20 Pictures Of Female Sportscasters In Swimsuits That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

In the professional sports world today, there seems to be a lot more female presences involved. Athletes such as Serena Williams, Jenny Finch, Trish Stratus, etc. have come on to the scene as some of the finest athletes in their respective sports. Besides their accomplishments on the playing field, they are known for their sexiness off of the field. Every avid sports fans waits and ogles over the pictures of these athletes whether it is a sexy shot of them actually playing their sport, the extremely popular bikini picture, or the up and coming photo that can be seen in the ESPN Body Issue. Whatever the case may be, there is something to see for the common fan. One group of workers that get undervalued in the looks department are female sportscasters.

Female sportscasters can make headlines for their knowledge of the sport, outlandish claims, or even their outgoing personalities. They also can make headlines for scandalous stories that happen off of the camera or radio. Popular ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews made headlines back in 2016 after a "stalker" made his way into her hotel room and caught an eye of her in the shower. While stories like these do not happen as often, it is interesting to think about beautiful and well-respected female sportscasters. Have you ever wondered what the hottest ones look like in swimsuits? Well, worry no more! This list takes a look at the absolute best of the best when it comes to bathing suit shots. Here are 20 pictures of female sportscasters in swimsuits that you need to see.

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20 Jillian Barberie

via rantsports.com

We start off this sizzling list at number 20 with this sexy shot of Jillian Barberie. For those that might not know who Barberie is, she might look familiar from a certain Sunday NFL football show. She was the weather girl on the Fox NFL Pregame Show. She also has made appearances as the weather girl and a reporter in the 2002, 2005, and 2008 Super Bowls. Besides her predicting of the weather, she has been seen on several Nutrisystem commercials as well.

This picture of her in that blue bikini top is quite a site. The saucy smirk, the long brown hair, and the toned body all make this picture come together. Avid sports fans that might not remember Barberie in the past will probably wish they did now as she debuts this list in grand style.

19 Erin Andrews

via celebuzz.com

If anybody knows anything about NFL sideline reporters, one of the first names that should come to mind is Erin Andrews. Although Andrews is 39, she still looks incredible for her age. Andrews makes her way onto the list at the number 19 spot. She is one of the more known sideline reporters for Fox NFL. She also used to be one of the hosts for ESPN College Gameday, the popular Saturday morning show that covers all of Division I Collegiate Football.

This picture looks great because it does not seem like Andrews is trying hard at all. She has her hair tied up and sunglasses on and she still looks amazing. Some would choose Erin Andrews to be higher on this list, but there are so many other options for women in swimsuits. Still, we won't take away the fact that Erin still looks good and should proudly parade her body in a bikini just like in this photo.

18 Heidi Watney

via twitter.com

If anyone has ever watched MLB Network, they will know right away who this is. At number 18, we give you the always bubbly and always beautiful Heidi Watney. Everything about Heidi in this photo is spectacular from the angle to the cleavage to her eyes. Watney is well known for her role as a host and reporter for MLB Network. She did not earn that honor overnight as she put in a lot of work at New England Sports Network, otherwise known as NESN. While at NESN, she was a sideline reporter for the Red Sox as well as hosting shows such as "The Ultimate Red Sox Show" as well as "The Red Sox Report" before earning her promotion at MLB Network.

Leave it to Heidi to be able to handle working hard at her job in the MLB as well as looking stunning in many swimsuit pictures such as this one.

17 Melanie Collins

via ldh.com

When NBA fans think about hot women, they probably envision the dancing ladies that appear during timeouts and at halftime. But the lady taking up the number 17 spot on this list gets her notoriety from her broadcasting. Melanie Collins is a reporter for NBA-TV, but her reporting goes much farther than that. She also has reported for Big Ten Network, NASCAR, and the PGA as well. When she isn't running from sport to sport delivering the hottest and most up to date worthy stories, she is smoking up the screens with pictures like this one. The toned legs and fierce stare make her so visually appealing even without having the swimsuit. Add the swimsuit into the picture and you have perfection in the form of Melanie Collins. It is amazing to think a quality picture like this only made it in at number 17.

16 Kristen Ledlow

via tallahasseemagazine.com

Sticking with the theme of hot NBA personnel, number 16 on this list comes in the form of Kristin Ledlow. Ledlow might seem familiar to some as she is the co-host of NBA Inside Stuff along with former NBA player Grant Hill. When Ledlow is not giving her top notch opinions on everything NBA, she is leaving mouths drooling with pictures like this. The gold bikini is a good choice in this situation as it shows off her dazzling curves. Like other girls on this list, the bikini also shows just how great of shape Ledlow is in and gives off a look that says, "I know I'm hot but I know my NBA news as well." Perhaps NBA Inside Stuff will get more viewership now and it probably will not be because of Grant Hill's consistent presence.

15 Leeann Tweeden

via pinterest.com

It can be assumed that sports fans have never really seen women commentators or broadcasters in poker before. Leeann Tweeden has done poker and much more. Coming in at number 15 is an amazing picture of Tweeden leaning against a fence, showing off her body in a brown bikini. She is another broadcaster that hasn't made her career in just one sports setting. She was a host for Poker After Dark and made several appearances on the popular Fox Net Sports show, Best Damn Sports Show Period. She also has done work for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, doing pregame and post-game coverage and currently works for UFC Tonight. It is unbelievable to think a girl this hot can know so much about sports and exist. Sports fan can be assured that Tweeden will be on their television screens in the near future to love and admire.

14 Laura McKeeman Rutledge

via twitter.com

Professional athletes get some of the hottest women we have ever seen, that is no hidden secret. What might be a hidden secret is that Red Sox utility man Josh Rutledge married an absolute beauty in Laura McKeeman Rutledge. She has worked for Fox Sports as a sideline reporter for Rays games. She has also done some work in the NFL, hosting Chargers Insider; a show that gives inside access to the Los Angeles Chargers football team. This picture just shows how lucky some professional athletes can get. Rutledge is on the runway showing off her body in a pinkish red bikini.

She is smiling either because she knows she does well at her job or she knows she gets to go home to an MLB player at night. Whatever the case is, fans are glad that this lovely lady graces them with her body and confidence. Well done, Josh!

13 Charissa Thompson

Lots of things about this picture are obnoxious but the truth is I am learning to surf, I love a fake ponytail, a head down pose & free swimsuit. Thanks @poprageous ... goodnight weekend

A post shared by Charissa Thompson (@charissajthompson) on

This blonde bombshell comes scalding into the number 13 spot and her name is Charissa Thompson. The sun kissing her skin is what makes this bikini picture irresistible. Thompson has made several appearances in the past on ESPN. She was the co-host of the popular show, Numbers Never Lie. She also has made cameos on Sportsnation as well as the highly respected show, ESPN First Take with Stephen A. Smith. She no longer works for ESPN, but fans fortunate enough to see her on television probably miss her well-spoken takes and incredible body. If Charissa Thompson had stayed at ESPN and was still on television with them today, it is easy to think that viewers would tune in more. But for now, we will all enjoy pictures like this of her. She may even make another appearance on this list, so stay tuned.

12 Sarah Spain

via tigerdroppings.com

Sarah Spain comes in with the number 12 spot on this coveted list. The obvious factor that makes this picture stand out are the breasts. The clear blue skies and beautiful oceans are a nice touch, but they cannot take away from Spain's beauty. She has worked for multiple sports companies as a broadcaster such as ESPN and Fox Sports. She even will do anything for her favorite sports teams, such as offer to be somebody's date to the Super Bowl when the Bears played the Colts in the big game. It goes to show she is hot and has a ridiculously high love for sports. It is the perfect combination for single sports fans. Some would say she deserves to be higher than 12, but the next 11 ladies in swimsuits will make eyes pop and mouths drop.

11 Samantha Ponder

via pinterest.com

Any football fan knows that their Sunday is going to consist of food, relaxation, friends, and Sunday NFL Countdown. Some fans have probably wondered who the hot blonde is talking about their favorite team. That lady is named Samantha Ponder and her blazing picture with her white bikini lands in the number 11 spot on this stimulating list. This photo is simply fantastic with Ponder's skimpy bikini and the beach background helps her look even more fantastic. Ponder is the host of Sunday NFL Countdown during the football season. She has also been a sideline reporter in both college football and college basketball as well. Football is known for having the hot cheerleaders that don't mind shaking their pom poms for the fans.

While Ponder isn't in a skimpy cheerleading outfit, fans will be happy seeing a picture like this instead. Safe to say fans will be paying more attention to Ponder's take during Sunday NFL Countdown in the 2017 season.

10 Molly Qerim

via pinterest.com

A majority of sports fans will recognize this pretty face if they have every seen an episode of ESPN First Take. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome in Molly Qerim to the list at the number 10 spot. With the water against her legs and stomach in this picture, it is hard for fans to not recognize just how incredibly gorgeous Qerim really is. Qerim is the moderator for First Take and unfortunately doesn't have much of a voice as the show is usually dominated by the takes of Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman. Smith and Kellerman can't talk their way over Molly in this photo as she shows why she deserves to be on this list. She has also made host appearances on the NFL Network for shows such as NFL Fantasy Live. It would be great if Molly had more of a voice on First Take, but if she can't have that; we'll take her being the best looking of the three on the show with photos like this.

9 Lindsay Soto Rhodes

via listal.com

Now as the top 10 is slowly being announced, it is time to step it up with the bikini game. With that said, the number nine spot belongs to NFL Network cutie Lindsay Rhodes. The long, luscious legs and toned body make her a top 10 candidate for sure. The smile she portrays in this photo is just icing on top of the cake. Rhodes is known for her extensive role with NFL Network, as she has been an anchor on NFL Access, a reporter on NFL Network Now, and has done other roles with the organization. This list is starting to show that the NFL female personalities are not only exclusively cheerleaders, but the sportscasters are making a big splash in visual appeal as well. Rhodes is not different to this claim as she represents NFL Network very well with this photo.

8 Jenn Brown

via pinterest.com

Most sports in the United States have football as their top sport or second favorite sport of the four major sports. Since everyone loves the women in football, we will continue the list with another member of NFL Network. Coming in number eight on the list is none other than Jenn Brown. She has worked for NFL Gameday Scoreboard which is seen on the NFL Network and she has also done reporting for other sports such as boxing and MMA. It is nice to see someone as scorching as Brown have multiple sports interests.

But now, the picture is the main focus of Jenn Brown. What more is there to say about it except it is marvellous. With all of these personalities from NFL Network, it will probably double its viewership every season as long as stunning women like brown continue to work for them.

7 Amanda Pflugrad

via thesportsbank.net

Football is great and all, but basketball also has some ladies that are worth mentioning. One of the teams on the uprise in the East is the Boston Celtics. They have everything from the great head coach, to all-stars, to a young, talented core still developing. They also have a wonderful looking woman doing sideline reporting for them. Her name is Amanda Pflugrad and she is coming in hot literally and figuratively at number seven on the list. Amanda joined the Celtics staff as their sideline reporter on CSN Sports Boston in 2015 and has not looked back since.

Besides her great interviewing skills, she also takes incredible pictures like this. She has that girl next door look which entails a cuteness and innocence that anybody would be lucky to have as a significant other. Look for Amanda on the sideline again this season as the Celtics try to dethrone the Cavaliers and take the next step toward an NBA championship.

6 Britt McHenry

via barstoolsports.com

If fans haven't picked up yet, this list is trying to stay away from broadcasters that only focus on one sport if possible. This is the case for the next candidate that solidifies the number six spot on this list. Britt McHenry is a broadcaster that has done many roles with different shows that included being on Sportscenter, Baseball Tonight, and NFL Live. Unfortunately, McHenry let her emotions get the best of her when she supposedly belittled another employee with verbal attacks. McHenry said she apologized but it leaves a bitter taste in other's mouths.

All that aside, we all can agree she is incredibly hot. Don't worry Britt, keep these photos coming and everyone should forget about that unfortunate little incident!

5 Erin Sharoni

Thanks for capturing this moment @stwo! Awesome Saturday at @1hotelsb✌?️? #southbeach #beats #music #sunshine #saturday #techno #dance #house #rooftop #beach #miami #miamibeach #1hotel

A post shared by Erin Sharoni (@erinsharoni) on

The top five slots are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, and the number five slot on this list is giving the other four candidates a run for their money. Her name is Erin Sharoni and she is exceeding all expectations in that green and yellow bikini, leaning against a palm tree on the beach. She got her start in broadcasting while at St. John's University in New York, doing sideline reporting for the men's basketball team. She then became the host of Red Storm Report which follows all of St. John's athletics.

St John's University sure is lucky that they get to look at her while she reports about their teams, one of the hottest aspects about her. She is also in tremendous shape and certified in personal training. So if you need some extra motivation to help workout gentlemen, here is your ideal person to help!

4 Charissa Thompson (x2)

via tailgatetime.com

Ernie Banks famously once said, "Let's play two!" We decided to take Banks's famous phrase and use it for this list, "Let's pick two!" Charissa Thompson certainly knows how to make her presence noticed as she also solidifies the number four spot with this legendary photo. Her blonde hair and beautiful green eyes give her even more appeal along with a set of red lips and flattened stomach that would make any guy squirm. This photo was too good to keep off and now Thompson makes the list not once, but twice. Some of the members of the list only had their one photo that fit all of the criteria to be featured, but Thompson apparently didn't get that memo with multiple appearances in a tough list to crack.

3 Marisol Gonzalez

via pinterest.com

The beauty on this list was too much for us to limit it to one country, so we had to go south of the border for an entry. Here we have Marisol Gonzales of Deportes Sports who has never been shy about showing off her assets. Heck, she's even done some TV hits reporting while in a swimsuit! In any event, Gonzalez never fails to wow audiences and she caught all of America's attention when she showed up at Super Bowl XLVI media day in a very skimpy red dress. Here we have her posing by the beach and once again, we're stunned with her Latina beauty. It's a shame North American audiences don't get to see her more offten, so we felt we'd save you the trouble.

2 April Rose

via sasportsblog.com

This Fox Sports reporter was born and raised in Chicago and she sure is representing the windy city proudly here. We only wish it was a windier day in this picture so we could see her hair flowing in the wind. In any event, Rose still looks stunning here, in a blue and white striped swimsuit and her all-American look gracing the beach. April Rose knows how hot she is and fortunately for guys that may be looking to pursue her, she has shared first-date tips in Men's Health. Here, she's sporting her blonde look, but if you look April Rose up, you'll know that she's pulled off several hair colors quite well and it's hard not to notice her assets up north.

1 Erin Sharoni (x2)

via twitter.com

Here it is! The number one picture that you need to see of sportscasters in their swimsuits comes again from Erin Sharoni. This picture is a slam dunk, touchdown, whatever other complimentary word should be used to describe it. There are a lot of broadcasters that could have been considered for this honor, but Sharoni has too much going on to not give her the number one selection. There will be those who disagree, but taking a look at this particular photo two or three more times might be all the convincing needed.

Erin is appreciated for everything she does in the broadcasting world and fans are appreciative that they can see her look this good in a bikini. Erin Sharoni rightfully holds the number one picture needed to be seen of female sportscasters in swimsuits.

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