15 Steamy Photos Of Female Athletes Tiger Woods Would “Take To The Back 9”

Yes, Tiger has done a lot of bad in his personal life committing sin after sin, but it's come to a point that you now feel sorry for the dude. Not only was he recently found passed out in front of the wheel of his car, but things appear to once again be getting only worse for the one time, most clean-cut, popular athlete in the world. His latest battle is against hackers, as leaked pics surfaced of the golfer. If that wasn’t bad enough, pics of his ex Lindsey Vonn also surfaced!

This got us thinking: if Tiger's phone ever got hacked, we would have a lot of "Not So PG" pictures of his girlfriends and mistresses, but what about the women Tiger WANTS to hook up with, but hasn't gotten the chance to "take them to the back 9?" Well, that's where we step in folks! We here at The Sportster were inspired to make a list of these hot women. From surfers, to golfers, to even Olympic shooters, we have it all in this article.

Enjoy and like always, pass this piece along to a friend. So without further ado, here are 15 “Not So PG” Photos Of Female Athletes Tiger Woods Would “Take To The Back 9”. Let’s begin with a stunning blonde, a theme you’ll see a lot of throughout the article given Tiger’s love for blondes in his personal life.

15 Blair O’Neal

If you read our previous list on Tiger’s real-life hookups, you’re probably well aware that the star golfer has a thing for smoking hot blondes. From Lindsey Vonn, to Laci Somers, to even his ex wife Ellin, Woods’ taste in women is mostly all blonde everything. And well, like they say, blondes love to have more fun... well at least Tiger lives by that formula.

Speaking of formulas, this one seems to be the magic formula for Tiger. Not only is Blair O’Neal a stunning blonde but for those of you that don’t know, she’s also a golfer. With a following of more than 200 K supporters via Instagram, let’s just say she doesn’t have that type of support because of her golf swing alone... according to her bio she’s a golfer/model, making her a match made in heaven for Woods.

14 Hope Solo

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So continuing with the trend of comparing athletes to Tiger’s previous hookups, we now turn to Hope Solo. So one might be asking, well hey, Hope isn’t blonde, so what does she have in common with Tiger’s former mistresses. We here on The Sportster have the answer to that magical question. As it turns out, Tiger loves to, let’s just say, “flirt”, via text messages.

His past mistresses posted a slew of conversations and let’s just say most of them were of the “Not So PG” nature. So here’s where Hope gets linked to Tiger, the All-Star American soccer goalie knows a thing or two about sending some “Not So PG” content. Solo was caught a couple of years ago with numerous edgy pictures she sent out, the photos showcased a side of her many thought was non-existent. For that reason, due to her strong texting game, she’d be a match made in heaven for Tiger.

13 Meghan Hardin

Birthday Girl 🎂🎉💃🎊🎈🏖💁

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If someone was asked to clone Tiger Woods the perfect mistress, it would likely result in a female looking quite similar to Meghan Hardin. Her golf game wasn’t the greatest, however, this female athlete made the headlines for a specific “Not So PG” asset, and one (or a pair...) that Tiger is a big fan of. Need another hint in case the picture above isn’t enough, the assets are located between her jaw and stomach... if you guessed neck, you’re incorrect.

From adult star Holly Sampson to the stunning lingerie model Cori Rist, more times than not, Tiger ended up with a beautiful blonde that was blessed with a fantastic chest area. Looking at Hardin, she fits that mold perfectly.

12 Paige VanZant

Adding another stunning blonde to the list, VanZant is a little different from the others however. She has a slew of “Not So PG” assets along with one of the most stunning faces around. Though what separates her from the bunch is the fact that this chick has some serious edge to her, something Woods absolutely adores in his women. Just ask the multiple adult stars he hooked up with. You’ve got to love females with edge if you’re hooking up with those kinds of females!

Now Paige isn’t an adult star as you likely know, but she’s instead an MMA fighter and a pretty decent one at that. Despite only fighting ten times thus far in her young career, she’s got a following of 1.5 million via Instagram. Again, let’s just say most of those followers aren’t there to track her UFC career, especially considering she hasn’t fought in almost a year. Maybe she’s been sending Tiger some selfies of the “Not So PG” nature during her time off...

11 Amber Hill

Speaking of chicks with some edge, we now turn to Amber Hill. Most of you are probably wondering, “who the hell is Amber Hill and why is she holding a gun in the picture above”. The answer is simple, the beautiful young 20 year old from Great Britain works her craft as an Olympic shooter that specializes in skeet (whatever that is). She’s competed for her country in the past, and despite the fact that the Olympic competition isn’t the most popular, she’s still managed to crack the 58 K followers’ plateau, which is quite remarkable.

Taking a quick look at her account, you’ll understand why. The Olympian is simply stunning to look at and the photos only help her cause that much more. Another stunning blonde, Tiger would definitely take a bullet for this beauty.

10 Danica Patrick

We now shift gears from stunning blondes to chicks that have a serious edge to them, like the beautiful Danica Patrick. Of course, Patrick is a pro stock car driver, along with becoming one of the most recognizable marketing faces around the US thanks to her various Go Daddy campaigns in the past. Like Tiger however, she’s now going through a little bit of a life crisis trying to learn the meaning of life through God. According to the latest news, she’s asked Oprah for help on her spiritual journey. Oh if only all of us can turn to Oprah when in need. The male demographic would settle for The Rock.

With both struggling at the moment, it would only make sense they’d share some “Not So PG” messages in order to lighten the mood. No doubt, Woods would welcome any type of photo from this beauty (even though she’s not blonde).

9 Ronda Rousey

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It really wouldn’t shock many of us if it was revealed that both these high powered athletes exchanged text messages at one point and not just necessarily of the “Not So PG” nature. Both were at one time at the very top of their domain, only to crash down. Tiger battled depression problems due to his personal life falling apart while Ronda, battled similar demons, although the reasons were because of her recent failures in a sport she once dominated.

Ronda now appears to be defeating the battle with new plans on the horizon. According to various sporting websites, Ronda plans on debuting for the WWE at the November PPV, Survivor Series in some capacity. It’s also said she’s began her pro wrestling training. We hope Tiger can follow in her footsteps, not by returning and joining the WWE however, but by simply finding his happy place once again.

8 Lauren Sesselmann

If you’re a Canadian follower of The Sportster, you’re likely aware of this stunning soccer player. For the others, you might not be aware of this blonde goddess who fits the mold of a Tiger mistress to a tee. The stunning footballer was actually born in Tiger’s country, with a passport out of Marshfield, Wisconsin. She would end up changing her passport, and making the Canadian national team. Her highest honor in the sport was a Bronze medal during the Olympic games.

Now 34, Lauren is showing no signs of ageing whatsoever. In fact, she’s still playing the sport today as a member of the Santa Clarita Blue Heat. If watching her on the pitch isn’t enough for you, give her a follow on Instagram, you’ll salivate at the slew of stunning pictures, specifically the workout ones. We have reason to believe Tiger also took a couple of looks at this page and pondered adding a Canadian to his repertoire (well, kind of Canadian).

7 Carmen Jorda

Holiday mood 🐙🌴🐳 #JustChilling #Ibiza

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We discussed the beautiful stock car legend Danica Patrick earlier in the article. As beautiful and popular as she is, we have reason to believe this race car driver is better suited for Tiger, and a face he’d likely love to see in his phone due to some specific assets. Two things instantly come to mind when looking at the beauty, one, she’s blonde, which is the equivalent of an instant yes for Tiger. And two, she’s gorgeous to look at and even the likes of Adidas think so signing her on as an athlete. Move over Madam Patrick, you’ve got some competition.

Sizzling with Spanish blonde, the F1 Renault driver is also much younger than Patrick not even into her 30s yet at 29. Oh, and it also doesn’t hurt that she could drive Tiger around, so like, he doesn’t crash into things at the wee morning hours.

6 Simona Halep

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If you follow us religiously here on The Sportster (like you should be doing), you’ve likely seen this name on some of our past lists such as, Tennis players with certain “Not So PG assets”. Judging by the picture above, it isn’t hard to tell which specific assets we're talking about. Blonde and with some well sized assets, she’s a dream for what Tiger looks for in a female.

Putting the creepiness aside, the Romanian is also one hell of a tennis player and in general, a fantastic athlete. Still only 25, she’s won close to $20 million in prize money thus far throughout her young career. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, as of July 2017, Halep was ranked second out of her female counterparts in the WTA rankings.

5 Mikaela Mayer

#Squad. ✔️ Two great men that have been in my life since I started on this journey. I met my Coach Al when I decided to move to Northern Michigan to accept a boxing scholarship in hopes of training with a notable 2x Olympic coach and getting an opportunity to pursue a degree. It was an Olympic Training Site attached to Northern Michigan University and after 25 years, I became their first female and their last. The program shut down due to funding a year later but I knew I had found the coach who was going to take me where I wanted to go, and I remained training with him. He took me under his wing, dedicated years of his time, let me live under his roof, traveled with me to every major tournament, all while never asking for a dime. I am forever grateful for having you in my corner all these years. 🙏🏼 My manager, George Ruiz, has been working with me since 2012. I first walked into his office in hopes of finding a manager to help me build a career that was somewhat nonexistent, and to help me navigate the business world on my way to making the Olympic Team. Despite women's boxing not being a household name sport, he saw the belief I had in myself and my vision, and chose to believe in me as well. I had just lost the 2012 Olympic Trials but promised him that 2016 I would make the team. The Olympics are over but I couldn't imagine having anyone else by my side as I start this next chapter of mine in the pros. Thank you for all you have done for me in the last 5 years and for being the honest, trustworthy person that you are. Even more importantly, thank you for all you have done these past few months; I couldn't have made this transition without you. @georgeruiz #grateful #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #famile #goals #boxing #womensboxing 📸 @lizkreutz #TeamMikaela #mikaelamayer

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We’ve touched base on the fact that Tiger loves women with an edge and with a serious attitude. What can we say, the dude loves some fire inside of the bedroom. With that in mind, no, we don’t turn our focus to an adult star but instead, a boxer that packs one hell of a punch in Mikaela Mayer.

She was at one time a brunette, but Woods must be happy to know that she’s not converted to the stunning, dirty blonde type of look, which is only an added bonus in truth cause she can pull off both looks to perfection. Aside from bringing the heat visually, she’s also one hell of a boxer, appearing at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Games.

4 Ellen Hoog

Walk in the park #koffieindehandengaan

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So first off, yes, Hoog does have a similar name to Tiger’s ex-wife, though the names are spelled differently so like, he’d be able to tell them apart in his phone, so you can throw that problem out of the window. Tiger’s ex-wife’s name is instead spelled Elin. Some of you might be wondering, why in the hell would Tiger have his ex-wife’s number in his phone? As it turns out, both sides have admitted they still keep in touch and actually, have quite the relationship despite their rocky past. Only Tiger can manage to make things right in such a situation!

As for this Ellen, Hoog is another stunning blonde that hails from the Netherlands. We assume Tiger took his naughtiness worldwide. The Dutch beauty is another female athlete with a serious edge to her as a poplar field hockey player. She packs some serious skill recently helping her country to an Olympic silver medal. With or without the medal, Woods would accept a photo from this beauty in a heartbeat.

3 Jaque Carvalho


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A stunning Brazilian volleyball player and an Olympic Champion, we must admit, Jaque looks like a love interest more catering towards the likes of soccer players and rivals Cristiano Ronaldo and the Brazilian Neymar (who’s now taken his love for women to France). Cristiano loved his girls as brunettes and, he didn’t shy away from selecting those that were blessed in the backside, heck he even dated a Brazilian booty model at one point in time!

Though, this isn’t about pretty boy Cristiano but instead, about our buddy Tiger. Although she doesn’t match up with his preferences, there’s no doubt he’d be willing to convert for such a stunning athlete. With more than half a million followers, if Tiger’s creeping at her photos, he isn’t alone!

2 Allison Stokke

Craving those back of the runway jitters 🙋🏽

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The adult star Joslyn James had a head of orange hair, so if Tiger was willing to switch it up for her, he’s likely willing to do the same for track and field star Allison Stokke, who’s blessed with an absolutely incredible body, as evidenced by her social media account. Scrolling down the page, you’d think the Pole Vaulter was a model, and not an Olympic athlete.

She is in fact an athlete and a damn good one at that. In addition, her bio also indicated that she’s a fitness model, which is only a plus. The likes of Michael Phelps, A-Rod, Ronaldo, Ryan Lochte and of course, your boy Tiger Woods have all hooked up with models at one point. Now imagine if they’re both models and athletes... absolute madness folks!

1 Alana Blanchard

via pintrest.com

We applaud all the participants in this article for not only their beauty, but skills as fantastic athletes. Though in this article, only one can prevail and seriously steel the heart of Tiger Woods. After a thorough search, we’ve come to the verdict that one Alana Blanchard matches exactly what Tiger looks for in a female. With close to two million followers via Instagram, the public seems to agree.

Nowadays, the stunning blonde is pregnant, and no, not with Tiger’s kid. This athlete is certainly unique as a pro surfer, competing and showcasing her talent on the ASP World Tour. Oh and of course, if that wasn’t enough, the Hawaii native is also a model. Hey, maybe Tiger is the father after all... we joke, we joke! Oh and for what it’s worth, the fact that she looks a little like Lindsey Vonn also helped her cause as the top entrant...

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