15 Steamy Pictures Of Usain Bolt's Wife He Might Not Like

Usain Bolt; pretty much everyone on the planet’s heard that name. Even if you’re not really into athletics, you can’t help but turn on your TV when Bolt’s doing his thing on the track. He’s just that type of person; charming, involving, charismatic, a tad eccentric, oh yeah, and super-fast. The fastest man on the planet in arguably one of the most-loved athletes on the planet too, and it’s not hard to understand why. Usain’s basically responsible for carrying the sport he loves, carrying athletics through all the dark times of late, making people remember how wonderful athletics can be amidst all the drug scandals that have engulfed the world of athletics. The guy’s far more than just the fastest man who’s ever lived; he’s a superstar, plain and simple.

Being such a beloved guy, such a massive personality, understandably there’s going to be a whole load of hype over pretty much anything he does. His dating life is something that’s often been spoken about; the tabloids are rife with spreads about Bolt’s latest love conquest. But he’s simmered down on the dating front now, and stopped playing the field, not that the paparazzi mind, because the woman Bolt’s involved with gives them plenty of things to photograph. Jamaican model, Kasi Bennett, is just ridiculously hot. She’s a stunner alright, and together with Bolt, they make one awesome couple.

Kasi’s got the looks, but has one sizzling body to match. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why Bolt’s attracted to her. Since she got with Bolt, the world has also gotten to feast their eyes on the stunning Jamaican beauty, and there really is a lot of Kasi to see, including her more risque assets. These are 15 utterly gorgeous pics of the lightning Bolt’s other half.

15 Taking Social Media By Storm

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Ever since getting with Kasi last year, Bolt has said he wants a really low-key relationship. Yeah, fat chance of that happening if Kasi’s posting pics like this on social media. Pics like this is what causes the paparazzi to try and follow Kasi wherever she goes with their tongues hanging out, baying for more luscious poses. That’s one thing that Kasi loves to do; pose. Whether it’s posing and taking snaps in the mirror, or talking sizzling selfies, Kasi’s a real poser. She is a model after all, and has glamor model-like assets, so who can blame her? She’s got it and loves to flaunt it, as is evident from this Not So PG pic of hers. Those twins, that tight stomach, the bountiful bum; everything’s on show here from the sensual seductress in this Not So PG pic.

14 Sizzling Mirror Pic

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You’ll probably realize as you go through this article, that Kasi loves to pose in front of her mirror, get all dolled up, get her glad rags on, and then pose for the camera...well, her own camera. She does the whole selfie thing, but she’s got the mirror pose sorted too, and in this pic, we get to see two Kasis in the frame, which can only be a good thing. She does look absolutely fabulous – she knew it herself, hence she shared the pic with the world on Instagram. Unlike the previous pic, this time around it’s her pins that steal the show. They’re massive, in a sexy kind of way, strong, muscular, smooth and toned. Knowing he’s coming back home to a woman like Kasi, to a woman with such gams and other assets, will surely make the prospect of limping out of his last competitive race a little less painful for Usain.

13 Bolt Can’t Take His Eyes Off Those Assets

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Okay, so this is one seriously revealing dress. Kasi’s just oozing with sensual seduction in this pic, has a huge amount of sex appeal, and is showing a hell of a lot, leaving very little to the imagination. She’s not shy about showing off her assets, as is evident from this pic, a pic of her on the red-carpet at some event or other, stealing the show and grabbing the attention with that see-through dress. Kasi’s having a whale of a time, and from the looks of things, the main man himself, Bolt, is too. He’s certainly liking Kasi’s outfit, and the fact that it’s a pretty naughty, Not So PG pic of her, doesn’t seem to be bothering him. He’s just lapping it up, like everyone else, and just cannot avert his gaze from that super-seductive dress, and what’s under it.

12 Serious Poser

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Isn’t it amazing that a simple pic like this can be Not So PG? Well, that’s the case when Kasi’s strutting her stuff in front of the camera. She’s a model, so obviously she’s going to be glamorous. In terms of her fashion sense, she knows what works, knows what accentuates her stunning figure. These garments certainly do just that, and as a result of her carefully chosen outfit, it makes this pic one that’s rather Not So PG. She’s wearing laced up bondage shoes that snake up her muscular calves. That’s awfully titillating in itself. But then that short skirt showing of them thighs, that tight fitting top which is giving us a real eyeful of her twins; it’s one super-hot outfit on one stunningly beautiful woman.

11 Readying Herself For A Night Out

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Here’s another Instagram pic, another one of Kasi posing, looking a million bucks. She really does like to do this – try on outfits and then pose for the camera. It must take her and Usain hours to ready themselves to leave the house! But if Usain’s got a woman this hot, who looks as gorgeous as Kasi on his arm, I don’t reckon he’d be hurrying her up. If she wears outfits like this, particularly dresses like this, she can take as long as she wants. In this pic, we can see – not only plenty of skin, those twins – but her amazing hourglass figure. You can see she’s got curves in all the right places, and knows just what to wear to show them all off.

10 Curvaceous And Glamorous

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Oh wow! Kasi really does love to snap a good mirror pic, and time and time again she keeps on nailing it. This is actually one of a few pics in which she’s covered up her assets. But they’re so big and bountiful, it doesn’t really matter, they’re still popping, still very evident. Those twins – or are they watermelons? – look they’re about to burst out from under that tight dress. The eyes can’t help but be drawn to them, but then avert your gaze down below, and that’s another thing that’ll grab your attention. Those hips are curvy, that almighty behind is curvaceous and she knows how to show it! In this pic she’s Not So PG, is sexy and elegant at the same time.

9 All Round View

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One pic of Kasi, the front profile, is hot enough, but why not give people what they want, a 360-degree view of that sexy body? Kasi should do this with all of her pics! From front on, Kasi looks fabulous as always. She seems to love those tight-fitting tops, and who can blame her when she’s got assets like those twins? She’s going to want to show them off, and she does that alright! She’s also done away with the skimpy skirt in this pic, going instead for pants. But it seems like nothing she wears is big enough to contain that booty, which is still sticking out, and stealing the show. We also get to see her back in this pic; toned, muscular, and just as gorgeous as the rest of her.

8 Bolt’s Looking Happy

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Here’s another pic of the superstar couple out and about looking all glamorous. It must be a competition in the Bolt household when they go out for an appearance, some event or other, as to who can upstage who. Bolt’s the main man of course, so people are going to clambering to get a good look at him. But the lady on his arm also warrants plenty of attention, and that’s mainly because of her dress sense. Even if she wasn’t standing beside Bolt, she’d probably get the same kind of attention as the sprinting superstar, because of her sizzling physique, which is on show for all to see. It’s easy to see why this is a racy pic. We can think of two reasons.

7 One Of Bolt’s Snaps

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Kasi posing in front of the camera, taking selfies and mirror pics is hot enough. In some of those pics, you couldn’t really say that she could get any hotter. But how about take off all those tight-fighting outfits, and strip down to your bare essentials? Yep, Kasi’s done that, and thankfully for us has shared the pics for the whole world to see. This is a pic of Kasi in a stunning location, but people will only be looking at the scenery momentarily before fixing their eyes and ogling at the stunning beauty on show, walking out of the water like a goddess.

This is a swimsuit pic to savor, and Bolt’s probably doing just that. In fact, this is a vacation snap, and so he probably clicked this one himself. His photography skills aren’t great, but what he snapped certainly is, makes up for him being a poor cameraman.

6 Trying To Keep Those Twins Under Wraps

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Kasi loves her tight-fitting dresses. But this one looks a bit too small, it actually looks rather painful, like a lot of things – pretty big things – are getting compressed and squashed. Perhaps she went a little too tight here, went one dress size too small, or perhaps her voluptuous assets are just too big to contain. Whatever the situation is, it looks like Kasi and that dress are having a seriously tough time trying to keep those twins under wraps. They really are popping out in any space they can find, and it means you really can’t take your eyes off them.

People can’t take their eyes off them at the best of times, but this pic is one that’ll really get people staring, and wondering whether they’re actually going to make more of an appearance.

5 Those Luscious Thighs

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I just can’t get over how big her legs are; they’re just ridiculous! She’s blessed in the legs department alright. A lot of models have slim, smooth, toned and muscular legs, and that’s a gorgeous look. But Kasi’s pins are on another level. They’re bodybuilder-like, massive, and again, serve to accentuate her hourglass figure, are a splendid addition to that equally stunning behind. Those two assets, her ass and those pins are so massive, she probably had to get those jeans tailormade, and they still look awfully tight. Kasi must be super-blessed genetics-wise; I don’t think you can get any form of surgery to get bigger legs – not yet anyway! She’s blessed, has got it, knows they’re her finest assets, and never tires of flaunting them, whether it’s in skimpy skirts or in tight jeans, much to our delight.

4 Strutting Her Stuff On The Streets

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This is apparently a pic depicting a moment from Usain’s birthday celebrations while he was in Rio for the Olympic Games. The Olympics ended on his birthday, and from the looks of things Bolt decided to stick around, show off some of his dance moves on the streets of Rio. He also called in his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, to grace the occasion with him. Seeing her in costume dancing on the streets of Rio for his birthday, must have been the icing on the cake for Bolt after a glorious Olympics. Kasi, in the background, decided to get into costume and strip down to very little clothing for the celebrations. She is to all extents and purposes, naked, bar a couple of stringy essentials, and cuts a dashing figure next to the Jamaican lightning bolt.

3 Sizzling In Selfie Mode

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And the selfies keep coming; obviously she didn’t have a mirror handy this time around, either that or she wanted people to get a full view of those assets from that angle. Let’s go with the latter, she did it on purpose, she knew what she was doing when snapping this selfie. Again, you can fully appreciate, take in Kasi’s figure from this pic. It’s more of those tight outfits, more of that hourglass figure, and probably more than any other pic, more of those twins. We’ve seen them so many times now, they probably need naming – I’ll leave that up to you. But this is a new angle, one that certainly makes this pic Not So PG. Kasi was experimenting with her selfies, and it’s one that’s certainly worked.

2 Those Puppies Are Popping!

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Ever wonder how women do it, how they’re able to get those kinds of straps in such a position so as to cover up the essentials, but still leave plenty on show? It defies the laws of gravity, one slip and those voluptuous, bountiful twins are going to emerge and make a full appearance. I say full appearance, but having said that, plenty of those twins are already on show. It’s a Not So PG pic alright, and Bolt knows it too. Just look at him, look at where he’s looking. He’s not even trying to be discrete about it, not trying to hide the fact that he’s staring, and from his viewpoint, he’s probably getting a better view than most. But we’re still getting one hell of a view too. It’s a pic taken from a New Year’s Eve celebration, and it looks like the two brought in the new year in style.

1 A Behind To Rival Kim K’s

📷 my personal photographer #paradise

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Who has the best behind in the world? Which one celeb can you think of who’s known for having a ginormous behind? Socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian of course. When people think of her they think of a lot of things, but mainly of that behind. But now, there’s someone else, one of only a few people who can rival Kim in that department. Someone else who’s got plenty of junk in the trunk, is Kasi Bennett. If I didn’t tell you that this was a pic of Kasi, you’d probably think that it was Kim K, one of her vacation snaps. That behind is just wow, perfect, sizzling, and she knows it too. This time around she got a better photographer too, someone who did a splendid job showing off her physique.

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