15 Steamy Pictures Of Female Sportscasters Away From The TV Cameras

In today’s day age, people tune in and watch sports shows, sporting events, for reasons other than the athletes on show. They want to see a spectacle, and they get that, not just because of the sport, but because of the pre- and post-game shows, the sportscasting during the event. These broadcasting networks want to keep people watching throughout, and they know precisely how to do that, what people want to see. Networks and channels know that sex sells, so what better way to cater to their audiences than by getting sultry women on board to do the sportscasting duties. Pretty much every sports show has them, has beautiful sportscasters. They can act as a welcome distraction if the sporting event isn’t anything to shout about, or they can enhance the experience for the viewing public. Get a hot sportscaster and it’s a win win situation.

These sportscasters know they have the goods. Pretty much all of them have had some modeling gigs or other and have done a sultry photoshoot at some point. A lot of these shoots are of the risque nature. We’re not complaining one bit – it’s partly why people tune in to see them sportscasting, it’s why they’ve gained such tremendous fan followings. Here are some of thosesteamy pics from your favorite – at least they will be when you set eyes on their sultry pics – female sportscasters.

15 Shibani Dandekar

via bollywoodlife.com

Shibani Dandekar has over 880K followers on Instagram, which is a hell of a lot for a sportscaster, and it’s easy to understand why. Her Instagram profile is filled with sultry pics like this one, which keeps people ogling, keeps people following her wanting more. Shibani doesn’t disappoint. The stereotypical Indian woman is a shy, conservative lady. With pics like this one, Shibani’s essentially saying scrap that stereotype, and we’re all glad she’s done away with the norm. A rocking physique like hers is one that should be displayed proudly in all its glory, and Shibani’s not shy about doing just that. I don’t really need to explain why this pic is of the Not So PG nature. Pretty much every other pic she posts is also Not So PG, and that’s why she’s the megastar she is.

14 Charissa Thompson

via tailgatetime.com

American sportscaster, Charissa Thompson, has been a hit amongst sports fans, and looking at this pic, it’s clear to see why. I bet NFL fans couldn’t believe their luck when FOX signed her up for hosting and sportscasting duties. She shared this pic with her Instagram followers last year. It’s a pic from a photoshoot she did, and what a glorious photoshoot it was too. People can get a good view of those gorgeous Not So PG set of twins, her washboard abs, the rest of her stunning physique, and you can add her beauty, that beaming smile to that list too. Social media went into a frenzy, went into meltdown after this pic was posted, and there are plenty of other pics of a similar Not So PG nature, of this Cali beauty.

13 Jenn Brown

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Jenn Brown used to work for ESPN before moving on to the NFL Network. During her eight-year stint with ESPN, she covered pretty much every sport there is, and fans got used to seeing her on their screens, which wasn’t a bad thing. The NFL Network just had to snap her up, and they managed to do so, much to the delight of NFL fans. In addition to her sportscasting and hosting duties, Jenn’s also made other TV appearances, and has taken part in ad campaigns for Under Armour’s clothing line. It’s no wonder everyone wants a bit of Jenn. Just look at this pic; seeing a woman like this would make you want to tune in to her show, would result in those clothes flying off the shelves. Jenn’s pins are what makes this pic Not So PG. They’re silky, smooth, toned, and muscular. Just look at those gorgeous calves, all elegant and rippling with muscles. With pins like those, no wonder she’s flaunting them in modeling shoots.

12 Ines Sainz

People have been going gaga over this sultry Mexican journalist for a hell of a long time. She’s intelligent, is a woman of humor, and of course, a tremendous amount of beauty. She knows it too, knows she can play that card and has been doing so right throughout her career. Seeing her standing on the sidelines of various sporting events gets people talking, ogling, and probably salivating too. Ines is prone to wearing tight-fighting attire, clothes that accentuate her assets, her gorgeous physique. There are tons of pics out there of Ines that can be deemed to be Not So PG. This is just one of them, but what a pic it is. There’s a reason why Ines chose to wear a backless dress for that event.

11 Molly Qerim

via sportsmasher.com

Molly Qerim is an American sportscaster who’s known for her vivacious personality. She’s all smiles, just lights up the screen, any sporting event she’s involved with. Molly’s someone that people tune in to see, because she’s another one that knows that sex sells, and she’s certainly utilizing what she’s got, her – perhaps not entirely god given – assets. And what massive, bountiful assets they are. There are no shortage of steamy pics out there of Molly Qerim. Pretty much every one of her pics is of a Not So PG nature, because it’s hard to keep those puppies under wraps, as you can see from this Not So PG pic. Molly’s not exactly wearing a tight-fitting top in this pic, it’s just that with those massive twins, it’s become tight, makes this pic what it is, Not So PG.

10 Sara Carbonero

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This Spanish journalist caused an almighty stir during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. She was reporting from the sidelines, and was all people could talk about, even the players. It was said that her being there distracted Spain’s goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, who let in a soft goal. They were dating at the time, and she interviewed him after the match which made for some interesting viewing. They’re now married, and are living in Portugal.

Sara’s often been voted as being the sexiest sportscaster on the planet. Set your eyes on some of her sultry pics, and it’s not hard to understand why. She’s a sportscaster and a model too, a proper model, not something she does from time to time for the hell of it. This Not So PG demonstrates her modeling abilities, although there are far raunchier ones out there on the net for those of you willing to do some picture hunting.

9 Melanie Collins

via romancegoals.com

Since graduating from university, Melanie’s career has just blossomed. Her versatility and passion for all-things sports, has meant that she’s enjoyed a very successful career, reporting on pretty much everything for all the big networks. She’s talented, driven, passionate – oh, and she’s also an absolute stunner in case you hadn’t noticed. Melanie’s a blonde bombshell if ever there was one, a drop-dead gorgeous woman with glamor model-like looks. She’s got that beaming smile and that exuberant personality too – she really does possess the entire package. But enough of that, for the purposes of this article, we’re only interested in one aspect of this package. That’s her rocking physique, her beauty, which is on show and radiant in this pic. It’s a sultry pose, a really raunchy look, and she’s showcasing her physique too, all of which combined makes this picture Not So PG.

8 Katarina Sreckovic

Putting Katarina Sreckovic on this list was a no-brainer. Everything about this Serbian beauty is Not So PG. She’s considered to be so hot, so raunchy, she was once almost fired because her being on the sidelines was resulting in the players being distracted. Her name was brought to worldwide attention because of it. Her fan following went through the roof, she kept her job, and is today regarded to be one of the hottest sportscasters on the planet. Look through her sultry Instagram posts and you’ll certainly agree. Katarina’s another one who spends a lot of time showcasing her glorious physique and her beauty in sultry shoots, which thankfully she shares with her fans. This is one of those pics, a stunning shoot which captures Katarina in all of her beauty. That physique – wow that physique! – and those pins are what makes this pic Not So PG.

7 Marisol Gonzalez

via spectaculos.com

It’s been tricky trying to find pics of Marisol that aren’t too R-rated, that we could actually put in this article. That’s because she’s posed in a hell of a lot of raunchy shoots over the years. And I’m not just talking about the run-of-the-mill modeling shoots where she’s clad in skimpy attire on a beach or something – not that there’s anything wrong with those shoots! I’m talking full on birthday suit. Type her name into a search engine and you’ll soon see what I mean. Marisol’s prone to stripping down and posing for the cameras without a stitch of clothing. I’ve managed to find one in which she’s slightly covered up, but it’s still Not So PG, is incredibly raunchy. That dress, that pose, that look – it’s little wonder people go gaga over Marisol Gonzalez.

6 Holly Sonders

via golf.com

It’s no surprise that when the Golf Channel wanted to get a sportscaster on board, they chose Holly Sonders. Over the years Holly’s become one of the sport’s most recognizable TV personalities. People who know golf recognize her, all of her. Even those who aren’t really into the game, tune in to see a bit of Holly, or at least follow her on her social media channels. They do so because of pics like this, Not So PG pics. Look at this pic and what are your eyes drawn to? Her beauty, sultry looks. But it won’t be long before your eyes are drawn down a tad and take in the sight of her chest region. Holly knows what she’s doing in this pic, striking that provocative pose, and we love her for it.

5 Erin Andrews

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Erin Andrews is arguably the most famous, most beloved sportscaster on the planet. Her meteoric rise to fame is due to her abilities, but a large part of it is also due to her sex appeal. She’s charming, can be sassy, is sultry to the core. She’s also pretty down to earth as a celebrity, which enamors her to a lot of people. Having achieved the fame she has, there’re no shortage of companies looking to get her on board for endorsement deals. She’s been the face of many products over the years, and has also taken part in a number of raunchy photoshoots. This is just one of them, a hot shoot of Erin Andrews striking a seriously seductive pose. Forget sportscasting – she looks like she could be an athlete herself with that sizzling physique.

4 Charlotte Jackson

via baomoi.com

When talking of sportscasters from the UK, there are two women who come to mind. The other is coming up on the next entry, but this entry is all about Charlotte Jackson. She’s a sportscaster for Sky Sports News, and has hosted numerous other sports shows. Her name’s synonymous with all-things sports, and she’s risen to become one of the UK’s most-loved sportscasters. Charlotte certainly isn’t the shy and retiring type either. People watch her on Sky Sports, just to ogle at the revealing tops she frequently wears. She’s also flaunted her physique in numerous photoshoots. This is just one of those shoots – a lot of the others are actually too revealing to include on this list. Set eyes on this Not So PG pic, and it’d make you want to exercise, buy that bike or workout attire, perhaps shell out your cash and just buy the picture.

3 Kirsty Gallacher

via caughtoffside.com

And here’s a photo of another British babe to get your pulse racing. Kirsty Gallacher belongs to a sporting family, so it was inevitable that she was going to get involved in sports in some capacity. We’re mightily glad she chose to go down the sportscasting route. She’s seemingly been around for donkey’s years, which is just fine with us because Kirsty’s someone who seems to get better with age. She’s now in her 40s, but the sultry Scottish beauty is hotter than ever. Just look at this pic! It may be hard to believe, but Kirsty really is in her 40s in this pic. That swimsuit – or lack of it – that bikini body, those voluptuous, bountiful assets – everything about this pic is Not So PG.

2 Meghan Kluth

I just hate it when I have to go to Florida for work 😑

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WGNO reporter Meghan Kluth, looks like she’s shooting a scene for a movie in this pic. And what movie comes to mind? Baywatch, or BAE Watch, if you manage to divert your eyes away from you know what and are able to read her swimsuit. Looking at this pic, it’s little wonder Meghan Kluth has managed to acquire the fanbase she has. It’s just a spectacular picture in every which way, totally Not So PG, which is why it’s such a glorious pic. Everything’s on show in this image. Her beauty, that smile, the sultry physique including those very noticeable assets – for fans of Meghan Kluth, this is just the ultimate pic. She’s one person who’s prone to revealing a lot, and we love her for it. It’s just amazing, truly is staggering that she’s only got 7K Instagram followers – something’s not quite right there!

1 Jimena Sanchez

Black Sunday 🖤 #Raidernation pic @elhartista

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Jimena Sanchez is regarded to be the mini Kim Kardashian. That just about says it all in terms of how stunning she is. She’s mini, pretty petite, but her assets are anything but. Jimena possesses massive assets, and she takes a tremendous amount of pleasure in showing them off, much to the delight of her millions of fans, including 2.9m Instagram followers. It really is no wonder she has that many followers. Most of her pics are of the Not So PG nature. In fact, most of them are so explicit, it’s amazing Instagram haven’t taken them down – not that we’re complaining of course!

Sanchez has yet to land a really prominent role on American television, but it doesn't seem to matter. She has her own loyal audience.

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