15 Steamy Pictures Of Women Ryan Lochte Got With

One of the most searched athletes on the planet, Ryan Lochte is another super-human species that has it all going for him. Along with his 12 Olympic medals, in which half of those are gold, Ryan is blessed with advanced genetics, putting things in simpler terms, and he’s one good looking dude. So obviously, you’d figure he hooked up with some chicks in the past. Seems like that’s exactly the case, particularly 2012 was his year as he hooked up with a slew of A+ women. Along with that, Ryan even admitted to finding dates on Tinder, the dude just can’t get enough! Nowadays, he’s finally settled down with his smoking hot Playboy Playmate, but we’ll celebrate his former flings by turning back the clock in this article.

Like Cristiano Ronaldo, Alex Rodriguez, Tiger Woods and even his close buddy Michaels Phelps, Lochte joins this list of a select few based of his awesome hookup resume. Similar to the others, older beauties, models and adult stars are all included on this list so buckle up folks!

Without further ado, here are 15 “Not So PG” pictures of women Ryan Lochte hooked up with. We start, with arguably the hottest on the entire list, a model, that’ll drop your jaw to the ground. Enjoy people!


15 Olivia Culpo – On A Boat


We turn back the clock to 2012 for this hookup as it was rumored Ryan and the beauty you see in the pic above actually dated. In terms of looks, it truly doesn’t get any better than this stunner, heck, she’s a former Miss Universe, that’s when you know you’re pretty gosh darn good looking.

Still only 25, Culpo has also reached fame through other avenues such as acting and presenting, although she’s mostly popular for modelling winning several pageants including Miss USA 2012. We have reason to believe Culpo was not one of the females Lochte met via Tinder.... Age 25, the Rhode Island native looks beautiful as ever nowadays, if the “Not So PG” picture above isn’t enough, give her a follow on Instagram and join the other two million followers she currently has, we bet you won’t be disappointed!

14 Blair Evans – Swimmer Or Model?


Looking at the picture above, you’d think the Australian swimmer was a model, and not someone known for her skills inside of a pool. However, the Aussie has quite the track record as a swimmer winning various medals. Oh and here’s the kicker, she’s only 26.

2012 was a pretty decent year for Ryan as it’s said he also dated this beautiful swimmer. Seriously the model above and a swimmer in the same year, this guy’s got some skill with the ladies that’s for darn sure. Once again, we believe Lochte did not go through the Tinder route to land this beauty. Scoring these chicks came during the same year he dominated the 2012 Olympics, so you best bet several females were watching all his success in the sport.

13 K. Michelle – The Music Goddess


Pick your jaw off the ground and wipe that saliva off your face, yes, Lochte did in fact date the beautiful singer, K. Michelle. It’s believed the two were close friends and dated for a brief amount of time, once again, during the 2012 time period.

Michelle is a universally known R&B singer, heck she’s got four million Instagram followers. If you want more “Not So PG” photos of this beauty, be sure to give that social media account a following, you won’t be disappointed. We have reason to believe even Ryan himself might be checking up on the regular.... Jokes... Not really.

Along with singing, Michelle has also dipped into the fields of film and television, in terms of pure hotness, Michelle is one of the top on this entire list of Lochte hookups.

12 Carmen Electra – Yup, That’s Right


If you weren’t impressed by now, that likely changes with this entry. Carmen Electra was arguably one of the hottest sex symbols in the entire US at one point. And heck, looking at her recent photos like the one above, she’s still posing for “Not So PG” pics, and looking damn fine that’s for sure. Age 45, she still takes our breath away.

Electra has an extensive dating history, heck she even got hitched twice to the likes of Dennis Rodman and Dave Navaro. She added to that list with an alleged hookup in March of 2013 to none another than, you guessed it, Ryan Lotche. According the rumor mill, Ryan had a massive crush on Electra and the two went out on a date. During the date the two were spotted making out in public like a bunch of teens. Damn you, Ryan, damn you.

11 Kayla Rae Reid – His Fiancée


We now turn the page to Lochte’s current partner, the lovely and former Playboy goddess, one Kayla Rae Reid. Not only are the two engaged, but they also recently welcomed in their first child into the world as of early June, 2017. The newborn was named Caiden Zane Lochte and let’s just say that dude is going to be genetically superior once he grows into his body. Look out ladies!

The couple went public with the relationship during the 2016 Summer Olympics. They ended up getting engaged shortly after that in October of 2016. We found it fitting to celebrate her sheer beauty with an American inspired “Not So PG” photo, as she rocks the US swimwear to perfection. Ryan’s Olympic performance wasn’t the greatest in 2016, but he’ll sleep nicely knowing he has Reid by his side.

10 Caroline Burckle – The Shredded Swimmer


We add another swimmer to Lochte’s resume, seems like he and Michael Phelps enjoyed exploring females in their domain, which seriously isn’t that shocking and something that happens more times than not. The life of a swimmer isn’t the easiest, the amount of training and dieting that goes into it all is only something a pro swimmer can truly understand.

The two shared a relationship during 2012, Lochte made a controversial comment claiming he made a mistake bringing his girlfriend (Burckle at the time) to the Olympic Games, ouch. However, Caroline herself is no slouch in the pool, earning herself a bronze medal at the Olympic Games. If you like “Not So PG” photos of the shredded nature, you’ll appreciate the Instagram photo above of the 31 year old.

9 Rachel Garrison – Beauty Queen


Athletes really aren’t that complicated when it comes to finding love. Looking at Ryan and Michael Phelps’ past track records, their resumes are nearly the same in terms of chicks they took a liking to. Adult star, check mark for both, multiple models, another check mark for both. Rachel Garrison falls into the modeling category, she also took part in beauty pageants as well. The two briefly dated but it would soon fizzle out as Ryan took advantage of his Olympic fame during the 2012 calendar year. Seriously, the dude was hotter than a fire cracker at that point.

Although the relationship was short, we still give Rachel some props and judging by the bikini picture above, she was truly blessed in the look department from head-to-toe.


8 Jaimee Hollier – The Long-Term Girl


We switch gears here showcasing a “Not So PG” photo of Ryan and his past girlfriend Jaimee, sharing an intimate PDA moment together. Lochte barely has any long-term relationships aside from this one looking at his extensive dating resume.

The two shared an on-again, off-again type of connection for nearly four years before both finally decided to move on for good. The time frame is believed to be between 2009 till 2013. Seriously, how many women was he with in 2012 good lord? Unlike the others on the list, Hollier lived a calm life away from the swimming pool or as a celebrity of some sort. Instead, she served as a Sales Manager for Fossil. Again, this is another common theme for athletes to date a girl next door type that has no type of social fame.

7 Amanda Sauer – The Teacher


A couple of years ago in 2015, Lochte once again switched interests starting up a relationship with a sixth grade elementary school teacher. Turns out she was also the athletic type serving as a soccer coach. Judging by the picture above, Amanda seems like the total package, blessed with good looks and heck, she can kick a soccer ball. Winning at its finest folks.

You can get lost in the cleavage above, although some females might claim you’ll get lost in Ryan’s eyes. Either way, someone in this relationship got lost as the two did not last the test of time breaking up for good. Normally, you’d be baffled that Ryan broke up with such a gem but judging by the women on this list, it isn’t too hard to understand why. The dude’s got mad skills!

6 Olivia Culpo – Insta Legend


A post shared by Olivia Culpo (@oliviaculpo) on


We now enter the so nice, we had to showcase them twice portion of the article. We start off with the obvious choice and that’s with Lochte’s arguably greatest hookup from the past, the lovely Olivia Culpo.

Despite his awesome track record, we truly scratch our heads at how this relationship fizzled out. In truth, most of us hope Culpo was the one doing the breaking up in this relationship cause anything else would just be unacceptable. The “Not So PG” shot above is a steamy photo that once again proves her absolute hotness. The picture received over 100K likes which comes as no surprise whatsoever. We have reason to believe Ryan still dreams of this beauty in his sleep! For more pictures, even a quick Google search would satisfy your needs...

5 Caroline Burckle – Workout Mode

All types of athletes have a thing for fit chicks whether it be Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods or heck, even Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod dated multiple fitness trainers, the dude just took a liking for chicks with muscle. Muscle isn’t the only thing when it comes to “fit chicks” however, athletes appreciate the disciplined way of life they pursue which normally causes a connection. It worked double for Ryan and Caroline as not only did they take their fitness seriously, but they also participated in the same domain as previously mentioned, both being Olympic swimmers.

We celebrate Burckle’s hard work and dedication with this “Not So PG” picture from her Instagram account. Getting down and dirty, this picture either gets you turned up, or encourages you to throw out that bag of chips starring at you from a distance.

4 Blaire Evans – The Hair Whip


Once again, this is another beautiful picture of Evans, this time, she rocks the full swimsuit gear along with a pool in the background. We assume Lochte used this exact photo as his computer wallpaper at one point in time. The Australian is quite the looker, and arguably, the hottest swimmer in the entire world at the moment, although that’s up for debate certainly. Swimmers are fit, and more times than not, blessed with fantastic body types.

You can follow the two-time Olympian via Instagram and you certainly won’t be disappointed. She has a slew of vacation pictures that’ll leave you wanting more and likely, even more. In truth, it’s a crime she only has 13K followers judging by the content on her account and accomplishments in the sport at such a young age.

3 K. Michelle – Insta’ Glam

@thepeopleiusedtoknow 2on8

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With close to five million followers via Instagram, let’s just say she didn’t get such a following because if her signing abilities alone. As you see in the picture above, her hotness meter surpasses most on this list. Whether she’s rocking a tightly fitted dress, yoga pants or even bathing suit gear, Michelle looks like a perfect ten on ten. Again, you likely can’t find girls of this nature on Tinder, such a hookup isn’t the easiest to find and we have reason to believe Ryan might be reminiscing about this hookup from time to time. Seriously though, who wouldn’t!

Both have moved on today, Ryan took the predicted route landing a Playboy beauty while Michelle, actually went off the board landing herself a dentist from her hometown of Memphis.

2 Carmen Electra – The Kiss


Not only did Lochte live out the dream of dating his fantasy girl, but as we mentioned in the previous entry, he even got to lock lips with the stunning Carmen Electra. Fans are torn whether that’s a good or bad thing, yea, she’s hot as hell but those lips have been on some questionable places... But it looks like good ol’ Ryan did not give a damn in this situation.

Following his declaration of love for Electra via Twitter, the two were spotted holding each other all night at a Hollywood night club. According to witnesses, they weren’t hiding the romance on the night as everyone saw the two together. Ryan isn’t the first athlete to come across an adult star, he can just talk to his buddy Michael Phelps as both have hooked up with “experienced” females inside of the bedroom. Tiger Woods is also likely raising up his hand somewhere far, far away.

1 Kayla Rae Reid – The Current On Instagram

We close off the article celebrating a “Not So PG” picture of Ryan’s current love interest, one Kayla Rae Reid. Her most recent pictures feature the beauty sporting a baby bump, even with the extra weight she still looks just as beautiful. Looks like she’s going to be a big time future MILF folks. Speaking of MILFS, that’s another category both Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods know a thing or two about. Heck, even A-Rod could fall into that category. We wonder if these four have a secret cult where they discuss their hookups? Wishful thinking? Maybe, is it possible, absolutely. Oh, and let’s not forget Cristiano Ronaldo, even the soccer icon has dipped into similar streams as the names mentioned, man what a team these dudes are. Look out ladies!

Nowadays, it looks like they’ve all settled down, and looking at Lochte’s current partner, we don’t blame him for doing so!


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