15 Times Female Swimmers Revealed A Little Too Much

Who knew?

I'll admit I was not too sure what I'd find in the great big world of water but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is swimming a sport, but a darn athletic one. I know that sometimes people look at Olympic sports and crack jokes about including the bizarre, such as Underwater Basket-weaving, but there are some serious benefits to all sports in water.

It's really a simple but brilliant concept. First, athletic bodies in water are always nice to look at. We've got the silhouettes and shadows of lean muscles with cool lights and all kinds of reflections. There is dripping water, parted lips, bathing suits, and lots of exposed skin. Furthermore, water has a way of making clothes extremely revealing and suggestive. What is there not to like about a competition between young, athletic women in water?

Synchronized swimming? Yep. Love it. The back stroke? Breast stroke? Love that too. Diving? Bring it on in all its glory. Not only are swimmers incredibly dedicated but they are naturally gifted and competitive. Many of them started swimming in diapers, and many compete in numerous styles. Incredibly, many swim in open water and battle waves, currents, and fish with big teeth,

So after long hours of serious research and hundreds of photos, I found 15 very good reasons to prove why swimming is an Olympic sport, and why we should be happy it is.


15 Rachel Bruni Has A Surprise

via static2.iodonna.it

When did swimmers get so down? Love the swag: the tongue piercing and the Gene Simmons tongue lap. So who is she? She is a 27-year-old, Italian swimmer who swims long distances in open water. We're not talking laps in a pool, but against waves and currents with large fish watching. Just 2 years ago, she became the first Italian swimmer to win the FINA, 10 kilo meter Marathon Swimming World Cup. At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, which seems like a missed Bucket List event, Bruni won a silver medal. All together, she is an 8-time gold medalist at the European Open Water Swimming Championships. So if someone is that good at anything, especially a physically demanding sport like swimming, she can point her tongue at anyone.

14 Is Kaitlin Sandeno's Suit Painted On?

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Oh, Kaitlin Sandeno, I love the suit but my question is how do you take it on and off? Okay that's NOT what I meant. Could it be any tighter and form fitting? A bikini is nice, but this spandex thing is quite revealing too. Kaitlin is an American, won a gold medal, was a world champion, and a former world record-holder. She was on the team that set a new world record in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay in 200. Now, she wants to break into broadcasting. She also started a business where she analyzes swimmers and was an assistant coach at a private catholic high school in California. Talk about an athlete who is extraordinary and dedicated to their game; look no further than Sandeno.


13 Rebecca Adlington

via mirror.co.uk

In a candid photo, I'd think the cameraman would notice exactly what jumps off the footage. While contributing on a BBC Sports broadcast, retired British Swimmer Rebecca Adlington appeared to be touching the thigh of her on-air co-worker. It sure wasn't meant to be captured but perhaps Adlington was revealing a little more than viewers would have wanted to know.

She won two gold medals in 2008, 1 in the 400 meter race and the other in the 800 meter. She was Britain's first Olympic swimming champion since 1988, and the first British swimmer to win two Olympic gold medals since 1908. Amazing! But she's not finished there as she also won bronze medals during the Summer of 2012 in her home town of London. Adlington retired a year later but still works in the underwater world.

12 Zsuzsanna Jakabos Floats.. Well, Part Of Her

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Zsuzsanna Jakabos has some assets that you wouldn't normally associate with swimmers. Usually swimmers are typically very svelte and having curves isn't necessarily an advantage. Well, Jakabos has bucked that trend and her curves are on full display here, as her backside is way above the water.

Jakabos has competed at four straight Olympics and will look to make it a fifth straight in 2020. She's competed in seven events total, with her best finish coming in a 4 x 200 m relay in 2008 when she finished in sixth place. Somehow though, she keeps managing to steal the spotlight and we can't quite put our finger on it... We probably speak for many viewers when we say we hope to see her in Tokyo in 2020.


11 Jenna Randall's Acrobatics

via pinterest.com

This is some seriously amazing stuff. This amazing photo captures her incredible balance and artistry. It's just amazing what people can do with their bodies. First, her teammates are showing incredible strength and balance just to support her. Then, she is so limber she can hold and crunch her toes, flex her calf muscles, and yet completely stretch her pelvis, thighs, and hips. But that's only half of it. Her back is almost folded, her head and neck stretched up, and oh by the way, her arms are holding her up. Seriously incredible, so smile for the camera.

Jenna first competed and won Silver at the Commonwealth Games in 2006 in Melbourne. Then, she got the bug and continued to compete for the next 7 years. In December 2011, she posed for a charity calendar while wearing lingerie and jewelry. She was most definitely a hit and most likely still is at anyone's pool party after retiring from synchronized swimming in 2013.

10 Zsuzsanna Jakabos Shouldn't Be Drinking That

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This is almost too easy. The Hungarian competed in the 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympics, but will most likely be remembered for her many, many sultry shoots. Does she have eyes that talk to you or what? What is it about their shape, how their set deeply, and her hair. Wow! But I'm a little concerned for her health. We all know what goes on in swimming pools and we've all spit and sucked down some water. But to lap it up like a thirsty dog? Oy. It's pretty well known that pools carry some pretty nasty stuff, and I'm no "germaphobe" but I'm not going to stick a straw in one either. Still, if anyone can make a pool seem playful and delicious, its Zsuzsanna.


9 Stephanie Rice Receives Backlash For Revealing Selfie

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Stephanie has got it all going on! How adorable is she? Love everything about her, especially her drive and dedication. From a young age, she wanted to be an Olympic swimmer and the young Aussie wouldn't be denied. She won her first gold medal at 17 years of age, and went on to win three Gold Medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. At the 2012 London Olympic Games, she continued her reign and just kept on winning. She retired in 2014.

She came under fire back in 2012 when she tweeted a picture of herself wearing the skimpiest of skimpy bikini bottoms. While Rice posted the pic willingly, there were many who called her out and said she should be dropped from the swim team. Considering the headache she had to go through, she probably regretted sharing that.

Steph then dedicated more time and effort to raise awareness to kids about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Do you love her or what? Childhood obesity and laziness is a terrible trend for society and it's important that athletes get involved. She's recently entered the world of business with a line of children's swimwear.

8 Branca and Bria Feres

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Move over Doublemint Girls because there are new sheriffs in town. Obviously, Bria and Branca are twins and they are spectacular. Gotta believe in "Fake News" if the media hasn't brought your attention to these fine young ladies. Born in Brazil, the sisters are professional swimmers, models, actresses, and they’ve won many championships. I'm sure they were the focus of the fans and judges, and too bad they weren't involved in any photo finishes.

Speaking of photos, they've been on the cover of VIP Magazine. Surprised? Not at all, though it surprised me that through all the Olympic coverage they kind of slipped by. But let bygones be bygones, for as this photo shows, they may be the most attractive set of twins out there.


7 Inge De Bruijn Stretching

via speakerscorner.com

Just look at those leg muscles and joints. Also, just look at those arms. So this is Inge, a four time Olympian swimmer who is super sexy. Even if a person likes a little more curvature, seeing the muscles and form of her body is interesting. Inge was a champion who has placed in the Olympic Games four times and even held world records. She was voted "Female Swimmer of The Year" two times, and in 2004 was the oldest female Olympic swimmer to win a championship. All together, many consider her the greatest Dutch Olympian of all time as she won 4 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals. Born in the Netherlands and now 44 years old, Inge hasn't lost much and can rock any bathing suit..

6 Summer Sanders

via swimmagazine.net

I would have thought most female swimmers would have been a size zero, but as I've learned, many can be curvy and very steamy. The California native began swimming at just 3 years old, was a phenom by 15. Most 3 year olds wear "floaties" and are not out there swimming laps. Then, she tore apart the collegiate ranks and won 8 NCAA titles at Stanford. But soon the world would be calling and she'd venture off to the Olympics. In 4 international evens, she'd win 4 gold medals and 3 silver.

After she retired, she became a success in the media as an Olympic broadcaster. But her career just kept on moving as she'd work for the NBA, the WNBA, the U.S Open, and even the Celebrity Apprentice and Food Network. Talk about living, she is a poster child for student athletes!


5 Tania Cagnotto Has To Worry About Cold Water

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And now we have Tania, the first Italian female diver to win a medal in a World Championship. She also won two Olympic medals, one in individual and one in synchronized springboard diving. Tania Cagnotto is 20 times, yes, 20 times a European Champion. Both of her parents were swimmers, and Tania won her first Gold in the 2004 Summer Olympics. She also won a Bronze and continued to medal until her retirement in May 2017. Though her focus and concentration is undeniable, some other characteristics pop off the page when you see the full image here. While men may worry about "shrinkage," women have something entirely different to worry about. Now, she plans to stay in the sport and coach diving.

4 Laure Manaudou Shows Us Her Other Attire

via totalfratmove.com

Can you guess that she's French or does it just make sense after finding out? Born in 1986, Laure is now retired but she has won the world and European championships as well as being a world record holder in freestyle events. She is also a model, a wife, a mother, and a knockout. Though she lacks a few curves, she must have a killer work out routine. Love the simplicity of her home gym and Bosu and Balance balls. This tells me she is serious about her work outs, body, and especially her mind. Though she's got some serious abs, she's also got great taste in tops and socks! So let's talk about that outfit. How many women have such great taste and awareness to dress like this?


3 Georgia Davies Doing Yoga

via amanziswimwear.com

It should be no surprise that swimmers have such powerful cores and bodies. Just look at Georgia, a Welsh swimmer who is one in a long line of amazing British swimmers. Here she was going into a side-arm balance pose but she probably wishes the camera was facing the other way, as the cameraman got a big dose of her backside.

In 2014, Davies won the gold medal in the 50-meter backstroke, and silver in the 100-meter backstroke. Not even 1 month later, she won a silver and bronze at the 2014 European Championships. That's exactly what preparation, desire, and focus will do. She went on to represent the country again in the 2016 Summer Olympics, and though she didn't medal, keep swimming!!

2 Jazz Carlin

via sportmag.bigbenweb.com

The name "Jazz" is definately a winner. The name "Carlin", how can I resist? I just hope her crib is big enough for all her "stuff," which includes a lot of medals and photo shoots. She represents Wales and Britain and in 2014 she won a Gold. In 2016, she won 2 Silver Medals during the Summer Olympics in Rio. Aside from winning races, this lovely young lady is winning hearts and is a personal trainer. She definitely has to train if she wants to make a splash in or out of the pool. It also seems like modeling is in her future. She seems to have the look, pose, and makeup to sell anything from shampoos to deodorant. Anyway you slice it, water is her friend.


1 Tilly Gray's Curves On Full Display

via swindonadvertiser.co.uk

Tilly is another gorgeous swimmer from the U.K, and I gotta wonder what they feed the young women on the other side of the pond. I know it rains a lot and the oceans are cold as heck, but maybe all the fish and chips they gobble down gives them a licence to swim. Sorry guys, but this gorgeous young lady is in a serious relationship. But she's not all about the pool, for she likes to also exercise her mind. She's an avid reader too. Everyone should look up her videos. She is an amazing diver and she has amazing form. When she hits the water, she shimmies and shakes like a mermaid. Its incredible how she uses every muscle from her fingers and hands through her feet to create speed and grace. Dashing!


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