20 Female Athletes Known More For Their Looks Than Their Game

The world of sports is full of many talented male and female athletes who do their best to excel at playing their particular sports. Sometimes victories might be few and far between, but that doesn't

The world of sports is full of many talented male and female athletes who do their best to excel at playing their particular sports. Sometimes victories might be few and far between, but that doesn't mean attention can't be gained by other means. There happen to be many beautiful women who have been fortunate enough to have gained more attention by being the subjects of photographers, than by being the stars on the field of play.

That doesn't mean that these ladies don't work their tails off in practice, or lack the grit to be competitive when the competition gets under their skin. It just means they happen to get a little extra attention even when things don't happen to go their way. Danica Patrick has made many male counterparts in auto racing jealous with all the attention she gets when she isn't driving a car, while Lolo Jones has no Olympic medals despite being highlighted by the media in the last two Olympic Games. Laisa Andrioli is fighting for a roster spot in soccer, while Michelle Waterson is fighting to gain a little recognition for being small, albeit one of the best at her sport. There are many women whose good looks happen to shower them with attention that they don't get by winning any titles or championships in the sports they happen to play. It is tough when beauty gets all the attention, while time and dedication happens to be spent trying to be legit.

The following 20 gorgeous athletes happen to get more attention from performing in front of a camera than winning any matches, tournaments or games. It is not their fault that they happen to be attractive and photogenic, but it certainly helps when their names don't appear on any leader boards or fill any roster spots. Their smoking hot looks go a long way towards hiding the fact that they don't necessarily have any worthwhile results.

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20 Lolo Jones - Track and Field/Bobsledding

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Lolo Jones does have the claim to fame of representing the U.S. in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, but her performances don't seem to add up to the fame she has received for her efforts. It seems like Jones has had much more disappointment than success as she has failed to medal in any Olympic sport. She did win a gold medal in the bobsled at the FIBT World Championships in 2013, but placed 7th at the 2014 Socchi Olympic Games. She had a couple of gold medals in the 60 meter hurdles at the World Indoor Championships in 2008 and 2010, but again no Olympic success. She is tall and fit with abs that are worth several stares, and lucky for her she still gets plenty of attention for how attractive she looks.

19 Ellen Hoog - Field Hockey


The Dutch field hockey player might be in a sport that is not exactly mainstream, but her photogenic looks makes it easy to put her on this list. She has not made millions of dollars playing her sport and has only been a World Champion once in 2006, while playing for the Dutch National Women's Hockey Team. She has scored 32 goals in 127 matches playing for Netherlands, but still appears to have a little more success in some of her sexy photo shoots. She has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes, with plenty of curves for such a fit athlete. She certainly can play her sport, but given that it is a sport that doesn't get much coverage, she will have to settle for being better known for her good looks.

18 Marketa Slukova - Volleyball


Marketa Slukova is not exactly a household name on the beach volleyball courts, but she stands out in the crowd of beach beauties who play the sport with her exceedingly good looks. She is a tall blonde with lean long legs and nicely bronzed skin, and thanks to her less than spectacular play, she makes this list. Slukova was the 2010 Women's FIVB World Tour Top Rookie, and placed 5th at the 2012 London Summer Olympics with her partner, Kristyna Kolocova, but that is pretty much the extent of her volleyball success. That is not exactly bad, but still doesn't earn her as much attention as her looks. With plenty of time spent in a skimpy bikini, it doesn't take long to see why she has a place on this list.

17 Dominika Cibulkova - Tennis


Dominika Cibulkova is a very compact Slovakian tennis player who is currently ranked number 56 in the world. She has won just over 60% of her matches, but has yet to win a Grand Slam event. Cibulkova did go to the finals of the Australian Open in 2014, and has been to the quarterfinals of the other three Grand Slam events, but she is still known more for how well she can pose for a camera's lens. She has curves and can be quite racy with her willingness to have fun in front of a camera. Cibulkova might be one of the best Slovakian women tennis players of all time, winning over $6.5 million in prize money, but that still doesn't get her as much attention as she photo shoots and exceedingly good looks.

16 Lynsey Dyer - Skiing


Lynsey Dyer is a big mountain skier who is the first female skier to be on the cover of Freeskier Magazine. She has won several freesking competitions, being awarded Skier of the Year by Powder magazine, but there is another reason why she landed on the cover of a skiing magazine. Dyer is beautiful and has wild blonde hair and a cute spunky look. Thanks to her looks, she is an ambassador of her sport and has been captured on film by the great ski film producer, Warren Miller, which has only helped add to the attention she gets. Dyer has no medals at the Olympics or even the X-Games, but is fearless on the slopes. However, thanks to her good looks, she enjoys maximum exposure despite lacking any notable results.

15 Danielle Moinet (Summer Rae) - Professional Wrestling


Danielle Moinet toils in the WWE as a wrestler, currently accompanying the Bulgarian wrestler Russev into the ring. She sometimes gets in a couple of tussles with other divas every now and then, but her wrestling skills are far from elite. She gets more attention being an actress and model, getting her start in the wrestling industry thanks to her experience playing with the Chicago Bliss in the Lingerie Football League. Moinet is incredibly fit and athletic, with an exceptionally hot body, however, she is not even close to being one of the top divas in the WWE. For now, the blonde bombshell with the perfect body and tan is able to look hot without having to do battle inside the ring.

14 Alana Blanchard - Surfer


Alana Blanchard might not be the most decorated surfer in the ASP World Tour, but she has certainly received a fair share of attention for how good she looks. Blanchard has won the T&C Women's Pipeline Championships, Roxy Pro Trials and a few more Pro events, mostly in Hawaii where she was born and raised. She is sponsored by Rip Curl, Reef, Spy Optics and other well known brands, thanks in large part to how she can make anything she wears look pretty hot. She has a fair amount of talent in the water, but her talent in the water pales in comparison to her talent on land. She can make just about any bikini or accessory for the beach look fantastic when she puts it on.

13 Michelle Waterson - MMA


Michelle Waterson really shouldn't have a place on this list, but since Ronda Rousey, Gina Carano, and even Meisha Tate seem to receive much more attention for their fighting, Waterson gets a spot on this list. Nicknamed "The Karate Hottie", Waterson has been an Invicta FC Atomweight Champion before and now is trying her hand at the UFC. She has won several awards, including the 2013 Atomweight of the Year, but her division is not one of MMA's elite. Her relative lack of exposure fighting in MMA has not seemed to prevent her from getting attention outside the ring. She is not called "The Karate Hottie" for nothing, and when she is in front of a camera, she easily becomes the champion of all women who happen to fight in MMA.

12 Kaylyn Kyle - Soccer


Kaylyn Kyle is a midfielder who has played professionally as well as for the Canadian National Team. She might only have five goals in her professional career, but that doesn't make her a relative unknown in her sport. Kyle has fared a little better playing for Canada, by scoring six goals in 95 appearances. The thing that sets Kyle apart from many of her peers is her beautiful blonde hair and warm friendly smile that makes her easy to spot on and off the field. Kyle looks great in a bikini, and her smile and striking blue eyes only add a little extra to her already photogenic looks. She might not score many goals, but she doesn't need to take many shots to score attention when she is off the field.

11 Anna Sidorova - Curling


Curling might not be one of the most familiar sports, but Anna Sidorova might be able to change the public's perception of the sport. The Russian curler stopped figure skating at the age of 13 to take up what amounts to shuffleboard on ice. She plays the position of skip, and has won a gold medal in the 2012 European Championships and two bronze medals at the 2014 and 2015 World Championships. Despite this success, she and her Russian teammates went 3-6 at the 2014 Winter Olympics, only good enough for ninth place. Fortunately, she doesn't have to reach the podium to draw attention to her presence on the ice. Judging by her many hot pics, she is certainly more than capable of representing her sport when she is off the ice.

10 Danica Patrick - Auto Racing


Danica Patrick is well known to many men who happen to watch any sport. Her advertisements for GoDaddy have made her a legend throughout the sports world. In auto racing, Patrick is not exactly near the top of her sport. In 101 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races, Patrick has yet to win a single event. In all her NASCAR and IndyCar events (277 total), Patrick has won just 1 event. Despite her lack of success, Patrick continues to get plenty of attention that many of her male counterparts only wish they could get. She happens to look smoking hot in a bikini and isn't afraid to show her body off when she gets her shot. She continues to race, but will have to win several events to make us forget about the "GoDaddy Girl" label that has been given to her with utmost respect.

9 Lauren Sesselman - Soccer


Lauren Sesselman has played for the Canadian National team since 2011, however, in 40 matches she has yet to score a single goal. She doesn't play goalie, but plays defender or forward when she steps onto the field. In 52 professional appearances, she has fared much better with 14 goals, 13 of them coming from her time with F.C. Indiana between 2007 and 2008. Fortunately for Sesselman, she plays on a Canadian national team that has two players on this list. She looks cute on the field, but in a bikini the cute turns into hot. Sesselman has played professionally for over 10 years, but it will not be easy for her to get as much attention on the field than she can get by posing scantily clad in front of a camera's lens.

8 Natalie Gulbis - Golf


Natalie Gulbis is a golfer of Latvian descent who plays golf in the U.S. She turned professional in 2001 and has four professional wins. However, Gulbis has not won a major LPGA championship and only has one win on the LPGA tour. It certainly isn't her golf game that lands her on this list. Gulbis looks outrageously hot in a bikini and knows how to show it off in front of a camera. She is in terrific shape, and although it might not add up to LPGA tour wins, it gives photographers plenty to work with. It took Gulbis six seasons to get her first LPGA tour win, and it came in a playoff none the less. She might have finished sixth on the LPGA money list in 2005, but it still hasn't brought her the same attention she has received by posing in front of a camera's lens.

7 Maria Kirilenko - Tennis

Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

Maria Kirilenko is one of the many Russian beauties to invade the sport of tennis, but she might just be the hottest of them all. She turned pro in 2001 and is currently ranked number 219 in the sport. Kirilenko has won over $6.8 million in prize money throughout her career, but she has yet to get beyond the quarterfinals in any Grand Slam singles event. Her 4th place finish at the 2012 London Olympic Games was probably one of the highlights of her singles career, but put her in front of a camera and she is more than willing to show that she can perform. Kirilenko has the ability to get more attention in a bikini than she could ever get by winning a tennis event. She is naturally attractive and has a beautiful body to complement her rather innocent look.

6 Leryn Franco - Track and Field


Leryn Franco is a gorgeous Paraguayan model who happens to throw the javelin quite far. She has thrown the javelin 57.77 meters, but was only able to muster a throw of 51.45 meters at the 2012 London Olympic Games, putting her in 34th place. Despite her failure to perform at major international events, she has won a few events in South America as a junior and adult. She might have been far from the podium at the London Games, but she won over many fans over with her insanely good looks. She has everything a photographer would want in a beautiful female subject and is very willing to show the world the looks that she has. Outside of South America she has struggled, but in front of a camera she is very much at home.

5 Lauryn Eagle - Boxing


This Aussie is a knockout whether on the beach or working out in the gym. She also happens to be a professional boxer who also has a background in water skiing, where she actually had many top three finishes at Australian and World Championship events. Eagle has some limited success in the ring, but still rocked the world by going down to Costa Rica in 2005, to not only enter Miss Teen International, but to also come back to Australia with a title and a crown. Also winning Most Photgenic, Miss Congeniality, and Best Silhouette, she still feels the need to put her looks at risk to mix it up in the ring. Her 8-3-1 record is not half bad, but her grit and determination still can't do much to hide the fact that she is exceedingly hot.

4 Sophie Horn - Golfing


Sophie Horn knows how to look good with a club in her hands, and lucky for her she has been the subject of many photographs without ever taking a swing. It is hard to tell if Horn is a promoter or simply in love with the sport, spending time on the links between modeling gigs. Whatever the case, it is obvious that Horn knows how to pose in front of a camera. Horn doesn't even play in the LPGA, but the golfer from Great Britain is a 4-handicap golfer and does know how to work a crowd on the links. She looks great in a bikini too and has a rock hard body and perfect abs.

3 Anastasia Ashley - Surfing

Adam Franzino / Sports Illustrated

Anastasia Ashley is a fashion model who happens to get a thrill out of riding big waves. She was ranked 59th in the 2014 Women's Qualification Series for surfing, but has had some experience winning events. Ashley won the 2010 Pipeline Women's Pro in Hawaii and won the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year award in 2003, but it's still her photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2014 that has provided her with more attention than her finishes riding waves. She is extremely photogenic and is already used to looking good in a bikini. Ashley has also appeared in Maxim and has even appeared on TV in a Hell's Kitchen episode.

2 Melanie Adams - Track and Field


Melanie Adams is an Australian pole vaulter who one day wants to be Miss Universe. She might just want to abandon her pole vaulting and concentrate on realizing her dream of wearing a crown. Adams was a finalist for Miss Teen Australia, and judging by her good looks and the absence of a title, the voting must have been rigged. She has won two under-21 national titles in pole vaulting, but hasn't exactly won any Olympic medals or international events. Her personal best is 3.8 meters, but the only victory she had at the 2012 London Olympic Games was the Sexiest Olympic Athlete title that was bestowed upon her by several media types, including more than just men. She might never make it to the podium for pole vaulting, but she has taken her ability to model to new heights.

1 Laisa Andrioli - Soccer


Laisa Andrioli takes the top spot on this list primarily because of her ability to look extremely sexy in her photo shoots. Not only is her soccer career secondary to her modeling and amazing ability to exude sexual energy in photographs for all to see, but she is also a terrific ambassador for her sport. Andrioli is from the soccer crazed country of Brazil, a country whose legendary fanaticism with soccer is only topped by its reputation for being the home to many beautiful women. In Andrioli, there is a perfect match. Although she failed to make the 2015 Brazilian World Cup team, her efforts will never be in vain. She is easily the hottest soccer player to ever take the field, and doesn't need to score many goals to attract attention and make her presence felt in the sport.

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20 Female Athletes Known More For Their Looks Than Their Game