20 Hot Photos Of Caroline Wozniacki You NEED To See

Caroline Wozniacki is kind of a big deal, plain and simple. The 26 year old tennis star from Denmark turned pro in 2005, when she was just a teenage tennis phenom and has been going strong ever since. She’s won over $20 million in prize money from various tournaments and, when she’s not travelling the world competing, she makes her home in the glitzy and glamorous city of Monte Carlo. I mean, could her life sound any more like a dream?

She’s been in the public eye a bit more in the past few years thanks to her relationship with professional golfer Rory McIlroy – when one celebrity dates another, whether it be in the entertainment industry or the world of professional sports, people are instantly fascinated. The two have since parted, and quite frankly, we feel like Wozniacki got the better end of the deal. She’s young, she’s fit, she’s getting better and better every year on the court, and she’s absolutely gorgeous. If she ever gets tired of the whole tennis thing, a modeling contract could very well be in her cards.

Here are 20 hot photos of Caroline Wozniacki that you absolutely need to see. I mean, if you were McIlroy, would you ever let her go?

20 Winning in White

As far as athletic uniforms go, apart from sports like beach volleyball where the athletes wear what are essentially swimsuits, tennis is perhaps the sport that has the most variation and sex appeal in its uniforms. Many of the female tennis stars opt for sleeveless dresses or tops and short skirts. The length is obviously to ensure that they can move freely around the court and that their movement isn’t being restricted by a skirt that is a bit too lengthy, but honestly – it’s also just a pretty darn sexy look. Normal humans don’t wear all white too much because, well, it’s tough to keep looking so clean for more than a few hours. Everywhere is dirty, everything is a spill waiting to happen, and deciding to wash them with something besides 100% white clothing is a risk. However, seeing celebrities (who likely get the majority of their clothing dry cleaned) wearing white, you’re reminded of how crisp and gorgeous it can actually look.

19 Strip Show

When the sun finally starts shining... ☀️#behindthescenes @esquire

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One of the coolest things to see on celebrities’ social media accounts are all the behind the scenes photos at events and photo shoots. Sure, some people may have experience in those types of situations, but for the majority of the average public, finding out what goes on behind the scenes of a magazine shoot or cover photo is fascinating. Wozniacki shared this peek behind the scenes of a photoshoot for Esquire magazine, and it’s easy to see why nearly 20,000 of her fans liked the photo. She’s pictured in her element, on the tennis court, wearing an exaggerated version of a typical tennis outfit. Sure, it’s a top and a short skirt – but the skirt is skin-tight and high waisted, with a scalloped trim that draws attention to her legs, and the shirt is halfway off, showing off her toned midsection and curves. We have a feeling a lot of people picked up Esquire that month…

18 Full Court Cutie

Okay, we’re just going to say it – whoever was responsible for picking out Caroline Wozniacki’s outfits in her Esquire photo spread definitely knew what they were doing. In this shot, she’s posed on a tennis court again, taking advantage of all the parts of the court. The outfit – a teeny black crop t-shirt and high-waisted white skater skirt – shows off her curves and is the perfect mix between sexy and playful. It would look ridiculous for her to be posed in semi-athletic wear on a tennis court with a full face of make-up and overdone hair, so we’re fans of the natural look that she’s rocking – a messy ponytail and minimal make-up. Wozniacki captioned this shot that she shared on her Instagram “As much as I love the view from up there, it’s much nicer down on the court!” Well, we think many of her fans would agree – provided she’s talking about the view of her from down on the court!

17 Bikini Babe

via celemafia.com

Sports Illustrated’s famous and beloved Swimsuit Issue has featured countless supermodels over the years, but the shoots that are most memorable often involve athletes. First of all, they’re the perfect subject matter for a publication focused on sports. And second, while super models are photographed in skimpy lingerie and swimsuits all the time, athletes are generally spotted in uniforms when they’re competing, casual athletic gear when they’re out and about, or rarely a full gown when they’re attending a red carpet event. Professional athletes aren’t seen quite as often in their swim wear, so it makes it all the more exciting when a spread featuring a bikini-clad pro athlete babe runs in the magazine. While one of Wozniacki’s sexy Sports Illustrated spreads features her in a red body painted ‘swimsuit,’ we’re fans of this teeny white bikini. It’s sexy, it’s perfect for her athletic frame, and the colour looks fantastic with her blonde locks and bronzed skin.

16 Red Hot

Professionally athletes are usually in the public eye when they’re dressed in athletic wear and donning minimal make-up, so it can be a refreshing change of pace to see them all glam and dolled up, like Caroline Wozniacki is in this shot. While athletes are without doubt in fantastic physical condition, they’re not exactly the rail thin models or actresses that designers usually select to showcase their clothing on the red carpet – but Wozniacki proves that having curves in all the right places can definitely amp up a gown’s sex appeal. This red gown designed by Prabal Gurung hugs her figure flawlessly, shows just enough skin, and with the help of her hairstyle, allows Wozniacki to channel an old Hollywood vibe that is super sexy. I mean, the look is flawless. She should wear this for post-game interviews just because of how gorgeous it makes her look – surely Gurung could be a sponsor just like Nike or Under Armour?

15 Double Trouble

Reunited! @serenawilliams 😊💃🏼💃🏼

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What’s better than a picture of one sexy world renowned tennis champion? If you answered ‘two sexy world renowned tennis champions,’ you would be correct. This shot, which Wozniacki shared to her Instagram account, shows her posing with tennis legend Serena Williams. While Williams looks super chic in her all black two-piece ensemble, we really love Wozniacki’s look. The bright pink dress adds a pop of colour that you don’t often see her in, the beachy waves are the perfect casual hair style, and even her accessories are on point. However, we have a feeling that the over 21,000 fans of hers who liked this shot weren’t exactly concerned with her fashion choices – they were more admiring how gorgeous she looks in the picture. Who wouldn’t? So, in addition to likely being way, way better at tennis than you could ever be, Wozniacki also brings a way stronger game when it comes to dressing up and looking fabulous.

14 Lounging Around

via fabmansion.com

We’ll say one thing – Sports Illustrated sure knows how to bring the sexy side out of all the gorgeous ladies it chooses to feature, and Wozniacki is no different. While some shots of her from this ocean-front photo spread feature a confident standing pose, this one shows Wozniacki lounging around and sun tanning – and it’s safe to say that everyone should be taking up tennis if this is the kind of body she gets you. The teeny white bikini is even more scandalously sexy when Wozniacki is lying down, thanks to the top showing off her curves from all angles, and her effortless pose makes you think she’s just lounging around on a day at the beach, not even aware of the cameras. Most women tend to avoid white swimwear in the odd chance that it’s a poorly made garment that turns see through once it gets a little wet, but we have a feeling they’ll be running out to buy a white bikini after seeing this spread.

13 This Is Wozniacki

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This still captured from a photo shoot that Caroline Wozniacki did for her This Is Me underwear line proves exactly why you’d want her as a spokesperson for your product. She looks strong and athletic, yet fresh-faced and sexy, the perfect girl next door (who also happens to be an internationally renowned tennis superstar). Sure, she may not look the same as some of the Victoria’s Secret angels with their exaggerated poses and push-up bras, but we have a feeling that no guy would complain about getting up close and personal with someone who looked like this. After this shoot, athletic companies likely wanted to sponsor her, women’s clothing companies likely wanted to sponsor her… she’s a woman of many talents. It’s definitely a less overtly sexy look than some of the spreads she’s done for publications like Sports Illustrated, but it just proves that Wozniacki doesn’t need to be a bronzed beach babe in order to look sexy.

12 Bombshell in Blue

Most of the time, Caroline Wozniacki favours a fairly athletic look – after all, apart from the odd red carpet event or styled photo shoot, she’s generally pictured in sports wear, often on a tennis court. However, every now and then, she harnesses every inch of her natural beauty and hits viewers with the full force of her sex appeal. Sure, the fresh-faced, girl next door look that she rocks most of the time appeals to many. The look she’s rocking here, with the smoky eyes, tousled bedroom hair and figure-hugging blue mini dress, though? Well, you’d be hard pressed to find a single soul who didn’t think that Wozniacki looks absolutely phenomenal in this shot. If an injury were ever to end the tennis star’s professional sports career, she really wouldn’t have to worry – she would quite easily find work as a model, based on how well she photographs. I mean, seriously!

11 Glitz and Glam

via forosperu.net

As far as outfits go, this one is a bit more risqué and haute couture than Wozniacki generally wears in photo shoots. She’s rocking what appears to be either underwear or swimsuit bottoms, showing off her athletic legs and glutes, and has paired it with a form-fitting long-sleeved top covered in silver sequins. It’s the kind of look one wears in a photo shoot, not necessarily what one might wear walking down the street, but there’s no doubting that Wozniacki looks stunning in this super glam, styled look. From the wind-swept hair half-covering her face to the rocking curves her outfit is showing off to the moody, cloudy background, this is definitely a bit of a departure from her usual happy, sunny photographs, but we kind of love it. In this shot, she looks like some kind of Norse goddess straight out of her native Denmark – albeit with more sequins, obviously.

10 Total Ten

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This shot, from The New York Post, showcases Wozniacki’s curves in a fitted white dress. And, unlike many photos of her, her shoes are visible in this one – and they’re definitely sexy. I mean, for a woman who wears athletic shoes the majority of the time, what better way to get all glammed up and gorgeous than with metallic silver strappy stiletto heels? Everything, from the fairly unstyled hair to the minimal make-up to the lounging pose, tries to communicate an air of casualness that is definitely sexy. After all, no guy wants to stare at a photograph of a hot celebrity and imagine that they’re a high maintenance nightmare. They want to imagine that, if they were ever to be lucky enough to bag their celebrity crush, said crush would be totally chill and down to just hang out and chat around the house (albeit not necessarily in a killer high rise apartment with floor to ceiling windows, but still).

9 Fun in the Sun

Sunday fun day! @valgabond 🌊☀️

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A lot of the time, Caroline Wozniacki is in the public eye in her role as a professional athlete, whether she’s doing a post-game interview after crushing an opponent or showing up on the red carpet or at a charity event. However, even celebrities need to have fun every now and then, as this snap shared to her Instagram account proves. Most women have likely taken a ‘jumping selfie’ with their girlfriends at some point and the Danish tennis star is no different – when she was spending some time on the beach with her friend, rocking bikinis and soaking up the sun, she obviously took a second to get a jumping selfie to share on Instagram. That’s one of the best things about social media – sure, many celebrities just share photographs that have been taken of them by publications or on the red carpet, but they also give a little glimpse into their life and the things they do to goof off in their down time.

8 Full Court Chic

via thesundaytimes.co.uk

Most of the time, you see Caroline Wozniacki on the tennis court when she’s ready to crush her opponent in a game. Sometimes her outfits are a bit more chic, if she opts for a more playful skirt or mini dress, but she’s still in athletic wear. This photograph captures an entirely different side of her. It looks like Wozniacki has wandered off a red carpet with her glammed up hair and make-up, sky-high stiletto sandals and gorgeous orangey-red dress. Again, we’re just going to go ahead and say it – if Wozniacki ever decides she’s grown tired of the rigorous fitness regime required of professional athletes, all she has to do is show up at a modeling agency and they’d probably sign her on the spot. She may be slightly older than the average model, but we have no doubt she’d be the next Danish sensation in the fashion industry, if that’s what she wanted.

7 Teeny White Bikini, Take 2

via networka.com

Okay, we know we already featured a shot of Wozniacki in the tiny white bikini that she wore in one of her Sports Illustrated spreads, but come on – there’s a reason that spread was so popular and it’s not necessarily because of Wozniacki’s talent on the court (although she definitely is a phenomenal tennis player). It’s because she looks absolutely stunning in a tiny white bikini – all those hours of training and all that dedication to her fitness regime have an impact on her performance on the court, but they also have a huge impact on her physique. She looks totally gorgeous in this shot, which captures her leaning against the door of what looks to be some kind of shack on the beach, absolutely rocking the whole sun-kissed beach babe look. Who would have thought that a simple white string bikini with no real frills or crazy details could look so sexy?

6 This Is Wozniacki, Take 2

via picshype.com

Caroline Wozniacki’s This Is Me underwear line suits her personality perfectly – it’s casual, sexy, and definitely has an athletic vibe. However, unlike some of the unflattering ‘sporty’ lingerie options on the market which end up making women look frumpy and totally not sexy, Wozniacki’s options look just as good as lacy lingerie. Granted, we will concede that a huge part of the sex appeal is probably due to the fact that Wozniacki herself is wearing them in the campaign and she’s absolutely gorgeous, but still. The photographer here has captured her with a bit of a boxer’s vibe going on, with the boy shorts, towel draped around her shoulders, and glint of toughness in her eyes. Although we’re betting that not many boxers look this good in lingerie, regardless of how sporty it is. After this campaign saw the light of day, pairs of this underwear were probably flying off the shelves.

5 Smiling In The Sunshine

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While Caroline Wozniacki has a fairly positive, cheerful personality, in photographs she’s generally captured with a more reserved look on her face. However, in this shot for Shape magazine, she goes all out – this shot of her shows her full-on grinning like her day has just totally been made. Since she’s always so poised in the media, despite looking fresh-faced and gorgeous, it can be easy to assume Wozniacki is far older than her 26 years. However, in this photograph, she looks like exactly what she is – a young, fit pro athlete. The patterned mini skirt is fun and showcases her toned legs, the raspberry colored top offers a punch of colour and highlights her pale skin and blonde locks, the high ponytail and visor combo is a great way to get her hair off her face. Frankly, we kind of wish publications captured this side of Wozniacki’s personality a bit more!

4 Back In Black

via physioroom.com

A huge lit stadium is a pretty dramatic place to take a photograph, but there’s no doubt that the photographer here has captured an absolutely stunning image. Wozniacki is surrounded by tennis balls and has a tennis racquet perched on one shoulder, giving a nod to her pro athlete status. However, she’s also super glammed up in a black cocktail dress and black stilettos with her hair up in an impossibly chic chignon. Many photographers like to juxtapose different elements, such as a feminine look in an industrial setting, but the amount of times Wozniacki is photographed in stunning evening wear while in an athletic setting is a bit surprising. Although, honestly, if you were photographing someone as gorgeous as her, why not get your subject all glammed up for a truly show-stopping shot? While Wozniacki looks gorgeous in all white and in colour, there’s definitely something to be said for rocking a little black dress.

3 One Piece Wonder

One pieces get kind of a bad rap. Sure, there are some versions that are considered sexy – but they’re usually styled that have so many cut outs and so little fabric that they may as well be a bikini. In this shot, another for Sports Illustrated, Wozniacki rocks a fairly standard, athletic-looking one piece suit. Sure, there are some mesh panels across the body of the suit – but the cut itself is fairly conservative. You definitely would never call this swimsuit frumpy, though – even though more of her actual skin is covered up than would be in a tiny string bikini, the tennis star looks like a bronzed, beautiful beach bombshell in this shot. Now, there’s only one question – given the success of her sultry red body paint photo spread and her all-white photo spread, how many times will Wozniacki be back by popular demand in the pages of Sports Illustrated?

2 One Love

via tennisidentity.com

It’s easy to find pictures of tennis stars where they’re looking, well, not exactly their best. It makes sense – they’re darting around the court with such speed and hitting the ball with such force that it’s no wonder they sometimes get photographed with their faces in some type of bizarre expression. That is, unless you’re Caroline Wozniacki in this shot. She’s donned a coloured outfit of lime green shoes and a mini dress in multiple shades of purple, her hair is glossy and flowing out behind her, and she’s photographed mid-swing looking as graceful as a dancer. We’re pretty sure every tennis star who has been photographed in an unflattering position kind of hates Wozniacki a little bit when they see this flawless photo. She doesn’t look like she’s struggling or exerting herself physically whatsoever – instead, she just looks like she’s floating through the air looking absolutely gorgeous and in her element.

1 A Coy Glance

via wtahotties.blogspot.com

Okay, Esquire really struck treasure with their stylist and photographer for the Caroline Wozniacki photo spread. She looks absolutely stunning in every single photo and is just the right amount of sexy without going too far over the edge into skanky territory. One likely wouldn’t wear such a light, floaty mini skirt or tight, cropped off the shoulder top to actually play tennis, but there’s no doubting that she looks gorgeous in this all white outfit. She’s rocking her standard look – minimal make-up, hair swept off her face into a pony tail – and looks crazy beautiful. The photographer has captured her with the ball in hand, looking like she’s about to strut her stuff over to the back of the court so she can send a killer serve your way. If Sports Illustrated was able to feature Wozniacki more than once, we feel like Esquire should do the same – round two by popular demand, perhaps?

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