15 Steamy Pictures Of Female Track Stars

The most popular sports around the world are team sports, where we see a group of people striving to attain the same goal, which is always victory. But while most of those sports are entertaining on their own and gather massive amounts of individuals to watch either live or on television, they lack a certain variety that individual sports can provide to fans who are not satisfied with just watching the same discipline over and over again. That is not to the demerit of team sports, much on the contrary. Those guys get the most money in sports for a reason.

Nevertheless, sports like track and field can provide fans with quite the unique set of disciplines. When you go to a soccer game, you are going to watch a soccer match. There is nothing wrong with that. Soccer games are awesome and fun. But when you go to a track meet, you get to watch all kind of different events. At one moment you can watch a bunch of guys running as fast as they can for 10 seconds to win the 100m dash. And just seconds later, you simply have to look to the other side, and you will get to see another athlete spinning around inside a cage and throwing a hammer as far as she cans.

But more than the fun factor, track and field is a sport that exposes to the world an incredible amount of new athletes and talents every year. With that, we also get a chance to see some of the most beautiful female athletes in the world. And that is what we want to show you with these 15 steamy pictures of female track stars.

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15 Lolo Jones

via socialnewsdaily.com

When the subject is track and field, no nation can back up being considered a powerhouse like the United States. Jamaica has sprinters, Kenya has unique long-distance runners, and every other nation has their specialty. The US, on the other hand, has so many incredible athletes in so many different disciplines of track and field that it is hard for anyone to measure up against the United States in the overall quality of their track and field program.

One of the many champions that came out of this illustrious American school of track stars is the Iowa native, Lori Susan Jones, most commonly known as Lolo Jones. At 35 years old, Jones has never won an Olympic medal but has impressive results, like a pair of World Indoor Championships titles in the 60m hurdles event.

14 Louise Hazel

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Now it’s time to cross the pond and land in Britain, where the next entrant on our list was born and has excelled throughout her career. Louise Hazel is one of the most complete athletes in the world. What we mean by that is that she is a heptathlete. These are in the very sense of the word, the most complete athletes in track and field. They compete in seven different events to tally up points and become the all-around queen of the competition.

In terms of results, Hazel’s main feat was winning the 2010 Commonwealth games in Delhi. When it comes to international competitions, her two top results were the 15th place in the 2011 World Championships and a 27th place in the 2012 Olympic Games.

13 Maggie Vessey

via perfectrun.info

The second American to grace our list is an impressive athlete who never quite got to run at the highest level of track and field. Maggie Vessey started her career competing for Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo in her native California and started impressing people because of her solid results in NCAA competitions. In college, she was a Big West Conference champion twice in the 800m run, and she finished second place at the NCAA championships.

However, her impressive results were never quite enough as Vessey always missed a qualification spot for the Olympic team at the American trials before the games. She also hit a pretty big bump on the road when she was forced to accept a public warning and lost some of her results after being tested positive for an illegal substance in 2012.

12 Michelle Jenneke

via projectshanks.com

If you follow the Olympic Games you probably have heard or seen Michelle Jenneke. This Australian hurdler became quite famous after videos of her dancing during her pre-race warmup at a junior championship went viral on the web. That video might not have helped her on the track, but it certainly gave her worldwide fame and recognition from the public. Her popularity reached a level that she even got to appear on shows like Top Gear and was featured in the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Nevertheless, Jenneke is also a hurdler who deserves a lot of respect. At just 24 years old she has already made her Olympic debut in Rio and managed a 37th place finish. She also has a silver medal in the Youth Olympic Games and is a two-time Oceania Youth Champion.

11 Sara Galimberti

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Time for the first athlete on our list for whom English is not her first language. Sara Galimberti is far from being a world renowned athlete for her results. As far as we could confirm, she has never been to the Olympic Games, nor has she had any solid results in international competitions.

Still, while she might not be the most gifted of world-class athletes, Galimberti is without a doubt one of the most beautiful track and field stars of our generation. This 25-year-old Italian runner does not even need to run anymore to earn her living since she has also become quite the prolific model. Nevertheless, she is still competing and is also an extremely active figure on Instagram, trying to inspire people to live the healthy lifestyle she so adores.

10 Denisa Rosolova

Still in Europe, we have another impressive sprinter to show to you. This is Denisa Rosolova, a Czech Republic runner who has managed to make a name for herself on the international stage for being one of the most tenacious competitors at the 400m distance.

Rosolova has qualified and competed in three different editions of the Olympic Games and reached her best results in London 2012. During that competition, she reached two finals, one individual and one with the rest of the Czech Republic team. Curiously enough, Rosolova finished seventh place in both the 400m hurdles and the 4 x 400m relay for women. She competed in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, but was not quite as successful and did not even qualify for the 400m hurdles final.

9 Christina Vukicevic

via celebmafia.com

Folks who follow international track and field competitions normally only get to see the best of the best each country has to offer. And the best that Norway ever had to offer in the 100m hurdles event was Christina Vukicevic. During her early 20s, this Norwegian star was a force to be reckoned with in the hurdling world. At just 21 years old she had already qualified for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. Just one year later in 2009, she broke the Norwegian national record for the event with a 12.74s mark that stands as Norway’s national record to this day. A little further down the road, in 2011, she also broke the national record for the 60m hurdles.

Speed must be in the family since her father, Petar, was a Yugoslavian athlete who participated in the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

8 Yelena Isinbayeva

via allhdwallpapers.com

If you don’t know who this woman is, there is a huge chance that you are not someone who usually follows track and field. So let us give you a little bit of a background. There are good athletes, there are great athletes, and there are legends. Yelena Isinbayeva is part of that latter group. For almost a decade, there was not a woman in the world who could come even close to touching the toes of this Russian goddess.

Isinbayeva broke the pole vault world record for the first time in 2003 with a vault of 4.82m. A fun fact, she was just 21 years old when that happened. Isinbayeva continued improving on that mark until she finally set the record that stands today in 2009, when she vaulted 5.06m.

7 Allison Stokke

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Now we go from the greatest female pole vaulter ever to live, to one of the most average professional pole vaulters in the United States. We are not hating on Allison Stokke, much on the contrary. For an athlete of her level to achieve the fame she has, this gal deserves the utmost respect. Allison started out as one of the most promising pole vault athletes in the United States, as she was ranked number two in the national high school rankings before going to college at the University of California, Berkeley.

Her fame, however, arrived when she was just 17 when a sports blogger got hold of a picture of her competing and posted it remarking how attractive she was. Needless to say, it went viral on the web, and she quickly became a sensation not for her skill, but for her looks.

6 Emma Coburn

Back at it 💪🏻 #teamNB #teamredbull

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The 3000 m steeplechase might not be the most awaited competition at track meets, but it is one of the disciplines in which the United States has one of the best athletes in the world. At 26 years old, Emma Coburn has been rising up the ranks within this event for a few years now and has finally reached the top of the world. She has been the top American athlete at the 3000m steeplechase since 2011, when she won the national championships, but it is her evolution in international competitions that astounds fans.

Coburn went from 10th place in the 2011 World Championships to eighth in the 2012 Olympics, then she got fifth place in the 2015 World Championships, following that with a third-place finish in the 2016 Olympics. Finally, this year she won the gold medal at the London World Championships, and this just seems to be the beginning.

5 Anna Chicherova

Via: photosight.ru

An interesting aspect of track and field is how athletes who compete in different events have drastically different body types. Sprinters are usually strong and explosive, while long distance runners are lean and have less muscle. However, the most unusual body type in all of athletics is that of high jumpers. Unlike the beasts you see dunking in the NBA, track and field high jumpers are actually extremely skinny athletes.

An excellent example of that is the Russian Olympic Champion, Anna Chicherova. At 35 years old, Chicherova is one of the greatest high jumpers in history. She was the third female high jumper in history to win both the Olympic Games and the World Championships. She also has the third best mark of all time in the event at 2.07m.

4 Leryn Franco

via oopscoop.com

Many athletes have given up playing their favorite sport in order to pursue a career in modeling. Still, few of them did that in the fashion of the stunning Paraguayan javelin thrower, Leryn Franco. Currently 35 years old, the last international competition Franco took part in was back in 2014 when she finished in fifth place at the South American Games. But her career can be defined by more than that. After all, this is a top notch athlete who qualified and participated in three different editions of the Summer Olympic Games. Sure, her best finish was a 34th place in London, but that is still impressive.

Nevertheless, she ultimately gave up throwing spears in competitions and decided it was finally time to give the modeling thing a chance.

3 Dafne Schippers

via wikimedia.org

This is a name that doesn’t escape the minds of track fans all around the world. Dafne Schippers has been on top of the world for so long that it is almost ridiculous to think about how she is still only 25 years old. This Dutch sprinter has won everything but an Olympic gold medal, which she came extremely close to taking home in Rio when she finished at the runner-up spot in the 200m.

With the exception of that one conquest she has yet to make, Schippers has won pretty much everything else. She has two World Championship titles, four European Championships titles, and one Continental Cup. While we hear a lot about her and sprinting, Schippers is also quite the successful heptathlete, as she even held the Dutch national record of the event earlier in her career.

2 Ivet Lalova-Collio

The runner-up on our list is the beautiful Bulgarian sprinter, Ivet Lalova-Collio. This is one impressive woman not just because she is without a doubt one of the most beautiful runners we have ever seen, but also for the fact that she is quite the unique athlete as well.

The 2012 European Championships 100m champion is the 12th fastest woman in the history of the world. Yes, this Bulgarian beauty has the 12th best time in the history of the women’s 100m race. And if that was not impressive enough, she is tied with the Russian legend, Irina Prialova, as the fastest woman not of West African descent in history with 10.77s.

Her best result in the Olympic Games was the fourth place finish at the 2004 games in Athens.

1 Darya Klishina

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You better believe us when we say we tried to find someone else to put on the top spot of this list. But it is just impossible to find a more beautiful track and field athlete than the Russian long jumper, Darya Klishina. This 26-year-old athlete is someone who does not only deserve worldwide respect for the fact that she is beautiful and skilled but also because she is one of the few Russian athletes who did not take part in the massive doping scandal that recently exploded in the country.

In fact, Klishina was the only Russian track and field athlete who was allowed to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games. Most recently, she had to compete as an authorized neutral athlete at the 2017 World Championships. And let’s just say we are glad she chose to compete because she looked stunning taking home that silver medal.

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