15 Times Female Athletes Revealed A Little Too Much

Good, so we have your attention. And there's no reason to feel bad; who wouldn't jump at the chance to see photos of famous athletes getting exposed in the best of ways?

In some sports, it kinda comes with the territory. And in others, accidents and unforeseen happenings do take place every now and again. Fortunately for us, there's almost always a camera around to let us all in on the good stuff.

When it comes to the likes of water sports, wrestling and any other sporting event that requires tight-fitting clothes or hardly any clothing, there's always the risk of someone revealing a bit more than they originally planned to.

For most, it's quite embarrassing, but there's no point in dwelling very long on a wardrobe malfunction - unless your kid gets a hold of such a photo, of course.

Throughout sporting history, many a garment has become undone, and evidence of such can be found all over the internet through a diligent search. Luckily for you, we’ve already done all the hard work. All you have to do is scroll down a bit further to see 15 examples of times female athletes showed the world more than they meant to.

Do enjoy!

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15 Gillian Cooke's Bobsled Mishap 

via youtube.com

Gillian Cooke is a bobsledder and track athlete who hails from Scotland. But perhaps she will be best remembered for the incident described below.

The 35-year-old, who began her athletic career in track and field before taking up the bobsled following a foot injury, was getting ready to kick off a World Cup race in St Moritz, Switzerland in 2010 when her body suit decided to split due to her leaning back as she prepared to push forward.

The split promptly revealed her almost bare butt, only covered (if you can call it that) by a thong.

Gillian appeared not to even know her suit had popped open, but speaking after the race, she claimed to have been aware, yet couldn’t risk forfeiting the race in which she ultimately finished seventh.

"It has certainly raised the profile of our sport," she said in an interview. "I knew straight away it had split but I had to carry on otherwise we would have forfeited the race and I wasn't prepared to do that. My bum was freezing by the time we got to the end of the run, though!"

14 The Flavia Zoccari Buttock Safari

via dailydigs.com

The Italian swimmer was unfortunately forced out of a championship race at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara, Italy back in 2009 after suffering the same fate as the above-mentioned Gillian Cooke. While Cooke was able to carry on as if nothing had happened, Zoccari was reduced to tears after her suit burst and exposed her bottom.

The athlete was wearing a high-tech Jaked J01 swimsuit that cost £318, but that did not matter one bit as she was to pass up on the race due to her untimely malfunction. The suit had been banned earlier that year by FINA (the International Swimming Federation) because it was said to give swimmers an advantage in the pool, but the ban was lifted after a month, following protests from Jaked.

Perhaps things would have turned out very differently for Zoccari if that had not been the case.

13 Jenifer Benitez's Absent-Minded Tug

via Youtube

The Spanish springboard diver must have learned to be more careful after her performances following an incident that took place in the 2012 London Olympics.

Jenifer Benitez, a 30-year-old born in Las Palmas, was competing in the 3m springboard at the event, and after completing her move, decided to put things back in place as she got out of the pool.

But as she must have known, and was rudely reminded of, the cameras catch everything – and from all angles. As the scores were being announced, the diver made some quick adjustments to her swimsuit, but not quick enough to evade one of the cameras which was placed at the optimal angle to catch and reveal a glimpse of her right nipple as the swimsuit left her skin for just a second.

12 The Olga Graf Gaffe

via mstarnews.musictimes.com

This wasn’t so much a malfunction as it was a moment of absentmindedness, but of course it gets on here anyway.

Olga Graf, a Russian speed skater, had just won the bronze medal at 3,000-meter speed skating contest at the Sochi Olympics in 2014 when she nearly flashed the crowd. The 34-year-old, completely forgetting that there was nothing under her suit, unzipped it all the way down to her stomach before realizing her mistake.

Fortunately, she only managed to reveal her cleavage before hurriedly zipping up – probably to the disappointment of many spectators in the shocked crowd.

“I totally forgot,” she explained after the event. “We have very good suits and they are very tight. You just want to breathe and you want to take off your suit.”

11 Venus Williams' Tease

via dailymail.co.uk

Well there’s certainly no need to explain who Venus Williams is. After all, she is one of the most successful female athletes the world has ever seen.

The American star forced everyone into a double take during the 2010 Australian open when her dress went up during a match. At first glance it appeared that the older Williams sister was wearing nothing under said dress. But upon keener observation, and possibly to the disappointment of every male fan in view, it was discovered that she was wearing tights which matched her skin color.

As if that wasn’t bad enough (you know I mean good), she wore the same color on her chest, giving the appearance of a very low neckline.

“Then the idea was to wear shorts that were like the same colour as my skin,” she said after the game. “It works very well, apparently.”

You have no idea.

10 Arantxa Rus' Half-Moon

via Twitter

The 26-year-old Dutch tennis star became the world’s No.1 junior player back in 2008, climbing from the 35th spot to 1st after defeating all challengers to win the Australian Open for juniors that year.

She has since gone on to beat Kim Clijsters in the 2011 French Open (No.2 in the world at the time), as well as Samantha Stosur (No.5 in the world at the time) in the Wimbledon Championships the following year.

Rus is just one of many tennis players – as you’ve seen above – to have body parts they’d normally keep under wraps exposed during a match. And she treated the viewing world to quite the sight one time, inadvertently showing off a portion of her bum due to wearing perhaps what was way too short of a skirt.

9 Nora Hoffmann's Multitasking Feat

via zimbio.com

Nora Hoffmann is a Hungarian ice dancer who is a two-time national champion in her country with partner Maxim Zavozin and a five-time champ with Attila Elek.

The 32-year-old took to the ice at a very young age, participating in both ice dancing and single skating before breaking her leg while trying to complete a jump at the age of 11. She was paired with Elek by her coaches after recovering, and the duo would go on to several junior medals.

Hoffmann was the victim of an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction while on the ice when Zavotin spun her around, causing her dress to lower. She was then forced to concentrate on both her routine and keeping her breasts out of sight.

She would nervously complete the performance, though, showing just how good skaters can be at multitasking.

8 Ekaterina Rubleva Icy Surprise

via YouTube.com

Ekaterina Rubleva’s incident really makes Nora’s seem like nothing. The four-time Russian medalist of an ice dancer was performing a routine with partner Ivan Shefer in 2009 when her right breast slipped out of her dress as a result of him raising her hand above her dead. We can’t be sure that it wasn’t deliberate, by the way.

Ekaterina and Ivan managed to complete their performance - and you can imagine that most of the pressure would have been on Ivan – earning a 12th place finish and a score of 29.04 from the judges. The female even kept a smile on her face throughout.

The incident proved high in comedic value, with American actors Will Ferrell and Jon Heder making reference in their movie Blades of Glory.

7 Elizabeth Phillips' Slips

via imgur.com

In Elizabeth Phillips’ case, she showed more than she wanted to on two occasions in one session. The mixed martial artist suffered the first nip slip in UFC history during a fight with Jessamyn Duke in 2015, and suffered the second while engaged in that very fight.

Her Reebok top let her down by going up while she lay on her back in the first and third round of the fight, which she ultimately won – she really deserved a win after the double embarrassment.

Reebok was on the receiving end of most of the blame for the malfunction, and they have certainly improved their gear since then; for fighters at least.

Following the expository fight, Miesha Tate, a former fighter-turned-pundit, wore two bras when her turn arrived. Genius, that.

6 Stephanie Gilmore's Beach Breach

via Pinterest.com

Six-time women’s world surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore certainly knows her way around the waves and can pull off some pretty sick skills on a board. But that hardly suggests she deserves being spared from the odd wardrobe malfunction.

Nearly four years ago, the 29-year-old showed up to do a shoot for Vogue at Bondi Beach in Sydney in a sharp-looking black one-piece suit. During the shoot, while hitting some waves, the suit slid down her body, revealing way more than she’d ever planned to.

She took it in good stride, however, laughing as she skilfully pulled it back up. Of course she switched suits before heading back into the water once getting out. But you can imagine that despite all of the laughing, she couldn’t have been a very happy Gilmore.

5 Maria Sharapova's Cheeky Exposé

via Pinterest.com

Maria Sharapova is certainly one of the best tennis players, male or female, to ever grace the court. And I need not say, she’s really, really good looking.

The Russian has been living in the United States for over 20 years and is the only one from her country to have won a Grand Slam. She has also been ranked as world No.1 on five occasions.

So getting back to the matter at hand, Sharapova has had a good few wardrobe malfunctions on the tennis court over her storied career, but we had to pick just one of them. In the picture above, the 30-year-old probably doesn’t mean to, but she casually exposes an innocent-looking butt cheek to everyone while being none the wiser. It’s no wonder so many guys love tennis.

4 Christina Tsoukala's Water Polo Revelation

via blogspot.com

Christina Tsoukala is a Greek water polo player who plays for Olympiacos and the Greece national side. Water polo, as most of you must know, can get quite feisty; and sometimes, things do go out of place.

Tsoukala would find out the hard way while competing in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Brazil. One of her breasts popped out of her swimsuit and the camera gladly captured the moment. The image of Tsoukala’s rogue mammary gland has been doing the rounds on the internet since then, and a simple Google search is enough to bring it to your screen.

In fact, just typing the letters T and S together, in that order, should do the trick for anyone willing to locate the real thing for him/herself.

3 The V-Team

via xclusive.ng

A very weird one here. And it’s still quite baffling how anyone could come up with such a design. Yet just a few years ago, the Colombia women’s cycling team unveiled a uniform that proved quite controversial.

The team posed for photos in their new strip, which featured flesh-colored patches around their midsection that gave the look of bare female privates. Yet despite the shock and criticism, they simply refused to stop wearing it, claiming they were not ashamed.

Angie Rojas, one of the team members, staunchly defended the outfits, which were branded ‘unintentionally vagina-like’. She said: “I've already said that I designed the uniform and as an athlete, as a woman, as the cyclist that I am, I wouldn't be ashamed with this kind of design.”

2 Kerri Walsh Jennings’ Dive

via pinterest.com

Easily the best beach volleyball players to ever grace the sand, Kerri Walsh Jennings is a three-time Olympic gold medallist who holds the record for the most career wins. The 39-year-old American competitor must be used to not wearing much clothing – after all, she’s a beach volleyball player.

In one particular instance, Walsh dove to the sand for a ball, and the friction caused the bottom of her two-piece to slide down and expose the top part of her derriere. It’s likely that she hardly noticed, plus she’s used to posing nude anyhow, having stripped down to her nudie goodies for ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue in 2013.

“I am so happy and relieved that people are receiving my pictures so warmly,” she said after the mag’s release. “I didn’t realize how vulnerable I’d feel upon the release of the photos. I am happy and I am proud.”

1 Lingerie Football League Madness In The Land Down Undie

via pinterest.com

You'd have a pretty hard time trying to get me to believe that the numerous wardrobe malfunctions in the Lingerie Football League aren't meant to be.

Why else have women run around groping at each other wearing sexy underwear? It's certainly not all about the football - in fact, it's hardly about the football. Why would it be about the football!?

There's so much to choose from when it comes to this particular league, and several lists could be compiled based on their players alone. But we stuck with one, because there's really no way of picking an undisputed winner and if you want to see more like that, Google's your friend.

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