15 Times Female Surfers Revealed A Little Too Much

Surfing isn't quite mainstream like other sports, but there are some familiar names. You've got legends such as Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton, braving the elements to catch 40-foot waves, all to chase some thrills and defy mother nature. How the hell do they do it? Half the time I'm scared to even go in the ocean in fear that a great white shark might breach and mistake me for brunch. Little does Mr. Jaws know, I do not taste very good. My irrational fears aside, these guys carve through the white-caps in a sensational display of talent and ballsiness.

It's not the male surfers that we are focused on today though. It's the steamy women who defy stereotypes and hang ten with the best of them. Rell Sun transcended gender lines and paved the path for women's professional surfing. Although these powerful women brought popularity and empowerment to their fellow riders, today, surfing has transformed into a beauty contest as much as it is a sport.

These hot women are catching waves, and updating their Snapchat stories with some of the most scantily clad photos you will ever see. Sometimes, these ladies expose little more than we can handle, whether it be by accident, or on purpose. It's time to hit the beach for 15 times female surfers revealed a little too much.

15 Coco Ho And Others Bare All For ESPN's Body Issue

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In the pre-Snap days, who would have ever thought that ESPN would be the one sending out nudes? The sports network puts together a special issue of their magazine every year, showcasing both male and female athletes for their finely-sculpted bodies.  In the female surfing world Claire BevilacquaStephanie GilmoreMaya Gabeira, Coco Ho, and Courtney Conlogue, have all disrobed and participated in the annual photoshoot for the ESPN The Magazine.

Many of these female shredders moonlight as models and social media personalities, so they are no strangers to the camera.  Some credit a vegan diet, while others follow a diligent exercise routine to obtain their Aphrodite-esque physiques. Check out some of the links above, but don't waste too much time, because there is still 14 female surfers that revealed a little too much.

14 Ashley Anastasia

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Ah, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has been wedged between teenage boy's mattresses since the inaugural issue was released in 1964. Models and athletes alike strip down for the camera, showcasing their amazing physiques. Back in 2014, professional surfer, Anastasia Ashley, made the final cut, and put on some fishnets for her spread. The thing was, there wasn't anything under those fishnets, revealing a lot more than we can handle! Ashley also brings cameras along on some surfing sessions, and the cameras tend to capture her wetsuit riding up in various areas.

Ashley is not just a hot body though, this chick can hit the lip with the best of them. In 2003, she won the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year award, and took her home her first national title at the young age of 16. At 30 years old today, the California native still rides, but not at a competitive level. For now, enjoy her full shoot on Guana Island for Sports Illustrated.

13 Laura Crane Is Something Else!

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We would like you to meet, up-and-coming star, Laura Crane. The 22-year-old surfista grew up in Bristol, but at age 13, moved with her family to the small, coastal village of Croyde in the United Kingdom. This is where Laura would first pick up a surf board and fall in love. She now competes all over the world, splitting her time between her home in England, and big wave country in Portugal.

Her Instagram is filled with tasteful selfies, action shots, which is everything a loyal follower could ever ask for. Let's hope that her trending popularity translates to success, and that it doesn't get to her head She is sponsored by clothing conglomerates like Nike and Billabong as well! Let's hope this pipe dream turns tubular into a pipe reality!

12 Roxy Ad Sparks Controversy

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Roxy, a female sports apparel company, was caught inside a controversy in an advertisement starring professional surfer, Stephanie Gilmore. While the clothing firm is normally lauded for portraying women as strong, independent thinkers, in their racy 2013 marketing campaign , they did no such thing!  You never see Gilmore's face in the video, only tasteless shots of the six-time World Champion rolling around the sheets, undressing, and gearing up to hit the waves.

While the company probably thought they were being artistic, the commerical is pretty trashy.  Roxy was clearly objectifying Gilmore for her killer body.  The combination of lame house music, gentle lighting, and constant slow-motion, make this ad look like the beginning of a soft-core porn. Yeah, yeah, you want the viewer to believe that anonymous rear end could be theirs, but come on Roxy, shed a better light on the sport!

11 Keep It Together!

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We hop back over to six-time world champion surfer, and faceless Roxy ad-girl, Stephanie Gilmore. In 2014, "Happy" Gilmore was actively posing for Vogue down under, when her wardrobe has a slight malfunction. The tight, black wet-suit, slipped down, revealing a little more than intended. The Gold Coast native played off the slippage like a pro, gathering her composure, laughing it off, and riding the wave into shore. She bounced back for the next run in a brand new wardrobe, sporting a colorful one-piece swimsuit, which was the logical choice after almost exposing herself to the paparazzo. Instead of hanging ten, she almost hung two! She deserves a standing ovation for salvaging the shoot, while maintaining her dignity. A true professional, and a true champion. Surfs up Steph.

10 That's Unfortunate Timing

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Back in the late 2000s, women's professional surfing became more popular, as the younger generation started competing at a high level. At the time, veterans such as Pauline Menczer and Layne Beachley, had paved the way for the millennial generation to excel in the water.  In this picture, you can see surfer/model, Alana Blanchard ,on the left, Malia Manuel, youngest surfer ever to win the U.S. open (14 years old), in the middle, and Hailey Partridge, half of the Partridge twins, on the right.

At first glance, there isn't anything too revealing about this picture, but take a closer looks at Ms. Partridge. Unfortunately, she didn't know the photographer was shooting, and it looks like she may have been removing some sand from unwanted areas. At third glance, maybe she's just holding the board. The only thing for sure is that she has some ripped delts!

9 Must Be Pretty Cold In There

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As much as we admire these women for their skills on a board, there is no doubt that a combination of sun and fitness make them cultural sex icons. While many staunch feminist will take the position that we are objectifying these women, we think fans should celebrate their hard work and dedication to the sport, embodied by their, well, bodies! GQ even put out a list back in 2015 of the nine hottest surfer girls! Coming in at number eight is the beautiful Ms. Sage Erickson!

Sage first grabbed a board at age 11, two years after moving to Hawaii, and the rest is history! Cliches aside, she was a natural, and at 27 years old, she finally won the U.S. Open of Surfing in 2017! The surfer/model keeps her social media presence on point, showcasing both her surfing skills and her beach body. As you can see here, it must have been a little cold in the water during this shoot!

8 Maya Gabeira Almost Drowns!

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Remember when we said wipeouts can be deadly? We were talking about big wave surfer, Maya Gabeira. The native Brazilian daredevil travels the world, searching for towering swells to conquer, and even set the female record back in 2009, defeating a 46-ft. rogue wave off the coast of South Africa. In 2013 though, Gabeira was defeated, in Nazare, Portugal, by a massive wave that knocked her unconscious, sending her into the swirling waters of the Atlantic. Fortunately, fellow big wave surfer, Carlos Burle, was able to locate her among the carnage, dragging her ashore, where she was revived via CPR.  Gabeira was in the hospital, recovering for months, since she also broke her leg during the fall.

But, as many surfers do, two-years later, Gabeira returned to the fateful spot in Portugal that once nearly claimed her life, and conquered another massive wave. She's got more cojones than I can ever imagine.

7 Surfing For Two

About 6 months and stoked! 🤰🏼✨☀️#24weekspregnant

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Hamilton takes the phrase "baby on board" a little too literally. The real-life Soul Surfer, who has been an inspiration to all after a 14-foot Tiger Shark swam away with her arm over a decade ago. She was recently snapped hitting the waves during her third-trimester! If you have ever surfed before, you know how hard it can be, now imagine having a 6-month-old fetus inside you and chop off your arm! Bethany is incredible!

In an interview with SheKnows, the expecting mother opened-up about her need to carve the waves while pregnant.

"I’m planning to surf ‘til I’m about six months pregnant. I listen to my body and instinct, though too. The ocean and surfing is so healthy; it is uplifting, and that is always a good thing while pregnant."

Bethany is a true inspiration to both men and women!

6 What Can't Alana Blanchard Do?

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All there is to say is...damn! Alana Blanchard is a one-of-a-kind talent. She's not only a truly talented surfer, but doubles as a successful model! The Hawaiian beauty is comfortable in her own skin, and quick internet search will provide you with some revealing photos. There isn't too much more we can say about Lana, as she is pure perfection; in the water, and in the magazines.

So, let's get into some interesting details about the professional surfer. Remember Bethany Hamilton, the one-arm Soul Surfer? Well, Blanchard was actually there during the whole incident, and helped Hamilton paddle to shore. So not only is she a talented surfer, she was also able to show an ability to think quickly on her feet and get a fellow surfer some help.

5 Erica Hosseini


It's hard to be the best in two separate industries. Shoot, half the time you get home from work, you barely have enough energy to reach for the remote that's always slightly out of reach. Now imagine, instead of working a boring 9-5, then gathering strength to binge-watch the newest series on Netflix, you have to compete as both a surfer, and a super model. Not many truly dual-talents exist in the surfing world though. A few names come to mind, such as Alana Blanchard, Anastasia Ashley, and our subject of this entry, Erica Hosseini. As the blog, Surfer Dad, points out, Hosseini has been successful in both industries.

Hosseini has one several surfing titles, but also graces the pages of magazines, representing a myriad of products, and has even recreated the famous braided, Bo Derek beach shoot.  All of this while maintaining a competitive level in the ocean. Talk about multitasking!

4 Laura Enever Wipes Out

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Even professional surfers fall sometimes! Take this picture of pro surfer, and former ASP Women's Junior World Champion, Laura Enever. The Australian hottie was in over her head, and launched about 10 feet off of her board in the flying squirrel position, before plunging into the ocean. We believe that during this perfectly-timed photo, Enever did not sustain any traumatic injuries., but that's not always the case.

Fans view surfing as mildly dangerous, believing that the water will cushion the rider's fall. When these women drop-in, then cut back to catch some air, the water is no safety net. It feels more like landing on parking lot, than falling on a mattress. Just ask Enever. She had to dropout of the first ever Pe'ahi Women's Challenge in 2016 when she sprained her knee. It's a lot tougher than it looks!

3 Epic Surf Simulator Fail!

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Welcome to the deadly Flowrider, a top tourist attraction on the MS Quantum of the Seas, a cruise ship in the Royals Caribbean fleet. Unsuspecting wannabe surfers drop $60 to carve inside the 40-foot long surfing simulator, braving the tumultuous current, all while masses of onlookers judge their every move. Some people succeed at taming the beast, but most of the time, the Flowrider claims victim after victim, hurling them down the slide, causing both physical, and emotional pain.

In our case, this cruise-goer got eaten alive by the rapid, artificial tide, and the Flowrider rode off with her bottoms! The operator pulled one of the most chivalrous moves of all-time, and blocked her behind from the cameras with the boogie board. The lesson here is to always where proper swimwear! Check out the video for a few laughs.

2 Introducing the Coffey Sisters!

Ellie-Jean Coffey - Facebook

We would like to salute these bootylicious instamodels (and surfers), Ellie-Jean and Holly-Sue Coffey. As of 2017, Ellie-Jean was ranked in the top-100 female surfers in the world, but is now known for her voluptuous curves that have gained her nearly a million followers on Instagram. No wonder the Aussies are going mad over these blonde bombshells!

Oh yeah, these surfer aren't the only talents in the family. They have a brother Jackson, and two younger sisters, Bonnie-Lou and Ruby-Lee, who all are prominent names in the surfing world. Together, they form the "Australian Kardashians." While they never came from money like Kim and company, their family "assets" are very similar. Let's hope these ladies continue dominating the waves, and populating our News Feeds, for years to come!

1 Surfing Prodigy Dishes On Dad's Weight

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There's no better way to end the list than providing a glimpse into the future of the sport. Everyone, meet Sabre Norris, the future of surfing! The aptly dubbed "pint-size pro" went viral back in 2016 after being the second-youngest female ever to compete in a professional world surfing event. Norris captured the hearts of millions of viewers on Australia's TODAY, with her candid, wholesome responses to the host's questions. She even stated that if she was to win the minimum prize of $250, she would spend it on donuts!

That's when she poked fun at her father, former Australian Olympic medalist in the Butterfly, Justin Norris, for gaining a little weight after his playing days. Sabre dished out that her dad "was an athlete, but now he is um... pretty fat!" What could be more revealing than that? Let's hope this surf prodigy keeps making us laugh while dominating the world circuit in the future!

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