15 Steamy Photos Of Emma Watson That Will Make Matt Janney Regret Their Breakup

Emma Watson is an actress who is best known for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series. Those who have followed her career since her debut in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone may find it hard to believe that Watson is now 27 years of age.

Outside of acting, the British starlet has been an outspoken activist and successful model as well. The 5-foot-5 Harry Potter star has also transformed from a child actor into one of Hollywood’s most beautiful leading ladies. However, Watson is far more than just a pretty face; she is also a highly educated young woman. Watson has attended Worcester College, Oxford and Brown University, receiving a degree in English literature from the latter.

Between her successful career, movie star good looks, and Ivy League education, it’s clear that Emma Watson would be a great catch for just about any guy out there. One man who certainly took notice of the stunning celeb was former Oxford Rugby star Matt Janney.

Janney and Watson were an item for around 10 months back in 2014 before they decided to go their separate ways. However, if the rugby standout saw these 15 amazing photos, he would likely wish things had turned out a bit differently.

15 A Little Shopping

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After being a part of one of the most successful motion picture franchised of all-time, it would appear that Emma Watson has earned enough money to do a little shopping. That being said, with the breathtaking black and yellow dress she's wearing in this photo, most people probably aren’t focused on her shopping bags. The A-lister looks to be in peak physical condition as she proudly struts her stuff in this revealing multi-colored outfit. The budding fashion icon looks like one of the worlds most beautiful shopaholics, in this fun photo.

Fun Fact: The first post-Harry Potter film Emma Watson appeared in was My Week with Marilyn. In the film, she played the role of role of a flirtatious wardrobe assistant who dated the main character.

14 Have A Seat

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Folks who have been fans of Emma Watson over the years will likely notice her unique (and ever-changing ) sense of style. The popular movie star, like many other actresses, seems to always look amazing in whatever she wears. However, it’s her ability to evolve with current trends and fashions fads which help her stand out from the pack. In this photo, we see Watson sitting in, what looks like, a slightly uncomfortable chair and smiling for the camera, in a photo her fans are sure to love.

Fun Fact: While Watson grew up in England, she was actually born in Paris, France. She lived in France until she was 5 years of age, before moving to Oxfordshire with her mother, following her parents’ divorce.

13 Modeling

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Watson is a model that doesn’t need to show a lot of skin in order to create an amazing photograph. However, as we can see here, she is more than capable of pulling off photos that are slightly more risqué. The brunette star obviously takes pretty good care of herself. Moreover, the 27-year-old looks justifiably confident in a photo that showcases her versatile modeling skills. Watson proves that she knows hot gets folks' attention with this stunning photo.

Fun Fact: While she became a major child star after appearing in the first instalment of the Harry Potter Series in 2001, prior to that, Emma Watson had only acted in school plays. She would go to reprise her role (Hermione Granger) in the next seven Harry Potter films.

12 Candid Swimsuit Pic

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It’s always interesting to see what the most famous celebs look like without the benefit of a professional crew handling things like their hair and makeup. Candid photos like this one can sometimes catch less than flattering images of our favorite stars. However, in this instance, one could make the case that Emma Watson is as stunning in this candid bikini photo as she is when posing for some of the world’s most popular publications. The pale brunette superstar shows she can create amazing photos seemingly effortlessly.

Fun Fact: At just 27 years of age, Watson has had a great deal of success in many fields. In fact, she was even worked as a fashion consultant for the Japanese apparel company, People Tree. The company is based in both Tokyo and London.

11 Yoga Pants

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From the most famous actresses in Hollywood to homemakers: it seems these days that every woman in the world is wearing yoga pants. However, while some people wear this popular piece of attire, even if don’t work out; Watson actually has legit yoga credentials. The British star not only looks great sporting the popular style, but she is also certified to teach both yoga and meditation. To say that practicing (and teaching ) yoga keeps Emma Watson in great shape certainly wouldn’t be a stretch.

Fun Fact: Emma Watson started her modeling career by making a bit of history. In 2005, she appeared in both a photo shoot and on the cover of Teen Vogue. At the time, she was the youngest model to appear on the cover at around 13-years-old.

10 Calvin Klein Collection

After seeing Instagram posts such as this one, it’s clear that Watson has made the full transition from child star to Hollywood powerhouse. The British films star most definitely looks like a VIP in this breathtaking black dress, as she poses on (or near at least) the red carpet. The paparazzi in the background simply can’t seem to get enough of this stunning gown. The custom-made Calvin Klein dress helps the gorgeous celeb show off her hourglass figure at the Met Gala, an event which supports the arts.

Fun Fact: The first Harry Potter film was a major success with the performances of the young cast earning praise from many critics. Watson, in particular, received glowing reviews with IGN Entertainment, who even went so far as to say that she “stole the show.”

9 Left The Tag On

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Watson looks amazing, as always, while modeling this revealing, red two-piece outfit. That being said, it would appear that they made quite a mess in the process of capturing this great photo. Moreover, one would have to assume they intended to leave the tag on the top, or perhaps the Harry Potter star hasn’t decided if she wants to purchase the piece yet. Whatever the case may be, the actress and occasional model prove she’s one of Hollywood’s brightest stars with this phenomenal photo.

Fun Fact: Outside of popular magazines, Watson was also modeled for some big-name companies. She has worked on campaigns for the British luxury fashion house, Burberry (for which she allegedly received a six-figure fee) and the French cosmetic house known as Lancome.

8 Black Dress

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This particular photo shows the popular movie star in a marvellous black dress, back when she had her hair cut quite short. Not every woman can pull off having their hair cut that short. However, as we can see here, the stunning actress looks as fantastic with short hair as she does with long. Moreover, the partially see-through black dress really complements the 5-foot-5 brunette's seemingly flawless, pale complexion. She also shows off her modeling chops with this well-timed over the shoulder pose.

Fun Fact: The former Harry Potter star started her own feminist book club called “Goodreads Book Club: Our Shared Shelf.”The focus of the organization, as one might imagine, is to share and discuss feminist ideas. A new book is selected every month and discussed at month’s end.

7 Wave To The Crowd

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The British starlet almost looks like a queen waving to her loyal subjects, while walking the red carpet (or red staircase at least) in her fashionable, white dress. The lady in the black suit who is trying to adjust Watson’s formal attire, only adds to the movie star’s regal persona. The backless gown helps the 27-year-old showcase her world-class figure on this highly formal occasion. Emma Watson shows she is definitely every bit the Hollywood fashion icon with this elegant wardrobe choice.

Fun Fact: Emma Watson made her music video debut back in 2010 when she appeared in the video for the song “Say You Don’t Want It” by the band One Night Only. Watson was even romantically linked to the band's lead singer George Craig around that period.

6 Marie Claire

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After seeing photos like the one shown here, it’s easy to see why the Harry Potter star has been able to transition (seemingly) so easily into the world of modeling. The actress shows that she is one of the most photogenic ladies in the business, with this fun photo that was originally taken for Marie Claire UK. Watson has been featured in, as well as on the cover of, some of the most popular publications on the planet.

Fun Fact: Watson originally learned to act at the Dragon School which is located in Oxford, England. While Watson is arguably the best-known actress the school has produced, she is far from the only successful alumni. Hugh Laurie (from hit TV shows like House) and famed conductor Roger Norrington also attended the institution.

5 Long Gown

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The actress-turned-yoga instructor seem to very proud of her midsection; even when wearing a (somewhat) formal dress she still manages to find a way to show it off. The occasional model likely works very hard (or at least diets) to maintain her movie star figure, thus making it understandable that she isn’t shy about wearing stunning outfits like the one seen here. The gown manages to look classy while splashing in just the right amount of sex appeal in. This wardrobe selection is perfect for a formal or even a fun, casual event.

Fun Fact: Emma Watson captured her first major award back in 2002 when she won Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actress at the Young Artist Awards for her work in the first Harry Potter film.

4 Short Skirt

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Emma Watson goes with a classic school girl outfit, in this artistic black and white photograph. Apparently, the gorgeous brunette was hot in more ways than one in this outfit, as the stylish celeb opted to unbutton her shirt for this image. Watson stares seductively into the camera as she sizzles in her black and white uniform. Regardless of if she is wearing a classic formal gown or a flirtatious black skirt (as she is in this instance), Watson seems to always manage to produce an outstanding photograph.

Fun Fact: Following the release of the second instalment in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, The Times (a popular British newspaper) criticized the director for not featuring Watson’s character enough in the film.

3 Cowboy Hat

via: elle.com

The sultry British star looks ready to tame the wild west with her fashion-forward cowboy hat and long jacket, as she poses for one of her many magnificent photos. The image, which features the brunette in a moderately revealing black onesie, was part of a photo shoot for the lifestyle magazine, Elle. To say Emma Watson is a natural in front of the camera might be an understatement after seeing this pic.

Fun Fact: While fans probably knew Watson best for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, she also had a great deal of success playing the role of Belle in the 2017 flick, Beauty and the Beast. With Watson playing the lead role, the film brought in an eye-popping $1.264 billion on a $160 million budget.

2 The Mask

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In this photo, the former Beauty and the Beast star proves that she knows how to make even the most bizarre looking outfits look nothing short of splendid. Between the flannel dress, strange veil, and white long sleeve shirt there is quite a bit going on with this outfit. That being said, Watson shows us her ability to make even the most eccentric wardrobe choice a captivating artistic masterpiece. However, it’s still a bit odd that someone her age listens to compact discs.

Fun Fact: Following her breakup with Matt Janney, there were rumors circulating that she was romantically involved with England’s Prince Harry. However, these days, everyone knows the prince is engaged to television star Meghan Markle. In November Watson recently split up wither her boyfriend of roughly two years, businessman William Knight.

1 Strike A Pose

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If she ever gets tired of acting, it’s clear from the photos featured in this article, that Emma Watson could have a very successful career as a full-time model. The award winner is without question one of the most photogenic stars in Hollywood, and that’s really saying something. She delivers yet another, astonishing photo worthy of a magazine cover with the image shown here

Fun Fact: Emma Watson has won numerous awards for her work in several popular films over the years. In fact, she won five awards in 2017 alone; four (three Teen Choice and one MTV) awards for her role as Belle in Beauty in the Beast. Moreover, Watson took home the Choice Drama Movie Actress award for her role in the film The Circle.

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