15 Steamy Pictures Of Female Bodybuilders

Let’s face it, bodybuilding gets a bad rap. It’s not even close to being considered a mainstream sport. You either like bodybuilding or you hate it – you’re not going to go and watch a competition if you’re in between. People look at these man mountains and instantly think steroids. There is a whole lot more to it than that, but that’s what crosses people’s minds. Many don’t even think these male bodybuilders look that appealing. But in recent years, bodybuilding has started to change. There are new divisions, new competitions, new weight categories, so bodybuilders are now of different shapes and sizes.

That’s occurred in men’s bodybuilding, but even more so in women’s bodybuilding. Women’s bodybuilding now encompasses; Bikini, Figure, Physique and Bodybuilding divisions. So, those of you who are used to the past, may have set eyes on a ridiculously muscular person posing on stage, and have been turned off by the sport, are now getting into it again because of the sultry women strutting their stuff on stage. These women make a living working on and showcasing their hot physiques, so they’re not shy about posing for the camera in raunchy shoots. That’s also how most of these women make a living, by modeling. T

here are therefore plenty of steamy pics out there of female bodybuilders. Some of the women on this list are still competing. Others have moved on to other things, and some are non-competitive bodybuilders, have used bodybuilding in their respective careers. Whatever their current standing in the industry may be, these are 15 steamy pics of sultry female bodybuilders you need to set your eyes on.

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15 Sarah Backman

via reddit.com

Sarah Backman is arguably one of the greatest female arm wrestlers who’s ever lived. She won a stack load of championships, before eventually decided to pursue a new challenge. That’s when she signed with WWE. Apart from those into arm wrestling, she’ll probably be known for her stint with WWE. She didn’t achieve anything of note in the wrestling industry. But she got hitched to Bo Dallas and is now part of one of the biggest wrestling families around.

After trying her hand at wrestling, she then turned her attention to becoming a real estate broker. Sarah certainly flits about between careers. One that’s been a constant in her life though has been bodybuilding. Just look at her physique – she could very easily step on stage. She’s muscular, lean and ripped, and is Hot Property alright.

14 Christina Vargas

via pwpop.com

Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, Vargas is currently living in Vegas, which is the place where it’s all happening, the place where you need to go if you want to make it in the bodybuilding industry. But having said that, looking the way she does, Christina Vargas could open up a gym on the North Pole and still manage to attract clients. She’s drop-dead gorgeous in every which way, and it’s therefore no surprise she’s enjoying a successful career for herself as a trainer. Of course, Christina also steps on stage, and of course she earns the majority of her money as a fitness model. She’s got it all, the looks, the body, and a sassy persona. Christina’s lean, not big and lean, just lean, and that’s certainly the right look for her.

13 Sarah Ainsley Harrison

Sarah Ainsley Harrison is someone who’s used to stepping on stage. She’s from Halifax Nova Scotia, and before she got into bodybuilding, she achieved fame by competing in the Miss Canada beauty pageant. Today she’s an actress, a Bikini competitor, and a certified fitness trainer. Nowadays she’s able to focus on this full time, and on living the health and fitness lifestyle. But somewhere in between all of these activities, Sarah actually worked as an Account Executive and Managing Partner – she’s got beauty as well as brains.

Sure, this is a pic from a modeling shoot, but imagine her walking into the office dressed to impress, looking like this. Nobody would be able to get any work done! She may not like it, but Sarah looks just as hot in professional attire than she does in spandex.

12 Larissa Reis

via flexoffense.com

This Brazilian bodybuilder has been active in the industry since 2005. She actually started modeling first, got contracts with modeling agencies and supplement companies, and then progressed onto the competition side of things. She was already popular at the time, but when she started stepping on stage, that only served to increase her popularity tenfold. Larissa has posed for all the top muscle and fitness mags, and has posed for racier mags too, such as Playboy Brazil.

Set your eyes on sizzling pics like this one, and it’s little wonder all these publications wanted Larissa on board. Cars and beautiful women is a combo that works. If it was any other woman, people might only have eyes for the Lamborghini in this pic, but Larissa certainly upstages the car on this occasion.

11 Eva Andressa

via trimmedandtoned.com

Eva Andressa is trimmed and toned and possesses curves in all of the right places. She’s another beauty from Brazil who’s made it in the fitness industry. Rather than make it by stepping on stage, Eva’s part of this new age of bodybuilders who achieve fame and fortune simply by focusing on the social media side of things. She’s become a social media sensation, has over 4m Instagram followers, and it’s because they want to see pics like this one. This is actually one of her tamer pics, but it’s one that’s still incredibly steamy. You can see her physique, what she possesses, her beauty, in this snap, why so many people follower her social media activity.

I mentioned that this is one of her tamer pics because Eva’s someone who’s prone to stripping off and posing in raunchy shoots without a stich of clothing. Cue lots of internet searches for Eva Andressa!

10 Brooke Holladay

via galeri.uludagsozluk.com

Brooke Holladay has been a part of the fitness industry for pretty much her whole life. As a youngster, she was an avid dancer, and became a professional. The next step along her fitness journey was when she became a CrossFit athlete. For those of you who don’t know about CrossFit, look it up. Those competitors are seriously strong, are arguably the fittest athletes going around. They need to be strong, muscular, and fit, and Brooke’s someone who has it all. She really does have the complete package, which is why her face is one that gets picked up from the mass of CrossFit competitors.

Brooke trains in bodybuilding for CrossFit, and has become one of the most sought-after fitness models around. Just look at this close up; everything’s evident here – she possesses one mightily fine physique.

9 Erica Cordie

There’s been plenty of buzz about Erica Cordie in the bodybuilding industry. That’s because she’s one of the biggest, hottest, natural bodybuilders currently competing. Natural means, drug-free; look at her physique – she doesn’t need to pump her body with anabolics to gain a killer physique and be successful.

Erica’s muscular and possesses a massive set of twins which she regularly shows off in her Instagram pics – it’s hard to keep those twins under wraps! She’s tried to do so in this sizzling beach pic, but hasn’t really been successful – their size means they’re still very visible. In addition to her assets, this really is a glorious pic all-round. She’s gone for a different look in this pic, and although it might not be as raunchy as her posing in a bikini, or skimpy attire, it still works.

8 Rae Nicole

via girlswithmuscle.net

As you’ve probably gathered by now, if you’re in the fitness industry, one way you can earn your corn is as a fitness trainer. Bodybuilding is one of the worst sports when it comes to prize money, the money earnt from competing. That’s why competitor have to find contracts with fitness magazines, supplement companies, and earn money on the side personal training. Rae Nicole’s had no trouble doing the whole shebang. As a fitness trainer, she doesn’t exactly have to work too hard to attract clients.

In the gym, people tend to be attracted to the beautiful, fit people, and Rae certainly falls into that category. This pic is obviously from a modeling shoot – the gym would shut down if she turned up for a workout looking like that!

7 Jennifer Rish

via randomstory.org

Jennifer Rish has been making people go wild for a hell of a long time. She’s been in the industry for ages, and over the years, she’s packed more size onto her frame while still being able to maintain her femininity, and of course she’s beautiful, hence people go gaga over Jennifer and pics like this one. When she’s not working as a nurse, she competes as a Figure competitor, and when she’s not on stage, she earns her pay as a fitness model. She’s posed in a number of sultry pics over the years, and this is one of them. What a glorious pic of Jennifer by the pool! Her beauty, rippling muscles, and wow those pins are all on show in this pic, and that smile’s going to get the pulse racing too.

6 Amanda Latona

via bodybuilding.com

The world of bodybuilding is a far more attractive place with Amanda Latona in it. There are plenty of stunning bodybuilding beauties in the industry, but few are hotter than Amanda. People watch Bikini contests often just to ogle at the hot women on show, and even amongst the sultry beauties, Amanda stands out from the rest like a beacon of light. She’s beautiful, knows it, and flaunts it.

She does the same with her physique too, which has enhanced her popularity. Amanda actually started out as a pop princess. But as her interest in fitness developed, she decided to pursue bodybuilding and being a fitness model full time. She was vindicated in her decision. I mean just look at this pic of her in the gym – she’s just ridiculously hot.

5 Moorea Wolfe

via pinterest.com

Hailing from Scottsdale Arizona, Moorea Wolfe is one of the youngest people on this list. At the age of 20, she’s one of the youngest, but hottest competitors in bodybuilding, and she’s certainly made an impact on the world stage. That’s because of pics like this one. She seems a lot older in terms of her physique, appears as if she’s already reached muscle maturity. It’s a pretty amazing feat considering she’s only been training as a bodybuilder for a few years. That’s certainly something that’s going to hold her in good stead right throughout her career. It already has in terms of her career as a fitness model. There are no shortage of esteemed fitness publications looking to get her on board, and it’s because of pics like this one.

4 Taylor Waldrop

via pinterest.com

Taylor Waldrop’s someone who’s done it all. I mean seriously done it all. She’s a woman who’s all about the thrill of competing. She’s run cross country, has tried her hand at swimming, soccer, lingerie football, and of course she’s a bodybuilder. She competes as a pro Figure competitor, and she’s had a decent amount of success too. But most of this success, fan following, can be attributed to the sultry photoshoots she’s done over the years. This is just one of many. Not sure what that is in the background, but it makes for a kind of angelic picture.

Taylor is of course the main attraction though, as she always will be when she’s posing for the cameras. She’s a muscular beauty alright. Imagine her charging towards you on the football field; you’d run a mile, although having said that, quite a lot of people would let her tackle them straight to the ground.

3 Courtney West

via beautymuscle.net

Courtney West possesses an unbelievable physique. Even if you’re someone who’s not necessarily into that muscular look, it doesn’t get you purring, Courtney West, some of her sultry pics, are sure to get the libido humming. She has massive assets, a pair of eyepopping twins, washboard abs and then ripping muscles everywhere you look. She’s hot from top to toe. That steely gaze just adds to her overall look, it’s one of the reasons why people go crazy over Courtney West. One thing that’s noticeable about this pic is her legs. Those legs look like they’ve been chiseled out of stone, are silky smooth and incredibly muscular, muscles which have been accentuated due to her wearing high heels. She’s all woman, and one hot one at that.

2 Juliana Malacarne

via bodybuildsters.nl

And here’s another Brazilian beauty; they just keep coming on this list. Brazil is a place that’s renowned for its gorgeous women, among many other things of course. Bikini babes sizzling on the sandy beaches of Brazil – that’s why a lot of people flock to the nation. See Juliana in a bikini on one of those beaches and your jaw will hit the floor. Very few on the pro circuit have that unique blend of muscularity, beauty, and femininity. Juliana is one of those few. She’s won the Olympia – the top bodybuilding competition in the world - Women's Physique Showdown three years running since 2014, so she’s not only one of the hottest, but one of the best too, as is evident from this pic.

1 Tina Nguyen

Tina Nguyen was born in Vietnam to an African-American father and a Vietnamese mother. That’s a unique blend, one that certainly contributes to her exotic look. When she was a teenager, she moved to the U.S. with her family, started studying sciences and working out in the meantime. It wasn’t long before the iron took precedence and she began getting noticed. Now in her mid-20s, she’s been competing for four years, and has enjoyed plenty of success, not just on stage, but in terms of gaining endorsement deals, sponsors, and modeling contracts.

She’s not shy about stripping down and posing either, hence there are plenty of sultry pics of Tina out there. This is another steamy pic. Her physique might not do it for a lot of people – many people don’t like what they deem to be that over-the-top muscular look for a woman – but I as a bodybuilding fan, and I’m sure many others, think that she looks a million bucks. The amount of muscle she possesses is freaky, but she’s still all woman, is beautiful, and is without doubt one of the hottest competitors around.

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