15 Steamy Photos Of Women Lewis Hamilton Hooked Up With

Some athletes believe in excellence both in their domain and onto their personal lives. That’s surely the case with Lewis Hamilton who’s not only worth $140 million but a dude who enjoys living life in the face last lane both in his field of work and with the ladies taking them on luxurious dates. Whether it be in the finest restaurants life as to offer or, on yacht in Monaco, this guy's resume is equally as impressive off the circuit than on it and that's saying a lot given his iconic status in the world of Formula One. Work hard play hard right?

In this article, we pay homage to Hamilton and his laundry list of romances from the past. This list is stacked so prepare to hate him a little bit after this one. Unlike Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps who have a thing for the busty type, Lewis is true to his European roots taking a liking for the slimmer toned fashion models. We can compare his taste of women to both Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo, two other athletes that have done well in the dating pool as well.

Enough of the talk, let’s begin. Here are 15 “Not So PG” photos of women Lewis Hamilton hooked up with. From 15 to one, grab an inhaler cause this article is steamy! Enjoy folks.


15 Winnie Harlow

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Winnie Harlow is the newest addition to this “Not So PG” list of absolute beauties. The two have been recently spotted together in various locations; from the club scene in London to getting comfy side-by-side together in Mykonos, the two seem to be hitting it off quite nicely at the moment, however, nothing official has been confirmed thus far.

As you see in the picture above, Harlow is an absolute beauty. She rose to massive popularity on America’s Next Top Model, she thrived on the show even though the Canadian had a skin condition, vitiligo. The condition has only made her stronger appearing more beautiful than ever nowadays, Hamilton is one lucky dude for landing this spectacular 23 year old. You’ll hate Lewis more and more as you continue scrolling down this article....

14 Barbara Palvin

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These two were an item back in 2016 and once again, we hated Hamilton a little bit more for it. The two enjoyed a brief fling and were even recently spotted together just days ago. No, they’re not rekindling the flame but instead, Palvin was spotted with none other than Neymar (another major player off the field) as the two even shared a picture with Hamilton.

It appears as though the 23 year old Budapest native landed both these major sports stars but of course, looking at her assets, they’re the ones that should be thanking their lucky stars. This Vicortia Secret model literally looks cloned. Along with rocking fantastic lingerie, she was also named the Rookie of the Year for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition... Not bad, not bad at all.

13 Rita Ora


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With 12 million followers via social media, you can say Rita is a pretty big deal. She’s a major artist in the world of musical pop and she added to her resume by appearing on the X-Factor as a judge. But if that wasn’t enough of a resume, the 26 year old is also smoking hot and one of the top females Lewis hooked up with in the past.

Hooking up with such a beauty, Ora is the kind of chick you need to date and that’s exactly what happened between the two. They were spotted last summer out and about and even spent a night together, though things ended up quietly fizzling out for unknown reasons. They were recently spotted together a couple of months ago as well so who knows; maybe Lewis wants a second serving? We kid.....(not really).

12 Petra Nemcova


You can add another model to Hamilton’s resume as he scored with this Czech beauty, as you see in the “Not So PG” picture above, she’s pretty darn jaw dropping to look at. Unlike the others we mentioned on the list thus far, Lewis opted to go older this time around as the blonde goddess is nearing her 40s at the age of 38. We’ve seen this instances with countless athletes in the past, sometimes, they just go after that experience between the sheets as opposed to the youthful enthusiasm...

It appears that’s exactly what took place in this relationship as the two were spotted leaving a Berlin hotel room in April of last year. Nothing else really came of the relationship and it seems as though it was a quick “one and done” type of ordeal. Yes, your blood is likely boiling right now. It’ll only get worse we can assure you.

11 Kendall Jenner

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Nope, this isn’t the 20 year old Kylie Jenner that’s making headlines for having a baby, this is Kendall Jenner, her sister, who is not currently pregnant so Lewis can breathe. Of course, Kendall is a huge personality on social media with 83 million followers, nobody holds a candle to this young beauty in terms of popularity that’s for darn sure. She can thank her steamy assets for that recognition.

The two were spotted together out in New York shopping alongside one another and it fueled massive speculation back in 2015. Hamilton actually commented on the rumored romance claiming the two were just friends but given his slew of past flings, we're going to take a pass on believing that statement. For that, Kendall Jenner, you just made the list!

10 Lotta Hintsa


A gorgeous beauty pageant contestant, Lewis claims he had a friendship with this beauty for over seven years. Both never admitted to being an item, though tabloids once again speculated otherwise. Lotta is a popular face back in Finland as she was crowned the prestigious title of Miss Finland back in 2013. To be clear, this isn’t the first nor will it be the last time a popular athlete dates or has a fling with a beauty pageant contestant, we guess they just love the validity that they’re truly beautiful....

Speculation of the two being an item slowly fizzled out eventually, though judging by the wonderful Instagram post above, she’s likely still creeping up in Lewis’ dreams from time to time. We hate you good sir, very much....

9 Sofia Richie

Morning 🇯🇲

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Next up, we present to you the beautiful teen that Lewis Hamilton recently took out on a lunch date. Followed by two million fans via Instagram, this fashion model is quickly building a name as a sought after figure in the world of glitz and glamour. Working for the likes of Chanel and Michael Kors, this beauty has quite the future in the business. Oh, and she’s also the daughter of Lionel Richie and sister to Nicole Richie.

Despite the age gap, the two were caught flirting a couple of times along with the date we recently stated. Though, it seems like Sofia has moved on with the new speculation that she’s dating 34 year old Scott Disick. We doubt Hamilton’s losing any sleep from it, he’s likely wiping his eyes with that $140 million dollar net worth of his.


8 Vivian Burkhardt


For this one we turn back the clock to 2008 as the two were an item and apparently in a relationship. That would all change after Hamilton allegedly cheated on her with a certain beauty that we’ll discuss later on the article (scroll to number two). He was on top of the world celebrating a victory and it looks like his ego got the best of him being unfaithful. Once again, it isn’t the first time nor will it be the last time an athlete has issues with being faithful.

The 31 year old is no slouch in the looks department like the others on the list. She was another pageant contestant and a damn good one at that. The relationship took place quite some time ago (nearly a decade ago), so we have reason to believe both sides have moved on.

7 Danielle Lloyd

A former Miss England and Miss Britain, these two dated over a decade ago as Lloyd made the claim it was love at first sight between herself and the F1 driver. Despite the breakup, the two remain on amicable terms and why wouldn’t you stay friends, especially when Danielle was in a spread for Playboy back in the day, that’s when you know you’re straight fire.

As for the picture above, some of you might be thinking, "well hey, that’s not the most revealing not so PG picture" but instead, we ask you to gaze in amazement as this is a photo of Lloyd following her pregnancy..... Yup, she’s something else folks. If Hamilton wanted the perfect wife look after pregnancy, he missed the boat on this beauty he formerly dated.

6 Cemre Mirel


We’ve seen situations like this in the past, some women just aren’t afraid to spill the beans when it comes to intimate details surrounding their romantic experiences with certain athletes. We hear Tiger Woods right now saying, “hold my beer”. When it comes to Hamilton, the details have been generally on the down low, though this Turkish model he briefly dated back in the day spilled a little of the juices.

According to Mirel, Hamilton knew his way around the bedroom. Shocking... Though, things took a weird turn when she made the claim that he loved to eat fruit off of her exposed body.... After taking this one in, we’ve decided that’s pure genius, why not get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals off the flawless body of a gorgeous model?

5 Jodia Ma


This relationship was quite lengthy, though it kind of makes a lot of sense given the fact that it took place before Hamilton’s viral fame when he began to dominate the F1 circuit. He had a four year relationship with Jodia Ma, the chick you see with him in the picture above. The relationship began in 2003 and came to an end right around the 2007 mark. After the couple broke up, Hamilton began his “Not So PG” days as you see in this article with the plethora of fantastic females.

He would end up winning his first World Championship in 2008 and like they say, the rest is history. Some argue when his career is done with, that he’ll be regarded as one of the greatest off all-time. Love him or hate him, his resume speaks for itself.

4 Bella Hadid


Next in line, we present to you that beautiful 20 year old Bella Hadid who has 15 million followers via social media and let’s just say it’s not because of her clever captions.... Hadid was voted model of the year by last year in 2016, so you can say the California native is blessed with some darn good looks.

So where does Hamilton fall into this? On a yacht apparently as the paparazzi sniped a sneaky photo of the two trying to enjoy some private time together in the stunning Monaco area. Bella’s outfit of choice left us weak in the knees as she rocked one of the skimpiest bikinis known to mankind. Once again, damn you Lewis. Hopefully, the fruit was fresh that day, but who are we kidding, it was probably made out of gold out there in Monaco.

3 Gigi Hadid

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Oddly, the next in line on this list is Gigi Hadid, the sister of Bella. Hopefully, in the case of one of the beauties, only flirtatious activity ended up taking place with Hamilton. Like her sister, Gigi is a huge fashion model with 35 million followers via Instagram. As you see in the picture above, she’s got a smoking lean figure; you can seriously floss your teeth with her if you wanted to...

Back in 2015, rumors of the two hooking up began as they were spotted out and about several times, including doing some Jet Ski action alongside one another. The rumors would slowly die down as it appears as though this one wasn’t a relationship but one of the numerous flings that took place in the life of Lewis Hamilton.

2 Nicole Scherzinger


Seriously speaking, we lost about 12 hours of our lives here on The Sportster trying to decide the number one entry on this list, putting Nicole at number two seems like a sin, but in truth, you can make the same case for anyone else on the list. Let’s just say everyone is number one in this smoking hot article. Lewis agrees with our strategy and is likely nodding his head in approval as he eats more fruit off of someone.

Nicole has done it all from recording artist to actress to television personality. Nearing her 40s nowadays at 39, you’d think this ageless wonder was still in her 20s as she hasn’t aged a day and only appears to get better.

Of course, this relationship was fairly obvious as the media had a field day with it, because of priorities, the two were eventually unable to make the relationship last.

1 Rihanna

@fentybeauty #GALAXY holiday collection!!

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We close off the article with the stunning 29 year old musician. Dating rumors sparked between the two when they were spotted together at various points and that included getting rather close from time to time. Like Lewis however, Rihanna loves to play the field so it looks like for that reason, nothing official ever came of the two. It seems like there wasn’t enough “fruit” available for this encounter. Okay, we’re running out of jokes here, sorry.

We leave it to you the viewer in letting us know who you think is Hamilton’s most impressive hookup out of this entire list. Is it Rihanna? Let us know via Facebook and like always, spread the word and share the article with a friend. For now, we ride off into the sunset as Lewis passes us with his Mercedes while eating a strawberry and subtly smirking. Cut scene.


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