15 Things Erin Andrews Would Want Forgotten

Nowadays, seemingly every television network has an array of attractive female sports reporters gracing the sidelines or the update desk. The sports media world was once dominated by men by now women have crashed the party and they can hold their own in this testosterone-heavy business. These women can thank Erin Andrews for helping to pave the way as, at one point, she was as big a star as some of the athletes she was interviewing.

Andrews has spent close to two decades in front of the camera as a sports reporter, host and television personality. The Maine-born, Tampa-raised, LA-living Andrews has crossed over from sports into mainstream media for her abilities as a reporter not to mention her model-like looks. She spent eight years at ESPN and has been at Fox Sports since 2012 as the sideline reporter for the network’s top broadcasting team. She is also a co-host of Dancing with the Stars in which she was also a competitor on. Andrews has won numerous awards during her career and is also heavily involved in many philanthropic and charitable efforts.

Those are the things that Andrews wants you to know about her but there are many things she would rather you forget. Embarrassing incidents in her romantic life, mishaps on life TV and the infamous stalking video are just some of the things that Andrews wouldn’t want to say into a microphone. We will revisit all of the above and more as we look at 15 things that Erin Andrews wants you to forget.

15 She Was Involved In A Feud With ESPN’s Michelle Beadle

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The beef between these two stems from Andrews’ peephole video which Beadle admits to watching on the internet. Beadle than made a comment along the lines of, “It sucks that it happened, but at least she looked good in the video!”


With that moment being the most-terrifying part of her life, Beadle’s comment did not go over well with Andrews. Beadle then described their encounters thereafter as “awkward” and talked about what happened when she and Andrews shared the same elevator:

“She’s really not a relevant part of my world,” said Beadle about Andrews as the two have yet to make up and have not talked since Andrews left for Fox Sports. In hindsight, one wonders if Beadle would like to take back those comments or if it didn't make a difference at all.

14 Pam Oliver Said Andrews Got Her Job Because Of Her Looks

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For 12 years Pam Oliver was the sideline reporter for the lead commentator team for the NFL on Fox. Then Erin Andrews joins the company in 2012 and by 2014 she had taken over the top sideline reporter spot. Oliver didn’t hide her disdain about the demotion and said she was humiliated at being replaced by Andrews. Oliver is 17 years older than Andrews and she says that a Fox executive told her that the network was going in a different direction with younger sideline reporters. Oliver said, “It’s not difficult to notice that the new on-air people there are all young, blond and hot.” Oliver would go on to say that Andrews is good at her job but she knows that her not being within a certain demographic is what led to Andrews’ promotion to her spot.

13 “Road To Glory With Erin Andrews” Is Actually A Real Thing

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That title likely elicit several different thoughts from several different people but that is the actual title of a feature that Andrews appeared in. Andrews was in the NCAA Football 10 video game which is created by EA Sports. Of course with EA Sports having a college football game, EA, herself, had to appear in it. In the game there is a mode called “Road to Glory” which chronicles your career as a student-athlete. Andrews appears in several video presentations as you progress through the mode and gain accomplishments. In addition to hosting, Road to Glory, Andrews also appears as a sideline reporter in the game. The Road to Glory feature also has Kirk Herbstreit in it but no one wants to see or hear “Road to Glory with Kirk Herbstreit.”

12 She Got Her First Job Through Nepotism

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There would be no Erin Andrews, both literally and figuratively, without her father, Steve. The elder Andrews is a seven-time Emmy Award winner for his work as a reporter and sports director. He is currently an investigative reporter in Tampa which is where Erin grew up. Erin graduated from the University of Florida in 2000 and while most new graduates struggle to even land an internship with a second-rate company; Erin was hired by Fox Sports Florida. Surely Steve played some part in that with his connections in the Tampa television market. Erin would work for both Fox Sports Florida and Fox Sports Sun (formerly the Sunshine Network) from 2000-2002 before moving to Atlanta and working for TBS.

11 She Dated A Co-Worker

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Andrews’ two most high-profile sports jobs have been at ESPN and Fox Sports. She, apparently, never hooked up with any of the jocks around those networks but she did date someone from her other job, Dancing with the Stars. She is now a co-host of the show but in 2010 she was a contestant and was paired with pro dancer, Max Chmerkovskiy. The two began dating while partnered on the show and continued their relationship after the show ended. Much like the pair’s dancing on the show, their relationship was good but not great as the would split up shortly thereafter. They also finished in third place for that season but Andrews obviously made a good impression with producers as she would become a host later on. After splitting up, Andrews would go on to date NHL player Jarret Stoll while Chmerkovskiy would go on to date more of his DWTS partners and fellow pro dancers.

10 50 Cent Failed In A Public Kiss Attempt On Andrews

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Andrews was covering the Daytona 500 in 2013 when she encountered rapper 50 cent who was just hanging out in the infield. 50 Cent then attempted to go in for a kiss on the cheek and/or lips while Andrews turned her head. 50 was able to get an awkward kiss on Andrews’ cheek in the end but it wasn’t nearly as awkward as the whole exchange.

Afterwards, she took on the role of a team player by putting the blame on herself.

“It was my fault…I went and said hello [to him]. We’re actually business partners - I’m one of the spokespeople for SK Energy. He grabbed me, I went one way, they screamed ‘Danica,’ I whipped my neck, I got whiplash and it’s fine.”

9 ESPN Forced Her To Give Up A Reebok Endorsement Deal

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In 2011 Andrews signed an endorsement deal with Reebok that included commercials and photo shoots of her in the sponsored gear. But two weeks prior to signing that deal, Andrews was on TV and said that a team’s players were slipping on the field because of their Nike cleats. That prompted many to wonder if her comments in the game constituted a conflict of interest as her deal with Reebok could have been in the works while she trashed Nike’s shoes. As a result, ESPN forced her to end her deal with Reebok and the company then announced new guidelines for their on-air talent in regard to corporate sponsors.

So not only did Andrews lose an endorsement deal, but she likely caused numerous other ESPN employees to lose out on sponsorship opportunities with the new rules in place. Way to go, Erin!

8 She Was Called A Gutless B**** By A Sports Radio Host

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To those outside of the Boston area, Kirk Minihane is the executive producer of WEEI and is one half of the radio show Kirk and Callahan. He went off on Andrews after she conducted an interview with Adam Wainwright at the All-Star Game about if he grooved pitches to Derek Jeter in his last All-Star appearance:

Andrews ends the interview with, “Don’t you just love social media?” alluding to Twitter’s role in hyping the “controversy.” That prompted Minihane to launch a rant against Andrews in which he called her: “a b***h”, “a gutless b***h”, wished that she dropped dead, and said “I hate her.”

Minihane was accused of being misogynistic and was suspended one week by WEEI. Fox, which employs Andrews, also pulled all of its advertising from Entercom which owns WEEI and they banned all of their on-air talent from appearing on WEEI programming. You can read the full transcript of Minihane’s rant here.

7 Her Husband Was Busted For Drugs In Vegas

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Andrews began dating NHL player, Jarret Stoll, in 2012 while he was a member of the LA Kings. Stoll had previously dated model and actress Rachel Hunter who bears somewhat of a resemblance to Andrews. Right after the 2014-15 season, Stoll was partying in Las Vegas when he was arrested at a pool party for possession of cocaine and Ecstasy. Andrews never publicly commented on her boyfriend getting popped and she kept a low profile on social media in the days after the arrest went public. Stoll would plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges and his sentence consisted of 32 hours of community service. Stoll was never suspended by the NHL for the arrest and did not play another game with the Kings. He played one more season in the NHL before rejoining the Kings as a scout in 2016. Stoll and Andrews then tied the know in June 2017.

6 She Likes Younger Men

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We know that Andrews is now married to Jarret Stoll and he is four years younger than her but she has also been linked to other younger men. She reportedly dated David Wright of the Mets in 2007 when he was 24 and she was 29. She also went out with dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy when they paired together on Dancing with the Stars. The two were together during the show and for a short time afterwards and Chmerkovskiy is two years younger than Andrews.

Although not confirmed that they were dating, Andrews was seen out drinking with Aaron Rodgers of the Packers who is three years her junior. In between dating all of these athletes (and a dancer), Andrews has also been linked with actor Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl fame. Andrews was practically robbing the cradle with that relationship as Crawford checks in at seven years younger than Mrs. Robinson, uh, I mean Mrs. Andrews.

5 She Was Accused Of Using Peephole Video To Help Her Career

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Despite being victimized by the infamous peephole video, many Erin Andrews haters thought the video was no accident and that she was a part in creating it. Some other people thought that she used the video to gain notoriety and, particularly, to gain mainstream media coverage as she attempted to crossover and do more than just sports. Marriott Hotels, who Andrews sued after she was filmed there, said that the video made Andrews more famous and landed her numerous endorsements in its defense testimony.

Andrews did not deny that the video got her more publicity but she also says that the emotional scarring from the video is more detrimental than any publicity. Andrews ended up with the last laugh against Marriott Hotels as the company which owns and operates the hotels was forced to pay her over $26 million.

4 The Richard Sherman Interview

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In what is clearly the second-most famous video of Erin Andrews’ career, she happened to be the bystander as Richard Sherman emphatically called out Michael Crabtree after the 2013 NFC Championship Game. Besides Sherman calling Crabtree “sorry”, what people most remember is Andrews’ facial reactions while Sherman was talking.

Many felt that Andrews’ reaction took away from the moment and played in certain stereotypes. After the game she said she wasn’t bothered by Sherman’s exuberance even though her expression said differently. Andrews said she did handle the interview awkwardly and that producers were the ones who cut the interview early as they were afraid Sherman would use profanity…Really?

3 She Was Revenge-Tweeted By A College Basketball Star

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Remember Marshall Henderson? The annoying former Ole Miss basketball player who lived by the credo, “You miss every shot you don’t take?” Well, after Henderson was suspended for a failed drug test, Andrews posted this:

That tweet prompted Henderson to post this:

That was sent out in July 2013 and Henderson sat idly for two years waiting for the perfect time to exact his revenge. When Andrews’ then-boyfriend and now-husband, Jarret Stoll, was arrested for drug possession, Henderson struck:

Look at the date: April 2015. Henderson is now playing basketball overseas but I had to look up to see if his middle name is “Petty.” It's always a little embarrassing to be called out on Twitter like that but when it's out to get revenge like that, it must sting a little more.

2 An ESPN Exec Pleasured Himself While Sitting Next To Andrews

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In 2011 Andrew was on a flight and sitting next to Keith Clinkscales, ESPN’s Senior VP of Content Development. Andrews was in the middle seat while Clinkscales was on the aisle seat. At one point she looked over and noticed that Clinkscales was gratifying himself under his iPad. When he noticed he was caught, Clinkscales allegedly told her, “You know, I’m one of your bosses.” Andrews refused to make a formal complaint to HR because she was still scarred from the peephole incident which happened two years prior. But another ESPN employee who Andrews told the incident to did make it public record. In return, Clinkscales vehemently denied the accusations and launched a defamation lawsuit against that other employee. No word on whatever became of the lawsuit but Clinkscales left ESPN shortly thereafter.

1 The Peephole Video

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Michael Barrett, an insurance salesman from Illinois, filmed a naked Andrews in her hotel rooms in Nashville and Milwaukee. He used peepholes to record Andrews on an iPhone and then posted one of the videos online. This, obviously, embarrassed and terrified Andrews as someone was stalking and recording her all over the country. Barrett was arrested, charged with interstate stalking, and sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison and three years of probation. Andrews also sued Barrett as well as the two hotels and other negligent parties. In early 2016 a jury awarded Andrews $55 million and ruled that Barrett was 51% at fault and ordered to pay $28 million while the Nashville hotel was 49% at fault and ordered to pay $26 million.

Andrews also worked with a Minnesota senator to enact new federal laws against stalking. Even though everyone knows about this ordeal, and many have seen the video; this is unquestionably the first thing that Andrews wants you to forget.

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