20 Female Fitness Instagram Accounts You HAVE To Follow

Get those thumbs ready for double-taps and zoom-ins!

There’s something incredibly sexy about healthy, active, confident women who know their way around a gym and a fitness routine. Can we get an amen, fellas? Their shapely assets, form-fitting attire and seemingly built-in talent for bending and twisting in suggestive ways stimulates a carnal desire from deep within that keeps us scrolling through their profiles for hours on end.

Fortunately for us, Instagram has become a hotbed of accounts for fitness models, personal trainers and lifestyle influencers who fill their feeds with ultra-sexy, jaw-dropping pics of their perfectly toned bodies and skin-bearing outfits that leave very little to our wild imaginations.

Of course, some of those accounts are total buzzkills, with wannabe models who seldom post or are chock-full of low-quality photos and endless sponsor ads. So for the sake of humanity – and not to mention your ever-dwindling iPhone battery – we took on the grueling task of searching high and low for some of the hottest and healthiest women on the ‘Gram and compiled each of their profiles into one convenient list.

So get those thumbs ready for double-taps and zoom-ins, because here are 20 steamy female fitness Instagram accounts you absolutely HAVE to follow right now.

20 Jessica Lauren Knehans 

There’s no better way to kick off this list of steamy female fitness Instagram accounts than with that of beautiful, blond bombshell Jessica Lauren Knehans. Hailing from everybody’s favorite European city of Amsterdam, Jessica is a self-proclaimed fitness guru, happy soul and nerd. And while no one would ever have guessed it, tossing all those ingredients into a blender and pouring it out onto an Instagram account creates a dead-sexy concoction that we can’t get enough of.

19 Rosanna Arkle 

Now, we can’t be 100 percent certain on this, but all available evidence points to New Zealander Rosanna Arkle’s ample posterior, displayed in all its wonderful glory throughout her scintillating Instagram account, as THE definition and most precise worldly example of the term we affectionately like refer to as “badonkadonk.”

18 Sveta Bilyalova

There really isn’t any other way to say it, so let’s just get it out on the table right now. Russian fitness model Sveta Bilyalova is insanely hot. Her body is insane, her face is insane, and her Instagram account is equally, well, insane. Her whopping 5.5 million followers can attest to that.

She’s so hot, in fact, that it almost hurts to scroll through her posts. She’s perfectly toned, perfectly petite and apparently looks good in anything she wears, no matter what amount of material may or may not be involved.

17 Clara Lindblom 

Moments ✨ Photo cred @pavelmaira

A post shared by Clara Felicia Lindblom (@clara_lindblom) on

Swedish fitness model Clara Lindblom is a chameleon – a very sexy chameleon with a body that will drop your jaw all the way to the floor if aren’t ready for it. Let us explain: Her Instagram account is a super steamy exercise in photographic versatility. For example, in one post, she’ll be rocking a skin-tight dress on the streets of her native Stockholm, and in the next, she’ll be showing off her voluptuous behind in a pair of leggings that leaves no curve ignored and no heads left unturned. And then one post later, she’s making a set of lingerie look like it was made specifically for her.

16 Natalie Gauvreau

#GymFlow 💪🏻

A post shared by 👑SexyNatG👑 (@nataliesng) on

Loosen up that tie, gentlemen, because it’s about to get real hot up in here. There’s a good chance you’ve seen Canadian model Natalie Gauvreau before. She’s done it all from Playboy to FHM to TV commercials and to car shows and everything else in between. And it’s no wonder why.

Natalie has the face of a goddess and an absolutely ridiculous body she’s not afraid to show off. She’s like a real-life, in-the-flesh Barbie, but in a good way. A VERY good way. If you haven’t visited her account yet, let’s just say that in many of her posts, she leaves only her tiniest bits left unexposed.

15 Cassie 

Cassie definitely puts the “fitness” in fitness model. OK, she puts the “model” in fitness model too, but she certainly lives up to her Instagram name, badasscass_fit. Based on her uploads, she’s only been on Instagram since February of this year, and she’s only got a little over 8,000 followers. But all that means is she’s hidden gem just waiting to get noticed.

Don’t let her bleach-blonde hair and slender frame fool you. Cassie is, in fact, a badass when it comes to working out. She’s a fitness coach, personal trainer and nutrition specialist, and her workout regimen could probably put yours to shame.

14 Stephanie Davis

German fitness model and trainer Stephanie Davis has somehow discovered that elusive sweet-spot smack-dab in the center of sexy, cute and insanely fit that’ll have you crushing on her the moment you open her profile and wishing she was single so you could take her home to mamma.

13 Debora Gabriella Cicciolina 

Good gracious, where in the world has Debora Gabriella Cicciolina been hiding all our lives? This simmering-hot Swiss fitness model is an absolutely stunning picture of health, all wrapped up into one tight, petite package.

Debora’s been on Instagram for around five years now, and her posts just keep getting better and better as the days go by. She’s obviously not shy in front of the camera, but there’s something subtly mysterious about the way she shows off her shredded body and shapely physical assets that draws you in and holds you tight.

12 Sommer Ray 

venice beach vibes 🌴@prettylittlething #PLTwerkit

A post shared by Sommer Ray (@sommerray) on

Remember Rosanna Arkle’s aforementioned and magnificent “badonkadonk”? Well, Sommer Ray’s is right on par with hers. Less on the slender side and closer to “thick,” Sommer is a 21-year-old fitness enthusiast whose Instagram account mainlines raw, unadulterated sex appeal straight to your iPhone screen, with generous helpings of full-on shots of her beautifully ample booty.

11 Steph Pacca

Talk about body-sculpting. Australian personal trainer and healthy lifestyle enthusiast Steph Pacca’s Instagram account is proof positive that it is entirely possibly to have approximately zero body fat, plenty of toned muscle and STILL have a figure that puts fashion-show runway models to shame.

Steph’s specialty is fat-loss and muscle definition through high-intensity interval training and plyometrics, and apparently that’s the secret combination to an eternally toned bikini body.

10 Amanda Lee 

Set from @loungeunderwear ☕️🕊 #myloungelife #ad

A post shared by Amanda Lee (@amandaeliselee) on

Oh, so it’s curves you’re looking for? Well charge your phone battery and hold on tight, because fitness model Amanda Lee’s Instagram account is about to take you for a wild ride down the backroads of her bodaciously buxom body and leave you wondering what possessed you to think that “slender” was ever your type.

So, speechless yet? Yeah, we thought so. “Thick,” “curvy” and “voluptuous” just don’t quite seem to cut it when it comes to describing Amanda’s ridiculous physique. She adds a whole new dimension to the meaning of hourglass figure, and she pulls it off perfectly with her tiny waist and well-proportioned assets.

9 Lauren Blake

With brains, beauty and an Instagram account that is absolutely lit, self-described lifestyle influencer and travel junkie Lauren Blake definitely knows her way around a fitness center or two. A recent Arizona State University graduate with a biology degree and Cum Laude academic honors, Lauren apparently managed to balance school, a job and a busy social schedule well enough to produce one of the hottest up-and-coming Instagram accounts for fitness-leaning models.

8 Ida Jemina

Seriously, what is it about these Scandinavian women that send guys’ heartrates through the roof and their thumbs a’scrolling? Our latest example is the lovely and effervescent Ida Jemina, a Finnish wellness blogger and online fitness coach.

Ida is super athletic, ambitious as all get-out and has a muscular yet trim body that makes the men come running and all their girlfriends jealous.

7 Nienna Jade 

Anyways, enough with all that deep and meaningful stuff. Do yourself a favor and head on over to Nienna Jade’s Instagram account for a nice heaping dish of sweet, sweet, beautiful eye-candy.

Everything about Nienna and her almost caricature-like body proportions stirs our every carnal instinct and leaves us slack-jawed and sweaty as we gawk at every last pixel in every one of her posts.

6 Helga Lovekaty 

The weekend is not a reason to miss my workout ✌️😎✌️

A post shared by Helga Lovekaty (@helga_model) on

Now here’s one Russian who no one would mind a bit if she “infiltrated” our lives whether through legitimate international diplomacy or not. Helga Lovekaty, a stunning fitness model who hails from the former Soviet Union, has an utterly redonkulous body, and fortunately for us, she doesn’t make a habit of wearing a whole lot of clothing in her many steamy online pics.

Her sex-charged Instagram account, full of workout scenes, skimpy bikini pics and glamour shots in lingerie that’s barely even there, will put a tingle in your toes and a fire in your soul like the heat that reflects off her sun-kissed skin.

5 Heidi Somers 

Who knew they grew them this this in Alaska? Heidi Somers is a smoking-hot fitness coach and workout enthusiast originally from the Great White North who now lives in San Antonio, Texas, where she burns up the local gyms with her absolutely killer physique and stunning good looks. She rose to fame through the wonderful world of YouTube, sharing vlog style videos of both fitness and lifestyle.

4 Anna Nystrom 

A post shared by ANNA NYSTRÖM (@annanystrom) on

Here we go once again with these irresistible Scandinavian beauties. The latest in our lineup is Swedish health, fitness and travel model Anna Nyström. Serious question: Have you ever seen a woman make a pair of yoga pants look that good? No? Didn’t think so.

Not a woman of many words – or photo captions, for that matter – Anna lets her Instagram posts do all the talking she needs. She’s got all the right curves in all the right places, and all we can do is thank whomever the person is that invented squats, because Anna has obviously got her leg-day glute workout down to a science.

3 Eriana Blanco

Now, for a little change of pace, let’s head down to the tropics, where we find the hot-as-fire Instagram account of Latina fitness model and brand ambassador, Eriana Blanco. Half Cuban and half Chilean, Eriana is dripping with classic Latin sexual energy, and her hips, we can assure you, definitely don’t lie.

And neither, for that matter, does the rest of her tightly toned body and bulging bust. She’s appeared in Maxim Magazine, and Mixed Magazine and also flaunts her stuff for ShredzArmy and the Black Tape Project, wearing nothing at all but well-placed pieces of black electrical tape.

2 Veronica Bielik

We’ve finally arrived at number two on this list of steamy female fitness Instagram accounts you absolutely HAVE to follow, and we still can’t figure out how Polish fitness pro Veronica Bielik’s smoking-hot, petite little frame produced a perfectly round bubble butt like hers.

Her body ratio is off-the-charts amazing, and her Instagram account is a visual extravaganza revealing her angelic physique. She’s slender with curves, yet toned to the max. And she’s cute as a button, yet sexy as hell. She’s the complete and total package and clearly can navigate her way around a gym.

1 Jen Selter

Feels good to be back home in NYC with my lil nugget ☀️

A post shared by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on

Of course, we’d be more than remiss if we didn’t include perhaps the most famous Instagram fitness star in the world, the one, the only Ms. Jen Selter.

Jen quickly rose to fame not for her impressive workout routine or healthy habits she shared through her various online outlets. And it wasn’t necessarily even the tantalizing photos she’d post of her sculpted physique. The sole reason for Jen Selter’s massive social media following and rise to internet fame, was her massive and magnificent shapely rear end.

These days, the New York native has parlayed her fitness (and booty) fame into a successful career as a trainer promoting healthy lifestyles and good nutritional habits. If, for some ungodly reason, you aren’t yet following Jen, you’ve missed out on a lot, and you’ve got some catching up to do.

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