20 Athletes Who Allegedly Ruined A Teammate's Relationship

Relationships are a part of our lives on a daily basis. There's always drama that comes with them that can either make them grow, or make them end. In sports, athletes have relationships all the time. They have them with team-mates, and coaches, which they have to work together to be the best they can be. With athletes who have relationships with woman its hard for most to keep them private especially if they are a big name. Athletes who have relationships in the public eye may cause a lot of drama and gossip. Sometimes they get ruined by another teammate or person who sleeps with another woman. This happens all the time and it always gets out in today's age of information.

When an athlete takes another player's woman it completely affects not only the players involved, and the woman, but also the team-mates. It can cause a distraction in the locker room and affect play during the game. This can cause teams to cut ties with the involved player(s) because of their actions. In this article I will name the top 20 athletes who ruined another athletes' relationship.




The year is 2011 the Lakers were swept in the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks. A rumor spread like wildfire when it was reported that Shannon Brown slept with Pau Gasol's fiancee, Silvia Castro. There was almost a fight between the players in the Laker locker room. Silvia Castro would call off her engagement to Gasol and because of that his play was affected during the games. Brown would go to his Twitter account and say "Ok let me put a end to this right now before it goes any further. I DID NOT SLEEP WITH @paugasol woman!!! First and last time addressing it!" Brown would end up joining the Phoenix Suns the following season. Not a good thing to have in the locker room, that's for sure.



Back in 2011 Steve Nash would divorce his wife Alejandra Amarilla because the baby was mixed-race and Nash was white, five days after the birth of their third child. This is another example of how things like this affect the team. Jason Richardson was the teammate accused of allegedly sleeping with Steve Nash's wife. Richardson was traded to Orlando and Nash put out a statement saying:

"This is a bittersweet moment for my wife and I. After five years we are now in the process of dissolving our marriage. This will be my only statement on this." Alejandra said about Nash "I wish him the best."

Not the smartest decision to do that to one of your teammates. It was a big distraction in the Suns locker room and they had to move on from Richardson.

18 MIKE CORMIE And Tommy Salo


Tommy Salo and Mike Comrie were former teammates on the Edmonton Oilers. Salo was never an elite goalie, but he did play solid for the Oilers while leading them to a few playoff appearances. Comrie at one point looked like he'd be a big star in Edmonton, but his career soon fizzled out. “I should have said something right away. I didn’t think it would have the legs it did. Everyone thinks it happened but it’s the most ridiculous rumor. It’s not true.”

However, as they say, where there's smoke, there's fire. Salo's play that year got much worse because the supposed affair and caused a distraction for him. His wife and child eventually moved back to Sweden. Comrie, also had some contract issues with the Oilers and he was traded not long after the allegations came up.



We're going a little further back to this one and even in some place as non-threatening as Cleveland, some juicy stories can pop up. News ran rampant in Cleveland when it was discovered star pitcher Dennis Eckersley's wife was cheating on him with a teammate of his. Rick Manning was the culprit and Eckersley's wife would leave him for her new lover.

The Indians then had a choice to make, as there was no way the two would be able to coexist on the same roster. The Indians would opt to trade Eckersley instead of Manning, due to Eckersley having some cracked vertebrae in his neck. Eckersley thought that's all there was to it, but he found out months after being traded that the real reason was due to the affair between his wife and Manning.

Eckersley would move on and become a star pitcher for the Red Sox. He has earned himself a spot in Baseball's Hall Of Fame. During his speech he mentioned his ex-wife, Denise, by name.



Brennan Clay never found the success that his old teammate DeMarco Murray did, as one went on to become a star running back in the NFL, while the other never played in the NFL. Clay and DeMarco Murray were teammates for the Oklahoma Sooners in 2010. Brennan Clay found some inappropriate messages on his wife Gina D'Agostini's phone that were sent to his old Sooners teammate. Clay had already said at the time describing Murray as, “the person I looked up to the most as a running back and as a friend.” Clay eventually brought the affair to light on Twitter, saying: "So, Demarco Murray was having an affair with my wife...I'm done @demarcomurray and @gina_edagos0126...a baby momma and she has 2 kids. I'm disgusted."

Clay would file for divorce while Murray would deny the allegations that he had an affair with Clay's wife.



We don't know if we want to call this situation 'ruining' a teammate's relationship, because unlike others on this list, this decision seemed to be entirely mutual by all parties.

The two teammates Fritz Peterson and Mike Kenkich decided to swap wives and swap homes. Each player took the other's woman and neither seemed to mind it. Peterson has no regrets saying recently

"Actually, it was a husband trade — Mike for me or me for Mike. When we did it, we figured the kids should stay with their mothers. Susanne flew back from California with her two daughters and my wife flew out to California to meet Mike’s family with our two sons, and that was it.’’

They couldn't stay apart for too long, as Kenkich was soon traded to Cleveland after the swap and Peterson was traded there just a year later.



13 Golden Tate And Russell Wilson


Russell Wilson is already on his second marriage, this one to Ciara, but prior to that, he was already married when he was drafted into the NFL, to his first wife Ashton Meem. The two got divorced just a couple of years after Wilson's NFL career began and rumors swirled once Golden Tate left the team in free agency that the Seahawks weren't bringing Tate back because he had an affair with Mrs. Wilson, causing the divorce. Tate has vehemently denied the rumors since leaving Seattle and he has gone so far as to chastise Wilson for not putting those rumors to bed once and for all. Is there a reason Wilson won't squash the rumors? Who knows, but we do know the Seahawks locker room has been no stranger to drama in recent years.



This wasn't a case of Shaq hooking up with D-Wade's woman or anything like that. But there was something Shaq did that ended in Wade's first marriage ending. Back in 2011, Shaq met Newsweek reporter Allison Samules for an interview back when she was covering the Lakers.

Samules was allegedly trying to fix Shaq up with another woman and she name dropped Lauren London to the big man. However Shaq replied to her via email: "That's D-Wade's Girl!"

What was the problem with that? Well, Wade was still married to Siohvaughn Funches at the time and was reportedly seeing women behind her back, including the woman he's curently married to, Gabrielle Union.

Shaq obviously never thought that sharing information like that in an email would ever come out, but sure enough, it did and Wade ended up divorcing Funches.

11 Colin Kaepernick And Aldon Smith


Nowadays, Colin Kapernick is only causing controversy for kneeling during the natinoal anthem and subsequently getting blackballed by the NFL, but this old rumor has died down. Back when Kapernick and Aldon Smith were a pair of young studs for Jim Harbaugh's San Francisco 49ers, rumors began to surface that Smith's woman was fooling around with the star quarterback. The two even allegedly got into a fistfight at training camp over the whole affair. The woman in question, Nessa of MTV, wouldn't come forward as Kaepernick's girlfriend until about a year after the alleged affair, leading people to believe they were in fact fooling around and waited until the situation cooled off. By that point, Smith had also left the 49ers.



We're not going too far back for this one, as just a few years ago, former Pacers star Paul George allegedly hooked up with teammate Roy Hibbert's wife. The website BallerAlert, broke the story a few years ago. Here's a quick excerpt:

"Supposedly PG and Hibbert’s wife have been carrying on through Instagram for a while before they ended up sleeping together. She felt guilty and told Hibbert and that’s how he found out originally. It’s bad because PG and Hibbert were really friends.”

George of course, went on to deny the rumors and even took to Twitter for the rumors to go away. As is the case with any of these stories, you always have to take them with a grain of salt. Given the fact that it happened in today's age of information, of course any rumor was bound to spread quicker.



Shaq and Gilbert Arenas were two of the biggest personalities of their day in the NBA, and when a story like this involving two big egos like theirs comes along, it's bound to explode. It's still a bit of a mystery as to what exactly happened between Arenas, Shaq and Laura Govan at the time, but Arenas' old social media posts certainly pointed to an affair taking place. Granted, Arenas and Govan never had the healthiest relationship, as it involved several court cases, disputes over child support payments and such, but still, this was weird to hear.

The messy allegations have continued to this day, as Arenas implied in an Instagram post that Shaq gave Govan an STD when they hooked up by hashtagging "#ItchyOneal". Texts were also leaked that were reportedly between O'Neal and Govan and were very sexual in nature.



Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes were former teammates on the Lakers and they were pretty close friends. That all changed when it came to light that Fisher was dating Barnes' ex wife Gloria Govan. Barnes reportedly drove 95 miles to his old house and beat Fisher up when he found out. Barnes insisted it wasn't out of jealousy and it was because his son had called him, sounding concerned as to why Fisher was at their house. Fisher seems to be over the whole ordeal.

In a recent USA Today interview Fisher said: "If the worst thing someone has to say about me is that I’m now going out with a woman who used to be married to this guy I worked with for a year, six years ago, cool."


Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Some things are meant to stay in the locker room, or at least between the parties involved. As we know, D'Angelo Russell recorded his teammate Nick Young admitting to cheating on Iggy Azaleah. While we don't feel bad at all for Young losing Iggy, Russell had no business recording an admission to the locker room and leaking it on social media. It was apparently meant as a prank and not a way of informing Iggy that she had an unfaithful partner.

After watching the video, Iggy tweeted saying, "Hmmm I see D'Angelo Russell is trending… I actually liked his film. Thanks bro.”

Somehow Russell and Young remained on the same team for another year, before Russell was traded to Brooklyn and Swaggy P signed with the Warriors.



This infamous story just never seems to be forgotten, but it's because it was in an age where social media wasn't prominent and people keep imagining if something similar happened today.

Singer Toni Braxton ended up going out with Jimmy Jackson one night, despite having already made plans with Jason Kidd.

Former teammate Jamal Mashburn told a Dallas radio station a few years ago that the distraction wasn't productive for the Mavericks:

"She’s a beautiful woman, but I think it did cost us because of egos. We were so young and did not have a lot of direction and leadership on the Dallas Mavericks at that particular time... It cost us being a pretty darn good basketball team for years to come. One of my regrets in pro sports is that we didn’t have enough, I would say camaraderie, amongst ourselves. Our core values and egos were a little bit too big."

Mashburn didn't deny nor validate the rumors, but this story seemed to expose a bigger problem regarding the Mavericks of that time.



Tony Parker has been a Spur his entire career but he definitely hasn't always been the best teammate, or the best spouse. Parker was once married to major Hollywood star Eva Longoria, until an affair of Parker's came to light. When Longoria was searching through her husband's phone one day, she found messages exchanged between Parker and his teammate Brent Barry's wife, Erin.

Barry and Parker never admitted to the rumors, but not too long after these rumors came to light, Barry and his wife divorced, as would Longoria and Parker, so the timing definitely lends a lot of credence to this story.

While not confirming the rumors, Parker has since gotten remarried and admitted he wasn't the best husband his first time around:

"The exposure, I could not control. This is the world we live in today; everything is on the Internet and on social network sites. I never paid attention to what people said. Hollywood is another world, on another level."

4 ERIC LINDROS And Rob Brind'Amour


Eric Lindros was the face of the Flyers throughout the 90s. The Flyers rode the 'next one' after making a blockbuster trade for him after the Nordiques drafted Lindros, only for no.88 to refuse to play there. Lindros helped the Flyers to the 1997 Stanley Cup Final, but the party didn't last forever, as one of Lindros's key teammates Rob Brind'Amour apparently caught wind of Lindros hooking up with his wife. When Brind'Amour found out, he allegedly knocked Lindros out in the Flyers' locker room.

Since Lindros was the face of the team, Brind'Amour was soon traded to Carolina, where he would soon establish himself as a key leader for the Hurricanes.

This is just a rumor though, and for what it's worth, Brind'Amour hugged Lindros when he was honored by the Flyers last year: "You know I haven’t seen him in forever, and it was just fun and when we got out there we just said, ‘nice to be back on the ice again’, it’s been a long time and I haven’t seen him,”



Not only did Brendan Shanahan hook up with a teammate's wife, but the wife of his teammate left him for Shanahan, then had three kids with him. Back when Shanahan was a Blue in the 90s, a story came to light that Shanahan was seeing Craig Janney's wife Catherine.

Rather than pick one over the other, the Blues simply chose to trade both of them. At least they got quite a haul for Shanahan as they wound up getting hall of fame defenceman Chris Pronger in the deal.

For what it's worth, Shanahan is still married to the former Mrs. Janney today, while all parties have remained very quiet on the old rumors. It's unlikely you'll get anything out of them today, after all these years.

2 ANDREW BYNUM And Jamahl Mosley


Sleeping with a teammate's wife is bad enough; you really shouldn't go messing around with a coach's girl! But that's what allegedly happened back in 2013 when Andrew Bynum was reportedly caught having an affair with assistant coach Jamahl Mosley's girlfriend. The team suspended him and he ended up getting released by the Cavaliers.

When Bynum was suspended, this was the prevailing theory as to why and of course, the Cavaliers did their best to squash the rumors right away, putting out a team statemement saying" "Please be advised that the report on your website involving Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum, Cavaliers Assistant Coach Jamahl Mosley, and his fiancee is entirely not true."

It's not surprising the Cavs would deny it, even if it was true. If you were running a team, would you want a story like that leaking out?



After the 2011 Stanley Cup run, the Vancouver Canucks started to collapse. After the cup loss, the team was falling apart and bad trades were being made. There was also drama off the ice as player Cory Schneider allegedly walked in on teammate Ryan Kesler with his wife. The result? They were both traded upon request. This caused a rift in the locker room and a distraction to the team.

Kesler was traded to the Anaheim Ducks and Schneider is currently with the New Jersey Devils. It happened right around the time the two players were about to be traded anyway. The Canucks have been in complete disarray since their 2011 cup loss, but if this story is true, then that may be the most embarrassing aspect of it all.


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