15 Steamy Pics Of Women Neymar "Scored" With

An athlete "hooking up" is a popular topic we the people want to know more and more about. It amazes us at how much “game” these athletes also have outside of their domain. From Alex Rodriguez to Ryan Lochte, not only have these two dominated in their sports but they’ve also dominated on another “playing field”, the dating field that is.

We add another name to this prestigious list and that’s of the 25 year old Neymar. He isn’t the first soccer player to hookup with beautiful women, his rival Ronaldo also knows a thing or two about that. Though, we need to give credit to the newly named PSG man for the mix of quantity and quality amongst his past hookups. He’s dated a lot, and the quality has remained five stars throughout. If you despised him for his recent $222 million dollar Euro transfer, you’ll likely hate him a little more after this article!

Like our buddy Tiger, get ready to see a slew of beautiful blondes, mostly models of course. Some athletes just love blondes, and we can definitely put Neymar in that category (though ironically his current girlfriend is brunette). Enough of the talk let’s begin, here are 15 steamy photos of women Neymar “scored” with. We start with “the one that got away”, the beautiful Bruna Marquezine, enjoy folks!

15 Bruna Marquezine – The On & Off Girl


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She’s Brazilian, a model and an actress, so yes, Bruna was Neymar’s cup of tea and it turns out the 22 year old beauty had the keys to his heart as well. The couple has been on-and-off for five years so you can classify this one as more than a hookup unlike most of the others on the list.

Bruna certainly wasn’t impressed by the dollar signs as according to the media she was the one to end things with the soccer mega star. The tabloids indicate that Neymar wanted more and was potentially thinking about marriage. Though unfortunately, the same sentiment wasn’t felt by Bruna who wanted to focus on her career and just wasn’t ready to take the step into marriage. You got to admire a girl with principles!

If you need more “Not So PG” content of the beauty, give her a follow via Instagram but we warn you, her followers list is quite crowded with over 22 million!

14 Barbra Evans – One Of The First

Look de ontem 💁🏼

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They say you always remember your first and that works double if you looked anything remotely close to Barbra Evans, one of Neymar’s first public relationships which took place way back in 2011. Again, this romance was a little more than a hookup but ultimately, Neymar chose to play the field which you’ll learn in this article really wasn’t a bad idea.... Though, the two enjoyed their youthful time with one another as evidenced by various candid pics of the two available online.

Once again, like most of the others on the list, Evans is a TV personality and model. Like Bruna, her Instagram is stocked by millions of fans and it really shouldn’t shock anyone given the slew of A+ pictures on the account of both the classy and of course, “Not So PG” nature.

13 Jhenny Andrade – The UFC Girl

We know turn our attention to a Neymar fling dating back to 2015, this time, Neymar took his “talents” to another smoking hot blonde, though she was a little different given her occupation. Jhenny is a UFC "Octagon Girl" and damn good one at that. Now you might be asking, how in the hell can you be a good UFC girl? Well, by winning the Ring Girl of the Year Award at the MMA Awards that’s how! Yup, the beautiful former Neymar hookup won the award this year, so let’s just say she’s doing a darn good job at showcasing those beautiful features of hers!

Now to the brief history of the two, Neymar and Jhenny were spotted together during New Years in 2016. From spending NY as a couple to being photographed while shopping together, the two made the headlines more than once as a couple.

12 Caroline Belli – The One That Got Away (cause she’s smoking hot)

How Neymar let this one slip away, we’ll truly never understand. A reoccurring theme in this article is Neymar’s love for the “plastic blonde” type. Those of you out there likely remember such a playbook, the legend himself Tiger Woods also had a big interest in the blonde and busty type. Who would have thought Neymar and Tiger had something in common.... Maybe they can hit the clubs together one day... though Tiger should stay away from those places but that’s a topic for another day!

Going by Carol Belli via her Instagram page, this beauty is one smoking hot chick and arguably, the hottest on the list depending on your type. If you’re in need of A+ “Not So PG” pics, this is the girl for you! For what it’s worth, the two shared a brief romance in 2012, shame on you for letting this one slip Neymar, shame on you!

11 Thaila Ayala – Legs/Acting & Modelling

Agindo naturalmente p ver se traz um pouquinho de calor p gente!

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Three things you need to know about this Neymar hookup, one, she’s a popular Brazilian actress, two, she’s a stunning model with a fanbase of over 3 million fans oozing over her social media pictures and three, she’s got legs that ride up for days. Unlike his other flings so far on this list, Ayala offers something very unique and different sporting a taller look along with some of the smoothest and longest legs you’ll ever feast your eyes on.

Along with that, Ayala is significantly older than Neymar, the Brazilian goddess is 31, while Neymar is barely halfway into his 20s at the age of 25. The two had a rumored relationship as a couple in 2015, with various club pics posted of the two.

10 Roberta Appratti – Curly Hair Don’t Care

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This was a rumored romance from back in 2012, a busy year for Neymar off the pitch if you catch our drift.... At that point in his career, the Brazilian soccer star was still playing his football back at home with Santos, the club where his name emerged as a big time star. He’d play one more season with the team in 2013 and would follow that up with a mega transfer to soccer giants Barcelona. Might be a bit harsh to point this out, but it seems like his quality of female hookups moved up a tad bit once he made the transfer over the European club...

Take nothing away from Roberta however, who’s another beautiful female. Unlike the other blondes on the list, Appratti rocks a different kind of look sporting a curly head of hair.

9 Elizabeth Martinez – The Barcelona Beauty

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As we just indicated, the quality of women skyrocketed for Neymar once he made the change over to the Spanish League but again, take nothing away from his other hookups who are still smoking hot nonetheless.

Though, the likes of Elizabeth Martinez seem to be a notch higher. This picture leaves you salivating as she rocks her former man’s jersey, while a certain pair of "assets" seem to be quite noticeable in the picture and we’re not talking about her eyes! The media had a field day with this beauty as social media was a buzz at the slew of “Not So PG” pictures from her social media account, which were of the amateur nature.

Unfortunately, the beauty from Barcelona has made her profile private nowadays which is a damn shame. How is Neymar supposed to keep tabs on you like that?

8 Soraja Vucelic – Private Jet Kind Of Girl

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You know you’re doing something right when Neymar fly’s you out, picking you up in his private jet. Yup, that’s exactly what went down back in 2014 when the two were an item. Neymar was enjoying the time of his life not only because he recently joined Barca’ on a lucrative deal but also because he met this stunning beauty who was in his life at that point.

Like a lot of the others, Vucelic has a slew of “Not So PG” pics available online. If you like selfies and amateur type photos, you’ll have a field day with this past Neymar hookup. Nowadays, Soraja still manages to get her name in the press, most recently, she made the headlines for going bull riding on a TV show, yes folks, groundbreaking stuff!

7 Andressa Suita – Another Blonde Model

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Just by reading the name Andressa Suita, you know this chick is smoking hot without even seeing a picture. For what it’s worth, Suita does in fact have the looks to back it up as another stunning blonde that truly leaves you gasping for air. Put it this way, she’s got the “assets” locked and loaded. There’s a reason she has over two million followers via social media.

According to the gossip, the Brazilian model and Neymar had a “brief encounter” back in 2011. At that point, Neymar was barely beginning to scratch the surface playing the early portion of his career with Santos. Nowadays, a lot has changed for both as Neymar is now a global soccer icon playing his football with PSG, while Andressa Suita, is now a proud mother as evidenced by her Instagram account. For those of you speculating, no Neymar is not the father that honor goes to Brazilian singer Gusttavo Lima.

6 Mayra Cardi – Booty Babe

What can we say, athletes just love a good booty. From Tiger Woods to A-Rod to Cristiano Ronaldo, these high profile athletes have all dated women that showcased that fine specific "asset". Heck, Cristiano himself dated a booty model. Maybe Neymar was trying to walk in his footsteps?

If that was the case, then he succeeded quite nicely with this jaw dropping beauty, that has over a million followers on Instagram. Cardi is a fitness personality and judging by her pictures, she’s a damn good one too! The couple were an item back in 2012 and she recently made the headlines appearing at an auction hosted by none other than the man himself, Neymar. Looking at how smoking she is nowadays, we wouldn’t be too shocked if some feelings came rushing back for the Brazilian soccer star.

5 Gabriella Lenzi – The Wold Cup Chick

biquíni lindo @morangobrasil ☀️ Como eu amo o verão!! #shadesofhappiness #ad

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Some you probably died a little inside looking at the picture above, rocking a bikini top, Lenzi looks like an 11 on 10 in this photo. Although the water and view in the back is stunning, many looking at such a photo failed to recognize any type of scenery looking at such a babe and outfit choice. Truly double trouble going on in this picture folks.

Images of the two began to surface back in 2014 when the World Cup was hosted by Brazil, many saw the tournament as Neymar’s coming out party for the world to see. Not too shocking, he was picked up by Barcelona soon after, but anyway, this isn’t about Neymar’s soccer career but instead, these beautiful chicks like Lenzi! Neymar and Gabriella took a picture (selfie) together following Brazil’s first World Cup victory in the opening match. One would assume things didn’t work out between the two following his transfer to Spain...

4 Carol Abranches – Brazilian Booty

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Not too shocking here, a Brazilian with some booty. Yes, if you’ve stalked women with booty in the past, you know the Brazilians have got that "asset" working for them more times than not. Carol is the poster child for that notion, need proof, just look at the jaw dropping picture above.

Unlike the others on the list followed by millions, Abranches is actually low profile, even her social media account on Instagram is actually private. Though, there are still photos of the “Not So PG” nature available online, so don’t be sad! This hookup took place back in 2011, while Neymar was still back in Brazil. It seems like he restricted his choice of females to “Brazil only” back in that time period. We really can’t blame him for sticking to his roots....

3 Laryssa Oliveira – T & A

Eu AMO fazer parte da @threecorpus_oficial ! ♥️💪🏽

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Excuse our language, but Oliveira has got some major T and A going on... She’s a “Fashion Influencer” according to her bio, and let’s just say more women should be taking her advice on what to wear judging by her slew of fantastic pics available online. For what it’s worth, the outfits do appear to be quite lovely which is a bonus, seeing how Neymar loves models and like, nice clothes (one can assume).

The two have a plethora of candid shots together from back in the day, most of the playful and flirty nature. According to the gossip, the couple briefly dated back in 2013. One thing we can guarantee, it wasn’t the first time nor the last time Neymar hooked up with a blonde, seriously though, what is it with athletes and blondes, are us regular dudes that like brunettes missing something!?

2 Chloe Grace Moretz – The Actress

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In terms of popular faces on this list, Chloe Grace Moretz might be the most recognized name from Neymar’s past. The 20 year old is an American born actress residing out of Los Angeles, California nowadays. You might recognize her from such gigs like The Amityville Horror or even, Kick-Ass. Along with that, she’s also rocked photo-shoots for high end companies such as Elle, Marie Claire and the ever so glamorous Vogue.

So her profile certainly matches up, as for the history between these two, back in 2016 both Neymar and Chloe posted a variety of “cute and cuddly” pictures alongside one another that raised a couple of eye brows. Following the intimate pics and videos of the two, things got pretty quiet, leading many to believe they two just shared a "brief encounter”.

1 Caroline Caputo – The New Girlfriend

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After enduring the recent heartbreak of finally ending things with the first beauty mentioned on the list, Neymar wasted no time finding the “next one”. Just a week after the breakup, Neymar was back on the prowl being spotted with this modelling beauty one Caroline Caputo. Shockingly, she does not rock a head of blonde hair, but is a brunette. Maybe he finally found the magic formula and he’ll realize brunettes also love to have fun...

Following pics of the two together, stories went viral of Neymar and Caputo being a current couple. With his new staggering transfer worth over $200 million, we can safely say Caroline picked a heck of a good time to start dating the soccer Superstar. For now, we’ll wait and see if this one works out... don’t hold your breath!

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