15 Times Female Golfers Revealed Too Much (According To The LPGA)

So, by now many of us must have gotten to the point where we barely even remember what the new LPGA dress code guidelines were, but we still know that we should inherently hate them. In order to bridge the little memory gap, we decided to go ahead and do a little background research to remind everyone what those dress code guidelines contained.

It was back on July 2 that the new strict rules were supposed to start being enforced by the largest organization of ladies’ professional golf. And as much as they might try to explain to everyone that they are just trying to keep golf in the spotlight instead of what their athletes wear, they did exactly the opposite. It is hard to find a policy that has backfired as hard as this new LPGA dress code. And that backlash is warranted since these overlords are trying to control what their athletes wear to games, which would be easy to explain if there were athletes going to play in their underwear, but you don’t see that in professional golf.

To make a very long story short, the dress code said that players would have to pay a $1,000 fine for each violation. These violations included wearing any of the following clothing articles: Racerbacks, leggings, short skirts, workout gear, jeans, joggers, and plunging necklines are all forbidden. So, in order to spite these LPGA overlords a bit, we decided to put together a list of 15 times female golfers revealed a little bit too much. Or at least, too much according to the LPGA and their dress code.


15 Starting with Paige

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What better way to start our list than with one of the female golfers who were most opposed to the LPGA new dress code guidelines? Paige Spiranac was quite the vocal activist against the installment of these new rules. And we have to agree that her argument was very solid. The gist of it was that it was ridiculous that, in 2017, an organization as big as the LPGA was trying to control what their players were wearing.

It is hard to go against that argument opposing draconian rules like dress codes for athletes. A sport that needs to find ways to involve young people more and more if it wants to keep growing, golf needs to stay away from rules that will drive people away.

14 Blair O’Neal

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Well, we are not sure we are ever going to see Blair O’Neal wearing an outfit like this one to a golf course, but there are two points we can discuss here. First, we are pretty darn sure that no one would be complaining if she decided to wear this to a competition. On the other hand, we are pretty sure the people at the LPGA would go on a rampage against Blair if she ever decided to do something like this. And, as much as we hate to agree with these people, wearing something like this to a golf competition would do nothing but strengthen their position that some people need to be controlled in what they wear.

Nevertheless, since we are sure Blair is never going to wear this to a competition (sad face), the LPGA remains completely in the wrong.


13 The Skirt Problem

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While we maintain that there is nothing to be gained by controlling what the players wear to golf courses, we have to agree with the LPGA in a few of their concerns. But instead of making these rules, they should have made them more like suggestions to their players. Because, at the end of the day, when someone wears some attire that might be inappropriate for a competition, the person who is at the most risk of being embarrassed is the person actually wearing the clothes.

One of the most common movements in golf, aside from the swing, is when players crouch on the green to check out the terrain before a putt. This picture of Michelle Wie might explain to some people the concern with athletes wearing short skirts.

12 Lexi Thompson

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One thing is for sure here, Lexi did not get those tan lines from playing golf. At least not in any LPGA competition. Because if she did, there is a good chance that she would be a couple of thousand dollars down on her bank account. Nevertheless, this picture is one of the examples of why the LPGA’s new dress code sucks. After all, if those guys were worried enough to cover all of their bases, they would have put bikini as one of the prohibited articles of clothing players couldn’t wear during professional golf competitions.

Now, we can still wonder what would happen if someone decided to try this out. As far as we are concerned, this is not against the new rules in the dress code, so bikinis are fair game for players.


11 Hyun Ju Yoo

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So, we don’t know how significant the overlap between the LPGA and the Korean LPGA is. But there is one thing we know for certain, and it is that Hyun Ju Yoo would probably get fined if she used a skirt this short in the Western brand of the Ladies Professional Golf Association. According to the dress code guidelines, a player will be fined $1,000 if she breaks any of the rules. And a skirt that is as revealing as this one could be something that would go against the draconian dress code rules people have around here.

Nevertheless, it seems like it was no big deal in Korea. You can also be sure that this is not the last you will see of Hyun Ju Yoo. Yeah, her outfits for competition are just golden, and it was more than once that she tiptoed the line of the LPGA dress code.

10 High Heels

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Now we are not very sure what the policy for high heels in the LPGA tour is. While we are quite confident that they were not specifically prescribed as one of the forbidden clothing articles player should not wear to competitions, we do think they would be quite the challenging article to wear when you are going to play a game of golf.

A good part of the game is played with your ankles, so you could see why we would think the high platform shoes could prove to be a problem. But hey, maybe she just thinks she is too good for the competition and needs to give everyone else a handicap. Aside from that, we do believe the LPGA would have a problem with that particularly revealing skirt that Lexi Thompson is wearing.


9 Blair Round Two

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Since we did a double take for Lexi Thompson, we thought it would only be fair to do the same for Blair O’Neal. Along with Lexi, Blair has to be one of the most beautiful golfers out there. And while we have yet to see her sporting a revealing look like this to a professional golf competition, she is playing golf in this picture. And, as far as we are concerned, wearing bikini bottoms like that to play golf is something that would be outrageous for the people at the LPGA.

Still, we could probably come up with some good arguments as to why this would be beneficial. First of all, no one can deny that this would attract more fans to the sport. But in a performance sense, this sure allows for more freedom of movement than your regular golf attire.

8 Paige Strikes Again

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Hey, we gotta be fair to everyone. We cannot give two entries to Blair O’Neal and Lexi Thompson without leveraging things for Paige Spiranac. After all, the other two might’ve been more successful professional golfers, but many people would make the tough argument that Paige is the hottest of all golfers in the world.

More than that, she is the queen of revealing looks that would drive LPGA overlords crazy. Remember the list of clothing articles that would warrant a fine according to the dress code? Well, here we have Paige wearing precisely 2 of those items. Just check back. Both jeans and plunging necklines are forbidden. Then again, we dare you to go around asking fans and seeing how many of them would be against Paige wearing this outfit for a competition.


7 Does Practice Count?

If we want to talk about someone who goes completely against the LPGA rules, we have to introduce you to the beautiful collegiate golf player, Jordan Wolf. Jordan has yet to make her professional debut, but this American bombshell has become Instagram famous almost instantly because of the wide variety of golf videos she posts.

Of course, none of them come even close to that one of her practicing a chip shot near the pool, but there are some pretty good videos on her Instagram if you want to check that out. She played for the University of South Florida and for Jacksonville University in her college days. And since we mentioned her Instagram, it doesn’t hurt to tell you that she has more than 48,000 followers on her account.

6 That’s Definitely Not Allowed

The caption says it all. There is no way that a player like this would ever be allowed in a professional golf competition. And isn’t that the worst? We told you that Jordan Wolf’s Instagram was one of the best about golf out there, and now you know that we were not lying. So yes, we said before that the LPGA might have had some arguments against players playing in bikinis, but after watching this video, we have to ask ourselves a simple question. Is that really so wrong?

Seriously, in a world where people can have a league called the Lingerie Football League... sorry, the Legends Football League, what is the problem of having a bikini golf league? If the ladies say they want to play in bikinis, who is the LPGA to tell them that they cannot do that? #girlpower


5 The BGL

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Since we are on the verge of proposing the creation of something like the Bikini Golf League, a golf association for summer tournaments in which everyone would be happy, we have already also come up with our perfect ambassador for this league. Blair O’Neal is clearly someone who is very comfortable with her body and looks stunning in a bikini every time we get a chance to see her.

This two-time NCAA Long Drive Champion who turned pro in 2004 is someone who seems to have yet to give the golf crowd everything in terms of her skill when it comes to LPGA competitions. Maybe, just maybe, if a new league was installed, there is a possibility that Blair could return to being that great college player and translate that to the pros.

4 Natalie Joins the Fold

One of the elite golfers out there, it has been a while since Natalie Gulbis had a good finish in an LPGA competition. For example, last season she only played eight tournaments and did not make the cut a single time. Her world ranking has also been dropping as she finished the year of 2016 in the 658 spot. Now we have to remember that this is a woman who was once ranked 19th in the whole world back in 2006.

Nevertheless, if there is one ranking in which Natalie has not dropped a single number, it has to be the ranking of most beautiful golfers in the world. And although she is not performing well in professional competitions, one look at her Instagram is all you need to see that she still has the skills. So why not join the BGL?


3 The Skirt Problem II

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One of the big problems the LPGA seems to be tackling with this new dress code they came up with, was the length of the skirts their players were wearing to competitions. And while we know that they did not say that players need to wear those long skirts that go below the knee, it is not like players have not taken the field with some extremely short skirts in the recent past.

One of the players who does that quite regularly is Michelle Wie. And the way she moves around on the golf course also makes you wonder if the LPGA does not have a good point for controlling the size of skirts. Seriously, if it were not for the shorts they wear under those skirts, Michelle would have more wardrobe malfunctions than a water polo player.

2 Who Is This?

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We honestly have no idea who this person is, but we can just say that she would be more than welcome to join the BGL if that ever became a thing. Now, we know that the LPGA has their problems with what players wear going into competitions, but here we have a proposition that a picture like this could make them wonder if changing gears with a yearly event might not be a good thing for the company.

People are already burning you for the sexist message that the dress code put out. And given the guidelines, it is hard to argue against that. So why not try to appease the public mind by making a yearly Halloween competition? Players can wear whatever they want for a weekend, and the fans and media would leave the LPGA alone for a while at least.


1 Ending with Paige

We started this list with Paige Spiranac, and we are going to end this list with Paige Spiranac. There is no denying that this woman is the queen of revealing pictures on golf courses that would drive LPGA management crazy. We don’t know how her active engagement against the company’s policies could possibly deter her from becoming a big name in the tour, but we cannot wait to see.

Another thing that we would love to see would be if she won the battle against the LPGA and their stupid dress code. After all, it almost seems like this woman is making a point of wearing literally everything that these guys prohibited. Like, she goes look at the guidelines and then takes a couple of forbidden items, puts them on, goes out on the golf course, and takes a picture that crushes Instagram.


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