15 Steamy Rihanna Photos That Will Make Matt Kemp Regret Their Breakup

Since introducing herself to the world with the hit single “Umbrella,” Rihanna has gone on to become one of the most popular and influential stars in the entire music industry. The award-winning singer is one of the best-selling artists and has already made a fortune at just 29 years of age.

While Rihanna is best known for her musical talent, she is also one of hottest celebs on the planet, in more ways than one. In fact, the songwriter became something of a sex symbol, following the release of her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad. The stunning 5-foot-8 brunette is known for her unique fashion sense, which combined with her stunning good looks, have helped her land on the cover of some of the world’s most popular publications.

The singer's undeniable beauty and talent have caught the attention of many famous male admirers over the years. Rihanna’s most high-profile (and controversial) relationship was with fellow musician Chris Brown. However, following her breakup with Brown, she would go on to date Major League Baseball All-Star, Matt Kemp. Kemp currently plays for the Atlanta Braves but is best known for his time as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The two split after several months, but after taking a look at the 15 photos you're about to see, he may wish things turned out differently.

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15 Strike A Pose

via kingoftheflatscreen.com

After being featured in some of the world’s most popular magazines, Rihanna shows that she’s learned a thing or two about modeling, with photos such as this one. The pop singer shows off her legs in her see-through stockings, as she stares seductively into the camera. If a picture is a worth a thousand words, then this steamy shot should be worth at least 1500.

Fun Fact: Rihanna was born in Saint Michael, Barbados in February of 1988. Her father worked as a warehouse supervisor, while her mother was an accountant. The musician also has several siblings including two brothers, a half-brother, and two half-sisters. She grew up in a home in Bridgetown the capital of Barbados, where she first began singing at just 7 years of age.

14 Balcony Shot

The lavish fur coat makes the popular recording artist look like a queen, as she gazes down at the masses from the top of her balcony. This post features footwear from her “So Stoned” collection. The collection, which was released last summer, features several bejeweled sandals, much like the pair shown in the picture. The sandals, which look like something out of an ancient Roman period film, would definitely get some attention at a party, or any other event for that matter. Rihanna’s bold fashion choices are on full display in this popular Instagram post.

Fun Fact: Rihanna has been involved in the fashion industry for several years now. She has worked with such companies as Armani and the sportswear brand Puma. Many of her designs have received rave reviews from fashion critics.

13 Swimsuit Fun

via fotoswiki.net

One would be hard-pressed to find an entertainer with a better bikini bod than Rihanna. If her music career didn’t work out, it’s very likely that she would have had a great deal of success modeling swimsuits. Rihanna proudly displays a flawless physique in a photo her fans are sure to love. That being said, even those who don’t necessarily consider themselves fans will still be blown away by this breathtaking image.

Fun Fact: Rihanna released her first studio album, Music of the Sun, back in 2005. The record produced the singles, “If It’s Lovin’ that You Want” and “Pon de Replay.” Music of the Sun received mixed reviews and sold over 500,000 copies. “Pon de Replay,” the album's biggest hit, peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

12 Winning Smile

via fanpop.com

Rihanna looks stylish, as always, in this revealing, form-fitting top, complete with flashy gold jewelry. The R&B vocalist flashes a smile that would melt the heart of nearly any man alive. This isn’t an outfit that would look good everyone, but the chart-topper shows us that she is more than capable of pulling it off, in this instance. If looking good was a crime, there is little doubt that Rihanna would be serving time.

Fun Fact: Shortly after releasing her debut album in 2005, the popular artist introduced the world to her second record, A Girl Like Me. The album featured the popular single “SOS” which was her first song to make it all the way to number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

11 Waking Up

via nextshark.com

This photo serves to showcase the pop singer’s piercing green eyes. Rihanna appears to be taking a rest in what looks to be a cozy, white nightgown. The image could lead one to believe that the popular performer always looks like a 10, even when she wakes up first thing in the morning. After seeing this pic, it’s easy to see why Rihanna is considered one of the most photogenic stars on the planet.

Fun Fact: Both of Rihanna’s first two albums were successful in their own right. However, her third album, Good Girls Gone Bad, made her an international superstar. The record featured the hit single “Umbrella,” which is arguably her best-known song to date. Good Girls Gone Bad would go on to sell over 9 million copies worldwide.

10 Devilish

via pinterest.com

There is no better way to live up to your bad girl persona than quite literally dressing up as the devil. That being said, if the Dark Lord looks like that, eternal damnation might not be such a bad thing. This fashion-forward one-piece helps to highlight the sultry singer's hourglass figure. Even when she’s trying to do her best Lucifer impersonation, Rihanna still manages to look heavenly.

Fun Fact: Rihanna made her film debut in Bring It On: All or Nothing. This was the third instalment of the popular cheerleader movie franchise. The film starred Hayden Panettiere and Solange Knowles. Rihanna actually played herself in the film. In fact, the plot of the cheerleader flick centered around the winning squad being featured in one of the pop singer’s music videos.

9 Laying Around

via rediff.com

Rihanna displays one of the best figures in the business, as she poses for the camera in her simple, yet effective, undergarments. There is something about a black and white image that always seems to bring out the best in the subjects being photographed. After seeing this photo, one could easily confuse the R&B artist for a Victoria’s Secret model. While Rihanna may be relaxing in this photo, rest assured her millions of fans around the world are wide awake after seeing this lovely image.

Fun Fact: While it wasn’t as commercially successful as her third album (Good Girl Gone Bad), Rihanna's fourth release, Rated R, received outstanding reviews from the overwhelming majority of music critics. The record, which featured the hit single "Rude Boy," managed to sell over 3 million copies.

8 That Dress

#BUBBLE @valerianmovie premiere

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Rihanna proves she knows how turn heads in what almost looks like a revealing wedding dress. The music star arrives with her full entourage in tow, at the premiere for the science fiction film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. The singer is known for her bold fashion choices and based on the number of likes (1.6 million) this Instagram post received, its fair to say this outfit was a hit with her followers.

Fun Fact: Rihanna actually starred in the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. In the film, she played the role of a shapeshifting alien named Bubbles. The flick also featured stars like Clive Owen and Dane DeHaan. Valerian ended up being a commercial failure, after bringing in only around $225 million on a $180 million budget.

7 Sultry Swimsuit 

via usweekly.com

This photo almost looks like a candid shot, except for the fact that it seems unlikely that the award-winning artist would be wearing a cowboy hat in the water. That being said, Rihanna is known for being a little out there with her wardrobe choices, so we probably shouldn’t rule anything out. This black bathing suit, complete with tassels on the top, helps to showcase the gorgeous musician's flawless physique in a photo that ranks among her best. After seeing this photo, it’s clear why some folks consider Rihanna to be among the hottest women on the planet.

Fun Fact: Rihanna has landed endorsement deals with a number of prominent companies. Secret Body Spray, Kodak, and Budweiser are just a few of the brands she was worked with thus far.

6 White One-Piece

via huffingtonpost.com

Rihanna shows that she can still look amazing even when keeping it simple with this figure-flattering white one piece. The outfit  showcases the curves that have helped make her famous as she glances over her shoulder. This image must have been taken at a hotel or some other type of temporary residence, as it would be hard to imagine Rihanna’s closet being so small. The award-winning musician shows us that she doesn’t need to be wearing an outlandish outfit in order to look amazing.

Fun Fact: Rihanna has become such a huge star, that her native country of Barbados even has a national “Rihanna Day,” which is observed on February 22nd. The holiday, which was created by former Prime Minister David Thompson, isn’t a considered a bank holiday, meaning that most citizens are still required to work that day.

5 Sultry Sailor

via pinterest.com

The sultry singer looks ready to set sail with her formal looking white captain's hat. There is certainly no shortage of people who would love to be aboard a ship with the lovely Rihanna at the helm, even if she had no clue how to drive the vessel. The pop star’s playful attire demonstrates her fun side, while also highlighting her tremendous physique. The outfit is, once again, amazing. That being said, Rihanna could wear the most hideous outfit imaginable, and would probably still look smoking hot.

Fun Fact: In terms of album sales, Rihanna ranks number 2 all-time in the United States, behind pop legend, Madonna. Her hits “Umbrella,” “We Found Love,” and “Diamonds” are all among the best-selling singles on a worldwide basis.

4 Dominating

via Pinterest.com

In this photo, the popular musician decides to get a little a kinky with this dominatrix-like outfit. Rihanna clearly means business with her intimidating looking black leather flogger and ultra-serious facial expression. The chaps and jacket with no undershirt make for an interesting fashion choice, to say the least. The pink couch and teddy bear in the background almost serve as comic relief in an otherwise serious photo. Rihanna proves she knows how to look both beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Fun Fact: In 2003, Rihanna formed an all-girl group with two friends she was attending school with at the time. They were discovered by Evan Rogers, a record producer from the United States. He was quoted by Entertainment Weekly as stating, "The minute Rihanna walked into the room, it was like the other two girls didn't exist."

3 On Stage

via zimbio.com

When it comes to selecting the perfect outfit to wear on stage, no one does it better than Rihanna. This unique costume almost looks like it’s made out of glass. The bottoms look like someone took pieces of a chandelier and converted them into a chastity belt. The outfit is as interesting, as it is revealing and certainly captured the attention of the audience members behind her, almost all of whom appear to be taking photographs. One would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the music industry who has a stage prescience quite like Rihanna.

Fun Fact: The pop sensation released her most recent album, Anti, in 2016. The record featured the hit single “Work,” which featured the popular rapper Drake. Anti has sold over a million copies thus far.

2 Black And White

via pinterest.com

The pop music icon shows off her long legs and stylish heels in this gorgeous black and white image. The singer looks great, but also a little cold. Perhaps she needs some warmer attire when sitting on the floor. Rihanna demonstrates a unique ability to gaze into the camera in a way the immediately grabs the audience’s attention. This artistic pic is easily among her best.

Fun Fact: Rihanna made her big screen debut in the 2012 science fiction film, Battleship. The film was directed by Peter Berg, with the leads roles being played by Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard. Rihanna played the role of Gunner’s Mate Second Class, Cora Raikes. The film received below average reviews and underperformed at the box office, bringing in $303 million on a $220 million budget.

1 The Good Life

"where are we going @dennisleupold ???"

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

When you are a world-famous musician, riding around on the back of a yacht in an exotic location is probably nothing out of the ordinary. However, the chart-topper looks anything but ordinary in this bikini top and see-through shorts. With posts such as this one, it’s easy to see how she has managed to get over 58 million followers on the social media outlet Instagram. She could probably post a picture of a blank piece of paper and still get hundreds of thousands of likes, which really speaks to the singer's impressive star power.

Fun Fact: Rihanna’s ex Matt Kemp has had an excellent career in the majors. The outfielder has won two Gold Glove Awards, made the All-Star team twice, and lead the National League in home runs back in 2011.

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