20 Female Athletes More Attractive Than You Realize

A lot of people do watch women play sports because of the spectacle, because of the sporting prowess of the competitors on show. But we’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t admit to watching certain athletes play certain sports because they’re beautiful. That’s an added bonus of tuning in and watching female sportswomen in action. For some, it’s the sole reason they do so. Some people, athletes included, hate to be admired for their looks. Others love it, play to it, and it’s how they’ve gained their popularity. We all know about most of the women who do this. They’re the ones adorning posters, appearing in ad campaigns, having companies jostling to get in on the action and offer them sponsorship deals.

We know they’re stunning, and they certainly do too. But the world of sport is filled with sultry female athletes. Some, you might see in action and not deem to be hot. But then you see them away from the field or pitch, see a pic of them, and you suddenly think wow! Your perception changes and you begin to see that person in a different light. If that hasn’t happened to you already, it’s bound to as you go through this article and set eyes on these sultry sportswomen. These are 20 female athletes who are hotter than we realize.


20 Anastasia Ashley


Surfing is a seriously underrated sport. It’s fair to say that all the majority of people know about surfing, is seeing the beautiful people adorning posters on the pages of glossy magazine. These individuals all tend to have hot physiques. Some have the body and the looks too, and Anastasia Ashley is one of those people. She’s got the entire package, but even seeing her do her thing on the waves doesn’t really do her justice. She’s more attractive than people realize when they see her surfing. These people may marvel at her feats, but look at some of her modeling shoots and they’ll be marveling at something else.

Anastasia is absolutely gorgeous, and because of her beauty, she’s gained a tremendous amount of popularity and has branched out into other industries, starting her own jewelry line for example. She’s also become something of a media personality. The more we get to see of Anastasia the better.

19 Hope Solo


Women’s soccer has enjoyed a surge in popularity over recent years. If you’re someone who still hasn’t been converted, or just aren’t into soccer, you’ve got to watch the U.S. women’s team in action. That team’s seriously good and has some drop-dead gorgeous athletes, some absolute stunners. Hope Solo should be among them, but for some reason, when it comes to the hottest athletes on that team, she tends to get overlooked.

Perhaps that’s because people tend to favor the likes of Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux. When people hear that Hope Solo is 36, they may not look at her in the same way. Her numerous bouts of controversy over the years haven’t helped matters either. Then there’s that steely gaze, that determined stare which is enough to send shivers down people’s spines. People also deem her to have manly features, very striking and muscular. But she’s still gorgeous.

18 Hilary Knight


Like I mentioned in the intro, sometimes one photo can make you see an athlete in a different light. You could always tell that Hilary had something about her. But when she unveils herself after taking off her helmet and all of that protective gear, is all sweaty after a game on the ice, she doesn’t exactly cut a dashing figure. That’s the thing about ice hockey – you can’t really watch it and get a glimpse of the athletes. But in 2014, Hilary got puck naked posing for ESPN’s Body Issue, and her popularity immediately skyrocketed. She became a sporting sensation – even those who weren’t into ice hockey knew her name. Because of that pic alone, people began to sit up and take notice of Hilary – more than usual anyway – and she became known as one of the hottest athletes in the world.

17 Caroline Garcia


Tennis is a sport that seems to breed beautiful female athletes. They just keep coming – the WTA tour is inundated with sultry tennis pros. There’s no shortage of neauties to choose from. Maria Sharapova, Garbiñe Muguruza, and Eugenie Bouchard to name a few. Caroline Garcia isn’t someone who you’d expect to feature on this list. Perhaps that’s because until a year and a bit ago, she was pretty much an unknown entity. But this past year has been the most successful of her career. She’s just won her first Premier Mandatory title and is now firmly placed in the top 10 in the WTA rankings.

The sultry French beauty has been propelled onto the world stage, and suddenly people have begun to see her in a different light – or at least they should. She’s tanned, fit and beautiful, and her shyness, although it may have hindered her in the past, just adds to her sex appeal, means she’s got this cuteness about her. Just wait and see; within a year or two, people will be speaking about Caroline as being one of the hottest, and best players on tour.

16 Paige VanZant

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Again, people don’t really tune in to an MMA fight to check out the female fighters on show. Unless you’re into seeing attractive women getting bloodied and bruised – whatever turns you on! – people watch MMA for action. But nowadays, there’s tons of promotional work that goes into MMA, that goes on behind the scenes. Fighters need fan followings, so that when they fight, people will shell out their hard-earned cash to see them in action. It helps, when promoting a fight, if you’re hot. It makes it easier for marketing teams – all they need to do is plaster your face on posters, get you posing for a sultry shoot, and it’ll get people’s attention.

American mixed martial artist, Paige VanZant has no trouble promoting herself and her fights. She’s got over a million Instagram followers for a reason. She used to be a model, so she certainly knows how to strut her stuff. When it comes to female MMA competitors, very few are hotter than Paige.

15 Amber Hill


The sport of shooting; you hear that and you instantly think of old men in tweed and boots in the country, sophisticated fellows embarking on their weekend pursuits. You really don’t think of hot women. But there is one, one that stands out like a beacon of light among all the old fogies – I know it’s a stereotype, but simmer down! British bombshell Amber Hill has caused an almighty stir on the shooting scene. She’s a head-turner alright, someone who if you saw her, would never expect to be a pro with a gun in her hand. She should be the poster girl for the British Olympics, if not for the team, at least for the sport of shooting, because her turning up would certainly get bums on seats, attract more people to the sport.

14 Jennifer Rish


Let’s be honest, bodybuilders get a bad rap. Unless you’re into bodybuilding yourself, people aren’t really into seeing monstrous guys pose up against each other on stage, all oiled up, looking as though their guts are about to burst. For women in the sport, it’s even worse. That’s mainly because it seems like a very manly thing to do, to build muscles and get big. A lot of female bodybuilders who take it to that level lose their femininity. But occasionally, there’s a woman who has the right blend of muscle and femininity. Jennifer Rish is that perfect woman. She’s a bodybuilding beauty if ever there was one, all rippling muscles and smoking hot at the same time. Some people might feel intimidated by her physical presence, but I – and I’m sure many others– would agree that she’s drop-dead gorgeous in every which way, just sizzling from top to toe.


13 Gretchen Bleiler


Unfortunately, Gretchen Bleiler partakes in a sport which requires her to be covered from head to toe in protective gear, including helmet and goggles. But fortunately, she’s not shy about posing for cameras when her helmet’s off, when she’s not on the slopes. Gretchen Bleiler is a professional halfpipe snowboarder, halfpipe meaning she snowboards on two concave ramps, for those of you not in the know. She really is stunning, and is regularly compared to Lindsey Vonn, who incidentally also features on this list. Gretchen has always been the outdoors type, has always been into sports, and it shows. She’s got the body, has got the looks, and possesses that star appeal which has made her one of the most influential, most loved snowboarders of all time.

12 Dominika Cibulková


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I’ve mentioned a tennis player on this list, and Dominika Cibulková is someone who fit into the same category, in the category of being super-hot, but someone who probably won’t feature on people’s lists of the hottest tennis stars. It’s got to be said that it’s a travesty that she’s not right at the top of that list. Perhaps the reason she’s not spoken about in the same light as some of these other stars, is because, simply put, she’s not as good, isn’t as prominent an athlete. But in terms of her looks, she’s got to be at the top. She may not look that dashing on court, but off it she sizzles in front of the cameras, sending social media into meltdown when she posts her steamy pics.

11 Mariana Juarez

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Like MMA competitors, people’s stereotypical view regarding female boxers, is that they aren’t that hot. Boxing, perhaps more so than MMA, is considered to be a very manly sport, hence first of all female boxing isn’t that popular, and secondly, people don’t tune in to watch sultry athletes on show. The sport’s pretty manly and the competitors are deemed to be too. And when they’re doing their business in the ring, getting punched, sweating bleeding and bruised, they’re not exactly women people would ogle over. But out of the ring it’s a different story. Mariana Juarez is quite possibly the hottest female boxer around. Some of her pics are just ridiculous. Set eyes on them and you’d think she was a glamor model, not a fighter – the two rarely mix, but she makes it work.

10 Helen Maroulis

This Olympic athlete has been turning heads ever since she achieved success at the Rio Olympic Games. She won gold in freestyle wrestling, beating the most accomplished female wrestler of all time. Ever since then, her popularity’s skyrocketed. Some may be intimidated by her prowess as a wrestler, the fact that she’s not exactly svelte, and pretty muscular. But people saw the blonde beauty beaming on the podium, and wanted to know more about Helen. People took her into their hearts, and she’s since gone from strength to strength. The 26-year-old is a real stunner, and gives the fans what they want to see. Her social media accounts are a hive of activity, often due to her posting steamy pics of herself living the high life. As Olympic athletes go, there really aren’t many hotter ones around.

9 Nia Jax


We're going to switch gears here and look to professional wrestling, because her case is worth mentioning. Traditionally, Nia Jax doesn't look like the typical woman WWE would hire. The company used to be in an era where they were looking for blonde bombshells or women with the body of a traditional model. Well, Nia Jax, real name Lina Fanene, is a former plus size model and since coming to WWE, she has joined the cast of Total Divas and she posts quite a bit on Instagram, giving her followers the chance to see her feminine side when she's not dominating in the ring. Jax's old modeling shoots certainly give wrestling fans a different impression of her and she's tried to inspire other plus-sized women to embrace what they have.

8 Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate’s someone who fits the bill as an MMA competitor, looks wise and body wise too. She’s stunningly beautiful, has the looks and the physique. But she’s also got this mean streak in her, she’s got this look, the eye of the tiger, one that sends shivers down her opponent’s spines. Once she’s in fight mode, she doesn’t really care about looking glamorous either. She truly is unrecognizable from when she steps in the octagon, to when she’s out and about posing for the cameras. If you didn’t know it was her, you’d probably think it was a totally different person. She’s been battered and bruised over the years, has even had surgery, but has still managed to maintain her looks, still radiates beauty, which is a mighty achievement being in the profession she’s in.

7 Petra Kvitová


And here’s another tennis player, not your stereotypical lean, svelte, graceful tennis beauty either, but one that’s hot all the same. It’s really sad that Petra’s been the target of numerous body shamers over the years. Sure, she’s not stick thin, not even close, is a tad chunkier than others on the WTA tour. She’s not exactly graceful either, relies on power to bully her opponents off the court. But when she poses for cameras, she’s as hot as anyone else on the tennis scene. She’s shy by nature, and that shy, cute little smile, just serves to add to her appeal. Petra’s also charming, is apparently one of the nicest players on tour, and scrubs up well for modeling shoots. It’s fair to say that Petra’s an unexpected stunner.

6 Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey was once regarded to be the best female MMA competitor on the planet. She did a tremendous amount for the sport, became a very influential figure, and it’s something that’s opened up plenty of doors for her, in terms of her movie career, and now wrestling. No one’s ever doubted Ronda’s ability – initially she became successful because she was good at what she did. She also never cared what people thought, trained her own way, was happy to share eyebrow-raising info about her pre-fight antics. Ronda also wasn’t the fittest athlete going around – or at least she didn’t look it. But when she posed for ESPN’S Body Issue, people suddenly saw Ronda in a different light, and started going wild for Ronda the sultry athlete, not just Ronda the kickass MMA star.

5 Carmen Jorda

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It’s fair to assume that not a lot of people know too much about Carmen Jorda. Hopefully that’ll change a tad, amongst you readers anyway, when you set eyes on her pic. Carmen Jorda is a Spanish racing driver. Female racers don’t really get the same amount of recognition as their male counterparts. It helps to stand out if you’re hot. Danica Patrick is prime example of that. Carmen may not be at the same level, but the 29-year-old is sizzling hot. Formula One and hot women, that’s a tried and tested combination, usually with models patrolling the track. Carmen though, was actually part of an F1 team. She was part of the driver line-up for Lotus. Just throwing it out there, but perhaps that’s why Lotus hasn’t done too well, due to Carmel acting as a distraction? I kid of course.

4 Elena Delle Donne


Think of hot female basketball players and you think of the likes of Skylar Diggins and Jennifer Lacy. Skylar’s actually got to be the face of women’s basketball, due to her prowess on the court, and beauty off it. But Elena Delle Donne wouldn’t make for a bad face either. Plaster her face on billboards, posters, get her in ad campaigns, and you can bet your bottom dollar that a large number of people will be attracted to the sport. Elena is a blonde bombshell alright. She’s beautiful from top to toe, has that wide beaming smile and those big hazelnut eyes to melt hearts and get the pulse racing. But simmer down all you guys out there, Elena’s not interested. She’s just gotten engaged to her longtime girlfriend.

3 Lindsey Vonn


Here’s another athlete who’s chosen to pursue a career on the slopes. Unfortunately, that means we don’t get to see a whole lot of her when she’s in action, due to all of that protective gear. Over the years, people have come to know about Lindsey Vonn, just what a hottie she is. But it’s fair to say that she still doesn’t get the same sort of recognition as some other female athletes. You, and a lot of others, may not realize what a stunning beauty Lindsey actually is.

Her fame rose when she dated Tiger Woods, but she’s famous in her own right, most of her fame is her own doing. A lot of this is down to her looks. You can’t get a more gorgeous woman on the slopes. We know she’s hot because of the numerous sizzling photoshoots she’s done over the years, including some pretty steamy ones.

2 Julie Johnston

Seriously, the U.S. women’s soccer team is just ridiculous in terms of the number of  beauties on the roster. You can go through the typical starting line-up, and half of them look like they’ve just walked in from a modeling shoot of some sort. Julie Johnston, much like Hope Solo, is someone who tends to get lost among the other beauties on the team. That really shouldn’t be the case. She’s one of the hottest soccer players on the planet, and it’s a travesty she hasn’t had the same number of modeling gigs, endorsement deals, and hasn’t really achieved the same level of fame as a lot of her teammates. She’s a stunner off the pitch, but on it too. When she gets all serious, gets her game face on, there aren’t many hotter players around.

1 Ellen Hoog


Ellen Hoog is going to feature on a lot of lists like this one. She’s regarded to be one of the hottest athletes in the world due to some of the steamy photoshoots she’s done. But still, she doesn’t really get the same recognition as some of the others, as athletes from more mainstream sports, and is certainly more attractive than a lot of people realize. The Dutch hockey star has been turning heads for a hell of a long time, although perhaps not on the hockey field. Another reason she’s hotter than we realize is that she truly is unrecognizable from the woman we see on the hockey field, to the one we’ve had the pleasure of seeing off it. She looks like a different woman. See Ellen Hoog on the field, and not many people would deem her to be a stunner. But off it…wow, just wow.


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