15 Steamy Pictures Of A-Rod's Exes That May Make Him Regret Leaving Them

Hate him or love him, no one can deny that Alex Rodriguez is one of the biggest legends in the history of baseball. Performance-enhancing drugs or not, this is a dude who became a 14-time All-Star, won a World Series, was an MLB batting champion, was a two-time MLB RBI leader, won 10 Silver Slugger awards, and also earned a pair of Gold Glove awards. Those are not the kind of numbers most professional baseball players, even the ones who were juicing, can retire boasting about.

A-Rod was not only one of their greatest players ever, but he was and still is a New York Yankees icon. Even the beginning of his legend with the New York squad is impressive. Firstly, not many players in baseball would agree to switch positions for the sake of a trade like A-Rod did when the Texas Rangers sent him to the Yankees. Thankfully he did, since his teaming up with Derek Jeter would soon become one of the greatest combos the MLB had ever seen.

For 12 years they ruled as kings of New York, and when we say kings, we really mean that literally. The only thing you need as proof is the ridiculous list of conquests these two tallied up. The Derek Jeter side we will save for another day, but now you will get a look at 15 steamy pictures of A-Rod’s exes that may make him regret leaving them. After all, there has seldom been a king anywhere who has not regretted leaving one or two of their biggest romantic conquests.


15 Torrie Wilson

What better way to start off the list of women one of the greatest baseball players of all time might regret leaving than by showing one of the steamiest pictures of one of the hottest wrestlers of all time?

Torrie Wilson and A-Rod were in a rather serious relationship all the way from 2011 to 2015. Despite hectic schedules, they were seen together all the time, and there were even people who were banking on the possibility that Wilson might have been the woman to finally tie up A-Rod.

Well, it turns out that A-Rod is not only quick on the swing, but also in getting away from relationships. They broke up in 2015, and in a blink of an eye, A-Rod was already looking forward to his next conquest.

14 Julianne Hough


This one might be a controversial entry, but it is one that we could not leave out. It might be controversial because there were no really trustworthy sources that claimed A-Rod and Julianne Hough actually dated or even went out together. But the circumstances surrounding the alleged relationship between the two were so hilarious and resembled poetic justice, that we could not help but believe she is one of the few women A-Rod ever regretted leaving, or particularly in this instance, not being able to keep in the first place.

We say that because the rumors were that the two did go out together, but it only happened because Julianne wanted to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. Yeah, this woman allegedly “used” A-Rod. True or not, this was hilarious given his history with the ladies.

13 Demi Moore


There is something about professional athletes and hooking up with older women that a lot of people cannot quite understand. But then we get cases like the time when rumors started floating that A-Rod and Demi Moore had a thing. That is one older woman few men ever said no to. Just take a look at Demi Moore’s track record. She is one celebrity who became quite known for her tendency to take a liking to younger men.

Still, when it comes to A-Rod, it is hard to have a relationship without controversy. These two were seen having dinner out in NYC back in 2012, while A-Rod was still with Torrie Wilson. Did something happen? We don’t know. But if it did, we can be confident that A-Rod would regret not having a second time even today.

12 Cameron Diaz


It might have only lasted about a year and a half, but back in 2011, A-Rod realized a dream that many men who watched movies in the 90s and early 2000s sure had at some point. He dated Cameron Diaz.

Not only one of the most recognizable actresses of her generation, but Cameron Diaz is also, without a doubt, one of the hottest. It doesn’t matter what kind of movie this woman stars in; she is always the most beautiful person on screen at any given moment. So it is only fair that we believe A-Rod would give his throwing arm away to be able to get back with this beauty. Still, the two of them parted ways in a rather friendly fashion and have always spoken fondly of each other.

11 Kyna Treacy


We said that a lot of people believed Torrie Wilson might’ve been the woman who would be able to tie up A-Rod, right? But when we start reading about the stuff this guy allegedly did while they were still dating, you cannot blame Wilson for giving A-Rod the boot. For example, during a fated game while he was supposedly still in a relationship with Wilson, A-Rod spotted a beautiful fan in the stands and decided it would be a good idea to throw her a baseball with his phone number on it.

What he didn’t expect was that the beautiful Australian model he picked out from the crowd had a big mouthed friend who would not be able to keep quiet about the romantic night he had with the model after the game.

10 Elaine Spottswood


One of the biggest traits A-Rod had during his career was that, one way or another, he was a hard worker. Even when he was causing mayhem for the media, this dude was working hard on his game. A perfect example of that is that the tabloids started hinting at a relationship between the Bronx Bomber and Elaine Spottswood when the two were spotted walking together into a gym of all places back in 2010.

A lot of Rodriguez’s conquests were actually actresses or models, but Spottswood is someone who escaped the norm as she apparently worked for a real estate firm when she started dating A-Rod. Oh yeah, their relationship was also controversial because some people claimed A-Rod was still seeing Kate Hudson when this little fling started.

9 Madonna

Yeah, we all knew we were going to get here at some point. Better earlier than later, right?

Madonna has always been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her innate ability to allure other celebrities, especially younger men. Every year we have a new Madonna conquest that is years, and sometimes even decades younger than the female popstar. Back in 2008, the conquest of the time was a famous baseball player 15 years younger than her by the name of Alex Rodriguez.

Neither of them ever confirmed the fling, but the buzz around the entertainment world was that a hookup between Madonna and A-Rod was would ultimately led to the divorce between the baseball star and his former wife, Cynthia. So what do you think, did it happen?


8 Cynthia Scurtis


Since we have just talked about the woman who allegedly played the central role in their divorce, why not talk about A-Rod’s former wife and sweetheart, Cynthia Scurtis?

The love story between these two is quite entertaining. They actually met at a gym in Miami, started a relationship and eventually got married in 2002. They were a happy couple from what the cameras got to see on the outside and even went on to have two children before A-Rod supposedly lost it all because of extramarital affairs.

While the women people claim he hooked up with were some of the most beautiful gals out there, it is unfair not to point out that Cynthia herself is one beautiful woman. Not only for the fact that he lost this beauty, but also the family factor also makes us wonder if A-Rod doesn’t regret whatever really led to their divorce.

7 Kate Hudson

This was yet another controversial love affair that A-Rod got involved in. To be fair, Kate Hudson had no fault in the weirdness that happened between them. By weird we say that reports were claiming that the reason why Hudson gave A-Rod the boot after a rather short relationship was that he could not keep himself from calling an old love interest of his. Interestingly enough, it was an old love interest that claimed never to have anything to do with A-Rod and his antics.

If you thought we were talking about Madonna, you hit the bulls-eye. Apparently, having Kate Hudson by his side was not enough for the baseball superstar, as some folks claim that he continued calling Madonna even though Hudson was on to him, and his relationship with Madonna had already been blamed for one breakup.

6 Melissa Britos


Competing against celebrities of the stature of Cameron Diaz and Madonna cannot be an easy thing for somebody who is not a movie star. That is unless you are a supermodel. Yes, when it comes to celebrity relationships the only profession that might beat out actresses and singers is supermodel. It doesn’t matter how hot the actresses or how famous the singer, when a guy walks into a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, there is only one profession he walks out of there having eyes for.

One great example of that is that despite not having a huge name in comparison to other A-Rod hookups, one woman who became known after having a fling with the baseball star was model Melissa Britos. And let us just say that by looks alone, she might be the one A-Rod most regrets leaving on the rearview mirror.

5 Anne Wojcicki


When the subject is marrying into money, and there is a professional athlete involved, people are instantly led to believe the other person is the one who is going to gain the most financially once the deed is consummated. However, one A-Rod relationship managed to turn that prejudice upside down. How? A-Rod started dating the ex-wife of one of Google’s co-founders.

Yes, guess who has more money than A-Rod? One of the guys who founded Google; and following that assertion, you can be sure that Sergey Brin’s ex-wife Anne Wojcicki had a healthy divorce settlement check in her pocket when she started dating A-Rod in 2016. They ended up never getting married, but that union sure would have been a stigma breaker in the world of professional sports.

4 Bethenny Frankel


Since we are talking about money, let’s talk about one of the richest hookups A-Rod ever had. Sure, Bethenny Frankel is a net worth small fish compared to Madonna and his current girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, not to mention to his former gal, Anne Wojcicki. Nevertheless, with a net worth of around $25 million, Frankel is an extremely successful TV star and entrepreneur.

You might not know that, but this is the woman who first launched the line of margarita mixes known as Skinnygirl. That was such a fantastic business venture that she managed to sell the brand for a reported $100 million in 2011. But even if she didn’t have any money to her name, we guess that A-Rod would still very much regret letting this reality TV star go since she is one of the most beautiful Real Housewives of New York City.

3 Joslyn Noel Morse


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A-Rod has dated actresses, CEOs, singers, and a whole bunch of other professional women. But here is the first stripper we bring to you with whom he supposedly had a fling. Joslyn Noel Morse might not have been an actress or singer, but she is as least as beautiful as some of the big screen stars A-Rod spent a good private time with. Supposedly, these two met during one of A-Rod’s many trips to strip joints, and guess what, it was love at first sight. Well, maybe not exactly “love” but there was apparently something there because they were spotted together anywhere from Tampa to Toronto. Oh yeah, keep in mind this was all allegedly happening while A-Rod was still married in the mid-2000s. Love or not, this is not one gal someone easily forgets.

2 Candice Houlihan


Since the cat is already out of the bag, there is no reason for us to keep from you that there have been several claims of A-Rod sleeping with strippers during his most illustrious off the field career. Seriously, this guy was a beast if all of the rumors end up being true. Another stripper who claimed to have had sex with A-Rod on more than one occasion was a gal by the name of Candice Houlihan.

This was an especially awful occasion for A-Rod because despite how hot Candace is, she had no restraints in telling the media about their encounter or saying how she was happy that his wife was finally getting fed up with the cheating and leaving him. Either way, out of all these women she was definitely one of the hottest.

1 Jessica Canseco


So you have heard about A-Rod cheating on his wife, having flings with half of the world, but perhaps the most messed up relationship this guy had was the alleged affair with Jessica Canseco. Why? Because Jessica was married to one of his colleagues, designated hitter Jose Canseco. And given how tight-knit the baseball community is, sleeping with one of your colleague’s wife is something that could put a dent in the relationships within any clubhouse.

This was so blatant and bad that, in his book, Canseco wrote about how A-Rod constantly called his wife and how he believed the two indeed had an affair. Canseco was so pissed off that he even wrote about how he got A-Rod in touch with a known steroid dealer. Nevertheless, his ex-wife does seem to be the type of woman A-Rod would undoubtedly be attracted to.


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