15 Times Female Volleyball Players Revealed A Little Too Much

Women have faced many challenges since they first began to appear on the sports scene. It might be hard for some of us to believe, but it wasn’t until long ago that women couldn’t even participate in sporting activities in some countries. Heck, there are still a few nations that don’t even allow them to practice a sport. Take a few Muslim countries for example that until this last Olympics didn’t even allow their women to compete. Since we are going to talk about beach volleyball, it wouldn’t hurt to mention the pair of women from Egypt who competed in this discipline during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. While their religion surely wouldn’t allow them to compete if they were to wear the same clothes as their opponents, they still made it work while only showing their face, hands, and feet, which, believe it or not, was still too much for some people.

Nevertheless, there was one silver lining for wearing that gear. They sure did not go through the same troubles as some of the women who will appear on our list. After all, this is not a list of the most impressive clothes women wear to volleyball games. No, this is a list of 15 times female volleyball players revealed a little bit more than they wished. And since the name of the game is volleyball, everything is fair game here for us. Both beach and court volleyball entries will be allowed. So, sit back, relax, and watch out for 15 new reasons for you to watch the next Summer Olympics.

15 Spanish Flavor

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To start off our list, we bring to you one of the most common wardrobe malfunctions you will see in beach volleyball. After all, what could go wrong if you are jumping around while wearing nothing but a bikini? Seriously, this sport was made for wardrobe malfunctions. Not that anyone is complaining about it, but it is not like this doesn’t happen all the time during beach volleyball games. Still, it doesn’t seem like the players worry about it too much, so why should we?

The beautiful lady sporting this wardrobe malfunction is none other than the Spanish standout, Liliana Fernandez. At 30 years old, Lilli has quite the resume for a beach volleyball player. Her best results included a silver medal in the FIVB World Tour last year.

14 Winifer Fernández Didn't Want To Show Off... Did She?

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If you were looking for a reason to watch the next Olympic Games, we have just found it for you. Before that, however, you should actually cheer for the Dominican Republic to qualify for the Tokyo games. Because if they do, everyone will get to watch Winifer Fernández playing on the biggest stage of the game. Now, we find it almost and possible that someone has not come across an image of this astounding volleyball player. Despite being only 22, Winifer has made the rounds and went viral on the Internet because of pictures like this.

She has been part of the Dominican Republic national team since 2012. So yes, this woman has been a national team level player for her country since she was 17 years old.

13 Happy Valentine’s Day

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Well, if you were not a fan of the Durham University volleyball team, you sure are now. Before anyone starts wondering, according to the Reddit post where we found this golden picture, all of these beautiful ladies were verified to be over 18, so no problem here. Aside from that, this has to be the greatest Valentine’s Day card any volleyball team has ever made. And since we never said that the entries on this list had to be exclusively of people playing volleyball, this is fair game. See, there is even a volleyball on the floor. Wait, you didn’t see the volleyball? LOL.

Either way, we are not sure how the parents of these accomplished student-athletes reacted to the Valentine’s Day card, which totally went viral, but we are confident the fans of the volleyball team were rejoicing in joy.

12 Serve

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We have already talked about how some photographers try to take advantage of the exact time when a volleyball player is waiting for a serve, but it is not always that one of these mischievous photographers manages to snap a picture of a serve as revealing as this.

The serve is arguably one of the most critical moments in the volleyball game. They say that the serve is what dictates the rest of the play. A lousy serve could end up in the net and immediately give another point to your opponent. On the other hand, a good serve could be enough to win you a point without even having to defend. Either way, this particular player might have wanted to pull her shorts down a little bit before serving this time.

11 Lilli Strikes Again

Via: youtube.com

Well, it doesn’t seem like our good friend Lilliana Fernandez only had to worry about her bikini bottoms slipping just once during her career. This is actually the second time the world caught more of a glimpse of her behind than her parents probably wished was shown on television.

Now, we are not sure if this picture was taken during her silver medal campaign in the 2013 European Championships, or during her participation in the 2012 Summer Olympics. But the one thing we can be sure of is that they won that point, since both she and her partner, Elsa Baquerizo, do not seem worried at all by the fact that they might be revealing a little bit too much. But that is the beauty of the sport, right? As long as you are winning, there is nothing that can bother you.

10 Attack Mentality

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To win in the game of volleyball, you must have an attacking mentality. Sure, you need to know how to defend when your opponent has possession, but at the end of the day, the game is about putting the ball on the floor. However, that is not the only thing volleyball players have to worry about. Some of them still have to worry about how they look in the gear they wear to the games. After all, beach volleyball is not the only discipline of this sport in which wardrobe malfunctions could happen.

Sure, the indoor variant of volleyball does not see as many revealing moments as its beach counterpart, but more often than not photographers can still catch moments in which players reveal a little bit more than they wished.

9 Stretching Is Important

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Hey, don’t take our word for it. Take the word of the Harvard Medical School. According to an article in the Harvard Health Letter, stretching before exercise is extremely important. Not only that, but people should apparently stretch every day, even if they are not going to be exercising. The risks for not stretching include but are not limited to joint pain, strains, and even muscle damage.

Now, we just wanted to bring a medical opinion into this to say that we are glad this young lady is staying up to date with her stretching. Volleyball is a high tempo sport that puts a lot of strain on the body. So it is incredibly important for players to stretch before a game. And we could not find a better picture to tell you how important stretching is for a volleyball player.

8 That Cannot Be Comfortable

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In a lot of different sports, athletes have to take positions that do not seem very comfortable for a regular person. For example, there is every single position in wrestling. We also have the position a center finds himself in before snapping the ball in a football game. But then in volleyball, we have the crouched and leaning forward position that players take before the opposing team serves the ball. Actually, it also happens when your own team is serving the ball. Either way, a lot of players take that position in a very conservative manner that we are pretty sure any regular human being could also take. On the other hand, we have this lady, who seems more like she is about to start twerking than playing an actual volleyball game.

7 Lilli Again

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Hey, when you are good at something, you are good at it. By now we are sure some of you have seen enough of Lilliana Fernandez, but we are also sure that there are a few people who have not had enough of this beautiful Spanish beach volleyball player.

At 5’10” tall and weighing in at 165 pounds, Lilli seems to have become one of the masters when it comes to beach volleyball wardrobe malfunctions. For those who were wondering about some more recent events in her career, this beautiful lady recently had to take a hiatus from the game in order to have a baby. Yes, Lilli is a happily married woman with a beautiful baby son. Good for her! We also hope to see her back playing the game she loves soon.

6 Really, Guys?

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Sometimes we can’t help but feel bad for some female volleyball players. Seriously, these women cannot catch a break without some random photographer snapping a pic of them. Literally, all this girl was doing was sitting down and watching the game unfold on the court. But as soon as she leaned forward, some smart ass thought this was the perfect opportunity to snap a pic.

Sure, this is a stunning woman, and that lean forward sure lifted a lot of eyebrows if there was an audience for this game, but still. Let’s everyone just chill out and let the ladies play the game they love playing so much. After all, you don’t see anyone doing this at a men’s volleyball game. Or maybe they do, we wouldn’t know.

5 Too Hot

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Hey, just put yourself in Ana Paula’s position for a second before you judge this picture. This woman was probably playing beach volleyball for a while under the blistering sun of whatever beach in Brazil she was playing at. So, you can’t really blame her for using whatever way she had to “refresh” herself during a game. Sure, this is hilarious not to say something else, but it is not that big of a deal. We are sure you would see this more often than not in any beach volleyball competition.

Moreover, this is one of the most successful beach volleyball players in history we are talking about. Ana Paula represented her country, Brazil, in nothing less than four Summer Olympic Games. In two of those she played indoor volleyball, and in the other two, she played beach volleyball.

4 Irene Verasio

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For the number one spot on our list, we could not choose a person other than the Argentinian beauty, Irene Verasio. Believe it or not, this outside hitter from Rosario, Argentina, is only 20 years old and has already become Internet famous because of her volleyball “skills.”

Apparently, she plays both indoor and beach volleyball, but she is mostly recognized because of her play on the sands all around the world. The most prominent reason for this recognition is that she seems to usually go for a more revealing look when taking to the sand for a competition. She is still very young and has a lot of room to improve and appear in big international competitions, which is definitely something everyone will be cheering for. After all, who would not like to get more looks of this Argentinian bombshell?

3 Two in One

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Volleyball is inherently separated into sides. There is court volleyball and beach volleyball. Nevertheless, every once in a while, there seems to be a team that tries to bridge that gap. It is not all that hard to see indoor volleyball players spending their summers outside playing beach volleyball. However, sometimes people take the gear they wear to a beach volleyball game indoors, to play court volleyball. At least, that is was seems to have been the case with this particular volleyball team.

The top half of their uniform seems to be your regular indoor volleyball gear. Meanwhile, downstairs they are wearing the same thing we assume they would be wearing if they were playing beach volleyball. Now we don’t know what the argument for it was, but we are sure it allows for more freedom of movement or something like that.

2 Legendary

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For this next entry, we decided to go with one of the most classic beach volleyball wardrobe malfunctions out there. There is a good chance that you have already come across this revealing picture of the superstar beach volleyball player, Kerri Walsh Jennings. Nevertheless, this woman is such a legend in the game of volleyball that it is impossible to make up any list that involves beach volleyball without dedicating a little entry to her.

Walsh has nothing less than three Olympic gold medals to her name. She has also come out victorious in three different World Championships and won the 2016 Long Beach Grand Slam for the FIVB World Tour. So yes, one can easily claim that Kerri Walsh is one of, if not the, greatest beach volleyball player ever to live.

1 Waiting for the Serve

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Perhaps the most revealing moment in court volleyball is when players are waiting for a serve. This is that one moment where people in the stands should get in front of the photographers in order to keep them from taking pictures like these. But even if the good folks in the stands tried to get in their way, we are sure there are some photographers who would still find a way to squeeze themselves in between a bunch of people just so they could snap a photo like this. This was one of the many photos where you can see a clear shape of the player's um... delicate areas underneath the skin tight shorts.

Whether people want it or not, this is one of the many reasons why some folks watch volleyball. After all, volleyball is one of the few sports in which the women’s game seems to have more people watching than its male counterpart.

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