15 Steamy Pictures Of Floyd Mayweather's New Girlfriend

Is everybody ready? No, we’re not talking about the mega fight between Floyd and Conor but instead, something even better: photos of Floyd’s new girlfriend! If you haven’t seen pics just yet, buckle up, cause you’re going to like what we have to offer. She goes by the name of Abigail Clarke and judging by her social media accounts, she’s a chick that loves to party and works as a model. So yeah, it isn’t too hard to see how she and Sir Mayweather hit it off. The dude is in a club on the regular when he’s not training.

In this article, we showcase pictures Mayweather wouldn’t want you to see of his current partner. From pics with her ex-boyfriend to people grabbing her chest, there are photos Floyd wants to keep in the past. And of course, we have the “Not So PG” pics a plenty in this article so get ready!

So without further ado, here are 15 steamy pictures Floyd Mayweather doesn’t want you to see of his new girlfriend. Like always, be sure to spread the link to a friend and heck, while you’re at it, click on our recent article featuring Mayweather’s girlfriend going one-on-one against Conor’s partner. Let’s begin folks!

15 The V-Day Party

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When you reach a certain level of fame, mostly everything you do out in the public is caught by the evil paparazzi. That works double for Abigail who’s usually spotted in the hottest clubs LA and Miami have to offer. In this throwback shot, she attended a singles party and was spotted with some dude named Ricky Rayment. The two had a couple of intimate photos from the night and in all likelihood, we have reason to believe these are the types of pictures Floyd doesn’t want us to see. After hearing that the two are currently an item, it’s said that Ricky has moved far, far away. Just kidding... or maybe not.

Rocking a mind-blowing red dress, the V-Day babe was breaking hearts on the night as the center of attention. Floyd wouldn’t like it any other way!

14 Poison Ivy Gone Wild

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Scrolling and lurking through her social media pictures, for those of you that have, you’re likely well aware that the model is a “club girl”, showcasing her fantastic looks at some of the most prominent clubs in the world. Along with rocking ten on ten dresses and outfits, she also looks damn perfect when dressing up for a holiday like Halloween. Her portrayal of Poison Ivy took a “Not So PG” twist as we like to say here on The Sportster, front and back, the outfit was not suitable for children. The paparazzi had a field day with the costume and really, can we blame them?

As for Floyd, we believe he’d rather she dressed up as a ghost and what we mean by that is not showing up to any Halloween parties at all. Or, cutting a large piece of white bed sheet (the thickest she can find) and putting it over her. Who are we kidding, she’d still manage to make it hot!

13 Living The Party Life

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This throwback picture was taken in 2013 when Abigail was celebrating her 22nd birthday, meaning, she was above the legal age for only a year prior. So do the math folks, that means the beauty is still in her 20s nowadays at the tender age of 26. As for her boy Floyd, well, we can guarantee he’s not swinging in his 20s any longer nor is he in his 30s. As of February, “Pretty Boy” Floyd turned 40, yup the dude is getting old but it looks like he still loves his ladies young as the two share a 14 year age difference.

As for the picture, it was taken of Abigail once again partying it up in Vegas, this time at a younger age. No doubt, Mayweather wants us to forget about Abigail’s past as a long-term party girl.

12 Chest For Days

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So it’s pretty obvious, Abigail didn’t gain such a following for her educational background. The beauty has over 70K followers, in large part, because of her stunning good looks and fashionable outfits on the regular. It really helps when you’re not only good looking but like, also know what to wear. Floyd can’t say the same, the dude is worth millions upon millions but rocks the Footlocker inspired attire on the regular... seriously Abi help your man out!

Her cleavage is one of the big heroes in most of the pictures she takes or as we say here on The Sportster, one of her best “Not So PG assets". Just recently, she made all the headlines for her insane cleavage while in London. Of course, her puppies are surgically enhanced but hey, nobodies complaining, especially Floyd!

11 Getting Her “Twins” Grabbed

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If you take a look at a photo of Abi a couple of years ago and compare it to one of now, you’ll notice a pretty drastic change in the chest area. For all the dudes out there wondering why, it isn’t because of her bench press skills... Instead, as we said in the recent entry, an enhancement surgery was the result of the change. So of course, when you make such a change, some will feel the need to get in a touch, like the dude you see in the picture above.

Without a doubt, the photo is playful in nature but in any event, it isn’t something Floyd would want to see or for us to see as it pertains to his current love interest.

10 The Encounter With Floyd

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With both living the glamour life, the two met while enjoying nights out at the most expensive night clubs life has to offer. Mayweather has dropped some serious cash at these establishments in the past and as for Abigail, she’s a regular when it comes to the party life as evidenced by her social media accounts, visiting the best night clubs and restaurants on a weekly basis.

The picture you see above is linked to one of the times that two were together. A picture surfaced of the couple from that day partying it up together but we’ll have more on that encounter a little later in the article. Following the time together, the two would continue to see each other going on a string of “”secret dates”, which led to the speculation of today that they’re an actual item.

9 Abi & The Dresses

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We should feel privileged when it comes to looking at Abigail Clarke in a fine looking dress. As we stated earlier, she has a fine fashion sense and its only helped her look that much more. Along with rocking top of the line bikini wear (which we’ll also examine later on) and some of the most jaw-dropping outfits, one would say her best wardrobe choice is the classic dress. In the picture above, it’s truly hard to disagree as the particular dress looks as though it was painted on. Whether it’s the cleavage on top, or the slit on the bottom exposing them legs, she’s truly got it all going on this picture.

As for Floyd, he’d likely replace the dress with an Adidas inspired matching track suit. Just kidding Floyd, don’t hurt us...

8 Candid Booty

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Celebrities and athletes hate it while us the creepy viewer absolutely love it. There’s just something about a candid picture that we here on The Sportster that we just love, without the glitz and glamour of a photo-shopped picture, we can really asses one’s true beauty with such a photo.

Now for this picture, many would argue the validity of the term “candid”. It’s hard to debate as Abi appears to be in a perfect stretched position, some would claim she knew exactly what was going on. However in truth, does she really have a bad position? In any event, the photo caught the attention of various tabloids as her booty certainly looks “Not So PG” in the photo. If Floyd wants to help her box that’s fine, but it seems like she needs no help with her glute gains.....

7 Clarke’s Selfies

Oh the selfie, again, think back to years ago and where we were in terms of technology. Trying to take a selfie with a camera would have likely resulted in a photo of another couple, far, far away, or, a lovely shot of the ground. That’s all changed today and the likes of Abigail have certainly taken advantage.

Her selfies are so gosh darn good that she doesn’t even need to include her face in it as you see in this Instagram post. Clarke takes a lovely selfie of her outfit, however, a certain demographic was drooling over something else... such a selfie is something we believe Floyd would rather want for himself but hey, he can’t have it all! In other news, the pic didn’t even generate 500 likes, what in the blue hell?

6 She’s Got Booty

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We ogled and drooled over a previous dress picture that showcased the front. Butttt, as evidenced by this photo, she’s also got in going on in the back when rocking such tightly fitted dresses. Need further proof, click on this link in the battle between Floyd and Conor’s girls, in the article, the last two pictures showcase the front and back of Abigail’s dress. In truth, it’s nearly impossible pick which side is better. What do you guys think, is Madam Mayweather better from the front or back? Future article, Mayweather’s Girlfriend: Front Or Back? Hmmm, that’s actually not bad...

Okay so back to the glutes, we applaud Abi for her wonderful booty however, we have to believe Mayweather wouldn’t approve of such a revealing outfit when he’s around.

5 With Her Ex

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It’s a photo no boyfriend wants to see and that’s of their girl alongside an ex-boyfriend. Of course, Clarke had a couple of past relationships, her most recent and popular one came with another athlete, footballer Rob Davies. The two shared a close connection and one that Abi herself called, a little too close. The end of the relationship showed that Clarke isn’t necessarily a chick you want to mess with!

After things took a turn for the worse, Davies told his ex to take her stuff and get out. She took things to another level literally taking every item she bought, including the darn curtain poles from the bedroom. Once Davies came back, his place was nearly empty. Take notes Floyd, you don’t want to break this girl’s heart!

4 The Goddess Of The Pool Party

I dont want to go home 😫🇺🇸

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Posted on Instagram, this pool party picture took our breath away. The photo was snapped at Mondrian in LA which requires to things upon entry, money and good looks. It seems like Clarke has got both of those going for her. Whether it’s the “upper-mid area” or, her flat toned stomach, this “Not So PG” picture can have you starring for hours. Once again, how such a photo didn’t reach 1K likes is beyond us. Such a photo should be featured as the wallpaper to 1K phones around the world...

Nonetheless, such a picture proves how damn lucky Floyd is. You can expect like-minded pictures following the super-fight as we expect Floyd to bring this beauty along while he celebrates his disturbing payout.

3 Throwback – The Vegas Party Life

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Shouldn’t really shock anyone that Floyd is now connected to a party girl, Mayweather spends most of his nights out and about in the night club with his boys and crew. Despite his prior relationships, it hasn’t stopped him from going out, which is likely why most of the breakups have taken turns for the worst ending in controversial and dramatic fashion such as Floyd being laid with domestic abuse charges... yikes.

According to speculation about this relationship, things seems to be different and some tabloids claim that Floyd has showcased his “softer side” while with Abigail. Although it seems laughable to think about Mayweather being “soft”, it’s said that he’s a different dude with the party chick, we’ll go in deeper lengths during the final entry.

2 Instagrammer

Be your own #mondaymotivation one month detox begins ⏳

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Back in the day, reaching a certain level of fame was pretty tough because of the technological advances. Basically in the 90s, celebrities were the talking points. However, times have changed and with the upbringing of social media, models and fitness personalities are now also involved in the spotlight, something we wouldn’t imagine years ago. Abi is part of that group as she’s been featured on television sporadically, though, she maintains her fame due to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

In order to keep her followers, posting “Not So PG” pics is the best way to go and she’s clearly done so. Whether Floyd likes it or not, Abi posts some steamy selfies such as the one you see in the picture above. She claims to be entering a one month detox.....which seems laughable given the state of her body.

1 The Intimate Selfie

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Floyd still hasn’t said a word about the relationship leading us to believe he might have wanted to keep things on the down low, at least till after the fight. However, the news is now out and the information, is actually pretty surprising. According the gossip mill, Floyd has helped Abigail immensely with her personal life; the tabloids revealed that Mayweather aided Clarke in getting her confidence back.

The two initially hit it off at a Vegas club as Clarke was said to be shocked at how genuine and funny Floyd really was. Ever since, the two have gone out on various secret dates and it's said she’ll be in the stands cheering for her man when the super-fight takes place. Win or lose, Floyd wins, in every, life aspect.

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