15 WWE Backstage Pictures Vince Never Wanted You To See

There's no way Vince would have wanted these pics to be snapped and shared... 15 WWE Backstage Pictures Vince Never Wanted You To See.

He is one of those peculiar people whom you either love or hate. But whether you are a part of the first group or the second, it makes little difference. From those who hate him with a burning passion to those who love him with equal intensity, Vince McMahon is an individual who deserves recognition for the work he has done as the CEO and boss of the WWE. You can hate the guy all you want, but it is impossible to maintain control of an organization that is under as much scrutiny from the public and the media as the WWE has been for so long, without talent.

Sure, he can be kind of a jerk from time to time, but you would have a hard time arguing that Vince did not deserve the more than $1 billion he is worth these days. The road to that ridiculous net worth has been an amazing ride regardless of the position you look at it from. Since inheriting the company from his father, Vince has made some iffy decisions to put it lightly, but ultimately none of the ridiculousness that he pulled off was enough to diminish the grandeur of the WWE.

Nevertheless, there have been a few instances in which things came out that could be very damaging not only to Vince and his company but also for wrestlers and their personal lives. More often than not, these “things” come in the shape of pictures. Some of these pictures are just embarrassing, but some of them get to the point of being damaging to everyone. Either way, here are 15 WWE backstage photos Vince never wanted you to see.

15 Triple H Being A Jerk


As the boss of the WWE, it is pretty much Vince’s duty to make sure that his athletes behave in a way that goes in accordance with the values of his promotion. We are not talking about the scripted feuds and stuff like that. We are talking about what happens backstage when these guys have already fought their matches and are just celebrating a successful show. Well, it turns out that Triple H is not the easiest fellow to deal with. This is an extra problem for Vince since Triple H is now part of the McMahon family in a way.

The bottom line was that The Miz was celebrating what was perhaps the biggest victory of his career and shaking hands with everyone backstage. But when it came the time for Triple H to shake his hand, McMahon’s son-in-law just turned his head and refused to congratulate the champ.

14 The Heart Attack


There is a reason for why it is necessary for a medical team to be present at any event in which a lot of people are going to be attending. And we bet Vince McMahon, as well as all of us, will never stop thanking the medical professionals who were working during the tragic 2012 night in which Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack during an episode of Raw that was being filmed in Montréal.

This was perhaps one of the scariest moments in WWE history, even considering some of the gruesome injuries and scares we have seen over the years. In the end, it all worked out, and Jerry even returned to the promotion not too long after the incident. However, this is not the kind of thing we think Vince would want people remembering the WWE by.

13 The Script


We could seriously make an entire list of pictures Vince McMahon doesn’t want you to see and pack it full of Triple H stuff. While we are not trying to do that, it is almost impossible not to mention some of the ridiculous backstage pictures that were taken of Triple H not only while he was still a wrestler but also as he took on new positions within the promotion.

This specific shameful moment occurred when someone with a camera managed to snap this hilarious pic of Triple H holding the script he was supposed to follow during his match that night. It is no big surprise anymore that a lot of the stuff that happens inside a wrestling ring is scripted, but it is still too much to think that someone would allow a wrestler to be caught on camera holding a script.

12 Holding Back the Tears


The only reason Vince McMahon would not want us to see this kind of picture is because he loves to preserve that image of the big bad boss who is not afraid of anything and who is literally willing to make the employees who don’t follow his steady hand kiss his ass. When WrestleMania comes around, however, even Vince finds it hard to hold down the tears. Just imagine the amount of work it takes to put together an event of that stature. Now imagine the blow it would be if your biggest star could not attend the event because he was injured.

Well, that was the grim scenario Vince was facing heading into WrestleMania 32 when John Cena got injured. What made it hard for Vince to hold back the tears after the event, however, was that despite getting heat for his son being picked to replace Cena, Shane did a masterful job during that year’s event.

11 Classic Mick Foley


Vince McMahon took a lot of heat because of the instalment of the WWE’s PG era. But when you look at pictures like this particular portrayal of Mick Foley and his family, you cannot help but agree with Vince that there is a limit to what can happen in the wrestling industry. This shot was taken due to the Beyond The Mat documentary that was filming Mick Foley's I Quit Match with The Rock at the 1999 Royal Rumble. The WWE wasn't all too pleased with some of the secrets the documentary exposed.

We don’t know what is more ridiculous about this picture. Is it the fact that Foley is drenched in blood and still hanging around his family? Or is it the fact that his kids look legitimately terrified of seeing their dad like that? The wife doesn’t look happy at all either.

Perhaps it is for the good of everyone that the WWE has entered a PG era after things like this Mick Foley picture came to light. That is just not okay.

10 The Broken Neck


Yeah, everyone knows these days that most of the wrestling is scripted and the moves are mostly for show. Still, you cannot take away from how the dangerous it is to perform some of the crazy moves these wrestlers pull off inside that ring. Unlike in MMA or boxing, you don’t have someone deliberately trying to hurt you, but, in a way, that turns out to be more dangerous from time to time. Unlike in those other sports, wrestlers need to have complete trust in their opponents. One little mistake could end up causing a serious injury and ruining a wrestler’s life.

That was what happened to Steve Austin back in 1997. Everything was going fine in a match against Owen Hart until Owen made a mistake while performing a piledriver and ended up breaking Stone Cold’s neck.

9 The Real Undertaker


The Undertaker is by far one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time. This guy is also one of the biggest allies Vince McMahon ever had in the industry. Taker is as loyal as they come, and we have no doubt that Vince thanks God every day for that. To have a star like The Undertaker being loyal to you is a priceless resource in this industry. More than that, The Undertaker is the kind of wrestler who has a sort of mystique around him.

Part of the legend around this guy is that he is one of the few wrestlers you would never want to see across from you inside a ring. In this picture, however, we see a softer side of The Undertaker, a.k.a. Mark Calaway that neither the writers of the WWE nor the character himself, or Vince, would want the public to see.

8 Bray Wyatt Is Not So Intimidating


We have just mentioned how interesting it was to see a picture of The Undertaker breaking character as he embraced a couple of his fellow wrestlers more amicably than any fans who only have had contact with his character in the ring would imagine. Bray Wyatt is kind of similar to The Undertaker in the way that his character shares a lot of the vibe people get from The Undertaker. Wyatt is, by a lack of a better word, a villain. His character is not that of a good guy in the ring. Hell, one of his signature moves is named the spider walk. His looks also don’t help Wyatt’s image in terms of making him look like a good guy.

Those and many other reasons are what makes it funny to see Bray posing for a picture like this. Vince is probably not all that pleased about how a picture like this could end up breaking the mystique of Bray’s character to some fans.

7 True or Not?


It was no secret to anyone that Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan were not always the best of friends. Much on the contrary, these two had quite a lot of beef going on backstage while they were still trying to maintain their in-the-ring personas for the benefit of the crowd and the promotion.

There were many reasons for why these two hated each other. There was the fated incident in which many people believed Savage was pissed off at Hogan because Hulk introduced Savage’s wife to another guy, which was very inappropriate according to the gossip at the time. And then there was the black eye incident. No one really knows what happened back there when Hogan suddenly appeared with a black eye, but the legend says that it was Savage who caused the injury backstage.

6 Two in One


The WWE is an organization that was built on secrets. Since a lot of what happens is scripted, there has to be quite a lot of secrecy going on behind the scenes of the organization. Like a movie or TV show, the WWE needs to maintain secrets in order to keep the novelty alive. What fun would it be if we all knew what was going to happen before a Monday Night Raw?

That is one of the reasons why the WWE is especially careful when it comes to posting images about what happens backstage. One of the many secrets we don’t think Vince would want people to get a hold of is a clear map of what happens backstage in a WWE event. Well, this is exactly what happened after someone sneaked in this pic, showing a list of every office and room they have.

Still, with the Bella Twins right there, we have a hard time believing that whoever took this picture was even aiming at the map.

5 The Montréal Screwjob


This is perhaps one of the most infamous events in the history of the WWE . One of the biggest stars of the promotion was the WWE Champion, Bret Hart. He was one of the best wrestlers around, and WWE fans loved him. For everyone’s surprise, before the 1997 Survivor Series, Hart decided to sign a contract with the WCW. The problem is that Vince McMahon did not like the idea of one of his stars leaving without putting someone over and he was worried Hart would show up on WCW television with his belt... Oops, we mean his title!

But instead of sticking to the ending he agreed on with Bret, Vince went behind his back and ordered the referee to end the championship match between Hart and Shawn Michaels before he was supposed to. Instead of ending in a disqualification, as everyone had planned and the workers were told, the referee (under Vince’s orders) finished the match even before Michaels had a chance to submit Hart.

Then came the backstage incident. As the story goes, when Vince McMahon showed up in Hart's dressing room backstage, Hart punched him in the face and knocked his former boss to the ground.

4 Betrayal


Wrestling fans are no stranger to betrayals. As a matter of fact, we are more than used to seeing wrestlers betraying each other in the ring. The only problem is that the deceptions we see happening as according to script don’t come even close to the messed up betrayals that have happened backstage in the WWE.

We could have literally chosen any picture that had Chyna posing alongside Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, or even Vince McMahon. No one in the history of wrestling has arguably been more wronged than this woman. And this is something Vince McMahon doesn’t want you to see because he was part of it all. At first, there was the betrayal by her boyfriend who cheated on her with her boss’s daughter, but then there was also her boss’s betrayal. After all, Triple H was not the one who fired Chyna.

3 The Steroid Problem


Most of the WWE’s younger fans might not be aware of this, but there was a span of time in the 1990s in which the possibility of wrestling becoming extinct was a reality. What spurred that entire controversy was that Vince McMahon was accused of encouraging his wrestlers to use steroids to better entertain the audience. Not only that, but Vince was also accused of providing said steroids to his wrestlers.

At the end of the day, Vince was found innocent, and the WWE went on to become the entertainment juggernaut that we see today. Nevertheless, that trial was an awful chapter in both Vince’s and the WWE’s histories. So it is not surprising that the top boss in wrestling would never want you to see a picture of him arriving in court to defend himself.



What is the best thing about NXT? Some of you might say that it is because the developmental territory is where we can meet and enjoy the early days of future wrestling stars. Some of you might say it is because these guys are trying harder to stay in the promotion, so the fights are more entertaining. But the grand majority would say that NXT is great because Vince McMahon is not really the one in charge there.

For quite some time we were led to believe that Vince stayed away from anything that involved his developmental promotion. He was supposed to delegate most of the tasks of running and giving input on this side of the promotion to his son-in-law, Triple H. However, things might not be quite like they say…

1 The Commentator Guidelines


No one has ever doubted that Vince McMahon micromanaged the hell out of his wrestlers and most of the promotion. Still, not many of us thought he would go as far as to telling his commentators things as specific as, “do not use pronouns.” Yes, apparently WWE commentators are not supposed to use pronouns. And we bet that as soon as you finish reading this, you are going to look over some WWE videos and see if you can figure out how many times a commentator says he or she in any given match.

These guidelines are absolutely something Vince did not want the outside world to know. What kind of a maniac does this thing make him look like? Seriously, how harsh is it to tell an announcer that, “no one cares about what you think.”

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