal and the first of Morgan's career (and only one up to date). Morgan displays raw emotion here and is clearly living in the moment. Just twenty-three in this shot, the thoughts in Morgan's head are probably running rampant as she probably can't believe she's actually reached the pinnacle of the sport and won a Gold Medal. In 2020, Morgan will be thirty-one and will have one of her last shots, and possibly her last shot at claiming a second Gold Medal.

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