15 Times Female Sportscasters Revealed A Little Too Much

Female sportscasters have a tough job and sometimes, they can't think of everything... 15 Times Female Sportscasters Revealed A Little Too Much.

We all know we can’t help ourselves from watching certain sports networks for some of the most beautiful sports broadcasters. While many fans watch sports channels to get the latest information on everything sports, we can’t seem to help to keep our eyes of the beautiful women who many times bring that information that we look for. But sometimes, we care more about their appearance rather than what they are saying.

It always seems that a lot of the most beautiful woman sports broadcasters are the median of the conversation, and usually help maintain a conversation without getting too off topic between everyone who is talking. A lot of fans believe that some of these women mainly got their job because of their looks, rather than their knowledge of sports. There are many beautiful women in many sports including cheerleading, WNBA, and WWE, but sports broadcasters for some reason come off to be extremely sexy with their professionalism and sports knowledge.

There have been quite a few times where we have seen some of these sports broadcasters reveal a little bit too much either on the camera, or off the set. They may have revealed too much, but many fans don’t seem to mind seeing their incredibly sexy figure.

15 Cari Champion's Not Afraid To Flaunt


What a way to start off than with one of the beautiful anchors from SportsCenter, Cari Champion. In this photo, we get to see a little bit more of Champion that we would love to see while watching our daily news on SportsCenter. What seems to be a very official event, Champion doesn’t mind showing off a little bit of her cleavage. Fans that love Champion may be more excited to see this photograph as Champion usually does a great job at covering up her body when she’s reporting. The sweet reporter is rocking the baby blue dress on the red carpet, showing that not all stars are the athletes. Champion is just one of the few reporters that feel the need to shine bright with a sexy outfit when they aren’t on the clock.

14 Adriana Monsalve Demands Attention


Univison Deportes grabbed a gem with Adriana Monsalve. The beautiful reporter is so appealing to viewers, it may make those who don’t even speak Spanish want to watch the show. Monsalve is known as one of the sexiest reporters around, with her thick assets. No matter how much clothing she wears, she still manages to look sexy as ever. Monsalve honestly may have more success as a model than she does as a reporter. Only making about $44,000 a year, as a model she can probably boost than to past $100,000.

Unlike many other sports reporters, Monsalve has a natural gift. Her incredible body drives fans crazy, as she is known to have a big booty. Maybe if she took that booty and decided to model, she would be possibly making double her pay and making a lot more sports fans happy.

13 We've Clearly Been Overlooking Michelle Beadle


It seems that once a special event comes around, every women sports broadcaster loves to let their tatas loose. Well at the ESPYS, Michelle Beadle, co-host of Sports Nation, decided to show her cleavage with her pink outfit. Beadle has been known a lot for her knowledge of sports, as well as her quick speaking while on Sports Nation. Many people never really speak about Beadle as being one of the sexier sports broadcasters, but this picture shows that she needs to be talked about more.

Beadle has showed her body more times than some other sports broadcasters, allowing Sports Nation fans to see another side of her. Sports Nation always includes some interesting topics, and maybe their next skit may include which sports broadcasters are the best looking, including Beadle.

12 Charissa Thompson Belongs On A Runaway

F. Sadou/AdMedia

There needs to be an event where women sports broadcasters can walk down a runway and pose, because these broadcasters are drop dead gorgeous. Here we have Charissa Thompson, who looked absolutely stunning at a special event. Thompson had no problem wearing a dress where her chest is on full display, while her legs also can shine down the runway. Thompson has been known for sometimes wearing skimpier clothing than most women broadcasters do, and looking beautiful than ever on television. This outfit may not only impress the men, but the women with how stylish she looks. She was able to have all the guys staring at her for her beautiful physique, while having the women loving the style she decided to go with for this event.

11 Sara Carbonero Lives For The Beach


She may seem to have fled away from the world of broadcasting, but Sara Carbonero will never let us down with her incredibly sexy body. Carbonero’s career was short due to her marrying her husband, Iker Casillas. She was a sports journalist, and was known highly for a time where she interviewed her boyfriend at the time, Casillas, during the 2010 World Cup. The picture of her interviewing him went viral, and became one of the more popular pictures of that World Cup.

But there is also the side where Carbonero is known as “The Sexiest Reporter in the World.” She was voted to have that motto in 2009. Carbonero may have lost a lot of trust when she interviewed her boyfriend, but her incredible body will never go away. Her bikini body is too hot to avoid looking at.

10 Lisa Dergan Posednik Doing Hugh Hefner Proud


Let’s take a trip back in time, to one of the sexiest sports broadcasters to ever appear on television. Lisa Dergan Posednik was one of the hottest women on television. No wonder why she started out her career as a model, with her sexy physique. In this picture, Posednik has no problem letting her booty show in full force in what seems to be a photo shoot. The Fox Sports broadcaster, not only was able to work for Fox being able to interview athletes like Tiger Woods and John Elway, but she was also Playboy’s Playmate for the month of July in 1998. Posednik had the body of a star, and had no issue flaunting it. This was every man’s dream come true when they were able to watch sports interviews, hosted by a former Playboy model.

9 Jenn Sterger - What a beautiful... Sunset


The Jets may not be winning a lot on the field, but they definitely won a gem with having Jenn Sterger as their Game Day host. As awful as it may be to watch the Jets, it may be worth it to at least watch the Game Day show just to see Sterger. Sterger was reported in an incident that included Brett Favre flirting with Sterger, sending pictures of himself to her. But who can really blame Favre, with a poor team like that, the only good part was the incredibly sexy reporter on the sidelines.

In this picture, Sterger had no problem showing off her booty and side boob. Before the side boob became popular, Sterger showed it off with the rest of her incredible body. Sterger may be the only reason the Jets still have ratings on Sundays.

8 Jillian Barberie Almost Goes For It All


Wow oh wow. Jillian Barberie was not afraid to let her whole body let go in that lingerie. Barberie definitely revealed a lot, but no fan will be complaining about this. The former weatherperson for Fox Sports, modeled in almost see through lingerie, getting fans even more excited to watch the weather for sports. Barberie has been all besides just sports, including American Idol Extra and Good Day L.A. Barberie may mostly be known for her voice on her radio show, but once you see that body, you won’t forget it. Not many sports broadcasters bare it all, and Barberie didn’t either. But she went as close as you could without having any clothes on. The lingerie she wore in this photo shoot was the perfect tease for what to expect of her incredible body.

7 Ines Sainz Knows What To Highlight


This time, it wasn’t the sports broadcaster who let her body loose. Her body was too thick to fit her pants. In this picture, Ines Sainz’ booty was too big for her jeans. While at an event, it seemed that her booty was perfect from miles away. And she flaunted it too, giving that cute make up look and strutting around the area. Sainz has an incredible body, but is known mostly for that big booty of hers. Many pictures of her with her booty popping through her shorts or pants have went viral for how nice her booty is. It seems that her career hasn’t really been known much for her broadcasting, but more for those incredible glutes. Even though her and her husband own the production company that owns Deportips, most fans only really care when Sainz turns away from them.

6 Amanda Pflugrad Lets Loose


This picture of Amanda Pflugrad definitely isn’t as revealing as some of the other pictures on this list, but she still manages to show some cleavage in the picture. The little bit of cleavage that is showing in this picture is enough to catch the eyes of many fans watching her on the sideline. Pflugrad is one of the less popular sports broadcasters, which may be why her name is not so familiar. Pflugrad was actually a cheerleader at the University of Oregon before she decided to start her career as a sports broadcaster. Like many, she went from one job to another which led her to working for ESPN. Her shining smile may be worth more than her body, but that shining smile makes her body even more appealing to look at, and makes us want to watch her on television more often.

5 Melanie Collins Takes Her Talents To The Beach


Once you search up Melanie Collins on Google, there is no hiding her body or the crazy things she has done. Sometimes you’ll see sports broadcasters who have bikini pictures online, but they weren’t meant to be taken. Collins’ pictures were all meant to be taken, and they are hot. Pictures of her in a bikini surround the Internet, showing off her nice abs and fit body. There is always a picture of her kissing another girl, showing that Collins may be a wild sports broadcaster, a bit different than many of the others that are in the industry. Collins is all over the place when it comes to broadcasting, but mainly sees herself covering the NBA. She has a lot of different experience also with the MLB and PGA.

4 Laura Rutledge Is Too Sweet


The former Gator has seen a lot of publicity due to her beauty throughout her life. Laura Rutledge not only is one of the most beautiful sports broadcasters around, but she also won the title of Miss Florida in 2012, and won Miss America in 2013. Rutledge has seen herself with many different spots, including ESPN, the SEC Network, and Fox Sports. Her beauty has contributed to a lot of the success in her life, but her knowledge of sports as also been a huge help. The combination of the both has led her to working for some of the biggest news companies in the world, having the opportunity to work to put together information for some of the largest fan bases in the world.

3 Kristen Ledlow as Miss Florida


The ESPN broadcaster for everything NBA, has been seen in a cute red bra with her cleavage out for everyone to see. Unlike while she is on the side of the court, her boobs are in full force shown without wearing any shirt. Kristen Ledlow’s career has been heavily based on the NBA, as that is the sport that she sits on the sideline to cover. She seems to love the sport so much that in 2014, she participated in the NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Game. A very interesting fact about Ledlow, is that she is the only woman who has ever been hired by NBA Inside Stuff. It’s unclear if she got this special position because they saw what Ledlow looks like behind closed doors with her shirt off, or because of her great knowledge regarding the NBA.

2 Charlotte Jackson Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty


Sky Sports News may not be a popular show for sports lovers to watch, but it includes one of the hottest sports broadcasters out there, which may just make it worth the while to watch the show. Charlotte Jackson is definitely a beauty, and she gives some extra life with her beauty for the show. Jackson in all black lingerie kind of looks like seeing a dark angel, an incredibly sexy one. Her modeling pictures are top notch, looking as if a sports broadcasting job would be a complete downgrade for her. Her body is precious, and she has all the looks to model around the world and maybe even make more money than she would be broadcasting for her company. Maybe, just maybe Jackson will make the smart decision to stick with modeling.

1 Erin Andrews


When you look at this picture, it seems like there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s just a woman in all black with clothing on showing a little bit of skin. But because this is Erin Andrews, this is a big deal. Andrews is known as probably the most popular woman sports broadcaster in all of sports, making her appearance on the sidelines Sundays with Fox Sports. Not only is she considered one of the best, but she is also considered one of the most beautiful. Even where her bra is just hanging out the slightest bit, it is too revealing for many fans due to her beauty. For someone who has accomplished so much as a broadcaster, you would expect them maybe to be fully clothed and hide pictures like this better. But Andrews doesn't really mind showing off her stellar body.

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15 Times Female Sportscasters Revealed A Little Too Much