15 WWE Female Wrestlers Who Had The Looks, But Ugly Personalities

Wrestling is the biggest form of sports entertainment in the world. It is a billion dollar industry and has fans around the world. By no stretch of the imagination is wrestling considered a classy form of entertainment, but it is entertainment. While non wrestling fans would most likely consider it trashy, most wrestling fans would not, and would instead consider it to be fun, comical, and well, entertaining. However, within the realm of wrestling, there are some stars that are so trashy that even wrestling fans can’t argue they aren’t so. It is these characters that lend themselves to furthering the stereotype that wrestling is trashy and keep a certain fan base from embracing this form of entertainment.

In all forms of entertainment, there are big characters that do whatever they have to in order to be in the spotlight. Wrestling is no different. In fact, if anything wrestling has more characters than any other form of entertainment and embraces characters of all shapes and sizes. This practice lends itself to having some unique, and yes, trashy characters from time to time. In order to stand out in wrestling, an individual has to really stand out and some people have found that by tapping into their inner trashiness they can really stand in the spotlight. This list is for the 15 women who took their trashiness to a whole other level in order to claim their wrestling fame.

15 Terri Runnels

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Terri Runnels came into the WWE as the real life partner of Gold Dust. She was also a big part of his act and when she first arrived on the scene she was known as Marlena. Once she was firmly set in the WWE, however, Terri began using her own name and seeking her own fame. Terri Runnels was a part of the Attitude Era and she had plenty of attitude to share with fans.

Terri became known for wearing bikinis so tiny that fans had to look to find them and shirts that covered only the top part of her breasts-and barely that. She was one of the biggest stars of the era and became so by capitalizing on being as trashy as she could be. Se also got a lot of flak from her ex-father-in-law Dusty Rhodes, who felt she only married his son Goldust because she was a gold-digger.

14 Carmella DeCesare

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Trashy can encompass a lot of things. It can mean the way someone dresses, the way they behave, or the entirety of their being. Carmella DeCesare did trashy like no one else, encompassing all three of the aforementioned attributes and then some. Her time with the WWE was denoted by drama, drama, and who would have guessed more drama. Not only did Carmella make it her mission in life to stir up as much trouble as she could with everyone she could, she managed to do so as scantily clad as she could be. Her love of causing trouble in the ring and out of it, along with her trashy behavior, and over the top sleazy fashion sense land her on our list as one of the trashiest women in the WWE.

13 Shelly Martinez

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Nothing says trashy like a corset and fangs and no one worked it like Ariel, who is more commonly known by her real name Shelly Martinez. Ariel was a vampire character that would hang upside down from the ropes and tag teamed with Kevin Thorn to create a vampire empire. Ariel was not just dramatic in the ring, however, she was known for creating lots of drama with her co-workers backstage, including Batista, who was a major star in the company at the time.

In addition to her personal drama, Ariel or Shelly Martinez, participated profusely in the adult industry giving her a spot on our list. She's since retired from wrestling, altogether. Had she come into the business today, it's a foregone conclusion she wouldn't be hired by WWE today.

12 Dawn Marie

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Dawn Marie took trashy to a new level across two wrestling organizations. Her career originally started with Paul Heyman in the ECW and from the beginning created a character based on drama and trashiness. Once Vince McMahon took over the ECW and it became the WWE, Dawn Marie became one of the WWE’s Divas and became part of a gigantic storyline. She ended up marrying Torrie Wilson’s fictional father, who later died in the storyline, in what was one of the most popular plot lines in WWE history.

Known for her barely there, trashy dress, her over the top love of drama, and feuds with other Divas, Dawn Marie took her place on our list of trashiest women in the WWE and perhaps all of wrestling.

11 Paige

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Paige first started her career with the WWE in their NXT series. Her talent was immediately recognized and she was moved up to the WWE and was a big factor in the “women’s revolution” of wrestling. She was great on the microphone, great with the crowds, and could bring the the story to a next level. Unfortunately, her personal life got in the way of her wrestling and her exploits with her significant other landed her in the news on several occasions. Coupled with more than a couple bedroom videos that were leaked, Paige became known as one of the trashiest women in the WWE and found herself squarely on our list.

10 Amy Weber

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There have been many female wrestlers recruited by the WWE over the years who amounted to absolutely nothing. Amy Weber is one of those. She could neither entertain nor wrestle and caused a great deal of drama with her co-workers. She was another product of the WWE Diva Search, which was just all about finding hot ladies, and not necessarily talented wrestlers. She didn’t last very long in wrestling and was very vocal about hating everything about it from the fans, to the plot lines, to the other wrestlers. In an attempt to keep hold of her 15 minutes of fame, Amy leaked her own naked pictures to TMZ.

That trashy move, along with her unfriendly, trashy behavior landed Amy on our list of trashiest women in the WWE.

9 Missy Hyatt

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Missy Hyatt just barely makes it onto our list as she did in fact have a tenure with the WWE, albeit it was a short one. She worked mostly in the WCW and ECW but did swing some time the WWE, qualifying her for our list. Missy was known for her outrageous tactics, her trashy dress, and most of all for her romantic entanglements. Missy was involved with more pro wrestlers than any other woman in WWE, or even wrestling history. She hasn't been afraid to share every single raunchy detail regarding her encounters with fellow wrestlers.

On top of that she was arrested for Grand Theft Auto in in Florida. Trashy reached an all time high with Missy, warranting her a spot on our list.

8 Stacy Carter, aka The Kat

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Stacy Carter, aka, The Kat came on board at the WWE in the midst of the Attitude Era. First known as Miss Kitty she was merely a valet to bigger stars, but then she got in with mega star Chyna and became The Kat it was onward and upward from there-at least for a while. She eventually won the Women’s Championship, however it was during a time period when only the trashiest of the trashy won such things. The Kat was happy to oblige in the trashy department.

She was always scantily clad and even went topless for a few pay per view events. Stacy “The Kat” Carter rode her trashy all the way to a championship and landed herself on our list. Many also felt that the only reason she married Jerry Lawler was to get her foot in the door in the business.

7 Cameron

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During the WWE Diva search many women were hired, found to have no talent, and were fired. They had what seemed to be the trashy look the WWE was looking for at the time but often couldn’t carry off the wrestling and performing end of things. Cameron was not found in the Diva Search, as she was a contestant on the revamped Tough Enough back in 2011, but she still falls into this category. She clearly had no idea about the history of the wrestling business and despite being the first one eliminated from the show, the WWE hired her anyway.

She had the attitude, the trashy look, and could talk the talk but her inability to wrestle was soon to be her downfall. The breaking point came when Cameron failed to pin an opponent lying face down on her. Known for making absolutely ridiculous comments that were an embarrassment to herself and the WWE, Cameron landed herself on our list of trashiest WWE Women.

6 Mickie James

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Unlike many women on this list, Mickie James is actually a damn good wrestler, but there are certainly some shady things from her past that warrant her a spot here.

Mickie James began her career as a valent in one of the WWE’s developmental territories. Soon her talent was discovered and she was moved into Raw, where she trained and worked to improve her wrestling and her performance before becoming a member of the NWA. Known for her trashy clothing choices, big mouth, and stripper mentality, Mickie James exuded trashiness.

In addition, Mickie was known to stir up drama backstage which was good for the ring but not so much on the back end of things. Her trashy persona and drama earn Mickie James a spot on our list of the WWE’s trashiest women.

5 Lita

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Much like Mickie James, Lita is one of the best female wrestlers to ever grace a WWE ring. However, there are rumors from her past that Lita exchanged 'favors' with wrestling trainers in order to get lessons for free. There was also the time she cheated on her boyfriend Matt Hardy with one of his best friends, Edge.

Lita made her WWE debut in 2000 and she brought trashy biker chic to a new level. Lita had a bad ass personality that few could rival and made sure that she wasn’t only the baddest chick in the room, but also the trashiest. Lita paired up with The Hardy Boyz and formed a lasting partnership that would help propel them all forward in their careers. She would go on to win four championships. However, her past has always seemed to pop up when some have discussed her.

4 Sunny

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Tammy Lynn Sytch, otherwise known as Sunny, is one of the queens of trashiness of the WWE. While she had talent and was a fan favorite, her level of trashy was like few others. Sunny always wore next to nothing, and sometimes she wore nothing. Sunny wasn’t shy about taking her clothes off for multiple photo shoots.

In addition, Sunny had no qualms when it came to adult entertainment and when the opportunity arose she took the chance and moved into that industry, where she became very successful. She's also been unabashed in describing her backdoor encounters with various wrestlers, including giving explicit details of her time with Shawn Michaels and making various claims like suggesting she was battling cancer when her ex-boyfriend revealed she wasn't. Not a very pleasant person.

3 Sable

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Sable came around at a time when a lady with limited wrestling skill was not a deal-breaker in landing a job with the WWE. Sable was hot, so WWE wanted her. As the company shifted to the Attitude Era, Sable became their biggest female star but she only did so by being more and more provocative week after week. Eventually she parted ways with the company in 1999 and sued them for sexual harassment, before being counter-sued by the company.

Sable has since admitted that her ego was way too inflated when she was at her peak in popularity and she had plenty of regrets. We commend her for changing her ways, but it doesn't change what occurred during her WWE tenure around 20 years ago.

2 Christy Hemme

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Christy Hemme was one of the WWE’s most popular Divas. She is also one of the trashiest Divas. Semi-retired now, Hemme makes appearances when the situation fits. She has been known for her spreads in Playboy, as well as other revealing pictures and even when wrestling is known to wear next to nothing.

In addition to her lack of clothing, Hemme is another one that likes to stir up drama behind the scenes. There were rumors that floated around regarding her WWE release that the reason behind her release was that she was flirting, or downright having an affair with Triple H, who of course is married to Stephanie McMahon.

1 Ashley Massaro

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Ashley Massaro took her role in the WWE and trashy to a whole new level. She was known for her skimpy outfits, posing for Playboy and her propensity toward stirring up trouble both inside and outside of the ring. Ashley tried to extend her fame with her spreads in Playboy and has never been shy to show what was given to her.

There's also the rumor floating around that she was in fact a New York City escort prior to being hired to WWE. Old webpages suggest that there was an Ashley Massaro in New York City who would charge $25,000 for a session. Well, that's quite the price to pay, but it's a market of supply and demand, right?

In any event, they were just allegations, but it sure does make you think.

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